Welcome to Top10Archive! Savant syndrome is
defined as a condition in which a person demonstrates capacities or abilities that are greatly in
excess to that of which would be considered normal. People with savant syndrome may have
neurodevelopmental disorders, notably autism spectrum disorders, or brain injuries. For
this installment, we’re counting down 10 extraordinary savants that are capable of mind-blowing things!
10. Jonathan Lerman Jonathan Lerman is an autistic savant with
an IQ of just 53. At just 2-years old, Lerman would begin to slide into long silences, and
would be diagnosed autistic, just a year later. While his autism made if difficult for him
to communicate in a typical manner, his artistic ability would help him express what he was
thinking. By the age of 10, he began drawing charcoal portraits of friends and people he
had seen – even if he had just made them up in his mind. At the age of 14, Lerman had
his pieces appearing in New York art galleries. 9. Stephen Wiltshire
Diagnosed with autism at a young age, Stephen Wiltshire was sent to a school for special
needs children. There, his passions were encouraged and he would find a love of drawing. Mute
since a very young age, Stephen would use his art to communicate since childhood – not
learning how to speak until he was 9. He began drawing highly detailed and incredibly accurate
portraits of things that he saw. Stephen’s talent, however, goes much further then just
that. In 2009, he was flown over Tokyo for a mere 20 minutes and upon his return to the
land, was able to draw a 10-meter or nearly 33-foot long picture of the city.
8. Daniel Tammet Facing terrible epileptic seizures as well
as a diagnosis of autism at the age of four, Daniel developed the ability to visualize
and calculate numbers in his head. Daniel Tammet can calculate numbers on a massive
scale, once reciting Pi from memory to the 22,514 decimal, a feat he accomplished on
Pi Day, to raise funds for the National Society for Epilepsy. As well as his amazing mathematical
talent, Tammet is capable of learning languages at an unprecedented rate – learning Icelandic
in just 7 days. Daniel’s form of Autism is incredibly uncommon, even among other savants,
as he is able to articulate his thoughts clearly. 7. Kim Peek
If you’ve ever heard of the movie Rain Man, then you’ve heard the story of Kim Peek…
though you probably didn’t know it. Born with severe brain damage, Kim’s childhood doctor
suggested his father send him to an institution and forget about him – as his developmental
disabilities were thought to keep him from walking, let alone anything else. Kim’s father
didn’t agree, and returned home with his son. He does have problems walking and learning
is difficult for him – however, he has the ability to read books two pages at once in
roughly 3 seconds. Not just that, but he remembers everything he reads in them.
6. Leslie Lemke In an unfortunate twist of fate, Leslie Lemke
was born with severe birth defects, ones that required the removal of his eyes. His birth
mother gave him up for adoption, and it was at that point that one, May Lemke, took him
in as one of her own at just 6 months of age. At age 16, Leslie displayed his hidden talent
– when May woke up in the middle of the night to find Leslie playing Tchaikovsky’s Piano
Concerto No. 1. Leslie had no musical training, but still managed to play flawlessly after
just hearing the song one time. Leslie now plays all kinds of music, and just like he
did with the Tchaikovsky piece, he needs to only hear it once.
5. Tony DeBlois Born premature and underweight, Tony DeBlois
was hardly breathing. The doctors rushed to place an oxygen mask on him, unbeknownst to
them at the time, that too much oxygen causes blindness. Couple blindness with slow physical
development, then add in autism and you have the challenges that Tony DeBlois faces every
day. At age 2, Tony sat down in front of a piano for the first time. Growing into music
– he learned to play over 20 different instruments, including guitar, trumpet and the ukelele.
It is estimated that Tony has roughly 8,000 musical pieces memorized which he learned
all by ear. 4. Jason Padgett
Though most people are born with savant syndrome, others can acquire it through severe trauma
and brain damage – such as the case of Jason Padgett. After being brutally beaten during
a mugging, Jason awoke the next day in the hospital… though something was different.
He now sees the world overlaid in complex mathematical formulas. Over time he would
begin to transcribe what he saw through drawings. These drawings took the form of intricate
fractal form shapes and patterns. When neurologists took scans of his brain, what they found was
his brain activated rarely used portions to compensate for the damaged areas.
3. Orlando Serrell Orlando Serrell was not born autistic or brain
damaged, but rather known as an “acquired savant”. One day Serrell was playing baseball
with some friends at age 10. Serrell was struck in the left side of the head by a ball, but
was able to finish the game. Figuring he was ok once his headache cleared, he never thought
to seek medical attention. Serrell came to find he developed a talent called “calendar
calculating”, meaning he can tell you what day of the week any date fell on, even more
amazing as he can tell you what the weather was like on that day where he was.
2. Alonzo Clemons Due to a head injury he suffered when he was
just a child, Alonzo Clemons lost much, but in return gained a beautiful and magnificent
talent. Determined by doctors to have an IQ of no higher than 40, Clemons was left to
be seemingly emotionless – though his face would light up with joy with clay in his hands.
You see, Clemons gained a gift of art. When he looks upon an animal, he is able to create
a sculpture of very fine detail using only his hands. His sense of touch is so accurate
that he’s even able to make these sculptures in the dark.
1. Flo and Kay Lyman Florence and Katherine Lyman, also known as
the “Rainman Twins”, are said to be the only female autistic savant twins in the world.
Even more impressive is the fact they are the only pair of savant twins with the same
talents. They have the ability of calendar calculation and can tell you what the weather
was like, what a TV personality was wearing and what they ate for nearly every day of
their lives. The twins even went as far as to document what color clothing their favorite
TV hosts wore, including Dick Clark from $100,000 pyramid.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 AMAZING SAVANTS With REAL SUPER POWERS

