Top 10 Cursed Games You Should Never Play – Part 2

Top 10 Cursed Games You Should Never Play – Part 2

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the internet. I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and you guys
seem to loveeee a cursed game. I made a part one of the cursed games and
you guys well all over it so I have decided to make a part two… and how better to deliver
it than in velvet! Yep. Before I get started, let me know what cursed
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you want to curse and would be stupid enough to try any of these games! – Social! Okay, lets start strong at number 10 – This
game killed half a million people – It is Bo
Bo was a board game that involved a 14 faced dice and some serious strategy. Bo was an absolute banger of a Han Dynasty
Game – so we are talking 206 BC to 220 AD…which is a long time for a game to be surviving
and thriving. Bo lost its popularity when it led to a whole
host of untimely deaths… and Bo, well Bo hasn’t been played in 1,500 years. Here is why. So two ancient Chinese kingdoms were brought
together when two men played Bo. Liu Xian played Prince Qi, but as Xian won
the game, Qi got very angry and threw the heavy board at the visitors head, killing
him. This was enough to anger Xian’s father who
declared war on the kingdom, marching half a million troops towards the capital. What ensued was a bloody war that killed hundreds
of thousands of soldiers and civillians and …well… the game has basically been retired
since then. Probably for the best. 9 – EA Madden NFL
I have to say I have never played this game…I have played PES, but that’s like…football
football. The NFL is the national football league, one
of America’s fave sports leagues to watch. This game allows players to play as their
favourite American Football sports stars on the PS4 and the XBOX. So this game is not so much cursed for the
people at home that play it than it is for the people unlucky enough to have been on
the cover of it. The game came out in 1999 and over the past
19 years – 15 of the cover stars have befallen injury or misfortune in some unexpected way. This list includes Barry Sanders, Michael
Vick and Rob Gronkowski. The rumours of the game were so strong that
EA have publicly denied that a curse exists…which… well that doesn’t make me feel any better. This game has driven people mad 8 – 10 thousand
Dollar Magic Squares If you love difficult puzzles, you will probably
have heard of, and even played with, Magic Square puzzles. These puzzles work is by each direction of
squares in a line creating the same sum…. It works with 4 by 4 magic squares, 5 by 5,
6 by 6, 7 by 7….but at the moment nobody has been able to create a 3 by 3 magic square
that works. In 1996, Martin Gardner, a mathematician offered
$10,000 to anyone who could generate one, but over 20 years later, nobody has been able
to do it… many have tried and literally sent themselves doolally in the process. 7 – Lady Spades
Lady Spades is kind of like bloody Mary but like, actually worse! The idea with Lady Spades is also to summon
an angry probably dead woman, although Lady Spades does come with a bit of a positive. If you manage to successfully summon the spirit,
you can make a wish. BUT like with all occult games and assorted
demonic summonings, Lady Spades comes with a few cons, too. If you in any way annoy or upset the spirit,
not only will she not grant your wish, she will make the opposite happen AND she may
even possibly haunt you…so…probably not worth the risk! The stakes with lady spades are pretty high! 6 – Taboo: the Sixth Sense
There is a reason that Taboo, the Sixth Sense was taken off the shelf, and that reason is
it was probably cursed. The 1988 game was for the NES console and
was like a tarot reading future predicting game. Players would enter their name and age and
a question, a bit like a more in detail death clock or magic 8 ball, this game would predict
your future by giving you a video graphic tarot reading. It seems that there might have been something
more mystical going on here, though, as the game reportedly accurately predicted the tragic
deaths of some of its young players. Also…can we just listen to the opening music…. Like clearly this game is cursed. Again… lets have a little listen to the
tarot shuffling music…. Urm. 5 – Tunnels
Tunnels is another mirror game and by now you should basically know that all mirror
games are pretty damn cursed. For this one, you are supposed to set up two
big mirrors facing one another and stand in the middle. You stand looking in the mirror and count
how many frames you can see over your shoulder in your reflection…like mirror after mirror
after mirror…. It is probably enough to send you mad. Anyway, you are supposed to look out for movement
in the frames, as the many you’s reflected are thought to reflect other you’s from
