Tom Teaches Wingspan (Rules Overview & Gameplay)

Tom Teaches Wingspan (Rules Overview & Gameplay)

everybody tom here and today i want to teach you how to play wingspan wingspan is a game produced by one of my favorite producing companies Stone mire games I really really love their stuff and this game kind of exploded on the scene first of all probably because it was stone layer but also you can just tell from the box it’s extremely pretty this game is beautiful and the theme is super interesting and fascinating and then also really awesomely enough this was designed and illustrated by a group of women and if I remember correctly I think it’s a first-time design and first time board game artwork for the artists and stuff like that so huge props to that I’m very excited about this game I like it a lot a lot so I want to go ahead and dive right in welcome to the play area what you’re seeing here are just a couple of things we have a massive deck of cards and each of these cards is unique and individual with their own artwork and statistics about birds so this game called wingspan is about birds shockingly enough and essentially the way I kind of like to think of it is we have these different like bird sanctuaries and we’re trying to attract birds into our sanctuaries with the purpose of running points so the matically that’s what’s going on and so right here we have a deck of cards we have three bird cards laid out here this is a case that holds the cards in the box and also displays the cards nicely here this does come with the game when you buy it so that’s great and then up here I have a play note box and a crayon box I got these from Walmart so I just wanted to point out this one does come with the game and these are just containers that I bought on my own to hold things a little bit nicer and then yeah so we have the cards for the game and then we have some food tokens and some eggs we’ll talk about what those do and then we have some food dice the dice are gonna be what generates the food tokens in our play areas and it’s a little tough to see let me slide down but this is a birdhouse dice tower so you’re gonna see that in action a little bit later we also have a bonus point tracker this is going to be our round and bonus points tracker right here and then our two individual play areas this is a small deck of bonus cards we’ll talk more about those later so yeah these things kind of would be in the middle of the table and then we have our two individual play areas so to learn how to play the game let’s hop over here and look closer at the blue player play area and I want to talk about how to play the game and especially how to win all right so here we are at the blue play area you can see how pretty this big mat is and I’ve just added some blue papers here these are big eight-and-a-half by eleven papers so you can see how huge this mat is I’ve just added those there to just really emphasize that this is the blue player area and the blue player is gonna be our starting player this game is gonna play over four rounds and at the end of four rounds what we’re gonna do is we’re going to calculate our scores and the person with the most points is the winner so the game actually comes with a score pad just to help you track your score at the end of the game and so I’m gonna use this just kind of to help you figure out how we’re gonna win the game at the end of the game you’re gonna get points based on having birds in your different habitats for having bonus cards or fulfilling bonus cards and for having end-of-round goals so let’s talk about those three things really fast here essentially in this game you’re gonna start with some birds in your hand and you’re gonna be playing these birds to the different habitats so we have the forests the fields and the water the wetlands or whatever and so where the birds can be played as shown in this top corner so just for pretend zzzz let’s just say that I get this bird out here into the forest then if we’re looking at points at the end of the game the birds the points are gonna be seen right here any time you see these feather icons so this bird is worth three points if I can get this bird out on the board so at the end of the game we’re just gonna count up all of those feather icons and that’s gonna be what score goes right here bonus cards are gonna come from these we’re gonna be in a second selecting one of these bonus cards and they’re gonna be things to aim for so for example this bonus card here says if I have birds with wings bands of 30 centimeters or less if I end up with four to five birds on my board that’s gonna be worth three points or if I get six or more birds out here that’s gonna be worth six points and they did a really cool thing down here and they tell us that 35% of the cards our birds with wingspans of less than 30 centimeters so along with telling us where the birds can live and how many points they’re worth the bird cards also tell you their wingspan and so that’s an example of a bonus card that we could maybe work for you know here’s another sampling of it historian we could have Birds named after a specific person so 2 points per bird that end up out here and it it tells you specifically because maybe you don’t know what that is that any bird with an apostrophe s in its name is going to meet this requirement and that’s going to be 11% of the cards so yeah we’re gonna get birds down on our board and that’s going to get us points from the feathers that’s gonna help us reach our bonus goals that we have here and there’s also some end-of-round goals let’s take a quick look at those ok on this part of the screen and you’re gonna have to forgive kind of these big shadows here it’s because this is a big old ice tower we have our round bonus tracker so like I said this game plays in four rounds and at the end of each round we’re going to score different things here so in this example we’ll just quickly say in round one we’re gonna score for having the most eggs on birds in the field and so that’s something I’m gonna kind of work towards at the end of the round the person who has the most eggs in the fields or with yeah I think it’s the fields they’re gonna get four points at the end of the game second most will have one point third place will get zero and zero so this is just gonna be another place to get points and I’m gonna show you more how that works at the end of the round but I do want you to keep in mind as we progress through this round they were trying to keep an eye on eggs in the fields so just keep in mind we’re getting birds on here with their normal points we’re trying to meet our bonus goals or our specific individual private bonuses here and then we’re trying to get the end of round scoring as well there’s a couple more things that I want to get more specific were playing but essentially every single bird can hold a certain amount of eggs or I think almost every single bird there we can put eggs on top of these cards and the number of eggs they can hold are right here and so we’re gonna try to get eggs on those cards as I mentioned before we’re trying to get some birds in the fields and put eggs on them and then we are also going to be able to have some birds that actually collect food onto their cards so usually these food tokens are gonna be used to put Birds down but some birds are going to collect food on top of their card and each token at the end of the games going to be worth the point and other birds are going to kind of like collect other birds I don’t know they essentially there’s gonna be a mechanic where you can tuck Birds underneath the different birds sometimes though because they’re predatory maybe they’re killing other birds who knows I’m not a bird expert but essentially if we tuck cards underneath birds each one of those tucked cards is gonna be worth a point so just keep those in mind get the birds on the thing try to make our bonuses hit the end of round things and as we’re collecting eggs and food and tucked cards those are also gonna be points at the end of the game now if you watched my setup video because I always make those the link is in the description of this video I mentioned right at the end of the game or of the setup that there was a final step that we needed to do that I haven’t done yet so we’re gonna do that right now when everybody starts the game they have five food tokens one of each type two bonus cards and five of these cards the first thing we’re going to need to do is pick one of these bonus cards and discard the other so we already kind of looked at this we could go for a historian which will just be two extra points per bird that has an apostrophe s in its name there’s eleven percent of the cards in that huge deck that has those or we could really work on birds with a wingspan of thirty centimeters or less lots more cards with that but the scoring is you know different this is kind of an almost unlimited two points per bird as they fill up the board but there are fewer cards this is a much more common type of card but at most we’re going to get three or six points from it so kind of debating between these two I think for this video and we the blue player I’m gonna go ahead and keep this as my bonus card so I’m just gonna keep my bonus card right here face-up usually you would probably just keep this facedown so that other people can’t see it but we’re gonna keep it face up for our purposes and I’m