These BFFs Throw Down Over Their Gross Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

These BFFs Throw Down Over Their Gross Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

– Oh, I’m so scared. (dreary music) This is the one thing that
I wouldn’t want it to be. (Kayla laughing) (eclectic music) I don’t understand why you’re laughing. – [Narrator] How Far is
Tattoo Far is the show that puts relationships
to the ultimate trust test in a very permanent
way, with blind tattoos. On this episode, Imani and
her best friend Kayla are out for revenge. Their friendship isn’t exactly easy. – How would you describe your friendship? – Oh, good question, rocky. (male host cringing)
– Uh huh. – Kayla sent out a really
embarrassing video of me when we were in about 10th grade. I was scratching in my teeth– – Like, cleaning it?
– No, like– – [Female Host] Or like picking it? (Kayla laughing) – It got around the whole school. I was talking to boys
and stuff at that time. So like, they all talking
about it and stuff like that. – That’s embarrassing.
– Yeah. – [Narrator] In fact, they both
seemed to bother each other like, a lot. – What bothers you about each other? – Hygiene. – Hygiene? – [Kayla] Yeah, hygiene. – You need to keep yourself up. – What me? You need to keep your (beep) up, I don’t know what (beep)
you’re talking about, I look good. – Okay. All the eight years I’ve known Kayla, I’ve never known her to shave her bush. And it’s just disgusting. – [Narrator] So, any last words? – I think we gonna fight. – [Narrator] Uh oh, well,
it’s time for the tattoos. (loud beep tone) – It really hurts so I’m trying
not to focus on the pain. (girls sighing)
Oh my gosh. – Guess what? – What. – We’re done! – [Narrator] Let’s find out
what these two frenemies did to each other. – Only the strongest
friendships survive this show. – I wouldn’t do this to my best friend. – Are you nervous?
– Yes. – You about to cry?
– Yes. – Allright, Imani, you ready? – It’s happening! – Do not take the shades off until we tell you it’s okay, all right? – Okay. (host sighing heavily) – [Female Host] Imani, what’s
going through your head right now? – Nervous, hoping we’ll
still be friends after this. – I think you’re gonna be
looking for a new friend, honestly. It’s pretty bad. (suspense music) – Imani, are you ready to
see what your friend Kayla has put on your chest for
the rest of your life? – Yes. So scared. (dreary music) This is the one thing that
I wouldn’t want it to be. (Kayla laughing) (evil music) I don’t understand why you’re laughing. – ‘Cause it’s not that bad. (suspense music) – If it was embarrassing in 10th grade, don’t you think it would
be embarrassing now? – I just wanted you to brush your teeth. – You could have said that
though instead of bringing me all the way to a show to tell me that. – How is this gonna affect
our friendship right now? – We not friends. – [Male Host] She’s
saying she doesn’t want to be friends anymore. – I mean, I wouldn’t either. – When I left high school, I
thought that I would be able to leave this stupid video behind me. But, that dumb bitch brought it up again. – Leg up. We’re not gonna take the
shades off until we tell you. – [Female Host] Kayla, do
you like wearing shorts and dresses? – Yes. – [Male Host] Do you have any
vacations coming up at all? – Miami for Spring Break. (male screams) – Bitch, Spring Break is over! – What the (beep). – Nicole, imagine this
tattoo between your legs. Imagine! – I hate it. Oh my God. Any final words? – I just wanna see the (beep). I’m need to take these (beep) lashes off. – Eeep. – What the (beep)? What the (beep)? Bitch. (suspenseful gongs) What the (beep)? Bitch. I just can’t stop looking at this (beep). This (beep) is (beep). My vagina. Bitch, this a (beep) dream. And you was crying of that (beep)? – I feel like this is worse, really. – No Bitch, that’s (beeping). What are you talking about? – [Imani] You can cover yours up. – [Kayla] With what? – (beep) pants! – Why are those coming off? What the (beep)? (girls screaming) Jesus, oh! Oh my God. – [Kayla] I just wanna
know why she did it, that’s all I wanna know. – [Male Host] Okay, why’d you do this? – I feel like this is just payback for what you did in high school and it’s honestly not enough. – Why grades in the first place? What are we trying to say here? – [Kayla] I’m trying to
say that she’s hairy. – Hairy? Wait, what’s hairy? – [Imani] And don’t shave. – Hold up– – You always have a bush.
– ‘Cause I shave– – You don’t shave.
– What you talking about? I do. – And that’s the reason why
I gave you the tattoo today. – And you don’t brush your
teeth, that’s the reason why I gave you the tattoo. – I do brush my teeth. – Why the (beep) I can’t
shave my (beep) vagina (beep) whenever I wanna shave it? – [Male Host] Why can’t
she (beep) brush her teeth whenever she wants to brush her teeth? – You don’t see my (beep)
vagina (beep) everyday. – It’s still not cute to go
out like that either way. – And you’re teeth are still not cute. – And the bush still not cute. – All right bitch, you (beep) messed up. – Kayla’s a bully and I
should have known better than to trust her. I don’t want anything to do with her. – I’m leaving here solo
today but when we get back to Texasville, Imani gonna
catch them hands, period. (ambulance sirens) – [Narrator] So, did these
two reconcile after all this? (eclectic music)

100 thoughts on “These BFFs Throw Down Over Their Gross Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

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  2. I'm always asking myself,
    why go with someone to shows like this, when you don't trust that person and know they will screw you over.
    These peope smh

  3. You know…. without hearing the story behind why she did it, you would say that’s f*d up, but that’s what she gets. You can’t keep bullying someone and expect them to not do ish.

  4. bruhhh so when the first girl revealed her tattoo it was ok for the second but when she revealed hers it weren't bruhhhhhhhhhh

  5. it ain't gross if you don't shave down there if anything it's healthier. shaving your boosh was created by men who had a preferences

  6. I felt as for both of them like they just need to leave each other alone. Like when those heels came off, shit was about to go down!!

  7. Girl in the dress was fake was the video taken after lunch? But the teeth girl was wrong for her tattoo, as long as it’s clean down there, there’s no problem with a bit of hair, hair is healthy 🤷‍♀️

  8. Que asco de programa ….. Se supone que una buena amiga te hace algo que te guste k mal estan las cabezas , que asco

  9. She got hair coming out of her bOOCHIE ALAKAEWDRTFTT
    That’s what she gets for being fake. At least the other girl’s teeth tattoo was flirty and pretty normal.

  10. Ok I gusse the teeth ones were rude but it looked bad ass and the braids tho bro….. I mean she probably knew that she was going to Miami so that was pretty fucked up I mean I would have thrown a bitch down for that to just saying

  11. Kayla is pretty and all, but she deserved what she got. And the other girl (whatever her name is) her tattoo is actually stylish like-

  12. I would never do this. Also these girls are not friends. I cant understand how they are still friends to this point.

  13. That part..They show the one with that curly hair..I died
    Those were braids HAHAHAA up her Vachinchins HAHAHAA the one with the chest is still ok but with the brainds in her VachinsChins HAHAHAAA I DIED

  14. God damn shave that shit nobody wants to constantly see Bush whenever she drops her panties bitch deserves them braids nobody wants to wait for her to shave that shit enough beating around the bush pun intended

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