Mr: Fair or not it? Tihon: Not. Mr: I am interested in your ideas as an experienced young chess player. Why was it not fair? Mr: Here, explain to me, please. Tihon: If there was a threefold repetition, the judge comes and talk about it now, and not after the end of the game. Mr: So… but there was a fivefold repetition. Mr: You also think that the judge should fix it. Tihon: Yes. Mr: Well, this is true, but as far as the arbitrators explained to me. Mr: Chess there is the law that after five repetitions, the game is declared a draw, no matter what. Mr: Although it conflicts with what you say. Mr: That the decision must be made by the arbitrator, and if the arbitrator misses, then it is his fault… Mr: Okay, now I feel you acted carefully in this game. Tihon: Yes 🙂 Mr: You didn’t hand out any figures 🙂 Mr: Well, it was hard at the beginning. Mr: When at it the queen in the end has broken forward and has eaten a pawn, you were not frightened? Tihon: No, I specifically did that. Tihon: Because I saw that I could attack the f2 pawn, since it was unprotected Tihon: He can only play king on g1 or g2 Mr: Well, yes, and you attack him in the white squares … Did you foresee all this? Tihon: Yes. Mr: Well, what can I say – I congratulate you on the title of world champion. Tihon: Thank You. Mr: Wait, is this your first or second title? Mr: Last year???! Tihon: No, I was not. Mr: Did you play last year? Tihon: No. Mr: Aaa, are you generally for the first time at the World Championships??? Mother: Yes, he is the first time at the World Championships – this is his first experience in a tournament of this level. Mr: Fine!!! Mother: Eight out of eight to eight years old !!! Mr: Yes, we will need to somehow play with you … check how you play Mr: I donate something to you in the wrong opening… 😉 Mr: Well, good luck to you, rest! Tihon: Thanks. Mr: Tomorrow you play blitz? Tihon: Yes. Mr: Well, will the blitz be heavier? Tihon: No, it’s easier for me! Mr: Will it be even easier? And in what age category will you play? Mother: Up to 10. Mr: Also up to 10?! Mother: Yes. yes. yes! Mr: Yes, of course, mom is watching us 🙂 Mother laughs :))) Mr: Under the supervision of it all. Mr: Well, Good luck!! Tihon: Thank You! 🙂 Mr: All the best! Mother: Tihon. I congratulate you!!! At eight years old – eight out of nine! I am proud of you!!! Mother: Thank you very much. You are the strongest !!! I love you very much!!! Mr: Oh well he’s weaker than me anyway. :)))))


  1. Признаться честно, только вчера и сегодня днем вспоминал, когда же выйдет Тихон на связь. А вы уже сегодня час назад выложили видео. Интересно, есть ли в этом взаимосвязь…

  2. Starting with the first moment when I saw Tihon playing chess I knew, that this moment would be coming sooner or later 🙂 Tihon has an outstanding talent for chess! I was impressed how calm he played his games in both tournaments, and even when he had a slight disadvantage in a game, he managed to win it in the end. He deserved both titles because he was the strongest competitor 🙂 Congratulations again!

  3. Это просто – Тихонохит! 🙂
    Ох, и Тихон!
    (читается по кругу – можно выгравировать на кубке 🙂
    Ты – чемпион!
    – Тычем пион.
    (пион – это цветок, а также "pion" – это пешка во многих языках (напр. Нидерландский))
    Еще раз поздравляем всю команду Тихона Черняева и его соратников!!!
    Минск с ним! 🙂

  4. Awesome job Tihon! Congrats, you played really well. The game winning queen tactic to pick up the needed rook was exciting. Overall I'm very happy for you. Last but not least… Fantastic job Mom and Dad. 🙂

  5. Поздравляю с двойной победой! Пусть она будет трамплином для дальнейших, еще больших успехов!

  6. Поздравляю Тихона! Молодец! Надо в следующем турнире попробовать в группе до 12 лет занять 1 место!

  7. Молодец!!! А Давай сыграем как-то? А ты с Киева? Я тебя видела на турнире

  8. Jerry brought me here just watched a couple of his vids about this young future superstar. Congrats Tihon always stay humble and dedicated and the stars are your limits mate.

  9. Yes I believed in Tihon before, I told him in April he'd be World Champ on his Chess.com wall. I didn't know he would be twice!
    My wish : Tihon become successor of Ivanchuk who was the very best, wish Tihon more World champ titles than Ivanchuk however, being the best like Ivanchuk is the most important and keeping a good heart, but having titles is good too, so good luck I wish you 😉
    Tihon really deserves it as he's not any good young player, he's the one with pure immense heart, innocence, unarrogant and unpretentious mind, that's why Ivanchuk really come to my mind when I support Tihon. He's the one!

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