Traditional Clothes | Indian Culture & Tradition For Kids | Jalebi Street | Full Episode

Traditional Clothes | Indian Culture & Tradition For Kids | Jalebi Street | Full Episode

there are some fun plans being made on
jalebi Street today three two and one your turn div div your turn div…. what are you doing? mummy ask me to choose a design I love for the traditional party she will
make it for me divs mummy is a fashion designer she
designs really cool clothes I’m wearing an anarkali with chudidar mummy and i bought it already ohhh…..i like this lehnga choli i’ll wear this what are you wearing bubble? I don’t know you don’t know but you always know No… I don’t always know I don’t know this time bubble and krish are going shopping for
traditional clothes with Mummy Kapoor hello mummy Kapoor how can I help you
today we need to find a traditional dress for Krish and I because we are
invited to a traditional party certainly miss Kapoor this way please bubble Krish you know India has many
types of traditional clothes so choose carefully okay daddy said he likes vani I want that. He means a shervani Tada Mummy look salvar kamiz. How do I look mummy? Lovely beautiful Do you want to buy this bubble? I don’t know try more okay try something
else and what about you krish vani.. vani.. like daddy but it is so much fun to try disguise come on krish don’t want other try krish handsome in vani like daddy Tada woo sareee nice . May be not this is a bit tricky Tada the lehnga looks pretty bubble wooo pretty lehnga but amm I don’t know try more? Tada How I am looking in this chudidar mumma? you
look pretty in everything Bubble and they’re all traditional Indian clothes
yes mommy they are all pretty clothes but I still
don’t know now that’s new darling you always know. Mummy…. not you tooo even naz and div said that
I don’t always know that’s for boys Krish like dhoti and kurta remember what
daddy said naz is wearing the chudidar div is wearing a lehnga choli so I
really don’t know mommy wait I’ll show you I have great idea Presenting Bubble fashion Woww Bubble that’s so amazing and unique too – this is perfect Krish fashion wowww handsome krish now I don know mummy I love all traditional clothes do you want to see
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