THROW the SNEAKY SNOWMAN Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

THROW the SNEAKY SNOWMAN Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

– Alright, dudes, here it is. We have created Sizzle
and Biffle have created, What do you wanna call this? Biffle do it, call it, name it, Biffle. – [Biffle] Board game loot
sneaky snowman throwing over a wall game mode in
Fortnite creative Minecraft. – [Streamer] How is it worse? How are you worse at
naming things than Ian? – Russell, I am sorry that he made you put all those words on the screen just now. (laughter) Blame Biffle. So dudes, we’ll explain
all the rules in a minute, it’s a pretty sick game. Like always, we’re doing three
rounds, Mario Kart scoring, but before we do that, you guys know how we do on this channel. We’re all gonna throw a
snowman at this board. If any of us hit a legendary, you guys have to hit that like button. Are you guys ready? – [Sigil] Oh I’m ready. – Three, two, one. (screaming) Okay, they’re up. They’re up, one is up. Did any of us hit a legendary? Oh! (laughter) Who threw that one? Who did it? – [Biffle] I think mine was the purple? – You guys gotta hit that like button. Hit that like button. (laughter) Also, hit the subscribe button, if you’re new to any of our channels. Hit that little bell. Okay, so, who wants to go first? We each get five throws at this board. And you can make a loot. – [Sigil] I got this! – So who’s going first? – [Sigil] It’s always on
me, you ready for this? – Begin your throws. There’s one. – [Sigil] One! (grunting) – I didn’t say that. (screaming) Okay, before you look, Sigil. – [Sigil] Yes? – Remember, if you land on a brown spot, that is negative one item. Just keep that in mind. – [Biffle] Oh wow. – [Sigil] I landed on
four of them, didn’t I? – Come on over. (screaming) – [Sigil] I did it! Wait, is one of them missing? – There is one missing. Was it green? Oh it was right there, okay. – [Sigil] When I threw it up. Alright, so I got one white or gray. We need a ref on this one,
it’s like half blue half green. – It looks like it’s more on green. It’s more on green. Look at his buttons, it’s
favoring the green side. – [Sigil] Alright, we’ll call it a green. So two greens, two grays, and a gold. – So you can create a set off of that. Oh gosh. Okay, remember that. Write that down. Who wants to go next? Gold, do you wanna go next? – [Gold] I can go, yep, oh yeah. – So whenever Gold throws one,
whenever it hits the board, copy it and put it next to it. Gold, are you ready? – [Gold] Okay, I’m ready, yeah. – In three, two, one. (screaming) Oh, he’s in. (stammering) Okay, that’s there. Okay, go ahead. – [Gold] Two! (screaming) – Oh! Okay, okay. Oh, don’t hit that brown. – [Biffle] He’s got an arm. – Oh, you hit that brown! – [Gold] Yep. (grunting) – Okay. – [Sigil] Why is he so good at this? – I don’t know, he’s cheating. Go ahead. Where is that going? – [Gold] Oh. – Okay, that’s not bad. – [Gold] Oh. – You got three blues, dude. What the heck. – [Gold] I’ll take it. – [Sigil] Three blues,
a white and a purple for Mister Gold. – And then after every round, we’re gonna switch up
the board a little bit, make it a little bit more difficult. We’ll add some more poopy blocks, and yep. Okay, who wants to go next? – [Biffle] Me! – Alright, go ahead Biffle. Biffle whiffle bat, it’s on you. – [Biffle] I threw one! – Oh. What is that on? Hold on, we need a ref opinion. – [Sigil] Uh, purple. – Yep. – [Sigil] It’s this one. – Hey, shh, say nothing. – [Biffle] Oh, I got a purple. – [Sigil] Uh, floorple. – [Biffle] Oh. – [Sigil] Oh. – [Gold] Whoa. – [Biffle] Don’t say that. No, guys stop doing that. – Dude, I think that is. – [Sigil] Yeah. – [Biffle] No, don’t say it! – [Sigil] Yep, agreed. – [Biffle] No, you shut up, you. Alright, how many more do I have left? – You have three left. Go ahead. (grunting) – [Gold] Just hit the
