Top 10 SmackDown Live moments: WWE Top 10, Aug. 9, 2016

Top 10 SmackDown Live moments: WWE Top 10, Aug. 9, 2016

(music) – What do you say, huh? Come on, talk to me, what
do you say, giving up? (both ladies screaming) – [Voiceover] This is
Carmella’s submission, here. She calls this the Code of Sil- oh, she got her! She got her! She beat a submission specialist! – [Voiceover] You are not safe! – [Voiceover] Oh, out goes Rowan. Uh-oh! – [Voiceover] Bray Wyatt’s setting him up. Oh wow, Ambrose! – On the button! (dramatic music) – [Voiceover] Becky Lynch would like to teach her a few lessons. – [Voiceover] Becky Lynch is good, but. – [Voiceover] Uh-oh, uh. – Get a towel! – Give me a towel! Give me a towel. – [Voiceover] Throw to commercial? – [Voiceover] I’ve heard
of wardrobe malfunctions, what’s going on? – [Voiceover] Where’s her stylist? She has a whole glam squad. Send one of them down here. – [Voiceover] Oh, no. (booing) – [Voiceover] The Man-Beast
from Motown looking in low. – [Voiceover] Over Slater,
does a roll up on Slater. – [Voiceover] He’s gotta contract. – [Voiceover] Using his feet. – Hey, hey! You had your feet on the cord! – [Voiceover] He’s gotta
do whatever he’s gotta do. He’s got an above-ground
pool and 10 kids, maybe. – [Voiceover] I agree, he was
trying to get his balance. Most of the time we have
referees who are blind, deaf, and dumb, we got one
who finally spotted a– – [Voiceover] Oh, no, don’t do it! – [Voiceover] Gored by Rhyno! – [Voiceover] No! – [Everyone] 1, 2, 3! – [Voiceover] Rhyno, you damn politician! – [Voiceover] Fighting like
you’re in somebody else’s body. Look at this. – [Voiceover] Superkick
– [Voiceover] And he got him! – [Voiceover] Ziggler!
– [Voiceover] He got him! – [Everybody] One, two, three! – [Voiceover] Ziggler got it! – [Voiceover] Ziggler
just turned that Rowan to pilot-like. – [Voiceover] Here are your winners, the WWE World Champion, Dean Ambrose, and Dolph Ziggler. – [Voiceover] A momentum
builder for Dolph Ziggler. – I don’t wanna be disrespected no more, and you know what? I have to go home to my seven kids now and tell ’em, “Daddy doesn’t have a job.” because you wanna put me up on unbearable odds, but you know what? That doesn’t even matter, because I can hold my head up high, come
in here, and tell ’em, both of you losers, that I am out, and I would rather be
on The Suicide Squad. You know why? Because I’m better than this. SmackDown Live doesn’t
deserve Heath Slater. I’m the hottest free agent here, man! – Wow. – So I guess we’re not gonna offer Heath Slater this contract? – Guess he’s not signin’ this. – Wha-boom! – [Voiceover] Crushing
forearm across the jocks. And the Bex-Ploder! Wh, what? What, take three? – [Voiceover] Ladies and gentlemen, Eva Marie is now ready to compete. So please allow me to reintroduce to you. – [Voiceover] Now, that
is competitiveness. – [Voiceover] This is like
Jordan and the floor gang. I mean, here Eva Marie comes back after that wardrobe malfunction. That distraction.
– [Voiceover] Stop, stop. – [Voiceover] Diverting the
attention of Becky Lynch. That’s known as Twisted Bliss. – [Everybody] 1, 2, 3! – [Voiceover] Oh, Bliss
got her, her debut! – [Voiceover] Here is
your winner, Alexa Bliss! – [Voiceover] (laughing) I love it. Here we go, talk about
big dog numbers game. – [Voiceover] Just chaos everywhere. – [Voiceover] Hey, Daniel
Bryan said there’s speculation about there’s gonna be
a Tag Team Championship here on SmackDown Live. Every one of these teams
wants to be the first, the inaugural, SmackDown Live Champions. – [Voiceover] Battle lines have been drawn in the SmackDown Live Tag Team Division. (grunting) And it’s Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. Another overhead, belly-to-belly Alphaplex by American Alpha. – [Voiceover] Hey, they
say they’re the best, but right now, they’re the
only two left standing. – [Voiceover] An ominous look in the eyes of Alberto Del Rio, again,
looking to make a statement on SmackDown Live. Oh, RKO out of nowhere! That’s what I’m talking about, Joe! Just like that! – [Voiceover] They wanted SummerSlam. You spoke too soon, JBL! Dirty Deeds, and no one
delivers Dirty Deeds like Dean Ambrose! – [Voiceover] A lunatic
said it, ole Dolph Ziggler. Debt paid. (dramatic music)

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  1. The look of fear on everybody’s eyes last week was the most sweetest of my dreams, but what’s the point of apologising if there’s no one in the WWE who can make me!

  2. I love WWE my name is one of the wwe wrestlers names it is a girl from Russia she calls herself the ravishing Russian if you can guess it you are a pro here's my name jk it starts with an L and ends with an a my name has one L two a and one n here's my name Lana if you guessed that then you are a pro amazing and awesome your always that never forget

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