Tournament Fighter – SNL

Tournament Fighter – SNL

100 thoughts on “Tournament Fighter – SNL

  1. lol what would have been funny is having someone come on the screen like Ed Boon when she did her “Rihanna, Rihanna” Combo 😂

  2. There is always a place in hollywood for the loud ignorant black female character. the mistral show is still with us.

  3. It's crazy because they're on mortal Kombat 11 right now…
    * It's not even… They're not even exaggerating.

  4. What kind of gaming tournament wouldn’t let you go back bc of a misinput on the character select screen? Don’t you have to pay to compete in tournaments? That’s a whole waste of money

  5. What fighting game doesn't allow mirror matches!?!? LMAO…thank goodness for basic gaming awareness being lacked or we wouldn't have been bestowed the honor of seeing Boo Boo Jeffries.

  6. I love the character selection screen animations; the way they all bob up and down on the spot: it's so accurate. And the moronic catchphrases…

  7. Knock! Knock!

    Who’s there?!!


    Boo Boo Jeffries Who?!!

    IF YOU DONT KNOW YOU STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Boo Boo Jefferies 🤣 this is obviously a parody of the DLC extras they put in to spice the deal. Except those characters were popular ones.

  9. He's using Boo Boo wrong! You should Rhianna closer in order to hit your opponent! Its does 100,000+++ damage!!! He should follow up with a Beyonce that causes 5 seconds paralysis and 50,000+++ damage!!!

  10. The worst part is Boo Boo Jefferies could fit into many of those corny, low budget, and long forgotten Mortal Kombat clones of the early / mid 90's.

  11. ''I'm sorry what's your name?…Amy….Shut up Amy!!….''' I love it when they say things like that in these types of sketches!! XDXDXDXD

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