Top 10 Video Game Urban Legends That Will Make You Never Play Again

Top 10 Video Game Urban Legends That Will
Make You Never Play Again Connor, have a no name brand chocolate bar. What why? You get a little strange when you’re hungry. Wait, so you don’t want the time stone? Greetings gamers welcome back to top 10 gaming,
I’m your host Connor Munro and today I’m going against the purpose of this channel
and acting like your local news and telling you why you shouldn’t play video games. Well not really, but this list may deter you. Or make you go even deeper. If you are new here or haven’t already be
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number one has some HOT Tea for ya. Okay, now let get into todays list of the
Top 10 Video Game Urban Legends That Will Make You Never Play Again, boy that’s a
long title. Roll the intro. #10 Street Fighter II’s Secret Character
Sheng Long is an April Fools day hoax from 1992. In a February issue of EGM [Electronic Gaming
Monthly] a joke based on a translation error was suggesting that there was a secret character
named Sheng Long that was unlockable in Street Fighter 2. After other places reprinted the joke as a
fact without verifying it or themselves, the rumor spread like wildfire and everyone assumed
it to be fact. Fake walkthroughs surfaced online on how to
acquire the character and everyone was getting frustrated about not being able to unlock
it. This isn’t really, scary per say, but it’s
more of a warning to not believe everything you read. Even if the character would be super cool. Sheng Long influenced the characters of Akuma
and Gouken with the former appearing as a secret boss in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. So I guess he is real, he lives in those characters. #9 Demonic Killer Cows
The first Diablo took place in a small town named Tristam with a few smaller buildings,
and a church that eventually led into hell itself. And for one reason or another, lots of cows. If the player were to click on the cows to
interact with them, the cows would moo. If you kept clicking, they would moo more
and more, with those moos becoming more aggravated as time went on. Somehow, the cows getting angry at people
for annoying them turned into a widespread rumor that if a particular cow or a certain
set of cows were clicked the right amount of times, you would be transported to a secret
dimension filled with hostile axe-wielding cows. Here’s laughing cow! Does that cow have a name? I don’t know. This legend got so popular that blizzard,
the creators of diablo started referencing the level in other games like Star craft and
World of Warcraft with “there is no cow level” being a cheat for starcraft and a
loading screen tip in World of Warcraft. They then included secret cow levels in both
Diablo II and III. #8 Killswitch
Killswitch is the story of a woman who wakes up injured at the bottom of a coal mine. She must fight her way through demons, specters,
undead miners and possessed machinery to escape. The game gave you the choice to play as Proto
who is the woman who wakes up injured, or Ghast, an invisible deamon who you would not
be able to play as, since you know you cant see them. This game is very strange because nobody can
verify that it ever existed. But while nobody can do that, they are able
to recount specific details and puzzles along with the graphic style and even soundtrack. The game supposedly upon completion would
erase itself from your computer leaving no trace behind, and it was not able to be copied. That’s some BS if you pay for a game and
after beating that game it got deleted and you were never able to play it again because
only 5,000 copies were created. #7 Demon Children of Goldshire
When you think World of Warcraft you may think of it’s popularity, the fact that it came
out in 2004 an people still play it, or the fact that it’s the reason your older brother
doesn’t go outside. But with such a massive world you need to
expect some weird moments and little hidden Easter eggs. Well one of the creepiest easter eggs in this
game by far, is the damn child cult in the first town of the game. When we go to the edge of goldshire there
is typically an empty house on the edge of the lake, however at 7 am you can catch six
little kids standing in a pentagon like formation. Doing nothing in particular. Players have reported that standing in the
center can cause slight hallucinations, as well as auditory hallucinations like banshee
screams, growling, crying, and a voice saying *you will die* followed by an old woman laughing
maniacally. And when you enter the room, a new music track
starts playing with creepy undertones. Blizzard however has never issued an official
statement. Maybe they never included this in the game. #6 Nuclear Playstations
Back in 2000, the Playstation 2 was all the rage. So much so infact that a rumor surfaced that
former president of Iraq Saddam Hussein had bought up to 4,000 playstation 2s and was
harvesting their CPU chips. According to reports, these chips could be
bundled together to create a supercomputer that could be used as a missile guidance system. Yeah, of course the story was full of bs and
totally made up, but it combined what the public wanted. A terrifying story, that solidified hatred
for the middle east and showed the evil of video games and how they poison our world. What a load of crap. The only slight truth to this was that it
was cheaper to harvest the CPU chip out of a playstation than actually buy one by itself,
so maybe he had a good idea. Wreck some playstations and turn a profit,
