Top 10 Shocking Facts About India

Top 10 Shocking Facts About India

Guys we started off this series with Pakistan but as this is a Hindi channel so how can I not talk about India? This video was inevitable.If you’re an Indian and you think you know everything about India then stop right there! If after this video you don’t learn anything new about the country then I’m not doing my job right. Hi friends, How’s everyone doing? I’m your host Ayman Hasan and you guys are watching Top 10 Hindi videos. Please remember to subscribe to the channel guys, I cant say this enough, we have to get to 10k before 2019! If you guys wanted to get me a xmas present then this would be the perfect thing! But anyway enough of me rambling for presents, this is the Top 10 Shocking Facts about India. At no 10 we’ve Snakes and Ladders. Originally called Moksha Patamu, this world renowned household game was actually invented in India as part of a family of dice board games along with ludo and parcheesi. It was created in order to teach kids a moral lesson about karma which is destiny and kama which is desire. A players progression up the board represented the journey of life which was complicated by vices – the snakes, and virtues – the ladders. The snakes represented things like lust, anger, murder and theft while the ladders represented generosity, faith and humility. It was also used as a way to teach kids about good deeds and bad deeds. The Final lesson of the game was that someone could attain salvation (Moksha) by doing good whereas by doing evil one would rebirth as lower forms of life. Later on it became more commercialized and popular. So thank you to India for giving us a game that so many of us have played. At number 9 we’ve English. Sir the thing is… Speak in English! This English coaching. Not a .. local language. Actually the talk was about.. Fullstop! After the US, India has the largest English speaking population in the world even though only 11% of the population speak it. That’s still 125 million people and the number keeps rising. English is very prominent in inter ethnic communication and day to day jobs for scientific, business and governmental use. English is so commonly spoken because there are countless English medium schools in India i mean that’s not surprising, the largest school in the world is located in Lucknow and its called The City Montessori School. And the first ever university in the world started around 700BC in India and was called Takshila. Alot of jobs especially multinational corporations prefer their employees being able to speak English. And of course they watch a lot of English movies so everything adds up. At no 8 we’ve the Indus Valley Civilization. India has the worlds oldest, largest and continuous civilization. Continuous because many civilizations have now died out but this one is still going strong. The Indus valley civilization was also known as the Harappan civilization, was located where northwest India and Pakistan are today around the Indus river. Farming settlements appeared around 4000BCE and by 2600 BCE there were loads of towns and cities. They even had their writing system which no one has been able to decipher. Their achievements still leave us in awe till this day. At no 7 we’ve Bandra Worli Sealink. This bridge is a cable stayed bridge meaning it has one or more pylons that have cables attached to support the deck of the bridge. This bridge such long steel wires on it that their total length is equal to the earths circumference. The bridge links Bandra which is in west Mumbai to Worli which is in the south of Mumbai. The bridge took 25,700,000 man hours to make and it cost 16 billion crores which is around 220 million USD and it also weighs as much as 50,000 African elephants. At no 6 we’ve movies. India is the largest movie producer in the world. But obviously that isn’t just because of Bollywood, Tollywood which is the Tamil film industry also contributes significantly to this number. And also the fact that movies get produced in SO many different languages around more than 22. India produced around 1600 movies yearly and last year they produced 2000. Their ticket sales are also insane, indian movies racked in 3.5 billion tickets in 2011 which was nearly 1 million more than Hollywood. The second largest producer after Bollywood is Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, so Hollywood doesn’t even place anywhere close to either of them. At no 5 we’ve Post. India is home to the biggest postal network in the entire world. It has more than 155,000 post offices which is 3x the size of China’s network to put it in perspective for you. Each office serves around 8000 people. People have to talk to their relatives, they have to send important letter, it’s a big deal! They even have something called My Stamp which lets you personalize your own postage stamps. It prints a photograph of the customers images onto the stamp alongside whichever commemorative postage stamp you selected. At no 4 we’ve the Indian railway. The Indian railway is the world’s biggest and largest employer, as of March 2016 it had over 1.5 million employees so i can imagine it has a lot more 2 years later. It was founded 173 years ago and its also now the fourth largest railway network in the world and spans 121,407 km. It brings in around 64 billion crores yearly which is around 890 million USD. At no 3 we’ve Diamonds. Diamonds were actually first discovered in India between 2500 and 1700 BC during the Bronze Age Alluvial deposits were found many centuries ago along the rivers Godavari, Penner, and Krishna. Originally they were traded and used as a currency. They were very treasured because they were used as religious icons in Ancient India and they used them as engraving tools as well. At no 2 we’ve zero Indian rupees. India is the only country in the world to have a bank note that has the value of 0. The zero rupee note was made in 2007 by a nonprofit organization called 5th pillar. It was way for Indians to register their refusal to participate in bribery. Its meant to look exactly like the 50 rupee note except it has anti corruption slogans on it. People pay people with these notes and it has instilled more confidence in people to stand up to corruption. As of august 2014, 2.5 million zero rupee notes have been distributed. At no 1 we’ve Ziona. The biggest family in the world is Indian. Ziona the head of the family is the leader of a Christian sect in the state of Mizoram and the sect is called Chana pawl. The man has 39 wives, 94 children, 33 grandchildren, 14 daughter in laws and 26 sons in laws. I sometimes struggle remembering some of my distant second cousins’ names. He first got married at 17 and he once got married to 10 different wives in one year and they live in a four story mansion that sort of looks like a boarding house in order to fit all of them into it. The family is self-sufficient they grow their own crops for food and he even built a school for all his children which his younger brother looks after. Wow and here i am struggling to get a text back. And guys thats it for today’s video. Hopefully you guys learned new things about India. The snakes and ladders fact is probably my favorite, it’s a really fascinating story. Lemme know in the comments about all the facts you didn’t know about and if you knew all the facts then I don’t even know what to say. And now it’s time to read some comments.

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  1. Awesome! Always find it a little strange the video being a combo of Hindi and English but love these videos! (I just have subtitles on) 😎

  2. Wow I didn't know about snake and Ludo it was from India
    And great channel keep it up and don't worry you will get 10k subscribers 😊😊

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