  1. As I have gotten older I realise and also from people telling me that it is almost certainly aspergers that I have but I have not gone for the assessment yet I am still waiting to be referred for diagnosis

  2. I have known People with Brain issues and do suffer from Injury myself. The Brain is such an amazing thing with those millions of connections , yet can be disrupted so easily . Amazing the Music created by Someone who has never even touched whatever Instrument and play's Perfection . Drawing or creating an object to Scale with just a Look . A Higher Power has touched These People and We say That's Amazing ! Jimmy

  3. Serious note : I wouldn't consider myself a savant, I had a fairly balanced childhood and youth. In my late 20, I started experiencing something weird : I can reproduce music my parents would sing when in the late 80's. Songs I never sang, played or ever ever came across otherwise. Sometimes I would google the lyrics and realize I know them very well ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ.
    I have a brother who is 1 yr younger than I and I remember lyrics of songs my parents played at his 3rd BD, when I was 4. At that age I did not speak French, and all these songs are selectively in French.
    PS : I swear I am not high

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  5. Iโ€™ve got super powers .. Iโ€™ve put up with my wifeโ€™s nagging for 29 years without killing her ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช

  6. They barely spent any time talking about Kim peak. I think he should be number one beacause his memory is beyond anything that humanity has seen

  7. Daniel Tammet is top in the list … way ahead!
    He is super-good in Maths and Language. He has no obvious disability. And he can even explain closet to his point of view of numbers and words.

  8. Number 10… lol itโ€™s hilarious whatโ€™ll pass as โ€œartโ€. Honestly, better than most now a days

  9. Most people are born with perfect pitch, but if we don't have a reason to attach specific meanings to each pitch, we eventually lose the ability to differentiate between them. People who were born blind are forced to suck as much meaning as they can out of every sound, so a lot of them probably have perfect pitch and don't even realize it.

  10. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  11. And yet there are asswipes out there who think people with difficulties can't accomplish great things in life.

  12. I have the power to change emotions in every woman I'm with from love to absolute repulsion in unbelievably short amount of time.

  13. Im autistic but I'm not sure if I'm a savant. I have feelings that can comprehend with great detail. My greatest talent is self taught human psychology. People are amazed on how well I know who th hey are after talking to them for a 10 minutes. This is definitely unique to the degree I understand people

  14. Watch "Scientist who dug into hell in Siberia and recorded the cries of the damned souls" on YouTube


  15. This is bullshit! Autism and being a Savant are two totally different things. Know your shit! There's only one way to tell the difference..

  16. Btw number 8 in the documentary he wasnt diagnosed with autism so he dosnt have it

  17. The jason one is wrong. In an interview with him he said they sent him home and he woke up at home when everything was different.

  18. Kim Peek was not a smart guy. He was retarded indeed and unable to put his shoes on and comb his hair as well. He had a severe brain problem that made him storage whatever he read in life. He was a son of God who deserved God's mercy and compassion.

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  21. The Top One of most frustrating show put together. Who Produced this? Know anything about telling a story…if about spending few extra seconds to HIGHLIGHT the savants super abilities.

  22. My wifeโ€™s cousin is Autistic. He is rather functional and can convey his thoughts but does have some emotional defects but due to the Grace of God, his awesome supported parents, family and friends…he can communicate well, for his condition and is a music savant.

  23. Check out my bestselling book 'Superhuman Training' to learn REAL supernatural powers! Plus over 700 videos on my channel talking about AND demonstrating this stuff. Thanks friends:ย

  24. When I was a teenager I was hired as summer help to a place called โ€œThe Kinsmen Workshopโ€. It was a charity that gave jobs to mentally handicapped people as a way of being part of society and even a few dollars spending money. (Their pay was low at the time because of disability benefits would go down if they made to much). Anyway they had jobs of all different degrees of difficulty from fluffing ribbon parade flowers to manufacturing wood kits for sun decks and snow fencing lath. One job was a great guy named Don. At the time there was a stampede wrestler called Big Don Stud and we playfully called him that because we would continually have to go find him, usually making out with a girl named Salina behind the paper recycle bailer. Dons job was pounding in pre measured spikes using a hand sledge making pallets. If you ever shook hands with dawn you were luck to get your hand back in one peace, we tried giving him a air hammer but he wouldnโ€™t have it. Don was a autistic with limited iq but was what we called high functioning, one day the Supervisor was chatting with use and he pointed out Dons amazing talents. You could ask him anything to do with the space program (this was 1985) and he could tell you every astronauts name his mission the dates, everything. From radio and tv he had an encyclopedic memory of every thing space. His other talent was so unique that I still smile when I think of it. Don could play back any episode of All in the Family and Archie Bunker. I donโ€™t mean facts I mean play back the show. He would reenactany show word for word and do it in the voices of the character. Edith was my favorited, he even played back the commercials that were on when he saw it.

  25. Daniel should be at the top of the list. Unlike most of the other savants, he has no known disability and is not overly autistic (he ranks extremely low on the spectrum, if at all). The lack of "drawbacks" to his condition along with the magnitude of his abilities should make him first, maybe second only to Kim out of all known savants.

  26. I've got a daughter who has agensis of the corpus Callosum like Kim Peek. It's like have w 18 year old smart ass Google with Autism. She's amazing. She never crawled walked only at 5. She can't write but can see how many things at are in a box or jar. She reads phone books,DMV and anything she reads she remembers everything. She reads the left page with her left eye and right page with her right eye. She hacked her school at 10 years of age from a cell phone and deleted a teacher she didn't like.

  27. The twins. How can they know what the people are? Iโ€™m sure it wasnโ€™t documented anywhere. Can anyone explain

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