“These games are all so messy!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user IM Spieljunge

So I’m playing somebody
rated above 3,000 and it’s no secret I want to
pump up my rating here as well. So it’s always good. No rush, don’t care
so much about rating. Think I’ve never tried this
before in an actual game. Spoiler alert, it’s not very good. Huh, knight d3 that’s interesting.
So should I take? cd followed by e6 somehow work?
Okay, I’ll take. So I guess after e6 takes, takes, I
can choose whether to play Grünfeld or a sabotage. I guess
I’ll play Grünfeld then. Let’s see what line he goes for.
Rook b1 wow. What should I do? Don’t want to
play too theoretically, you know. Yeah okay. a4 I’m happy to see. Principal I think
it’s way more dangerous for black if you’re placed on the king side. So now I’m intending knight f6, next to ask him a question of how
he’s going to arrange his pieces. Although bishop f4 was perhaps a
good answer. Now he can just play… So I guess I’ll try bishop c6 instead. a5 I intend to probably
just take that pawn. Knight f6 first and then I’ll grab and ask
him to show me what you got. Okay h6 I suppose. I’m not scared
of taking obviously. That would… yeah give me the bishop back. I don’t know. g5 shouldn’t be too bad. Rook c8. He does have some compensation but I
really feel that the outside passed pawn maybe a good factor for me. So I have the option of knight e4 now. Yeah I kind of like that. Takes, ah he does this immediately. Anyway, I think I go a4. Feels
like with these two bishops and the a pawn running, I
should be doing pretty well. Goes for the ending but my bishops
are really, really strong here, so I do have the feeling that… and I completely missed
that move which forces me to make this extremely awkward one but I do have an a pawn running
which is a good thing. These games are all so messy. No nice clean ones. Happy to get in a5 so he wants
to simplify the game, I think. Okay three, now I get rook d2 and it’s
hard for him to activate his pieces. f5 preventing… and there
goes the knight and the game. But anyway, I think even if he
doesn’t blunder the knight, he’s a lot worse but… Another interesting game, I have to say
that these games are far from easy.

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