same spot, it’s okay. – Okay, yep, that’s over here. Alright, go ahead Biffle, go ahead. (screaming) – [Biffle] What’d I get? – Okay, hold on, let me duplicate it. – [Gold] Okay, alright. – [Biffle] Alright, I’m
going for style points guys. I’m doing a 360. (screaming) – Oh wow, he just, he full yeeted. – [Sigil] And it was a gray,
so you know, there you go. – Okay, before you come
over here, just know… – [Biffle] Yeah, mmhmm. – That brown blocks mean
you lose your best gun. – [Biffle] No, who said that? No one said that. – [Sigil] That’s been
the rule the whole time. So welcome. – Come on over. – [Biffle] Are you kidding me? (laughing) Wait, I landed on a legendary? – No you didn’t. – [Biffle] Are you kidding me?
– [Gold] You lose it buddy! – You lose it! (laughing) So those are the three you get. – [Biffle] I get blue, gray and a purple. – Go ahead and write that down, dude. – [Biffle] Show us how it’s done, Mister son of house D. – Okay, remember you gotta
copy it as soon as I throw it. Okay, here we go. – [Sigil] Yo, I got it. I’m on copy duty. – [Biffle] Let’s see it, buddy. – You said duty. Okay. – [Sigil] I hope he gets the duty color. – [Congregation] Oh okay. – Right there. That’s a legendary. – [Sigil] Not bad. (screaming) We’re doing a ref call on this one. I think it’s this one. – [Biffle] Definitely this one right here. – [Sigil] Yeah, definitely this one, yeah. – Alright, try that one. – [Gold] Much better. – [Biffle] Yeah, okay. That’s more on the left side? – [Sigil] Yeah, left, agreed. – [Biffle] Yeah, definitely left. – [Sigil] Bummer on that one dude. – Lebron! – [Biffle] Okay. – [Sigil] He plays sports. Listen, if I told, okay. You barely made it, alright. – Did I make it? – [Sigil] Now, before you come over… – No. – [Biffle] Can we talk? – [Sigil] I just would like to say that it’s really upsetting
that you said legendary and then landed it on a legendary. (laughing) – Did I actually? – [Biffle] Yes, you did. You actually called it dude. You literally threw it and it landed here. I am actually very sad. – Okay, so. – [Sigil] Also, you have bingo. You have one of every rarity. – Oh.
– [Gold] That’s true. – [Biffle] Oh, he does! – That’s easy enough for me, okay. Let’s go to the first
fight at the first island. Let’s spawn in our loot. Let’s do this. So as you guys know, I
have one of each rarity. So I think what I’m gonna
do, let’s grab pump shotgun. Pump shotgun is just too dang good. So that’s the legendary. Now we’re gonna get a purple hand cannon. Actually, scratch that. I’m gonna go with a
purple shockwave grenade. It’s so much fun doing this. And then I’m gonna go
for a blue boogie bomb. This is so much fun, I’ll show you why. And then we’re gonna get green minis and now I can get a common. I should probably get an AR or something. A crappy little AR, there we go. Okay, so that’s my loot setup
with this combo right here. Okay, let’s create that. We’re ready to go. And also we can’t do presents, because that’s just way too OP. Alright, let’s do this. Alright, so you guys ready? Everybody ready? Everybody here? – [Sigil] Oh, I’m ready. – Okay, so we each have two lives. Mario Kart scoring in three two one. Hype! I’m in. Oh gosh, Gold! – [Gold] Oh wow, okay. – [Sigil] Oh, you guys
are sweating already? – [Gold] I’m just hanging out. Yeah, no worries. – Wait, hold on, let’s restart. Gold, he didn’t open his chest. You’re supposed to open your chest before we do the countdown. – [Biffle] What are you doing? – [Gold] I didn’t know that. – Okay, three, two, one, fight. Gosh dangit, Gold. – [Gold] I’m sorry. – Oh gosh, no! That’s a nade! (laughing) – [Biffle] I don’t have anything other than a shotgun, a grappler,