gonna keep that in mind for this next part of the setup now we have five food tokens and five Birds in our hands what we need to do is we need to discard five things we’re discarding five things and keeping five things and so I need to decide which of these birds do I want to hold on to and which of these food tokens do I want to hold on to every one of these birds we’ve already talked about where they can be played also has food requirements so for example to play this bird onto the board I need to either give it a worm or a berry for this bird I need to give it two worms and a wheat this bird gets a worm or a wheat this bird gets a worm this brick gets a worm and two weeks so with that in mind I kind of need to decide what are some of my goals both for my personal goal remember the round goal was to have eggs on birds in the fields so I probably want to get small birds in the fields this first round as much as possible so just looking at our two birds that can go in the field let’s check their wingspan well this one’s a little bit big I want thirty centimeters or less this one is perfect so I think I’m definitely gonna hold on to this bird if that’s gonna be a keeper I might keep this one but since it’s such a big bird maybe I don’t want it necessarily so this is gonna be a nice and easy bird to play it is only gonna need one food token and it’s small so I want to hold on to that one and I don’t know I could maybe hold on to one more let’s also just for a varieties sake I’m gonna hold on to this small bird too and so these two birds I’m just gonna go ahead and discard them and let’s keep the discard pile I’m gonna keep it right here so I don’t have to like reach all the way over there so this will be our bird discard pile there’s going to be opportunities Oh in fact I have it right here to discard our bonus card let me put the unused bonus card right there now since I’m keeping three that means I’m only allowed to keep two of these tokens so I kind of want to keep in mind which birds I want to get out first I think this is gonna definitely be a goal to get this bird out as quickly as possible because I can put it in the field and that bird can hold a whole bunch of eggs so I want to probably hold on to at least the worm and the wheat and then I need to get another wheat out so I’m gonna hold on to the word and the worm in the wheat I’m gonna just go ahead and put these in my box and I won’t always show you this token box but I’m just kind of proud of that that little plain old box doesn’t the job perfectly and there it is the blue player is all set up for their turn now in the rule book I don’t know that I get this but it specifically says that you can either hold on to your cards privately or make them public information however you want to I don’t know why you would make it public maybe that’s just for a teaching thing or two I truthfully don’t know any comments on the issue would be very welcome for sure but obviously in this video I’m going to keep those kind of publicly laid out kind of like that and so this will be my hand of cards and then our food tokens here we got our goal there let’s go over to the red player and finish setting them up alright taking a look at Red’s two bonus cards we have one that’s the rodent ologist words that can only eat mice so as we’re looking at our birds let’s just take a quick peek of what they’ve got none of their birds in hand only eat mice it doesn’t mean that there aren’t more cards out there obviously there are we just don’t have any in hand right now looks like 15% of the cards meet that requirement and that’s kind of like the other the blue player’s other option where that would be two points per bird on the board or we have platform builder birds with this type of nest now I don’t think I’ve mentioned that yet but if you look at the birds we’ve got their habitat what they eat their points and then how many eggs and this is the type of nest that they use and so as we look at those we do have one bird with that type of nest so that’s a pretty good start not only that I’m seeing over here in the display there’s another right there so that’s pretty good news it is a water bird instead of a filled bird but it’s that kind of a nest so that’s kind of promising and oh and I should point out oh I didn’t see any here there’s none on display but some birds have this kind of a nest that’s just a wild symbol which means it counts as any type of nests that you want to and there are going to be other and whatever there’s gonna be other cards or bonus opportunities that will utilize the nest so we’ll keep that in mind so I’m kind of feeling a little bit conflicted here on the one hand for this video I kind of want the red player to do something a little bit different and stick with this card just because it’s a different type of bonus scoring opportunity but on the other hand I kind of want to go for this card specifically because not only is this good for our overall goal but one of the round goals also utilizes that kind of a nest in fact round two this says that any birds with this kind of nest with eggs on it however many birds we have that’s going to be something we’re aiming for in round two so I think yeah even though it’s not the best for this kind of a video strategically I kind of feel like this is gonna be the way to go so yeah I’m gonna go ahead and hold on to this bonus card we’re gonna try to get a whole bunch of birds with that kind of a nest out and I’m just gonna add this to the discard pile and now we need to pick which five things that we’re holding on to so obviously since we set this as our goal I want to hold on to that and looking at these maybe because of the first round thing let’s hold on to this one also and there really are so many things to consider and that’s with so many cards and so many different combinations of habitats and food and points and nests and eggs and special abilities that we’re gonna cover later it can really feel overwhelming but just sticking with those goals to drive your first decisions I think is a good idea but I’m going to go ahead and hold on to these two birds and discard these three which means that we get to hold on to three kinds of food so looking at what kinds of food these things eat and knowing that I want to get well I know I want to get this one faster either way I think those are the three types of food that we’re gonna grab the worm the wheat and the fish yeah so I’m just gonna go ahead off-camera and get rid of those two tokens there and I’m gonna go ahead and say that the red player is ready to go so let’s go back to the blue player because they are our first player so now that we’ve covered setup and while we were talking about setup we covered our ultimate goals for this game to get those points let’s talk about how to reach those goals how do we get the birds out and all of that stuff if you look here I’m starting the game with eight different cubes of my player color the that basically represents the eight actions you’re going to take during the round and remember the game plays over four rounds so to start off we’re going to have eight actions and right here are the four different kinds of actions that you can do what we can do is we could play a bird card assuming that we have the food to pay for the bird and also we might need eggs I’ll talk about that more later on but yeah so we could play a bird by paying our food for it or we could gain more boot or gain more food from the bird feeder and that essentially just happens by picking a die out and then you would grab that food token more or less it’s it’s pretty much that simple you could lay eggs on the birds depending on how many eggs are visible more on that later kind of yep and then also you could draw more word cards in order to have more cards to lay down so really only four things you could do play a bird gained some food lay some eggs draw some work hearts and we’re just going to do that eight times between the two players in this first round and then we will score that first round for bonus points and then we’re gonna move on to the next round so let’s just kind of build off of what we were already saying I know that I really want to get this bird out soon I can’t afford this bird just yet because I only have one wheat and one worm so the first thing that I want to focus on is getting another wheat so the way you do this is you take your action cube and you’re gonna place it to the right of the action it’s a little weird but I want to gain food and so what I do is I look at these spots here and I pick the first empty spot so this do you spot right here and I’m gonna put a cube on it that basically says I get to remove one dye from the birdfeeder and take that one food I want a wheat so I’m gonna take that out and that gets me a wheat token and that’s awesome that’s the end of my turn I show it’s the end of my turn by sliding my cube all the way over under that spot now I’ll also point out it’s a little tough to see maybe there’s there’s two wheels and an arrow and another wheel with multiple colors that’s essentially saying that you could turn in any two tokens and to exchange it for a different token so if I needed a berry and there were no berries in the birdfeeder I could turn in these two tokens for one of the berries and call it good so yep that was the end of the blue player’s turn and the red player is gonna go ahead and we already have the