assuming you knew how to get the chip out of course, and didn’t break it. If this was the case however imagine what
kind of games we could play. #5 Bound And Gagged
There are only 2 characters in the Portal series (not including the companion cube. You the player, Chell, and GLaDOS, a robot
running puzzles to torture you with the portal gun, with the promise of cake. The cake is a lie. At the end of the game you finally get to
see the real GLaDOS and she actually had a body and isn’t just some omnipotent AI. You fight her and win game over yadda yadda
yadda. But take a close look at GLaDOS At first she
looks like a mess of machinery and cables, but look at her without the background and
she sort of resembles a human, that’s hanging upside down at least. That’s actually intentional. The art director of Portal Jeremy Bennet said
“eventually we settled on a huge mechanical devide with a delicate robotic figure dangling
out of it, which successfully conveys both GLaDOS’ raw power and her femininity”,
first of all when I think of something dangling in relation to a human I don’t think female,
secondly she is a robot. According to Bennet, she resembles an upsode
down version of “rise of venus” but in reality, if you look at it presented in game,
she looks like someone who has been bound, gagged and hung upside down. That’s weird and oddly confusing. #4 The Hall of Tortured Souls
According to some people on the internet, Bill Gates is the devil and wants your soul. And has been leaving clues all over his products. A popular urban legend claims that sames like
Bill Gates, Windows 95 and MS-DOS 6.21 add up to 666 but like honestly what? Another one says that there is a game hidden
inside word 95 called The Hall of Tortured Souls. It’s a creepy first person game with doom-esque
graphics. And if you made it to the end of the path,
it would reveal a secret about Microsoft. This isn’t true in fact, there is no hidden
game in windows 95. Its in Excel 95. If you open a new excel file in this program,
go to row 95, select it all, tab over to column B, go to help/about, hold down control-alt-shift
and click on the support button a window will appear called Hall of Tortured Souls. If you make it to the end you will see a load
of Microsoft developers recreating what seems to be the last supper. Yeah, it’s creepy. Even without the religious connotation. Perhaps Bill is the devil, and he’s calling
out his pops. #3 Morrowind Mod
So a mod is scary? How so? Well a user made mod called Jvk1166z surfaced
and was thought to be a virus at first, causing your game to stay at the loading screen for
and hour before just crashing, currputing your game and all your saves. Eventually users figured out a way to run
the mod, but then things just got scary. The mod started controlling the game entirely. Mountains of major NPCs including all those
required to complete the main quest died. And their corpses never disappeared. As you kept playing, more and more characters
would die, causing every town to scream with silence. Nobody knew why. Some Npcs who didn’t die immediately would
step outside at night, look up at the sky, say “watch the sky” and then say nothing
else, even if interacted with. The player’s health would slowly deplete,
going faster if you stood still, because the player was being hunted. By a shadowy figure some say they would see
out of the corner of their eye but then would disappear. Some people who played this mod for a long
time, even started seeing the figure in real life. #2 Daisy is Deformed
Daisy. The peach rip off was included in Mario Kart
Double Dash for GameCube, but only had one line she could say. *Hi, I’m daisy!* She would repeat this over
and over like a murderous psycho. But this isn’t what im talking about here,
if you can play Super Smash Bros. Melee, go to the trophy gallery and zoom in until the
camera clips under her hair. You will se something that may be disturbing. A potential modeling error causes Daisy to
It bulges out of her head! This horrifying discovery was use in her character
in M.U.G.E.N, a freeware fighting game that takes random characters from different franchises
and pits them against each other street fighter style. And apparently it shoots lasers. So there’s that. #1 Fallout 3 Predicts The Future
What’s scarier, a creepy legend about a video game or when it starts affecting the
world around us? Well if you answered yes to this question,
you didn’t listen to the question. In fallout 3 the player is able to receive
radio transmissions which will occasionally read out numbers followed by Morse code. Among these transmissions were *1-2-5-5-2-8-2-0-1-0,
What you talkin’ bout? You will be missed” and “9-4-5-4-2-0-2-0-1-0. Accident in Gulf, several dead. Oil spill apparently averted”. What you talkin bout was a catchphrase made
famous by Gary Coleman, who died at 12:05 pm, May 28th, 2010. 1-2-5 12:05, 5-2-8, May 28th, 2-0-1-0 2010. And the other prediction corresponds to the
bp explosion at around 9:45 9-4-5, April 20th 4-2-0 also in 2-0-1-0 2010. They also predicted that Britney Spears will
win an academy award in 2023, so it that comes to pass, prepare for a nuclear wasteland full
of mutants people. There we have it ladies and gents the Top
10 Video Game Urban Legends That Will Make You Never Play Again. If you enjoyed be sure to hit like and subscribe
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gain protection during the nuclear apocalypse. Thank you so much for watching, I have been
and shall remain Connor Munro and I’ll see you in another video.

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