Top 10 Common Phobias You Probably Have

Top 10 Common Phobias You Probably Have

Welcome to Top10Archive! A phobia is often described as an extreme
or irrational fear, one that often elicits an uncontrollable reaction. It’s likely that if you are watching, then
you are victim to one of these ten phobias. Viewer discretion is advised. 10. Trypophobia – The Fear of Holes
Sponges, aerated chocolate, and honeycombs are just a few things that would stir panic
in a trypophobe because this condition causes them to fear clustered holes. The reaction to these holes is intense, being
described as making their skin crawl, shudder, and feel itchy, even triggering panic attacks. New research into this phobia suggests that
it may not be the holes that people really fear, but an evolutionary adaptation that
tells our brains that holes equal danger. 9. Aerophobia – The Fear of Flying
The physical symptoms associated with this phobia include heart palpitations, shaking,
sweating, and gastrointestinal distress and the person may become disoriented with the
inability to think clearly. Often times, they feel upset or get irritable,
lashing out at friends and relatives. Aerophobia is the fear of flying and often
is experienced as soon as one arrives at the airport. But this is not always the case, as some will
be perfectly fine while waiting for their flight, and show no signs of distress until
they get on the airplane. This fear can develop from, but isn’t limited
to, watching extensive media of airline disasters or experiencing a traumatic flight in the
past. 8. Mysophobia – Fear of Germs
Also known as germophobia, the name Mysophobia is derived from two Greek words, Myso, meaning
germs, and Phobos, meaning fear. Believing the world to be a “filthy” place,
those who suffer from Mysophobia fear microbes or contamination from germs, resulting in
the constant washing and cleaning of themselves and their environment. They fear getting contaminated with dirt or
grime, coming in contact with those who sneeze or cough, and various other outlooks of an
unclean world. Heart palpitations, shaking, sweating or crying
when exposed to “unclean” elements are just a few of the symptoms one with Mysophobia
could feel. 7. Claustrophobia – The Fear of Enclosed Spaces
The severity of this fear can vary widely from person to person. You may feel panicked, sweat, shake or have
heart palpitations. Those afflicted may seem desperate to get
out of the situation at hand, find it difficult to breathe, or just simply cry. Some have said that it feels as if the walls
are closing in on them. Claustrophobia sufferers may experience any
of these symptoms while occupying small rooms, crawl spaces, elevators, crowds and many,
many other situations. People suffering from a fear of enclosed spaces
may severely limit their lives, causing them to miss out on several activities in life. Researchers have yet to determine the factors
that may cause Claustrophobia, having only speculations that it may be caused by bad
childhood experiences. 6. Astraphobia – The Fear of Storms
Being one in a few phobias that can be observed in both animals and humans, dogs are often
associated with this fear. An individual’s ability to continue normal
activities will be compromised as their fear of thunder and lightning take over. Feelings of anxiousness, rapid breathing,
unusually fast heartbeats, trembling, and various other symptoms can be attributed to
Astraphobia. They may seek shelter beyond the normal protection,
such as hiding under the bed, going to the basement, or entering a closet. It is common for Astraphobics to extensively
follow weather forecasts or to track the storms online. 5. Cynophobia – The Fear of Dogs
Like most animal phobias, the fear of dogs is most likely caused by a negative experience
with a dog, or dogs, at one time and usually, occurs during childhood. Varying in severity from person to person,
common reactions are to run, freeze in terror, or attempt to hide. Sufferers may feel nauseated, disoriented,
shake or have the urge to cry. Most are afraid of the bark or growling sound
more so than the dog actually biting them. Considering how many dogs are prevalent in
society, Cynophobic’s will have a near impossible time avoiding them, and will often not attend
public places and family gatherings. They are unable to enjoy many outdoor activities
for fear of running into their worst fear. This can all lead to isolation and depression. 4. Agoraphobia – The Fear of Open or Crowded
Spaces Those who have Agoraphobia may avoid or worry
when they are on public transports, in large open spaces, around crowds or simply being
outside their home. They may experience chest pains, sweating,
trembling or dizziness along with other conditions when put in situations where they feel they
can’t escape or may embarrass themselves. They often may not feel safe in a public area
and need a companion to accompany them, such as a relative or friend. Agoraphobics may be able to visit only certain
places by themselves on one spectrum, while others won’t even make it past the threshold
of their house. Don’t look down now… but here comes number
3. 3. Acrophobia – The Fear of Heights
Affecting nearly one in every 20 adults, Acrophobia is a debilitating anxiety disorder whose word
is derived from the Greek word Acron, meaning heights, and once again Phobos, meaning fear. Individuals who suffer from this phobia will
avoid tall buildings, balconies, high hills and mountains, or even ladders depending on
the severity of the Acrophobia. There are three main responses one has to
the fear of heights, and they include anxiety, panic, and fear. One may even experience headaches, dizziness,
tense muscles or uncontrollable sweating, but with a full blown panic attack, it can
cause breathlessness, loss of control, and thoughts of dying. 2. Ophidiophobia – The Fear of Snakes
Nearly 1/3 of adult humans are believed to have a fear of snakes and while most can lead
normal lives because they don’t often have to confront the object of their fears, others
may see an image of a snake within books or the media and have a severe fear response. Having Ophidiophobia can be tricky to diagnose,
as the symptoms vary greatly between individuals. Symptoms may include shaking, crying and anxiety. They may experience difficulty breathing or
unusual heart rhythms. Over time, those afflicted may avoid pet stores,
the open woods, gardens, or zoos and nature preserves. Most people who have Ophidiophobia have obtained
it from a traumatic experience, but this is not always the case. 1. Arachnophobia – The Fear of Spiders
One of the most common specific phobias, those who have a fear of spiders, will go to great
lengths to ensure that they are not exposed to these eight-legged arachnids. Most Arachnophobics react by running away
or freezing in place. While experts are unsure what causes Arachnophobia,
most scientists believe it is a result of an evolutionary response, since spiders have
always been associated with disease and infection. In adults, nearly 32% of women and 18% of
men felt anxious and nervous when confronted with a spider, according to a study conducted
in the UK on 261 people.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Common Phobias You Probably Have