food to pay for this character here and so what I’m gonna do is just take well those were really nicely placed on accident I’m gonna take one of these cubes and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna play a bird now when you play a bird you’re gonna put it kind of similar to these we’re gonna put it right above the action and we can put it right here so to play your first bird in any habitat you don’t need to spend any eggs so you’re always gonna play your bird on the Left most spot of the habitat and so that’s not gonna cost any eggs but if this one we’re down and I’m just gonna grab one and I wanted to play this bird next then that would cost an egg to play that bird along with the normal food but we’re just playing our first bird down so all I need to do now is just pay the food so the worm and the wheat I’m just gonna go ahead and get rid of those and now I gotta put this bird down and I move that cube over I’m going to keep it up there just for pretty sake and that’s the end of the red player’s turn but I really quickly point out there are some birds that have a special ability on white that happened when you play this card so whenever I play this card because it has this white banner is that a thing then I would do that action here instead this guy has a pink banner and pink banners are special abilities that happen when it’s not your turn so I’m going to do my best to keep an eye for he’s obviously recording sometimes I’m gonna forget but this says once between turns so basically during the blue players turn when another player plays a wheat or field bird okay then we’re gonna tuck a different bird card from your hand behind this bird so I’m gonna want to draw some cards as soon as possible just to have extra cards to tuck under this and do you remember that one of the end game scoring thing is counting how many cards are tucked underneath a different bird so this bird is gonna get a whole bunch of birds tucked underneath him as long as I keep my hand full of birds and so that could be one strategy I wish I had read that better earlier but you know sometimes I’m not good at that well that’s gonna bring me to the blue player’s turn and my usual disclaimer in case this is your first time watching these videos this is a how to play game video not a how to play this game well video I’m not the best strategize er there’s a chance that you would make very different choices that I make because that’s how my brain works sometimes I just don’t think things through all that well all that often and so you’re welcome to share strategies but if that’s going to frustrate you this might not be the video for you but having said that now is the blue players turn we could take any of the four actions we’re not limited we don’t have to not take that action but I do think it would be a good idea to go ahead and play this card and you’re gonna see it has a bonus that when this is played we get a draw to new bonus cards and keep one these were the bonus cards so I’m gonna go ahead and play a bird it’s coming down here like that that’s gonna cost me a worm and two wheat so let me just go ahead and get rid of those and now we get to draw two new bonus cards and keep one soo or two bonus cards let’s just take a look at them right here one of them forrester birds that can only live in the forest three or four birds will get us four points five Birds there will get us eight points that’s twenty four percent of the cards and one of the cards in my hand does count for this or we have birds that only eat worms two points per bird I don’t think we’ve seen any birds that only you oh yeah there geez we discarded a bunch earlier well that’s too bad well let’s stick with this Oh only nine percent of the cards move that makes me nervous but I kind of want to do it just because that would be a difference mmm no let’s stick with this one okay yep let’s take this one back so as the blue player I’m trying to keep an eye on small birds they can live in the forest that would be super awesome to have those I’ll just go ahead and keep that there and then I slide my cube over that was the end of the blue player’s turn now before the red player’s turn let’s take a second and revisit the goal for the round this round goal was to have the most eggs in the fields and so it’s not just enough to have the birds there we’re gonna need eggs on there by the time we run out of these action cubes so I’ve got some choices to make do I go after some food really fast in order to be able to afford this bird or do I focus my attention on picking up some eggs and putting the eggs on the bird that we’ve already got I’m thinking before the blue player takes the worm I know I’m gonna need a worm I can’t get any wheat right now but let’s see we can grab the worm first so I’m going to do the gain food action from the bird feeder and let’s grab a worm and that’ll be the end of their turn now the blue player is totally out of food but neither of these birds would necessarily there were not in a rush to get those we kind of are in a rush to get these eggs so my next action is going to be to lay eggs on a bird card and so what I do is remember the cube goes on the leftmost available spot so this spot right here and what this means is I’m going to take two eggs and I can put them on any birds that I want to that are on the board remembering that their maximum capacity is shown right here and if I wanted to I could convert a food into one egg so that if I discarded a food I could place three eggs down I don’t have any food though so I’m just gonna grab three eggs again I just kind of keep those all jumbled together here in this crayon box and the colors don’t matter at all so I’m just going to grab two eggs and let’s go ahead and put them on this bird now it won’t matter right this second but essentially after you take this action you’re gonna move your cube one space to the left and if it has a brown action showing which we haven’t seen a lot of right this second but if it had a brown action we would do that action and then keep moving the cube to the left until it ended up right there but this is just a wind plate action so we don’t have to worry about it but that’s what this is saying right here we would do this action then activate any brown powers in that row there we go that’s the end of the blue player’s turn you know I don’t really want to be a total copycat I’m not giving up on this dream of having the most eggs what I want to do is I want to see if I can beat the blue player at their own game and I’m going to do that by using my action to draw a bird card especially because I don’t remember I want extra cards to have in my hand so that when the blue player plays a field card okay or when they play a field bird then I can start tucking things underneath there so I want to have extra cards in my hand I can only draw one card for this action though and when drawing cards you can either choose from these three or you could draw the top one blindly but what I’m looking at is I could play this card into the field and also get more eggs on there so I kind of want this card so I’m going to take this card and I’ll also point out if you could draw two or three cards on your turn you would need to draw your cards first before refilling this spot here you can’t draw then refill then draw the refill so I’m just going to be drawing this card but since that’s the end of my draw I’m gonna go ahead and refill while we’re here okay oh really one that card once I caught a lot for the red player okay I thought I wanted this but it turns out I actually want that one and so what I’m gonna do is just hold on to this card as a good tuck under card so whatever there it is for now and if we head into the blue players turn I realized I forgot to slide to my last two cubes over that’s embarrassing this early on let me go do that obviously those will began dated but yeah after you finish the action you always slide your cubes over and I am also often one who forgets that all right so the blue player has this really easy to play card and there are berries in that bird feeder and so what this says is when we play play a second bird in your forest page normal cost so if I could if I could plan my stuff correctly and right now I’m on the lead on eggs in this spot here but if I do this well I could play two cards down at the same time in the forest which is also great because that really helps you get more food so I think for my turn I’m gonna go grab one of the berries keeping in mind that I’m also gonna really need some more worms and wheat those are really super common food types now you might be wondering when do these dice get rear old it’s not at the end of the round basically as soon as this is empty all the dice get rear old automatically or if you go to get food and there’s only one type of food so let’s pretend this wasn’t in here there’s only one type of food then you could choose to reroll all five right then but for now there’s still two types here and there were two types before and so that also would have worked like this so what I mean is if it was our turn starting and we were getting food and these were the only things here and we didn’t want them then we could reroll all five but I did want this food here so there is some food here slow hey look I remember the sliding the cube on the blue player does not the red player the red player I already decided and got excited