TheOdd1sout Chess Boxing Announcement

TheOdd1sout Chess Boxing Announcement

What I wanted to do since this is the last crowd a big crowd. I thought we could film a little video to send to James. (Audience cheers) I like this kid! I’m gonna win! Right you guys? (Audience cheers some more) You better remember what you just said. And uh, we want to make this good. So I need the adults in on this too. Like, the less you know about what’s going on, the more I need you to care. I’m… …so fricken excited. This is gonna be awesome. Hey, James. I just did a show in Los Angeles. And all my friends here have a message for you. Audience: YOU’RE Audience: YOU’RE GOING Audience: YOU’RE GOING DOWN! (Massive cheers from the audience) James: No, YOU’RE going down! (HOLY CRAP WHERE DID HE COME FROM???) YOU’RE GOING DOWN!!!! James: He’s going down! You’re going down, Alex!

100 thoughts on “TheOdd1sout Chess Boxing Announcement

  1. I'm for odd1So it ( sorry alex). I am looking for the match but I cannot find it. If you have seen it, please spoil it for me I NEED to know who won. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi thought when Alex Clark said "TheOdds1Out I challenge you to a chess boxing match" I thought he was joking BUT I DIDNT KNOW HE WASNT AND THERE LITTERALLY GONNA FIGHT

  3. When did you challenge the odd ones out and also you're going down I'm cheering for the odd ones out so don't hate me

  4. I hope team naked wins and team hairy cyan shirt loses (odd1sout team) (alexclark is going down )

  5. Um I don’t know who’s team I want to be but I watch James/odds1sout more then Alex so sorry Alex but I still like your videos but I’m on team odd1sout

  6. Alex texts James: Your going down!
    James kicks Alex’s house door
    James: NO UR GOIN DOWN
    *A month later James has to pay 200 for that door

  7. Avery the ts have a message for you Peter you’re going down me No you’re going down you’re going down the ts are going down

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