  1. claustrophobic


    Kind of afraid of storms

    Kind of afraid of dogs

    btw I can’t remember the phobias names or write them on time

    Fear of heights

    Oh come on who isn’t afraid of snakes ;-;


    And I live on a deserted country kill me

  2. My phobias are 3,2,and 1😂. but what happend when a see a spider I will faint and when I wake up I was like shaking for some reason :/

  3. I just realized Patrick said, “that means he’s afraid of Santa Claus!” Because it’s CLAUStrophobia. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. I fear heights because once i was 10 i feel from 2 story balcony and had my legg bandaged for 2 months now if im at heights i feel like my body weakens and my heart jumps off meh chest

  5. I may have astrophobia, claustrophobia, and I know I have entomophobia. (fear of bugs)

  6. i have arachnophobia and acrophobia? or how its called anyways if i see a little but…REALLY SMALL SPIDER.. i burn the whole house XD plus im scared of heights bc why not? XD

  7. I like how every video has trypophobia to gross me out when I don't even fear that.
    Most of the times I don't care ,because I don't have any of these phobias.
    I might cherophobic though.

  8. '…to these *eight legged arachnids*' I mean did they really have to say 'eight legged'? They're ARACHNIDS lmao

  9. I definitely don’t have a fear of dogs ☺️ I have two of them, but I can see how people can be. I don’t have a fear of holes. I have a fear of heights (Acrophobia) but it matters my platform, if I’m on a ladder and I go up my legs start to shake and I kinda freak out, but if I’m on a stable building I feel a little better. I don’t think I am claustrophobic…but If I am in a room with NO opening (like a tent) I need to open the door, and if I have a blanket over me I start to freak out. 😕

  10. My fears and why l have them:
    Heights: When I was 3 or 2 I was playing in a Papa’s pizza’s Playground and I was climbing out of it with the ladder.I fell what felt like 10 feet down,luckily My cousin caught me.
    Spiders:One time I was laying on the couch,I turned to plug in my tablet. After looking up I saw a 4-5 inch spider (4-5 meaning height) about 3-ish inches wide.
    Elevators:I feel like I’m just gonna fall through the floor.

  11. I definitely have claustrophobia. I scream and sweat and panic and have a full on temper tantrum sort off when I’m in tight spaces. Even in a crowd of 6-10 small ppl I had to leave because I could not like you know… be normal I guess like for some reason I started panicking. Idk I just hate it..

    List of phobias I have…

    1. Claustrophobia
    2. Acrophobia
    3. Arachnophobia

  12. Closed my eyes for the arachnophobia, opened them, saw a spider, then went under the covers.

  13. Ohhhh I have dogs that bark but never bite unless they're playing and I think that that one lady I ran into one time was scared of the barking…now I feel bad

  14. I have the phobia of storms I have uncontrollable panic attacks every time a storm happens it’s really kind or embarrassing when I’m around friends and other people but I can’t control it

  15. I have arachnophobia and part of my day is cleaning my cats litter and I keep the poop scoop outside and I have to go outside every time and when I was watching the end my heart started to beat super fast also I scream loudly every time I see one and if I can't just run like even if it's an unlocked door I feel trapped so I just cry untill my roommate comes home unless there home then I just start pounding on the door

  16. I have aracnophobia I run away from them leave the light on so that I can see if there is a spider or not

  17. I have the fear 😱 of holes ⭕ ewww *gags I can't watch this eww (͡°ʖ̯͡°) clostrophobia idk 😒 how to spell anymore

  18. I'm fine with clustered hole wherever.
    I have claustrophobia, but not in the elevator or anything.

  19. When i was little…
    I had a dream about a dog and a cat attacking me and biting me 🙂
    Now i just love them too much

  20. I have fear of holes (sorry I can't spell it)
    But I think fear of holes is more like a disgust, not a fear
    But for me…..I feel like throwing up when I see little holes…..😰
    I don't know, but I kinda have a fear of heights….by that 'I don't know' I mean that I was in Dachstein too and it was really cool and I enjoyed that there's a very deep rock valley under the glass bridge, but other times, I feel anxious by just looking down from a ladder cuz I think I'll fall and die…..I really don't understand this….
    And I have claustrophobia too…and yeah it's right- I have it because of some bad childhood experiences I don't wanna talk about….

  21. 1:07 that's what wolfychu haves

    1:56 That's what Jeff haves (Clarence cartoon)

    3:46 I had it when I was young and now I think it's cute

  22. Me : I have no phobias

    A spider comes on the screen

    screeches and throws my phone across the room
    Same thing happened for the hole phobia thing and the clown One..

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