about the chance of having that one card so we’re gonna draw it and I think that this card will work nicely with that other card because look at this bonus action when I activate this card that’s when we move the cubes down the line I could discard an egg to draw two cards and have those in my hand so another reason why I really like that card okay there’s our refill and who that just eats mice okay that’s cool we’re gonna bring this guy down and next turn I do have the food to play him out I know that I need to be working on getting this but the dice just aren’t there for me in the way that I want to I know I can exchange any two food tokens to get a different food token but what I think I want to do for now is make sure that I kind of solidify my lead on those eggs so I’m going to go ahead and play that in order to grab two eggs and now this bird is at its capacity for eggs and then we move the cube over no Brown action move it over we’re done now I have a choice here along with sliding the cube over I have a choice here this guy could either go down here or over here look sorry down here or here this is gonna cost me an egg so I could play it here immediately or I’m gonna need to spend a turn to get some eggs on my Birds which given we’ve got four actions I think would be worth I think what I’m going to do is spend an action to get eggs next section I’m gonna grab some food to take advantage of this here yeah okay that’s what we’re gonna do so this turn we’re gonna grab two eggs I’m just gonna take those out of the box and we just put them on this bird no wait what did I just say yeah no that is what I said and then we move over no Brown action move over here we’re done alright next up the blue player I think I want to go get some food no good food options but at least next time I’m gonna have the chance to re-roll so let’s use this action to get some food and crap I don’t know no a little it matters okay we’re gonna grab a berry we don’t roll the dice now it’s if somebody goes to take food and they don’t want the mice then they can choose to reroll everything so we got that for now next the red player I decided was going to grab some food so I could take advantage of this and I should be enough I think ho except I’m gonna be covering that up what are we doing nothing smart okay here’s why I’m saying that if I take food and then I build my bird well that that option isn’t available anymore but when I do my eggs I’m gonna have three anyway I don’t know why I was thinking through that so stupidly so what I need to do instead is I need to play a bird and it’s gonna cost me one egg so you can grab your eggs from anywhere on the board do you just discard it and then I want to play this bird right here and that’s gonna cost a fish and oh let me hold that close to the camera it’s your first time seeing that wheel a fish and a wild food any kind of food so I’m going to go ahead and pay those food tokens there and we don’t activate these things because our action cube is up here but now that we’ve paid all the costs that just slides over to the side okay yeah we still don’t have the food that we need or want so we’re gonna take the food action again realizing I don’t think I’m wasting time because even if I have that spot covered I would still only get one food and I’d have to discard cards to get another food but I’m really trying to use the option to play these two off each other to have a stronger round next time so either way let’s go pick up a food I don’t want the mouse and so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna re-roll all five dice and back here you could see in the back of the bird feeder that’s where the food goes so it might look a little awkward on camera as I do my best to maneuver this situation but hopefully you can see everything okay all right we haven’t seen this die face yet but that’s just a choice between wheat and worm looking at that other card I’m going to need two worms and a wheat since this is the only wheat available I’m gonna remove that one and pick wheat plenty of other worms in there so we can worry about those guys later all right slide that over okay I’m gonna have a tough choice ahead of me and you’re gonna see why I’m gonna choose the eggs action so I’m gonna grab three eggs and let’s put them on I could put two on this bird and one over here now I move my cube I can discard an egg to draw two cards which really probably I should do it’s just a question of do I really want to discard an egg so close to the end of the round and I think my answer is yes because if I discard an egg and as far as I could tell that can be from anywhere but I’m going to discard an egg to draw two cards again so that I have them available to tuck them under that horned lark and I’m kind of liking the look of this vulture it doesn’t cost anything put it out there it goes into the force which is gonna help my bird my my food gathering actions and it has this cool between turns ability when another player’s this is like a tuck under thing action I’ll show you when we come across it I don’t think there’s any I’m looking oh here’s one okay so here’s an action where it has that icon right here so if they do this thing successfully is what that’s saying then I can gain a food from the bird feeder so I kind of like this one so I think that’s gonna be one of my two and then remember I have to choose between these two before I fill this up let me think let’s do I don’t know one kind of looks fun I’ve never seen this card before roll all the dice not in the bird feeder if any are mice that we gained one mice and cash it on this card so we had talked about scoring some some birds collect food on here I kind of like that idea that sounds like a fun thing to do okay so I’m gonna grab those two cards and then we refill oh that’s a great one oh okay really I feel that way about lots of birds and I know I keep picking birds that I want which remember I should be picking birds that I don’t want but that’s just I guess how my brain works okay so I did that Brown ability no no brown brown ability here so we slide that over for our last action I’m gonna pick up three eggs and that will fill up this one and I think I should have the lead on eggs for the end of the round the blue player is still trudging along again in my brain this is gonna be worth the time it really may be is it gonna be but I’ve already stuck to my guns we’re gonna go pick up some food let’s grab a worm and that’s the end of their turn and that’s the end of their turn like that’s their last turn for this whole round all right the red player is sneaking in here to get that eggs thing and so we’ve got three eggs they all need to go on here like that awesome and then we slide this over I could discard an egg in order to draw two cards let’s do that because we have six eggs right now and so we can afford to get rid of one so let’s go ahead I’m gonna discard that to draw two cards I got all excited about this one cuz I it gets us some wheat that’s cool let’s see when activated again a wheat from the supply and cash it on this card well that’s another good points opportunity guys I keep getting excited about cards oh but that’s the kind of nest that I need maybe I need to stick with that one for my end of game yeah okay I’m gonna grab that one and then we slide these over really what I like about this game is I mean maybe you’ll disagree with how I’m playing but there’s lots of good decisions to be had so yeah okay these go over here so we’re gonna have these down here I probably should put these in some kind of priority for what I want to play down I want them all Hey I have no idea what I’m gonna do guys okay so we’ve got all of these different birds I think we’re pretty good on drawing cards we might not need to focus so much on on putting Birds down here in the wetlands but we’ll see cuz that’s kind of where these Burt who knows who knows alright so we just did that action slide this over over so at the end of the round the first thing we do is everybody just moves their cubes off of the player board and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna grab one of these cubes and you’ll see why in just a second let’s go clear off the red player so we’ve got these cubes here I’m gonna struggle with that okay these cubes here and then we’re gonna need one of the red cubes and yeah I saw that I left a red cube behind that has since been fixed okay so we have our two cubes and basically what we do is we count who has the most eggs in the fields blue has four and red has five so what we do is we put the red cube in first place they’re gonna get four points at the end of the game and blue is gonna get one point at the end of the game for that now in the case of a tie let’s just I just kind of trick you to do without other players cubes but in the case of a tie let’s say they were both tied then what they would do is they would both share four points so they’d each get two points if there was three players going on and these two tied and the yellow player had one or whatever then they would share two points and the yellow player would go to third place so you kind of would take into account that two players would get these points or maybe three players three players tie for first place and then the fourth player doesn’t get any so you can refer to the rulebook if you need to I know I’m not explaining that very well but I did want to say if