Tour Of My Worm Dollhouse Made From A Box

hi everyone welcome back to my channel
Where The Gnomes Live this is Sharon Ojala and today we’re gonna be looking at
something a little bit different than they normally build normally in building
gnome houses and tree houses and things like that today I’m going to show you
the Worm house this house is quite deceptive it looks very tiny but it
actually folds out into two rooms like a puzzle and it’s full of furniture and
it’s actually this little box here this is the identical match to that box that
I used so I’m going to be putting together a tutorial on how I turned this
box into a fold out house that has two rooms and I’ll link you to that at the
end of the video but first we’re going to take a little tour every time I lay it out like this I’m
always amazed how much stuff I actually got to fit inside that little tiny space
although it took me a few tries I had to practice at stacking all of it and it
has to be stacked just so otherwise it won’t all fit aside from the dishes and a few odds and
ends like the basket I made everything myself and I did so
with cardboard wood filler paper clay scrapbook paper fabric and I will have a
blog post it should be popping up on your screen and also look in the
description box below in that blog post I’ll link all of the tutorials that I
have available already like this little lamp this is already available on my
youtube channel so this fold out part was actually unplanned when I first
started the house when I first made the worm I didn’t know I was gonna make a
house and I made the house and I was only gonna have this one little space in
there but it ended up not being enough space of course because I want to make
my life and everything so that’s when I came up with this idea here and then
making these fold out a little bit more just adds so much more room now that
I’ve done this it’s such an exciting little design because it can be used as
a great gift for birthday or Christmas time you know someone who loves
miniatures it’s like a little treasure box you can fold in the the floor add in
all your little treasures close up the box and when they open it up how fun to
pull everything out and set the house up so there you go guys
I hope you enjoyed that and I will see you in the next video if you’re
interested in making one I will show you how to do it so I’ll see you over there

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