other dimensons. Its all a bit mind bending… but basically,
so it goes – one of the versions of you may bring something bad from their dimension
to yours…and…you know, in ever world in which you exist…you probably aren’t always
good! Probs better to leave this one alone! 4 – Voodoo Doll Board Game
Who’s idea was it to invent a voodoo doll board game! I am honestly not sure black magic lends itself
to gaming… many believes in voodoo magic will tell you it is absolutely not a game. None the less – Kheper Games have brought
out a game not so ironically called cursed that includes four voodoo dolls that lets
you place curses on the other players. The game is part card, part pin in effigy…
classic. If you have the fewest pins in your voodoo
doll when someone reaches ten pins, you become the voodoo king or quin and you win. While this does sound like good harmless fun
and actually I now have to admit I kind of want to play it…I’m not sure we should
be messing with voodoo! 3 – White Enamel
White Enamel is clearly cursed…or haunted… or both…at this point it is much of a much…
there is some bad juju here. So this web point and click seems to be some
kind of horrifying online game or interactive movie or something. When the site launches you are overlooking
a town. You can then explore parts of it, and it seems
to be a sprawling mental asylum with scary sounds and scary rooms. There is one part where you can draw on the
walls in blood… Also, the page loading screens are needles
that lose fluids…like we the viewer are being injected. When on this website I noticed that my browser
was telling me it is not secure, sooo either this game will curse you, or curse your computer
in the form of a virus. Either way, I think I am good….I’ll stay
away from this one. 2 – Yahtzee
You might not know this, but Yahtzee is one of the top board games to cause domestic violence! There have been a number of Yahtzee related
bust ups and even some deaths! For those of you unfamiliar with Yahtzee – it
is a random chance dice roll game in thirteen rounds. Thirteen… hmm… a pretty cursed number
if ever I heard one. So basically, it seems this game evokes a
lot of strong feelings … notably, a nine year old called the police when a game of
Yahtzee devolved into a brutal fight between his parents. His drunken father hit his wife with a wine
bottle and it seems the mother also resorted to violence on the man. The pair were questioned by police when they
arrived in the scene and the child was taken into custody. Another Yahtzee game led to a Florida man
chocking his wife, and another Christmas game of Yahtzee led to the notorious killing of
a mother of three by her children, who put a bag over her head and hid her body in a
shed. So….Yahtzee…. I don’t think it brings out the best in
people. Finally coming in to number one… this is
a bit of a Scottish Mystery… and we all know I love a good spooky legend…. 1 – The Lewis Chessmen
I actually love this story…and I love chess… although maybe I wouldn’t fancy playing
with this set for fear of what would happen to me. So, the story goes that in 1831 a high tide
exposed a cave on the coast near Uig in the Isle of Lewis off North Scotland. In that cave, a local labourer found a chest. Thinking it may contain treasure, he bust
it open and found a different kind of treasure – chess pieces dating back to the 1200s! So…a then 600 year old board game! The pieces were made from walrus tusk ivory
and are very very expressive. The labourer was afraid of the pieces, initially
running away thinking they were evil fairies. His wife sent him back and the pieces became
valued in the community. Sadly, bad luck befell the highlander who
found the pieces. Most of them now sit in the British museum,
however the urban legend goes that guard dogs and police dogs that enter the building will
not walk past them. The chess pieces are thought to have come
from Norway, so perhaps they have some kind of Viking Norwegian curse hanging over them! comments from the top ten cursed dolls you
shouldn’t touch…. Siya Varrier wrote: One of the things I’m
most afraid of are Haunted Dolls! SAME. I DO NOT LIKE A LITTLE PORCELIN LADY! To be honest, a lot of you shared that sentiment! FewGrain 42 was quoting my nuuu not my lunch! They also wrote Also i love your videos. Bacon. Nice little plait on the left hand side. Thanks. Its Lurch-berg pronounced! That is a lot of information – thank you! What is the bacon part about…. I like it…just …you know…. Bacon.

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  2. Me and my family play Yahtzee almost all the time..and no one has ever been cursed by madness…or killed someone because of it. So yeah I don´t believe it is the game itself who made this people go crazy.

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