the blue player didn’t have any eggs they wouldn’t get any points at all that’s what this columns for so to qualify for these points you have to have at least one but for now red got first place blue got second so there’s that so round two keep an eye on this we want birds with that kind of a nest with eggs on them so just having the birds there isn’t good enough they have to have at least one egg to count and before I do this next part let me point out because I already moved the camera that the cubes are now gone so on the next round the first round you have eight cubes the second round we’re gonna have seven and so on oh yeah you clear off your cubes you score the bonus points and then we’re going to do is we just refresh these so all three cards get discarded and we bring out three fresh cards like that and the final step of the round is going to be to pass the first player token clockwise around the table so we’ll just hand this over to red and as I was coming over here I just had a thought that I wish I had had before which is why am i not putting the cubes down here and the food up there that’s really something I should be doing alright so we’re gonna take a look at the red player here we’re doing pretty good on eggs I need to make sure I get my birds with these nests out that would be awesome and one quick thought that I had was maybe getting this guy out now because he doesn’t need any food so maybe I’m gonna do this and then I can keep an eye out for this to help me get some more food and two points at the end of the game is okay so that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna play a bird into the forest it’s my first one in the forest and so he’s just gonna go right there and then we’ll move our cube over that way and I need to keep an eye out for this pink ability which we already talked about but when another player does that kind of an action which we haven’t seen just yet on the boards then we can get some food but I’m hoping I’m hoping the blue player will play some stuff that will let me utilize that okay so for the blue player first thing I decided I was going to do maybe I’ll switch this back no I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before recording but I just realized maybe having the food up by the food dice would be smart I don’t know next an action cube soon who cares anyway last thing they need so that I can play both of these birds kind of at the same time as one more worm because I’ve got my I can do a berry I need two worms and a wheat so I’m going to gain food grab that worm and they’re gonna be we’re gonna be ready to put those down next turn alright I think I’d really like to focus maybe I have always changing my mind but in theory for right now I could work on getting this car these two cards out specifically for their nests and that bonus so what I think I’m gonna do now is there are some there’s a fish let’s grab the fish from the bird feeder and there’s not a lot of other options so yeah we’re gonna go ahead and take out that fish and we’ll put the food up there and we’re gonna pretend like I’m playing this game correctly I was doing this action I could discard a card to get some more food but then I don’t think I’m gonna do that and then we would move the cube this way that’s not a brown action so we just put it there alright blues finally making their big move so we’re gonna play a bird we’re playing this bird first because when we play it we get to play a second bird into that row and pay its normal cost oh I forgot to move my cube shocking here I’ll move of that cube early so for this one I was gonna spend a berry so that’s gone now and now I can play a second bird into the forest for that same cost and let’s see so that was two worms and oh wait let me just go ahead and get rid of those and no other exciting abilities there but I will point out that all three birds so far are contributing to this one okay so that’s good I got three birds there so far and I’ve only got one bird that can only live in the forest so far so I’m gonna really need to focus on that I’ve already ruled out the possibility of getting all five birds there by having this bird here so for my other ones I’m going to really want to focus on that all right so I’m gonna need some worms and some wheat so let’s go ahead and get some food I don’t want the berry so I’m gonna go ahead and reroll all five of these oh I don’t want fish either I already got my fish well okay I might need to change my plans up a little bit let’s see crab guys all right changing plans up a little bit we’re gonna go for a rodent because a rodent could help me out here getting this guy out there when activated a roll of the dice yeah we already talked about that one not in the bird feeder and I could maybe get some more rodents so little dough cool here’s that rodent for now and we are out of cards here so for the blue player let’s go pick up a card and this bird right here is one that only lives in the forest it’s a little big for us but I think we’ll make this work so I’m gonna grab that but let’s refill while we’re here and bring this back and in an effort to get some oh I shockingly forgot to do that in an effort to get rid of all those fish let’s go take the berry out of that stupid bird feeder so we’re gonna remove that and yeah I kind of feel like I’m dragging my feet with the red like they we had such a good round and now I’m kind of being dumb and the blue player is gonna need a wheat and another kind of food so let’s go pick up food so I get two dice worth I don’t want fish so we’re gonna roll all of these let’s see oh no I don’t them fell back okay not looking great still oh my gosh okay I guess it doesn’t matter which one we go for let’s go for the rodent I really haven’t experienced dice rolls like these before this is a little dumb I guess I could have gone for yeah it doesn’t matter if I go for the berry or not I just I was trying to think of a way to get that thing rear old rather than later so I do have enough tokens to give my owl out maybe I should just maybe I should just do that let’s do that and I’m gonna put him okay so I’m using one mouse token and then I’m gonna use these two to count as a mouse token or a rodent I think I need not being consistent there and in an effort to help me be better about my food let’s go ahead and put this guy up here yeah so I was doing a play bird action which means I also need to spend an egg so we’ll just go ahead and get rid of an egg and slide that over okay we’re not really quite set up to do anything let’s grab two dice so I’m claiming two dice now I could be wrong about this but this is my understanding of this rule so I pick one of these I’m gonna pick the fish and then when I go to grab my other one these are all the same so I think at this point I can re-roll all of the dice so correct me if I’m wrong that’s just kind of how I’m interpreting the rulebook on that one but yep we’re gonna go okay that’s looking a heck of a whole hub header holy cow geez where were those the whole time so I had a fish before and I need a wheat so there’s my fish in my wheat you may have noticed my hesitation I maybe should have grabbed the worm slash wheat one just to make it tougher for the red player to grab any worms I just that’s a great thing I probably should have done it but too late now so then we move the cube over no Brown actions so here’s the deal houston we have a problem when it comes to that round I’m really probably only gonna have my wild to help me out because I don’t have these birds out at this point but then again the blue player well they also have a wild with no eggs alright so is there a way for me to get this thing out soon maybe let’s grab some food I’m gonna go ahead and use these to grab two worms so we’ve got those and then we move the die over so when activated then we’re so okay sorry so when activated we’re gonna roll all of the dice not in the bird feeder if there are any mice we’re gonna catch those mice and put them on this card for points so just kind of like a fun little minigame kind of a thing let’s see oh nice okay cool and the card specifically says if there are any mice revealed and we just gained one Mouse so I don’t get to but that’s going to be worth one point at the end of the game so this will come over here okay so blues got two actions we will go ahead and play this bird that’s gonna take an eggs let’s get rid of that and then I’m gonna get rid of a wheat and they I don’t know sure we’ll get rid of the fish to put the bird here and that will be the end of that and for the very last action of their turn okay so the the round goal was the number of birds with this kind of nests with eggs on them so for my last action oh it doesn’t go there for my last action I mean I can put a bird out but it’s not going to help me reach that goal I could put more eggs on this thing but it’s also not going to help me reach that goal so I’m just gonna have to accept the fact that I have one bird because that’s a wild with eggs on it with that kind of a nest so then we just got to be smarter about what I’m doing I think I’ll just stick with my stick with my plan let’s get out this duck here yeah okay let’s just focus on that then so I’m going to be putting this here to get this duck out and that’s gonna be a worm token and so now that thing is out slide that cube over so in order for the blue player to tie I need to get eggs on that bird