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  1. Went to play Gloomhaven for 5-6 hours in the middle of watching this video, so I may have missed some subtle errors, but the only thing I picked up on was the Blue Jay – which I think says you need to take the grain from the birdfeeder if available, rather than from the supply. Obviously, taking an extra die out would have messed with the timing of the rerolls of the food supply, but I think every time either there was grain available anyway, or you could have chosen differently and left grain available without disrupting your plans for the food (either you were discarding the grain and another to substitute for something else, or you used a grain/worm face when there was a worm face left).

  2. Red player could have added a "bird card" under his Horned Lark when blue player played a Painted Bunting in the field at 21:42

  3. love your commentary, especially when you discover your mistakes 57:50… just as entertaining as the game play itself.

  4. Yes indeed a Typo at 53:10….The correct name is oologist! Oology (or oölogy) is a branch of ornithology studying bird eggs, nests and breeding behaviour.

  5. Thank you! Just got the game and this is the first video, of many I've watched, that made any sense to me. Now I just need to teach my gf.

  6. Thank you! my favorite playthroughs! I wonder why don't you have more subscribers. Videos are clean and clear 🙂

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