and a mini shield dude. Bring it. – Oh yeah, you guys made yours. – [Gold] Oh, wow. – Oh no. I don’t like this. – [Biffle] I’m out of here, dude. This is not super cool. – I don’t like green eggs and ham. – [Gold] Stop it! That’s so mean! – [Sigil] Poor Gold. Gold, welcome to the jungle right now. – [Gold] I’m not having a good time. I’m not having a good time boys. Oh no.
– Why are you dancing? (laughing) – [Biffle] I got Gold! – Oh, you stole that kill
from me, you little turd! – [Sigil] Oh no. Oh, he’s doing his toxic combo? Oh no. – What are you dancing for, boy? – [Biffle] No! I hit you for 60! Dude, he’s so toxic. – I love this combo! – [Sigil] Will you guys calm down? The sweating of the lambs is happening. – Oh, good gosh! Oh! – [Biffle] My kill! – You just got your kill stolen. – [Biffle] Are you serious? – [Sigil] Okay, I didn’t
ask for toxicity 101 over here though. – [Biffle] No! – [Gold] Oh my god! – Oh, Biffle’s out! – [Sigil] Biffle’s out? – Oh no, Biffle is out. Oh no, Biffle. – [Gold] Ah! – [Sigil] Got Gold! – Wait, Gold’s out! Oh it’s me versus Sigils! (grunting) – [Sigil] Dude, that’s so OP! – [Biffle] Yeah. – [Sigil] Dude. (laughing) – [Sigil] Oh my, that’s
so, you’re so toxic, kid. Do you even have… (laughing) Stop it! It’s like fighting Batman! – Do I have a moral compass? No I do not. – [Gold] Look at him. – [Sigil] Will you stop dancing me? – [Biffle] Get him, this is your moment! (screaming) – Where are you boy? – [Sigil] I’m wherever I need
to be to be safe from you. – Hello! (screaming) – [Biffle] Wow. – [Sigil] That’s the
most frustrating thing you’ve ever done to me. – I’m the worst human being alive. I’m so sorry. – [Biffle] He’s not sorry,
he’s proud of himself. – [Sigil] He’s not even
a little bit sorry. – Alright, so I had
three kills and the win. Alright, let’s do the points. Let’s go to round two. Oh my god, never again
will I use that, I promise. At least in this video. Alright, so after round one, Biffle has two, Sigils has seven, Gold has five and I have 12. – [Gold] Oh my gosh. (laughing) – I popped off boy. I popped off. Okay, who wants to go first? Oh wait, actually, don’t we have to… Should we switch up the map a little bit? Make it a little bit more difficult? What do you guys want to do? Okay Gold, are you ready? – [Biffle] I like it,
yeah, good work boys. – Go ahead. – [Gold] Yeet. – [Sigil] Oh, you hate to see that. – Okay. – [Gold] Four! – Oh, it’s in. Um.
– [Biffle] Um. – Oh.
– [Biffle] Oh. – Is that this one? – [Sigil] I agree. I think that’s this one, yeah. – He’s in. – [Sigil] Go! – Oh! He’s in. Oh, he’s gonna hit me, you jerk. – [Gold] Sorry, sorry. – [Sigil] Okay yeah, pretty clean. (grunting) – Okay. – [Sigil] Alright, well, yep. – You got three blues and two grays. (laughing) – [Gold] Again! – F O F. Alright, I’ll go next. I’m going next. (screaming) – [Biffle] Incoming! – Okay, here we go, cross court! Don’t you L dance me. – [Biffle] Does this help? – [Sigil] Yep, okay, alright good. We’re good on that one. (screaming) – Right there! How many is that? Is that my last one? – [Biffle] That’s your fourth. – Right there. Oh crap, I threw another one. Sorry, I threw another one. – [Biffle] No, it’s fine. Definitely this one here. – [Sigil] Forward I think. – Are you sure? Am I good, did I win? – [Sigil] No, it’s that one. Yeah, agreed. – [Sigil] Ian, are you ready? Before you look at this… – Okay. – [Sigil] I want you to know that this affects your fate forever. – I don’t like fate. (screams) I’m coming in!