so we’re gonna go right here and I just need one egg on that bird for it to count I could spend of food but let’s hold on to those foods just in case so let me just pick up two eggs here and just make sure at least one of them is on there another one there and then we slide that over and that’s going to be the end of the round which means I just need to clear off these cubes down here what I’m going to need one of them so I guess I just picked up a bunch of food and played some birds last time okay and then I need one of these and we both only had so we both had one bird with that kind of nest with an egg on it and so we are gonna share I think I described this crapoly last time we’re not very well so we’re both in first place which means we’re both going to be sharing seven points essentially we’re gonna get six points each so I’m gonna put that there and try to remember that we’re six points each yeah yep okay that’s what I would do and again if there was a third player that didn’t get tied with us then they would go down to the third place and we do need to refresh the bird market so we’ve got a red I don’t know what that is cockeyed a woodpecker I have no idea what’s going on okay ooh but both of those are going to be of interest to the blue player yeah okay let’s go ahead and pass the first player token and the blue player is gonna need to draw some cards so maybe that’s the first thing we do is we go pick up one of those two cards that we like let’s see looking at these two cards oh I think I I think I don’t want this one already well I don’t mind that symbol but I’ll talk about it in a second definitely I think I want this one def more points a wild nest and this good bonus of when activated all players get a berry from the supply so we’ll just go ahead and put that in hand there now let me point out if I have oh yeah also I meant to say the wingspan was smaller the other one was too big but whether I have three or four Birds so whether I get two more forests only Birds it’s going to be four points so I don’t mind if I get a more varied bird in the other spot but yeah okay I’m gonna stick with that for now and really quickly before I do the red player’s turn I forgot to refill this which I want to do I’m kind of interested in that one but just to see what else is out there okay let’s see I think my next step there’s a couple different things I could do but I I think my next step is going to be to pick up some food and for better or worse the two kinds of food that I want are right here so that’s good the problem is that because I’m taking the fish and the wheat out I automatically need to go ahead and roll all of the dice oh my gosh like keep missing and the reason why I don’t like that is because all of the dice are back in the bird feeder so as I move my cube over here roll all of the dice not in the bird feeder so I’m not getting a chance to really activate that thing there but I am gonna pick up a wheat and a fish and we’ll put those there and the blue player is gonna need another berry so let’s go grab that and Oh duh I need two food so what else do I want um looks like all of the birds on display could use a worm let’s use that one to get a worm so we’ve got those and then I’m not gonna I’m not going to exchange a card for food then we move this over and then when activated gained 1 wheat from the bird feeder if available and then we cash it on that card so we could choose to put it here or we could choose to have it because as you may cash it on this card I’m gonna go ahead and put that wheat on this card so that it’s available for points at the end of the game and then the cube moves over here you may have seen it but I don’t think that I’ve pointed out this round of bonus so any messed with this kind of egg this kind of nest with this kind of egg that’s what we’re technically going for this round what I’m in a position to layout this bird that’s gonna cost me an egg so let’s pull it off I don’t need to get more eggs out there and then I’m gonna play this and that’s going to use these three types of food and that’s gonna go down there and when played we draw two new bonus cards and keep one so let’s see two bonus cards okay we’ve got the this was the card okay I think there’s two cards with a typo and this is a new wallet gist I think this should be an O there or something like that it doesn’t matter okay so birds that have at least one egg laid on them ooh I like that idea because I could work hard on getting those eggs put out on those birds birds in your habitats with the fewest Birds 2 points per bird whoo that could be worth 4 whoo I think I’m gonna hold onto this one and really try to even up because that could give me more points than I think this one yeah okay let’s hold onto this guy so I want to try to even out kind of I want to I want to keep going up evenly so that I could maybe get 6 points maybe I’ll get more but probably not all right I’m pretty happy with that slide this over all right the blue player is all set up nicely we’re running kind of low on eggs so I’m gonna go ahead we’ll use that pay the two eggs to get this bird here and go ahead and discard those tokens to have that guy out now he has a new blue or new brown ability we’re to slide that over that way okay it looks like I’m gonna need some wheat and some worms so let’s go here and I got a worm and a wheat and I don’t roll right now but the good thing is now I’ve got four dice out here so I got my worm in my wheat and then I come over here I’m gonna roll all the dice and hope I get another mouse let’s see here look okay I got a mouse there which means I get a cash a mouse on this card like that and then move my cube over that way okay so I don’t think I need to stress too much about this I’ve already got the four points I can’t get the eight points and so I’m gonna not stress about that I do need to work on getting some small birds let’s go draw a bird card none of these are gonna help me this is a wild nest for the bonus scoring but I think I’m just going to draw blind and okay at the very least it is the size of bird that I want let’s see when activated if this bird is to the right of all other birds move it to another habitat so this bird we’re gonna play it to a habitat when we have the food for it you know and then when we activate this guy can move elsewhere kind of trying to buff up the amount of thing that you get is the way I interpret that so not a bad bird to have I’ll take it for sure and to prove it I’m moving my cube okay if i play my cards correctly i think i could maybe win the bonus for this round which as per usual could be you know very important so i’m gonna go ahead and claim this action to draw two cards i’m gonna pick up the bird with the wild nest so we’re gonna grab that and take it over and then with this cube i will play that bird out because it just costs a worm and then with this cube i’m gonna load it and a couple other like these ones with nests and that way for this kind of nests I’m gonna have one two three birds with that type of nest while the blue player is just gonna have to at them at the max so cool okay I’m gonna need that kind of food we are gonna go to the bird feeder I don’t want a fish so let’s go ahead and throw these in there oh and I get a pickup three and it looks like what do I need two berries and a worm awesome I can get all of those let’s grab that one alright there’s my two berries and a worm we could put that guy out next time or cover some people with eggs maybe I want to focus on getting eggs on that guy and they’re not people they’re Birds you know what I mean okay so for this turn I was playing a bird using an egg remember each of these eggs at the end of the game is one point so I I’m hoping I’m making wise choices and let’s put this here let’s put this here cuz this bird could go here and I’m trying to stay even and that one could go there assuming that’s what I decide to do why was that cube there that was remember why that cube was there I think it was supposed to draw two cards did I draw two cards I think I only drew one and I was supposed to do this oh my gosh you guys I totally messed up that last turn okay because I drew the one sorry I totally domed this whole thing up let’s grab this one and then I would have refilled oh my gosh who knew I could mess up such a simple game well anyone who watches this channel knows and then I would have activated this draw too if you do discard one from your hand at the end of your turn so I’m going to discard okay so yeah let’s draw it – I’m just gonna grab them over here okay so draw two cards if you do discard one hand at the end of your turn what do I want to get rid of let’s just get rid of this one okay I’m just carding that then I paid my egg I’m gonna pay my worm I’m gonna pretend like I’m playing like a normal person which we all know I’m not and then you slide that over okay I think the blue would first of all benefit from finishing his lab start guys I don’t know what got into me I as I was doing the blues turn I realized I hadn’t finished the red turn and my brain got all stupid but really fast as we came over this way we needed to activate the wool activate this all players get a berry from the supply so here’s one for blue and here’s one for red I don’t know how I forgot the funnest part of the game okay and then we go there I get a wheat I could cash it or put it in the supply I’m gonna cash it move that