Top 10 card games like Hearthstone

Top 10 card games like Hearthstone

Hello, and welcome to the games like Hearthstone The Elder Scrolls: Legends For Hearthstone player this game at first
sight is a total rip off of Heartstone. You have increasing mana, arena costs the
same ammount of money, also uses similar damage and combat mechanics. So you’ll be right at home just in the Elder
scrolls universe instead of Warcrafts. But there are some differences. Legends separates it’s playing field into
two lanes that rarely interact with each other. It also has a rune system that let’s you draw
a free card for every five health you loose. So planing here is really important Star Crusade This fast paced collectible card game is unique
in one way. It’s science fiction. That is rarity among thig genre. It has clever introduction to the card concepts,
has interesting takes on classic mechanics, such as armor and firepower. Each class plays differently and the class
cards are hugely different. Playing through the early game gives you lots
of boosters to really give you a chance, but sometimes it’s hard for new player to be matched
against an opponent of same power level. Sometimes you get opponents that are way higher
level than you are and then you just get crushed. And if you really want to play competitively
and do not like to be crushed, you have to pay for your cards. So, this may be expensive game for ou, but
hey, it’s science fiction. Eternal Another game from creators of Elder Scrolls
Legends. And it also looks and feels like Heartstone
in practice, but it has some interesting mechanics, like instant cards that can be played on your
opponent’s turn, mana cards with specific colors for each faction, decks with any number
of factions mixed, and declaring which of your minions will attack and then letting
your opponent choose their blockers. The main thing is that Eternal has managed
to make all those things really quick and satisfying. Also here you can get new cards easier than
in Hearthstone, making this game more skill and not luck based. Also it has mobile client, so you can play
it while traveling, during sex or while making crimes. Hex: Shards of Fate Well this is practicaly Magic the Gathering
Digital edition. Because it plays exatcly like Magic, but has
much better client and play experience than any other Magic game, making it fantastic
choice for Magic fans. It has amazing campaing and gigantic market
to trade or sell cards. But if you want to go full mode PvP you better
have the money. Yes, real money, because PvE cards do not
work in PvP and there is no free way to earn PvP cards, unless you want to spend days grinding
free curency to hopefully find someone stupid willing to trade that for premium currency. It’s not like Hearthstone, where there is
only one type of currency and what you earn, can be used to buy anything. So, fun game, but expensive. Infinity Wars It’s a game with familiar combat mechanics
to Hearthstone with the added depth of being able to swap your units around in different
zones—so you could change the order of the units in your offensive zone, or swap a stronger
unit to your defensive zone if your opponent is about to pull out something big. It’s also faster, because players do their
turns simultaneously, meaning that here are less waiting and more playing. Except there isn’t. Game is almost dead, sometimes you have to
wait 30 minutes for your next opponent. And I do not consider this as playable. Well, maybe someday it will ressurect from
a dead, because it was really nice game to play, but now… it’s not worth it. Faeria It’s like a mix of Magic The Gathering, Hearthstone
and a board game. Not only you can build decks, but you have
to carefully think about where you place your lands. It ads a lot of depth to the game. Among other good things are free arena run
every day and great, just amazing music. Also graphics are really nice, animations,
art, everything feels at the top level. Game offers adventure mode, tutorial, puzzles,
pvp, arena, well here you will find everything you need. Hardest part is to be a new player. Because getting cards requires a lot of grinding. Well, it’s something like Heartstone, right?. But overall reviews on steam are very positive,
so don’t by shy, go and download it. Shadowverse Well, developers of this game managed to piss
of their players. I was astounded by ammounts of negative reviews
in steampowered posted by persons with more than 300, 400, 500 hundred or even thousands
of hours of playtime. Well, what was the reason, what terrible mistakes
were made that killed big chunk of their own fanbase? So, It seems that Cygames released some expansions
and those limited play options big time. People didn’t like that. Also they are not nerfing broken cards quick
enough, meaning that ladder is filled with cancer decks. Remember quest rogue in Hearthstone? There, it’s the same feeling, just bigger. OK, but, is there any good things in this
game? Yes, there is. New players seems to love it. Some even say that they fap during this game. Well, I have to agree that there is much more
fapping material than in Heartstone. Do I recommend it? Not fapping, a game. I do not. All that anime concept is silly for me. I’m a 33 year old european man and all that
little girls stuff is just uhhh. Give me beardy vikings, sexy medieval prostitutes,
vodka with herring, not this shit. So, go play Faeria or Eternal instead. Or play this if you want, I will not judge,
I will love you anyway. Gwent This is real deal. Card game that is actually different from
Hearthstone in every way. If you played The Witcher: Wild Hunt you know
what I’m talking about, but if you didn’t then let me explain. This is as much a deck building game as it
is strategy game, simply because it has three rounds. It means that you usualy have to loose one
to win other two. And it’s where your true skill of card player
can be really shown off. Game has five really different factions and
a lot of crazy mechanics, because there are three types of cards to play. Close combat, rangers and siege weapons – all
of those rarely interact with each other, so if you suspect your enemy having large
siege army, you better be prepared to counter it with anti-siege cards. Game is really good, I had tons of fun with
it, but it also requires you to grind. Well, or spend real money. Nobody wants that. So I do recommend this game for you if you
have a lot of free time or… a lot of money. Duelyst It’s a combination of Hearthstone and Final
Fantasy Tactics. The combat and card mechanics is almost the
same as in Hearthstone, but you summon your units onto five-by-nine grid where they can
move arround each turn. It also has interesting “replace” mechanic
that lets you mulligan one of your cards every turn. That is really fun. Not fun part is that many of old players accusses
Bandai Namco as being greedy. We all know what that means. Pay to win, or be a slug for a long time and
suck as hard as you can before rising to the top. Well, but i’m not saying anything, best way
to find out everything is to go and read the comments on steam. Chroncile: Runescaple Legends. This is unexpected and totaly fresh take on
competitive collectible card games. Based around the Runescape MMO, Chronicle
manages to take so pretty standard CCG mechanics and make them feel more like an RPG quest
than a card game.Every match is spread across five maps, each letting you play four cards. You place those cards in a set order in front
of you while your opponent does the same. It is very interesting game, but it faces
real problem – developers had abandoned it only after 5 months of maintenance. All in all the result – game is dying. Not many people are playing it and while time
passes even fewer will remain, but it is still playable, so try it while you can.