– [Sigil] Alright. – Oh, I didn’t get any browns. – [Congregation] No browns. – [Sigil] No browns, no golds. But you know what, not bad. – Two blues, purple, gray and green, okay. Alright, I’ll take it. – [Sigils] I’m up. – Alright, you’re up. – [Biffle] Let’s see it buddy. – Go ahead boy. – [Gold] Where’d the wall go? – [Sigil] There’s one. – Missed the wall. Oh, okay. Wait, hold on, don’t throw yet. No, okay. – [Sigil] Too late. – [Biffle] He got one right here. – Yep, right there. And that is definitely there. – [Sigil] Alright, and three. (laughing) – [Gold] Wow.
– What do you mean? – [Sigil] I don’t like that sound. – What do you mean? – [Sigil] Alright. – What are you doing right now? – [Gold] Yeah, what are you doing? – [Sigil] Is this a
good what are you doing or a bad what are you doing? – Go ahead. – [Sigil] And five.
– Last one. – [Biffle] Okay, that’s fine. Yep, that’s perfect. – Yeah, that’s there. Okay. Just come look. – [Sigil] Can I look? – [Biffle] Yeah, just
come smell what you did. – [Sigil] Oh! – If you were training
for a marksmanship award, you would win because
you hit the same spot. You got some good grouping there. – [Gold] You hit the same spot twice. That’s crazy. – [Sigil] Two purples,
two blues and a green. Let’s go! – Dude, no brown yet. Oh yeah, because Biffle hasn’t gone yet. That’s why we haven’t had a brown yet. – [Biffle] I’m ready. Here we go, three, two. (screams) What did I get? – Yep. (screaming) – [Congregation] Okay. – Oh. – [Sigil] Oh my goodness. – Yep. – [Biffle] I’m gonna do
that one again, actually. I feel like that was a
good throw for some reason. I’m gonna go ahead. (screaming) – Oh gosh. – [Biffle] Is it good? – [Sigil] Oh my goodness. – [Gold] I mean it was the same, but I don’t know that you’re
going to be thrilled about it. – [Biffle] Alright, is that
all of them or do I have? – I think that’s there. – [Congregation] Yeah. – [Biffle] Is that all? – Alright, you have one more. (screaming) He’s in, he’s going for it. – [Sigil] Okay, that’s not
what champions throw like. – Not at all. Come on over. What’s up with your and
Sigil’s grouping, dude? – [Biffle] Oh my goodness! I completely thought I was right here. (laughing) Are you kidding me? – Three blues, a green and a gray, dude. – [Biffle] Okay, that’s not bad. – Alright, let’s go to… You guys wanna go fart on my farm island? – [Sigil] Yeah dude, let’s… (emulating fart) do it. – [Biffle] Let’s go poop over there. – [Sigil] Let’s go. – So I’m trying to think of
a strategy for this round. I have two blue, one green,
one purple, one gray. I think I’m gonna go with a Deagle. Deagle’s are so good. And then for the blue,
I think we’re gonna get, obviously a shotgun. Shotguns are just too dang good for that. Oh, and then the gray. I could become a snowman. Should I do that? I’m gonna do that, I’m gonna be a snowman. Oh, I have an idea. The new smoke grenade. What if I do this and fart grenades? (laughing) Oh, that could be so good. This could go terribly
wrong or go terribly well. Let’s do this. Alright, everybody ready? We all good? Everybody here? – [Congregation] Yep. – In three, two, one. (screaming) Nobody will see this entire map. I have farts and smoke. – [Sigil] Wait, you have smokes too? – Yep. – [Sigil] Wow dude, me too! Wow! – You wanna fill it up dude? Wanna fill it up? Help me fill it, dude. – [Sigil] I feel like people are seeing and I don’t appreciate that. – I don’t like seeing dude. – [Biffle] Oh no! – Oh, Biffle dies! – [Sigil] Oh, gold! – [Gold] That’s one down. (screaming) – Oh, it worked! Oh, you sniped him. Nice shot dude. – [Biffle] Who’s sneaking up on me? – [Gold] Who? – [Biffle] I’ll stinky