over there oh my gosh okay next up we need to oh I don’t even think I don’t even think yeah let’s get some eggs okay excuse me so I’m gonna get two eggs that was a hiccup and it hurt all right I’m gonna put one here and we’ll put one here so every bird has one and then that’s gonna go there we’re gonna put this guy out next turn and I have said that the red player really needs to cover with eggs so we’re gonna grab three eggs and I want to put them on the right kinds of nest I want to get one on that bonus nest and I got one on that one so it doesn’t really matter where I go now we can go here and here sure next we’re gonna come over here I could discard an egg to draw two cards I don’t see any cards that I’m dying to have right this second so I think I’m gonna hold on to those eggs for points yeah and then this should be over here and then we’re gonna bring that and over okay oh my gosh I don’t know why that was so difficult for me but we’re at the end of the round so we slide off the cubes let me grab this red one slide off the cubes and then we grab this blue one and then we’re gonna check the bonuses which I think if I was doing my planning right the red would have won that one and blue gets second place let’s just double-check so I need that kind of a nest with an egg on it so that includes this one which is a wild that one and that one so three of that kind of nest for red and two of that kind of nest for blue so yeah first place for red second place for blue and we’re gonna go ahead and refresh these and set these out like that and pass the first player token and red is gonna start us off okay so big goals for red we’ve only got five cubes but I think my goals for red are to get and I really want both of those nests out there how many buddy got one two three four if I could get up to six with that kind of a nest so I definitely want to get this one out and I want a forest one also but that’s up I want a force card hold on so that would be one two three four five I want a sixth one I’m not sure I can get there but at the very least to get this guy out which I would really love to do I need to get some food I do want to mouse into worm I mean I could play it riskily I could just pick one and no I couldn’t yeah okay I want to I got it I was trying to think of a way to to game that owl system but for now I just get my mouse and my worm and then I need to immediately roll these dice so we’ll go ahead and do that move the cube over there are no dice outside to roll so I don’t get to do that okay so that was the red players turn they’re gonna have four actions left one to put out this bird and then I would really like to get a bird here okay so one to put out that bird I should be doing this thinking off camera there is one specific bird I could grab but then I’d have to feed it and put it out is that worth it that could be more points than focusing on eggs I think that might be what I have to do but I think I want the blue player to really focus on filling up eggs on these things because eggs are good points okay so what I was gonna do first is play this bird to play this bird I need to put it in a cheap spot but it’s gonna move around anyway so if it’s gonna move around anyway maybe I put it here so I don’t have to spend an egg that was two berries and a worm yeah put that bird there yeah okay and I know I plotted this out for red let’s see if I can remember what I said before okay I’m playing this bird here here which means I need to spend a worm a mouse and let’s go for a berry because there’s a lot of wheat in the bird feeder right now so hey those I need to pay an egg so we’ll go for that – put that thing there got it now this may seem foolish but I want to move this bird up to this spot so that I could be getting three eggs instead of two with the rest of my cubes don’t know if it’s totally worth this action but I’m gonna try it anyway I’m gonna go ahead and pick a card the round bonus is to have the most eggs in the water there’s no water birds here these are all bigger than the ones that I want so I think I’m gonna draw blind okay small and could go in the forest so we go there we’re gonna move this way when activated this if this British the right of all other birds in the habitat then we can move it to another habitat let’s put it here to help me get better eggs okay I need to get it it would be two points if I could get another bird here but maybe that’s not worth my energy probably would be nice to get this bird out because of that kind of a nest right because I needed how many do they have I know I’ve counted this one hundred times I’ve got one two three four five so I do want one more this would be the easiest one to get out there so let’s do go pick up some food going for the fish so there’s that and then we’re gonna try to see if we can get a mouse from the one died let’s see okay so that was a wheat and then we’ll move the cube over this way now you may be wondering why I didn’t do this action first of all I kind of forgot that it was there but also the let’s look at it up close so the blue player does currently have a new bird in the field the problem is that this card says that when another player plays a field bird tuck that tuck a card from your hand under this I just haven’t had that opportunity and especially the blue player didn’t play the bird onto the field they played the bird into the water and then moved them into the field so my understanding is that that wouldn’t count for having the tuck ability so there is my words on that issue now as awesome as it would be to use these two wheats to get this bird out you can’t do that if the tokens are on the bird they’re cast there you can’t use them as food so I did want to what was I gonna do I do want to get a lot of eggs out there so my question is do I just get nine eggs out there but that birds gonna leave and this is a may action it doesn’t say it on the card but if you look in the appendix that you may move that bird so maybe I could just keep that thing there well okay so my thought is it would take me one cube to get food to put this bird out that’s gonna be six points so that would be two cubes one to get food one to put the but at Burt out that’s gonna be six points and then it is small so let’s see how many birds do I have with smallness one two three four five six which would get me another nine points twelve points to get the eggs I know well why am i why am i pointing right now it’s because these three cubes to get three eggs eat just nine points but if I do what I’m about to do I’m gonna get twelve points yeah all right so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna spend this cube to get some food and I’m gonna pick up two wheats I’ll use this die and let me say if if this if these two dice were in there that is not the same face you couldn’t reroll but if this was also on a wild that would be the same face you could reroll alright what was I doing something like that to wheats and I don’t know why I’m picking up two when I can get three so there’s my three wheats move this over all players get a berry move this over oh I didn’t even account for this one point for getting that there okay that was the blue players turn and that’s in my hand not in the water and I think I’m having a change of heart I know that’s shocking to believe I was gonna play this guy but this guy yeah he helps me get that kind of a nest which would get me three more points cool but he doesn’t have any points on his card directly and I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to get man what the bonus would be good but I’m not gonna be able to get eggs on there I don’t think what I think I’m gonna do instead is oh man I’m so crazy alright but I think I’m going to do instead is play this bird here because then I’ll be able to put four eggs out with my last one sure there’s a I could analyze this forever but I’ve been doing that off-camera already I think I’m just gonna go for this and when played I’m gonna gain three wheat from the supply oh man guys I don’t know this might this is probably not the right thing to do that’s okay we’re doing it anyway but I need to spend two eggs and now I’m regretting this already but it’s done it’s done all right so the blue player again spending eggs when maybe I don’t need to spend eggs I’m gonna spend two eggs to get this guy out oops and that’s gonna be two wheats yeah dang I don’t know oh I’m not loving what I’m doing but the red player and probably also the blue player last thing they’re gonna do is they are going to go ahead and get four eggs and none of my abilities really rely on eggs other than we’re trying to have the most eggs in the water so let’s just put those down here I mean the blue player doesn’t have any birds in the water so guess that really doesn’t matter all that much yeah okay and then so that was my four eggs I’m coming over here this says when activated look at a bird card from the deck if it is less than 50 millimeters we get a tuck it under there and it’s gonna be a point so we just draw one of these the wingspan is definitely small and I think I was dancing around what this icon is earlier this is the hunting icon I had to like look it up yeah that’s when the birds go hunting so this bird just hunted that bird and so we tuck it under that’s gonna be worth a point at the end of the game we’re gonna come over here I could discard an egg to draw two cards but I don’t want to