35 thoughts on “Top 10 card games like Hearthstone

  1. I've played HearthStone and ShadowVerse. I like the later for the better, darker story and the nice animations. As for the other ones that you introduced, Faeria seems worth checking. I grew up with Magic (the actual cards, not the online version) and the map looks nice.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. your not recommend gwent if dont have enough money and time? Hearthstone is by far the most expensive and pay to win tcg. Gwent is one of the easiest to farm. Pack rates are far better, dust crafting is 50/100 of hearthstone, and you can easily get 5 packs per day, just from winning 3 games (6 rounds).

  3. I have few friends who stop playing hearthstone because after 1 month of 2 hours a day playing didnt have any topdeck. In gwent after around 15 days playing for around 5-6 hours i had 2 top tear decks. I played spellweaver, hearthstone, magic duels, might and magic duels of chanpions, scrolls, magic duels, morrovind legends and can tell you gwent is is fastets for getting cards if you have some skill.

  4. Thanks! This list was exactly what I was looking for. You spent a good amount of time talking about each game, but not too much. Well done.

  5. I cannot believe you didn't mention a card game that is in my opinion the best card game that was ever made. It is called Caller's Bane. It's free, just google, download and try. If you think HS is good, Caller's Bane is 100x better!

  6. Super video, gal gali patarti kokį panašų žaidimą, kuris būtų paleistas ne seniai? Ant androido 😉

  7. hearthstone is hardly a game. if i went in your deck irl mid game to make you lose would you be happy? its a rigged game nothing random about it

  8. Been playing Eternal, but it has major card balance problems that break the game.. rarer cards are always more powerful than common cards for the same cost-to-play.. and some are so ridiculous that they are as powerful as 20 legendary cards put together.  Just 1, low cost card, legendary card can singlehandedly win against anything unless you explicitly build your deck to be a hard counter for it, which screws you when everyone not playing that card encounters you.. 
    pretty much the key to success in Eternal is filling your deck with mostly random legendary cards and you will win against anyone daring to use a common deck.

    it's really too bad that it so broken card-wise because i like the general feel and mechanics.. but it is unplayable due to their balance problems.

    It is so bad that you can take the best player in the world and tell them to build a deck of common cards to take on a new player, who is mentally handicapped, and give them a deck full of random lengendaries, and i guarantee you they will destroy the expert.

    what a waste of time that game was.. i had to learn the hard way

  9. 1 – Chronicle : Runescape Legends
    2 – Duelyst
    3 – Gwent
    4 – ShadowVerse
    5 – Faeria
    6 – Infinity Wars
    7 – Hex :Shards of fate
    8 – Eternal
    9 – Star Crusade
    10 – Elder Scroll Legends

  10. Lol Shadowverse, I see your gameplay clip and it was during the Wonderland Dreams expansion which is by far the worst expansion in shadowverse history, the game has steadily been getting better since then, I'd recommend this game if the artstyle doesn't bother you even though it's pretty much the norm in japan.

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