grenade you all day dude. – [Gold] No! – [Sigil] Where are you guys? – Oh, Gold down! Oh, you got an LMG? Wow, look at this guy.
– [Biffle] Yeah dude. I can’t see, I’m in the fog, I think. Where am I, hello? – [Sigil] Okay, Ian. (laughing) I see you. – [Biffle] Where is he? – [Sigil] He was a snowman. – I was a snowman. (laughing) – [Sigil] I have the high ground dude. – [Biffle] You need to stop! – [Sigil] You guys need to stop. – High ground means nothing
when I have farts boy. Ah crap, you have an
LMG, I don’t like LMGs. (screaming) – Okay, is everybody ready? We’re good, lag’s gone? – [Sigil] Lag’s good. – Okay, three, two, one, go! Okay, so I have no kills right now. That kill didn’t count ’cause lag. What are you guys doing to my map? (grunting) Wait, is Gold out? – [Sigil] I got him! Stop shooting at me. – You guys are like way outside of the… (screaming) you farted on him! Wait, so Sigils is out! – [Sigil] I’m out. – [Biffle] Oh my gosh. Are you, where? That’s not him. Oh, I see him! – No! (laughing) – [Sigil] You got him. – Okay, I have one more life. I can do this. – [Biffle] You have another life? Oh my gosh.
– Yes I do. Dude, I’ve been a sneaky snake. Oh no! Dude, that LMG is so broken. – [Biffle] Your stink grenades are broken. – Oh no! No! – [Biffle] Oh my gosh, I swear. You stop it right now. – No. – [Biffle] I can’t actually
physically get you. (laughing) Come here! – No! – [Biffle] Yes! – Dude, that LMG is so stupid! – [Biffle] Oh my gosh. – You’re a little hacker, dude. Whatever dude, you’re a hacker, dude. Let’s vote to never use stink grenades and gas grenades again. – [Sigil] Any of that stuff. – [Gold] We’re gonna,
though, is the thing. – Alright, final round three, let’s do it. Alright, so after round
two, Gold has seven, Sigils has 11, Biffle
has 16 and I have 19. Biffle, you caught up dude. – [Gold] Wow. – You’re a little hacker, dude. You know what, Biffle, because of that, you go first you cheater. Get out of here. – [Gold] Yep. – [Biffle] Oh no, did you
guys add more browns to this? – Oh yeah, we did. We went kinda ham dude. Look how many browns we added. – [Biffle] I don’t like it. – Alright, just don’t
get any of the poo’s. Go ahead, it’s on you. – [Biffle] Alright, poo time. Woo! – Oh, he’s in. – [Biffle] Come on! – [Gold] Well, Okay. – [Sigil] Oh, okay. Come on. – [Gold] Oh, you did it again. – [Sigil] You did it again. You did do it again, yeah. – [Gold] Yeah. – Okay. – [Gold] Yeah sure, it doesn’t matter. – Alright, go ahead. Go ahead, it’s on you. – [Gold] Yeah, Okay. – [Sigil] Are you just trying to group? – [Gold] Oh, yeah. – [Sigil] Biffle. – [Biffle] Yeah? – [Sigil] What are you doing? – [Biffle] I’m throwing! (grunting) – [Sigil] You’ve throw three
of them in the exact same spot. – [Biffle] I’ve been running
and moving and jumping and 360ing this whole time. There’s no way. – [Sigil] So. – [Biffle] Alright, how many
do I have left, one more? – No, that’s it. – [Gold] No, you threw them all. – Go ahead, come on over. – [Biffle] Oh my god. Are you kidding me? – [Gold] So you actually owe us a gun is how that works out too. – So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna delete all the snowmen. You get one snowman. Whatever you land on, that’s
what you get, that is it. Go ahead. – [Biffle] Here I go! (screaming) Come on. (laughing) What, what was it? Can I come over? – How do you keep throwing
it in the exact same spot? – [Biffle] Are you kidding? How did I actually? No, hold on, I just wanna
