The Wickedest Man in Chess – Aleister Crowley

The Wickedest Man in Chess – Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley was born on October 12th
of 1875, and he died on December 1st 1947. Also known as the Great Beast 666, Crowley
was an occultist and self-proclaimed Magician. Crowley founded the relgion of Thelma, believing
himself to be its prophet, sent to tell humanity that it was entering the new Aeon of Horus
in 1904. Crowley was a member of the Golden Dawn, among other cult groups, and wrote many
books including the Book of the Law, the central sacred text of Thelema. Crowley was also known
to explore Demonology, he left society and segregated himself for a number of months
to explore the summoning of demons, with hope to control them for personal power. He was
also a rabid drug user, using his magic and sexual activities to endorse his fundamental
rule: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” During his life society labeled
him as the Wickedest Man in the World, and to avoid the probing eyes of the public, Crowley
travelled to Sicily to practice his magic in an abbey he set up. Unspeakable acts of
horror took place at the abbey as he set up a cult of people pursuing his magical goals
and practices, and no one knows what really went down. But before pursuing his path of
magic and occultism, Crowley had an impact on the world of chess. While attending Trinity
College in Cambridge, he joined the chess club. In his writings, he claimed not only
to beat the chess club president, but also Joseph Henry Blackburne and Henry Bird, two
very notable chess Grandmasters. This claim was never denied by these players. In fact,
a draw with Blackburne is included in his writings, which is the game playing on the
screen now. While Crowley did indeed desire to become the World Champion of Chess, his
goal was short-lived. The world of chess was much too small for a man like Crowley, at
least from his perspective. In his own words, [CROWLEY]”I saw the masters, one: shabby,
snuffy, and bleary-eyed, another, in badly fitting would be respectable shoddy. A third,
a mere parody of humanity, and so on for the rest. These were the people to whose ranks
I was seeking admission, there but for the grace of God I exclaimed to myself with disgust,
and there when I registered a vow never to play another serious game of chess again.”
[jrobi] Instead of chess he pursued a life of personal, sadistic pleasure. Rampant drug
use and constant occult activities. If you dig up the full story of Crowley, thinking
that perhaps he did indeed find true magic, take the following reported comments made
by him before dying into consideration: [CROWLEY]”I am perplexed. Sometimes I hate myself.” [jrobi]
It was also reported by people close to the beast that he doubted his life had meaning
or value in the end. Quite a sharp contrast to the way he is portrayed in popular culture
with the likes of the Beatles, Ozzy Osbourne, The Doors, and other celebrities glorifying
his “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” Whether people agree with him,
hate him, don’t care or are neutral, there is no doubt that the man dubbed the Wickedest
Man in the World by the press in his day, also owns a footnote in the history of chess
for all time.

100 thoughts on “The Wickedest Man in Chess – Aleister Crowley

  1. It's creepy when you think how many psychotic people with a nihilistic mindset are also highly intelligent. Good video — not nice, but good 😉 I've never heard of the man and probably wouldn't have otherwise 😀

  2. Cool vid, I liked the ominous music. Something I definitely didn't know about Aliester Crowley. How did he get to playing these high standing players one might ask.

  3. Great vid Jrobi, I’ve always been interested in Crowley’s connection with Chess.

    The game with Blackburne is most probably genuine – however it should be said it wasn’t a 1 on 1 game, it was but played during one of Blackburne’s simultaneous displays.

  4. Crowley believed Blackburne deliberately gave back the piece and allowed the draw in order to encourage a promising young player – however Blackburne was also known to down 2+ bottles of whiskey during these displays – so that may well have been a factor!

  5. Very nice, creepy video. Never knew Crowley pursued chess or played it at any level, nevermind drawing vs BlackBurne. Thanks for the information. I know little of Crowley, less than what you spoke about. If I remember correctly, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame did buy his mansion(castle) after he passed, and it was said many of the members if not all in the band dabbled heavily in the black arts.

    Thanks for uploading a video Jrobi, been a while, it fits well w/ the Halloween season.

  6. If you can get someone like Benito Mussolini to call you the evilest man that ever lived, then you must be pretty darn evil considering he allied himself with Hitler in WW2

  7. jrobi, comeon, I loved your vids but now you barely upload any. I hope that you go back to the cool vids taht u sued to do =(

  8. @JMChessVids That's correct, definitely a simul. I wasn't able to dig up the win against Bird, but given that Bird didn't contest it I am sure it went down at some point.

  9. @jrobichess

    Yeah I’ve always been interested to see the game with Bird but I’ve never come across it – Bird although not quite as strong as Blackburne (he was a semi-pro and had a day job) was no push over.

    I have seen a game between Crowley and notorious American IM Norman T Whitaker, but due to the ridiculous opening (think it was a grob) I suspect it was a fake.

  10. That's pretty cool!.. I love that song "Mr. Crowley" from Ossy Osbourne. This Crowley dude might just be the guy who that song talks about. Thanks for the video.

  11. Crowley is actually pronounced Crow-lee (rhymes with holy, ironically enough). But of course, most people are going to think of the Ozzy Osbourne song which mispronounces it. 😛

  12. Fantastic. Props on pulling off a very convincing creepy voice as well (: Always looking forward to your next video. Do me the honor of playing a game sometime jrobi 🙂

  13. killer video harry potter is based on the goldendawn and these people make up the intelligence agencies alpha omega angels movies like end game 2010 make fun of this fact these are also the celebrity star whackers you hear randy quaid talking about .See what happens is you have to pay Vril toll and the spirits ask you to pay the toll aka a vril sacrifices for high end intel intel like how to build the vril1 Crowley did child sacrifices to get heavenly high end intel but its not worth your soul

  14. @NoPrivacyANYMORE10 crowely was the dajjal and hitler was crowleys bitch hitler was scared shit of crowley and crowley was his master.

  15. It was reported that Crowley's last words were a terrified scream saying "Oh no, here comes the Nazarene". What doth it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul?

  16. True Genius is often misunderstood. Do What Thou Wilt. Aleiiter Crowley also brougth Yogain to popular western cuture – tell that to your local new age yoga 'teacher'.

  17. @Dynamite8888 Then whites rook would threaten that bishop and the rook would take on g7 and cause problem to black, I think! 🙂 But I don't understand the very last move of black's, why not take on g2 as you said?

  18. @sandworm3 he wanted an halloween themed chess game, aleister crowley was a chest genius, he made a very nice narration and used all his talent for Your entertainment and at the same time learned you about an ancestor of the Bush family who had very wicked experiences, it was very interesting
    before you answer this, 1st, nobody cares that you are christian. 2nd, I won't read any idiotic bullshit that you might just be already typing without reading my comment you egocentric troll no gtfo of here

  19. @PinkyWontWork I use the words I know, wish I had a widder selection of words but I'm unfortunately discouraged by some who do not comprehend how difficult it is to express myself

  20. "Do what thou Wilt" does not mean "do whatever you want." The "Will" spoken of is not what people think it is, but no one gives a shit enough to actually look into things. It's all surface interpretation nonsense, which ALWAYS makes it look/sound utterly insane and it's insanely frustrating to witness this happen so often. 

  21. It's pronounced CROW-LEE. Who's "Thelma"? It's pronounced THEL-E-MA, you fucking dolt! Do your homework.

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