Toy Story 4 Toys Hide and Seek with Mia

Toy Story 4 Toys  Hide and Seek with Mia

I am playing hide and seek with toys from toy story four Let’s count one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten Ready or not, here I come Do you hear that sound? I know where it is coming from from the bookshelf Let’s see who is hiding in my bookshelf What is this tiny book doing up here? forky I found you! I hear a noise from my lego house Let’s see Hmm These two princesses are sleeping Let’s go down mmmmmm nothing here Ducky I found you! You can eat a little more bread. Okay! I am going to the pound now splash splash splash That is super fun! A noise is coming from my doll house yum yum yum yum yum yum It’s buzz You are eating my cake! I found you! You can have a little more but not too much cake buzz (piano music) Do you hear that? it’s coming from upstairs It’s bunny! What are you doing there? Just playing piano! I found you! You can play a little more (piano music) That’s so fun Mia. Thank you for let me play! You’re very welcome bunny! Hi princesses, I heard a lot of talking here! You have beautiful dresses! ohhhhhhh (Motorcycle sound effect) I found you Duke Cabbom Watch out! slow down I’ll help you get down It’s such a relief now that everybody is safe! bye A noise is coming from my barn Let’s check it out Hi little horsy. Nobody is here! Let’s open this door. I found you Woody! I guessed you were here with the horses because you’re a cowboy! (Hay bales noise) Do you hear that noise? It’s coming behind the hay bales It’s Jessie! She was hidden behind the hay bales Let’s feed the horses. Here’s one for you and one for you I’m here at my lego village I learned a lot playing with it. Oh look! (cable noise) You are very fast! You rock Bo Peep! Thank you for playing hide-and-seek with me! I’m going to the park now. I’m going to give Jessie and Woody a ride I’m having fun here! See you next time! Please like and subscribe to my channel so I could keep doing more videos Leave your comments below!

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