test something real quick. I am going to purposely just close my eyes and just throw it, okay? Here we go. Is it good, is it different? – [Sigil] Wait. Yeah dude, alright you can look. – [Biffle] Okay. Oh my, you’re joking right? (laughing) – Alright. – [Biffle] Bullies! – So for your round, you have a gray. There you go, good job Biffle, you did it. Alright Sigils, yep,
go ahead, it’s on you. – [Sigil] Okay, easy. – There’s one. – [Sigil] Up, up, and away! – [Biffle] Oh. – Okay, go ahead. – [Sigil] Up, up, and away. – And? Okay, yep, go ahead. – [Sigil] Okay, yep and one of those. One of those maybe? – Okay, go ahead. – [Sigil] From downtown! – [Gold] From downtown! – Okay. – [Biffle] Nope. – Okay. – [Gold] Man look, congratulations. – Come on out. – [Sigil] What? I Austin’d it? – [Biffle] You Biffle’d it bud. – You Biffle’d it. – [Gold] You really Biffle’d it. – [Sigil] Dang it. – So you know what that means? You throw one… – [Sigil] Yeah. – And whatever you get,
that’s what you get. – [Sigil] Here we go! – Oh. – [Congregation] Oh. – [Sigil] Can I look? – Ah yeah, that’s a purple. There it is, yep, okay. – [Sigil] Yeah! – Alright. – [Gold] I’ll go next. – Alright, go ahead gold. – [Gold] Easy. (grunting) Right there. – Oh. – [Sigil] Right on the money. – I can’t tell. – [Sigil] I think it’s this one. – I wanna say it’s this one. I think it’s this one. – [Biffle] The button is slightly, yeah. – Alright, go ahead Gold, it’s on you. – [Gold] Okay. – Okay, go ahead. – [Sigil] No questions there. – No questions there, go ahead. – [Biffle] No questions. – [Congregation] And? – Oh. I wanna say it’s favoring this one? – [Sigil] Yeah, agreed. – [Biffle] Okay. – Okay, yep, easy. – [Sigil] Last one. – Alright go ahead. – [Gold] Last one. – [Congregation] Oh. – That’s close. – [Biffle] That’s close. Yep, that’s close. – Alright, you can come
on over if you want. – [Gold] Yep, alright. Oh, okay. – [Sigil] Come on over. – So, the issue we’ve got going on here, this brown one cancels the purple. But that’s what you got. – [Gold] Aw. – [Sigil] There you go. That’s not so bad. – Two grays and a blue. – [Gold] Yeah, two grays
and a blue, how about you? – Oh gosh, alright, you guys ready? – [Sigil] Oh yeah. – [Biffle] Let’s see it. – [Gold] Let’s see what you got! – Okay, in three, two, one. (screaming) – [Biffle] Wow, he has an arm. – [Sigil] That’s an interesting one. – [Biffle] It might be. – [Sigil] I think it’s this one. – [Gold] Alright, fire away Ian! (screams) – [Biffle] Let’s see it. – Daddy needs a new pair of shoes. – [Congregation] Oh. – [Gold] No question. – [Sigil] Next! – [Gold] Yeah, that’s true. – Did that go through? – [Biffle] That’s something. – [Gold] One, two, three, four, okay. – [Sigil] You’re doing,
uh, you just keep throwing. – Yeah, just keep throwing. – [Biffle] Let’s see it. – Is that one my last one? – [Gold] Okay, wow. That was your last one, yes. – [Biffle] Wow. (grunting) – I’m so scared. How did I do? (laughing) – [Biffle] Come on over! – [Gold] You did the best. – [Congregation] Yeah. – Oh my gosh. – [Sigil] Yeah dude. – How did I not get a single brown? – [Sigil] Yeah, we’re all
wondering that honestly. – [Gold] Yeah, we’re all wondering. – A gold, two blues, and two grays. Okay, I’ll take it. And you guys have, what, one gun each? – [Gold] I have three, excuse me. – [Sigil] Yeah, okay. And mine’s a purple, so. – [Biffle] I have a gray AR, brah. – Alright, final round right here. Alright, so this last round,
one gold, two blue, two gray. I think we’re gonna have to
go full sweat this round. We’re gonna go gold Deagle, gray shotgun, or not gray, blue shotgun, gray AR? Yeah, let’s go gray AR. And then we’re gonna get a
half pot for our other blue and our other gray, I think
I’m going to get bandages. Dude, we’re going full sweat this round. So we have our guns and we have heals. We’re going full sweat,