do that because that’s going to be a point I’m discarding and that’s a between turns ability that I never got to use the way that I wanted to because the blue player never played into my hands I’ll even point out the blue player never even did this so in a two-player game these I don’t think are as powerful as in a multiple player game like well in a three or four player game because there’s better shot that those things are going to be activated but either way that was the red players final turn thing and probably the best thing for blue to do would be to go here and to get three eggs so we can go one it doesn’t matter where I put them because anyone can use eggs anyone can use a friend okay then we come over here if this bird is to the right of any other birds in the habitat we can move it to another habitat and in fact I see an opportunity to get some points it is on the far left I’m gonna bring him down with all of his eggs down here so that I can qualify to get some points for having an egg in the water and then our cube comes over here and that’s gonna be the end of the round so it doesn’t really matter at this point we can clear off the cubes sure clear off these cubes and these ones oh I forgot to grab a blue one okay I got a blue and a red cube and Red’s got this and blue has that I think red has really got this in the bag I’m not even sure it’s gonna be close but that was basically the end of the round so now we need to do final scoring and this is where I’m going to make lots of math mistakes and so just bear with me okay we’re gonna label this blue and red we’ll go one at a time first thing we check is how many points we have on each bird so we’ve got five five so that’s 10 21 24 33 and that’s 39 points for the blue player and keep those Klingon subtitles on in case I am messing this up I gotta do that one more time just to be safe so that’s 10 21 24 33 39 okay cool let’s go check on the red player so they got a ten fifteen twenty one twenty two thirty two okay so red 32 there all right bonus cards so for the Reds bonus cards they needed birds with that kind of nest they ended up with one two three four five so they get four we were shy the one we knew that was gonna happen oh why did I say that’s four points for having the five sorry and for the number of birds and our smallest habitat that’s gonna be four points there oops so I should have done eight points four and four okay so over here birds with a wingspan of thirty centimeters or less that was one two three four five six so we got six points for that one and then we ended up with four birds that can only live in the forest so ten points for the blue player all right end of round goals okay this is gonna be one place where the red player is gonna do really well because they got at least first place in all of these so they got nine fifteen twenty two points no hold on twenty-two but they didn’t actually get five here right they got three so 20 points right seven thirteen twenty okay so 20 points for red remembering that they were both sharing seven points there so they’ve both got three okay and then the blue player got one for seven eleven okay so eleven points there next we need a score eggs food and tucked cards let’s see okay so eggs the blue player had one two three four five six eggs and food on the cards they had three and I don’t think they had any tucked cards that I remember nope not them so zero I’m gonna total that not on camera so I can use a calculator so for the red player they had one two three four five six no yeah six eggs they had uh two food on cards man I think this is gonna be close and only the one tucked card cuz I never got to tuck that card there so just one point there okay I’m gonna go total that I think that actually super duper close okay so if you didn’t do the math on your own the final result is my students would be so proud 69 to 69 so we are tied I had to look up the tiebreaker the tiebreaker is the most unused food tokens so the victory is going to go to the blue player for food four and three okay there you go so the blue player who won just by having one extra food token that was so freakin close it’s not even funny but yeah there you have it that was wingspan a game that again I know has exploded out on the scene and I think with good reason at first I was kind of skeptical just thinking it’s just a game and let me say it is just a game without a doubt but there are a couple of things that make this game cool in my opinion first of all is super easy to learn I really like that all the time I think it’s accessible to non-gamers so for example I have a friend who it will indulge me in playing games but really doesn’t care all that much about it but loves birds and so as soon as worried about this game started coming out I was like dude you’ve got to play this and so he and my brother and I are going to be playing this as soon as possible because he really is a huge bird lover so the theme I think is cool and fun and accessible to a lot of people and it’s certainly unique obviously I’ve mentioned the artwork is out of this world it’s really amazing and impressive and I like it a lot and so to me that actually does make a big difference I love looking at a pretty game and along those same lines the components are stellar the the feel of everything the cards just are nice and they’re good quality they feel good to me the rulebook even was like mentioned this in the setup video the rulebook is so great the birdhouse is amazing I said this in the sit up video I really wish that there was a hole at the top of the roof I know it would not I kind of wish it was a chimney there’s a chimney at the top you could put the dice in to it’s a little annoying to kind of stick them in the back but otherwise it’s it’s fine I like the tokens I imagine that maybe BoardGameGeek will come out with some deluxe nice plasticky tokens and/or it’s a stone Meyer game so I haven’t even looked yet they might have cool resin tokens I’m not even sure I should look that up love the eggs anyway the components and the artwork really stand out now in terms of gameplay some things that I love that it’s really easy to learn I like that it feels different every time just because the different goals both for the round and your individual goals they kind of just drive you to pick different birds but the different kinds of birds really kind of change your strategy in which things you’re going to activate and I played this several times now and I’ve never really felt like I was doing the same strategy each time because the birds guide your choices in a lot of ways and I like that I like that that deck is just a huge deck of bird cards and that that makes it feel like you’re not really seeing the same things all the time you don’t you don’t encounter all that many bird cards look at how look at how many cards are left that I never got to it’s insane so yeah I like that this game also has a mechanic or mechanism is there a difference I don’t know that kind of I maybe was inspired by the game day use that I love which is essentially you’re building a tableau here and the thing I like about days is when you add a new card into a column of your tableau then you activate in order every card underneath it and do these different actions you’re essentially doing that same thing here but when you take an action then you’re gonna move your cube and activate all these other these other birds that you’ve got in front of you and I like that also so anyway that’s a lot of rambling or I probably rambled longer than the game was oh and I really like the play time this game play is gonna be like it clocks in at an hour which is great especially for how light it is you know you when you’re teaching a light game you kind of want it to be shorter especially if you’re bringing new people and was such a fun thing okay enough talk I’m gonna go start editing this and maybe I might have this up tonight ooh that would be cool thank you guys so much for watching I hope you have a great night I will maybe talk to you later hit me up on Twitter if you’d like to the reason I played this game is because it was voted on by people for Twitter it was a really close tie it was almost a tie between wingspan and Concordia and again that was just I just threw up a poll on Twitter to say I wanted to play some games what should I play and so my next video is gonna be Concordia as voted on by people so please feel free to follow me there so you can participate in choosing which games that I get to the table next okay oh my gosh so much talking I hope I edit some of that out talk to you later bye

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  1. Went to play Gloomhaven for 5-6 hours in the middle of watching this video, so I may have missed some subtle errors, but the only thing I picked up on was the Blue Jay – which I think says you need to take the grain from the birdfeeder if available, rather than from the supply. Obviously, taking an extra die out would have messed with the timing of the rerolls of the food supply, but I think every time either there was grain available anyway, or you could have chosen differently and left grain available without disrupting your plans for the food (either you were discarding the grain and another to substitute for something else, or you used a grain/worm face when there was a worm face left).

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