Top 10 Games That Humiliate You For Being Bad

Top 10 Games That Humiliate You For Being Bad

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list of the Top 10 Video Games That Humiliate You For Being Bad #10 Bully
Bully is a legendary action-adventure game along the same lines as Rockstars GTA except
in the place of guns and gangs are the ominous hallways of high school. Much like when a bully is caught stuffing
a nerd into a locker in real life the game also hauls you into detention when you get
caught. If you happen to be so bad at that bully life
that you get caught in the act you’ll be forced to do very tedious and menial tasks as a punishment. Just like in real life, none of these consequences
can be skipped and provide a good lesson in making sure that every crime has no witnesses. #9 Time Splitters 2
Time Splitters 2 is a first-person shooter game that requires you to kill off enemies
while also completing your objectives using a wide variety of weaponry depending on the
given scenario. It was an FPS way ahead of its time and is
chock full of hilarious moments courtesy of its developers. In the game there’s a thing called the Monkey
Assistant mode which is there for the express purpose of humiliating you for being terrible
at the game. If you manage to end up in dead last, a team
of killer apes is unleashed to assist you like a kill streak in taking out the person
doing the best. Even if you win it doesn’t help knowing that
a monkey could do a better job than you did. #8 Ninja Gaiden Black
Part of the appeal of Ninja Gaiden Black is that its level of difficulty is unlike any
other game. As such, there are a ton of ways you can fail
while supposedly being a ninja master. Although just because thats your title the
game does a terrific job of making you earn it. However if you die just three times in a row
on their normal difficulty they will completely humiliate you. After getting the game over screen youll be
given the option to abandon the way of the ninja. This will still allow you to play, but in
a much easier fashion than before. They also have the ninja dog mode which forces
you to wear a pretty purple ribbon for the whole game. Plus the games secondary character floats
down and mercilessly mocks you for how bad you are at the game #7 Wolfenstein The New Order
Wolfenstein from the jump realizes that some of you will certainly not be up to par to
play this game on a regular difficulty level. Thats why they provide you with two very humiliating
selections, but instead of just saying easy mode they say things like – Can I play, Daddy? And Dont hurt me. The can I play one actually show you the protagonist
wearing a baby bonnet while sucking on a pacifier. Its adorable, bizarre and just flat out a
great shaming technique to get you to step your game up. This technique must work because they’ve used
it in older iterations of the series as well. Wolfenstein, making you feel like a baby since
1992. #6 Dishwasher Vampire Smile
Upon its release for the Xbox Live Arcade The Dishwasher Vampire Smile became well known
for its very frustrating difficulty. Just like Ninja Gaiden Black this game as
well gives you the option to make things easier once you die enough that is. Although nothing is more humiliating that
having to click on an option called – Pretty Princess Difficulty. This mode practically nerfs all of your enemies
making sure they can absolutely do you no harm. Plus instead of the usual blood that follows
your attack the game replaces it with big cartoon hearts. Its a game that lures you in for its gore
and violence, but when you cant keep up immediately makes fun of you for trying. Just asking for a little bit less of a challenge
will completely remove any challenge at all. #5 Metal Gear Solid 5
In Konamis Metal Gear Solid 5 they too realize that not everyone is going to be able to make
through some of the more difficult sections of the game. If you start playing poorly they will offer
you up the option of making things a little easier for yourself. Although this certainly does not come without
humiliation. Sure you can take the easy way out, but for
the entire level including the cut scenes you’ll have to wear a chicken hat. Now this doesn’t sound soo bad right? Wrong, not only does it drastically interfere
with the more dramatic scenes, but your high score will be severely cut down. They don’t care what the pre-planned cutscenes
are either, if you choose to go on easy mode and dawn the infamous chicken hat it can really
turn a tragic scene into self-pity and shame. #4 Earthworm Jim
This game is no joke, but for those who are terrible at this now infamously difficult
side scrolling game they certainly turn you into the butt of the joke. Within the game to make things easier for
you they added whats called Practice Mode. At the end of your painfully easy journey
the narrator will jump in to spend a little bit of time mocking you. Hell say things such as – What a Worm, playing
on practice, eh? – this will shame will ring through your speakers as the voice over artists
continues to riffle off all of the facts he knows about worms. Never has a celebration become so boring that
you cant help but feel like a worm yourself for choosing practice mode. #3 Contra 4
As you can tell from the majority of this list there are a ton of developers who are
sick and tired of people that are bad at video games and leap at the opportunity to concoct
imaginative ways to make you feel terrible. Contra 4 straight up ends the game early at
Stage 7 if you decide to take the easy road. They don’t even allow you to see what else
the story may contain past this stage and on top of that they add insult to injury by
humiliating you. A voice will chime in just to tell you that
you will never see the end of this game on easy mode. #2 Devil May Cry
This series is by far one of the greats at consistently humiliating those who are terrible
at their games and the result has more often than not really frustrated players. If you die at least 3 times the game will
offer up what is called Easy Automatic Mode. It is entirely your choice as to whether or
not you decide to take this game and save yourself some embarrassment, but we don’t
think you’ll enjoy just how watered down they make it. Devil May Cry has this complexity to its combo
moves that really adds to the fun of it and in Auto mode they strip all of that away. Plus some monsters wont even spawn, you’re
barred from unlocking some modes and the only way to get out is to basically start the game
over from scratch. #1 Grand Theft Auto 5
Rockstar games doesn’t mess around with those who wish to cause trouble in their GTA 5 online
world. They don’t have time to suss out every individual
who’s performing poorly that’s why it becomes an automatic mechanic wherein the put a dunce
cap on your head and only put you in servers with other losers. This level of humiliation though comes by
way of dropping out of jobs mid-mission, being annoying to others, and or destroying another
players car or personal property. Its an excellent shame tactic used to humiliate
you in front of everyone else that’s playing this game. Its the kind of negative feedback that good
players really appreciate and for that Rockstar Games, we thank you oh so much. And that has been the Top 10 Video Games That
Humiliate You For Being Bad. Thank you so much for watching and if you
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  1. Hardest boss got me was the final battle from new super Mario bros DS the battle was hard enough with both bowser JR and bowser but the actual level to get to it OH MY GOD THE DOORS

  2. Though it is a trivia game, surprised YDKJ didn't make it on here. The game literally insults you for picking the wrong answer. But it's one of my favorite games because of that lol.

  3. I remember "the can't play the full game on easy" when I played Castlevania 64. I believe it did the same after I started over on normal.

  4. undertale
    its kinda humiliating that
    toriel stops attacking entirely
    papyrus and undyne both give tutorials on how to dodge

    i find it humiliating but thats my opinion

  5. Minecraft creepy pasta so I was playing Minecraft mining and two white dots apparently disappeared suddenly one night my sister was asleep in my bed and then I heard knocking I opened the door then woken up at the hospital 😱😱😱😱😱

  6. So,the most difficult boss I had to defeat in my life,was in a game called Jumping Jack (I didn't play that many famous games cause my mom is against my gaming,and I live with her,I mostly tried free random games),where the storyline is that in a world of very greedy people (who are yellow) a man finds himself a wife,and has many children,but the devil kidnapped his entire family,so he starts looking for them. The game's final boss was the devil. He was strong,so my HP got low quickly,plus in the level the lava was rising,and I always had to focus on that too.He also had a lot of HP… I wonder if anyone else knows this game…

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