we have to win this round. I have to take home the victory. I have to make sure they know that I own. What? Just roll with it. Alright, final round. Everybody ready? – [Congregation] Ready! – Two lives each.
– [Gold] So excited. – In three, two, one. – [Biffle] You wanna do this? Okay, I guess you want to. Let’s talk about this. – I don’t wanna talk, I wanna die. I want people to die, not me die. (laughing) – [Biffle] Well, if you want to, I can help you out with that. – [Sigil] Yeah, I was like. – You have a minigun? – [Sigil] Ian! – [Biffle] You have a minigun? – [Sigil] You have guns? – You rushed me with a minigun! Get down from there. – [Biffle] Hello! – [Gold] Hello! – [Biffle] Your shotgun does more damage! Oh no, I’m getting shot in the back! – Yes it does. Oh, you got him with the minigun! Good job Sigil, we team worked that. – [Sigil] What’s with you
and the sweat builds man. – [Biffle] Hello. – [Sigil] No. – [Biffle] Yeet! – [Sigil] No! No dude, come on! – You’re out already. Oh, you only had a minigun, so I guess. – [Sigil] Yeah, all I
have is a minigun dude. It’s like, rough, okay? – [Biffle] Gray Tac wins it all dude. Come here! I will show everyone that gray
Tacs are an actual weapon. – [Sigil] No they’re not. They’re not an actual weapon,
they’re an actual banana. – You stole my kill! What makes you think I won’t cut you? – [Gold] Please don’t. – [Sigil] Get him! – [Gold] No! – [Biffle] Yo, here he comes. – [Gold] No. Ah, no. – Bye Gold! (grunting) – [Gold] No. – Okay. – [Sigil] Wait, do you
have one or two lives? – I have two lives dude. So the set that I have, I
got bandages and full pots. So I’m constantly at
full health essentially. – [Gold] Oh, that’s really cool. – Yeah, you know, I kinda
went the sweaty route. My builds have been toxic today, huh? – [Sigil] Yeah, no kidding dude. – [Biffle] Yeah, no joke. – [Gold] Where are you going? You walked right past me. I can’t build here. Why can’t I build here? – [Sigil] You know why. – [Gold] Oh no. – [Congregation] Aw. – [Sigil] Big RIP to the Gold. – Oh, okay, dude. I like that game. – [Gold] It was the ping. – Yeah it’s gotta be the ping. – [Gold] Yeah. – Next time we’ll play on China servers. Got it, okay. If you guys have enjoyed, hit
the like button down below. Show us some love. Also, hit the subscribe button if you’re new to any of our channels. Hit that little bell! Okay, let’s throw a
snowman at somebody’s face. – [Biffle] Bring it! – [Gold] I don’t have a snowman. – [Sigil] Do we still have snowmen? – Nope, this is awkward. Just kill Biffle. – [Sigil] Yep, let’s do that! – [Gold] Kill biffle! – [Biffle] Don’t kill me! Listen, I’m too pretty. I’m too pretty! – [Sigil] I don’t know where he is. – Get out of here kid, you bother me. (electronic music)

100 thoughts on “THROW the SNEAKY SNOWMAN Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

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  4. I’m waiting for the day when he says if he does something we have to hit the like button but he doesn’t do it

  5. Out of 10 is this combo good?

    Shockwave grenades (purple)
    Heavy shotgun (gold) or Normal shotgun (gold)
    Dance grenades (blue)
    C4 (purple)
    Scar (gold) or Any sniper (gold) or Thermal AR (Gold)

  6. Ssundee i have an idea for game so you find a ammo box and the kind of weapon that is in the ammo box is the only weapons you can use

  7. poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYaaaaaah

  8. This is Ali-A


    He has 200 hp

    1 like=one damage

    Can we kill Ali-A

    He is trying to kill SSundee so kill him NOW!

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