“Think, Plan and Win” (GM Igor Smirnov’s chess seminar) – Introduction

“Think, Plan and Win” (GM Igor Smirnov’s chess seminar) – Introduction

Welcome into the recording of my Indian seminars,
where you’ll learn the most powerful ideas from the 11 years of my chess coaching experience.
While teaching chess through the Remote Chess Academy, I got a lot of students and friends
from India.They requested my live training for quite some time. Finally, I gave up and
made my trip to India. Of course I wanted to prepare something very special for my Indian
friends. And that’s why I united my most chess lessons into a few short, but practical workshops.
My method is based on the fact that you need to study the right way of thinking. That’s
why instead of overloading you with lots of variations, my goal is to help you understand
exactly HOW you should be thinking while playing a game of chess, so that you can find the
RIGHT moves yourself. Even though these seminars occurred only 2 months ago, I’m happy to see
a lot of improvement from my students. One student have already managed to win a tournament,
another one beat 2600 Grandmasters and what not – you may read all those success stories
in my blog. Finally, when do you need to study this seminar. It will be especially suitable
for you in case your rating is in the range of 1600-2000; if you don’t have a private
coach; if you’ve already studied various chess tutorials, but your results are unstable,
and you can’t quite breakthrough. If this relates to your situation – then this
workshop is right for you, and I look forward to see you inside! P.S. If you were patient enough to watch the
video until now, then I have a little reward for you! 🙂 So to speak, unofficial part.
Here, I’ll not promote anything – just a few interesting facts from my trip to India. One
of them is – do you want to know what you will get in case you win the World Chess Championship
Match Title? Here is the medal…the FIDE Vice President of India rewarded me with the
chess medal which is exactly the replica from the World Championship medal that Magnus Carlsen
got for his match against Viswanathan Anand. So here’s exactly the medal that you will
receive in case you study chess really well, and win the World Championship Match! Well,
of course, in addition to that you will get a few bucks. Now another story happened in
one of the cities where I gave my simultaneous play in addition to the workshop. That was
a really big simul with about 70 boards, which is really huge for a simul. Normally, they
make only 15 boards or so. Anyway, I played that simul and managed to win almost all of
the games, lost only once. The next day, my friends brought to me a pack of Indian Newspapers
something like this including “The Hindu” national newspaper, showed me different articles
about my workshop. And they’ve told me “Now, you are famous, you are a star!” Of course,
I was interested to see what’s there inside those newspapers. So I randomly took one of
them from the pack and read the big title, together with my photo right in the center
of the newspaper. It said “This Indian person defeated GM Igor Smirnov!” It was only one
game that I lost, and I won all of the other ones, but they put exactly this one together
with my photo right in the center of the newspaper. So almost like “The loser of the day..” or
something like that. 🙂 Okay, of course, I’m just kidding. In general, the whole trip was
very exciting and amazing. I won’t take much of your time. So see you inside of the course!

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  1. Is there a video of GM smirnov online blitz? If not, please why dont you play blitz and put it on youtube its gonna be rly fun!

  2. Your so young!!…….. I always figured a white haired man! Thanks for all your videos and have a wonderful New Year! xDDD

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