THE TURTLE AND THE SNAKE | Shadow Of The Colossus (PS4 Remake) Part 5

THE TURTLE AND THE SNAKE | Shadow Of The Colossus (PS4 Remake) Part 5

(wapoosh!) Top of the morning to ya, laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome back to Shadow of the Colossus – the world’s greatest love story, look at that, between a boy and his Dead girlfriend who he’s never gonna see ever again um… So we’re goin’ off to fight ummm… Who’d- wait who did we beat last time I think we’re gonna have to fight basaran Which I mistakenly said that was the, the little bull, dude, but it’s not basaran is the big turtle guy. hup there we go Get up onto your horse You know you know you got a good seat on the horse when you start. Oh wait No
I know exactly where this one is you know you got a good seat on your horse when you climb it up by the arse That’s where we’re headed, those big nasty clouds over there Yiyiyiy Delila um… Yeah why did I think is it… *sigh* Which one is the? little guy then? We’ve we have basaran around now, and then the next one. I think is Durch? Which is the sand snake? I don’t know my memory is hazy of them, doesn’t matter We’re still gonna fight them in the order of the game has whether I remember them or not Peaceful open green grassy plains Isn’t it weird, you have green grass right here, and then over there, it’s all desert? I’d love a snow area. I really wish there was a snow Colossus That would’ve been cool Don’t you think? Wait did I get this shrine ahead of me? I did not Aggro! Shrine Ho! Let’s head that way The Eagle’s with us! There he is, hi, Eagle! Yeah tweet-tweet to you, too. Who are you tweeting that? Don’t at me eagle. I’ll kill you. I don’t think you can actually kill the Eagle Okay, let’s find This little shitbag Hopefully we find it faster than the last guy cuz that took me forever, an embarrassing amount of time Don’t do this to me again don’t do this to me again Aggro, can you just stay in one place, I don’t need you right now Did you hear me say “Aggro!” No! Then fucking stand still. Oop! i see him. I see I was gonna say wait out for footsteps, but I don’t need them because now I see him Is he in there, I can’t see there’s bushes I need to get him Can I like fire somewhere and scare him where do you go? Oh. Hi friend>: ) Well, FFFFuck I can’t get up there Like these other places I was like “can I get up here?” and I could eventually But that place I think is legitimately unreachable. Never mind! Hush my mouth, children. Yeah, it’s my favorite game ever made Yeah, I know so much about the game except the fact of the simplest things that I can climb this whole fucking thing Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooah. Wow! That’s cool! So pretty. Also! In that, you see like directly south of where I am there, or I can’t even make show you This area right in the center of the screen where the squiggly line is apparently there’s an Easter Egg there that I have to try and get to eventually but no, i don’t want that… Eugh… eh… No you’re gonna fall off you’re gonna fall off wait, Egg Roll! Hoping we could do something cool, and the one time you’re not around my ass Okay, whatever let’s head off. Let’s actually do what the game is It’s called shadow with the Colossus not shadow of the climbed a shrine Okay, it’s a safe time. I’m gonna jump off here, and then you’re gonna have to chase me down Egg roll is that good you happy with that. I think that’s a good arrangement oh I tried to jump I tried to roll off the edge. He fell face-first into the ground Oh, I saw a video gif unready to you the day of a guy trying to do a front-flip, and he did the front flip One of my lights just flicker or am I Today just pass out there for a second. It’s something changed I Know what’s going on? He did a front flip but he overextended and slipped and smashed his face off the ground And apparently that dude had to get like reconstructive surgery, and he had to get like teeth removed and all that kind of stuff like oh So bad where’s egg roll there you are Hey girl, okay, you know I’m over here egg roll I Need you I need that ass Okay, this guy can be a bit of a pain because I’ve used the environment to kill them And if it doesn’t go your way, then 12 tortillas Or the geysers All right this looks cool all the late low hanging stalactites Hi It’s me your pal Jack here to murder you your friendly neighborhood murderer Yeah Okay You got a new egg roll Cuz he whoa they actually look like fire That’s cool cuz he’s got the shootie Bank, so we need to be careful to that I Can’t even see him there is high Come on come on over Why don’t you come on over Valerie? I gotta keep moving. I can’t stand still my son said he’s gonna shoot me dead I Don’t like that. I like living. I like being part of the living It’s the best it’s the best community. I’ve been part of since I was born oh They look awesome. Oh come this way, I need you to turn please Dude dududududud oh No, no, I didn’t fall up. Yes. Okay. Don’t turn the game You’re supposed to be over this way Sir Sir that geysers gonna come out in your night. It’s not gonna work. Okay there we go That should work for my needs what? It’s right under him This is a bunch of poo hock That’s what that is Okay, can you come this way a small bit then? What are you sure this fucking camera? I’m going to destroy it I’m constantly having to fight against it okay here we go here. We go here. We go, and I’m fucking miles away No no no no no no no, no, this is really fucking bad bang ro Oh Oh big boy big bear see Okay, this might actually work for our vendors. Cuz you turn turn just a little Turn just a little bit towards me turn towards Jack Jack likes you Chuck makes you Turn ya big fuck Okay now you’re shooting and you’re doing that that’s unfair It’s gonna run out again there we go and Nice get ready for it Who the helping boom – it blue is cool oh So this one’s a good battle I like this because it feels gigantic it feels large, and you do broke the things or pressing the wrong button That’s why Oh? Hairy hairy belly does someone want to shave Okay, you’re gonna have to go much fucking faster than this wonder Much faster waiting jumping left and right up the tree. Just holding up. Oh You really just love to twist my gonads, don’t you? Okay here we go here we go As long as you grab this edge. No no don’t fall off. Don’t fall off. Don’t fall off. Don’t fall. Don’t fall. Don’t fall Don’t fall don’t fall off. Yeah, stone full up He didn’t fall off guys, that’s a good one. That’s a good one. I like that one Okay, he’s about to fall off hello. Bo you can just see egg roll put it around in the background so cute This is awesome We were like walking down the valley well Jesus. Holy God Someone’s got a bit of an upset upset stomach You’re gonna have it upset the head in a minute. You’re gonna get migraines Do you suffer from migraines here acupuncture helps? no, oh Good one. Oh, but wait wait. There’s more oh Good one Oh Shake shake shake all you want wonders holding on with the fiery grip of the east Nice this is going well Could go a little faster. Oh this stuff’s gonna. Take me over later on when I try and do the time trials Nice one more It was nice seeing you boss Iran, but now I must bid you farewell oh I was like fuck this shit. I’m not staying here Good choice egg roll we still holding on in his head Probably let’s go down to his face. Hi. I like that like grill around the front Tomten Cuff I’m puking up black, but that happens when you drink too much Guinness But they’re like the grill that like comes out in front of his mouth kind of looks all metal II I Mean it’s not metal, but it just kind of looks like that She said something about wonder I Think his original name was supposed to be Wonder And the way the translation happened because in Japanese saying Wanda Sounded a bit more like Wonder, and I think I got mixed up in translation That or they just changed the translation anyway, but in the Japanese version I’m pretty sure he’s called Wanda and in the US or Western version. He’s called wonder Which makes sense because he wanders around If he’s wandered then mo knows Cosmo Is my next for the sand snake the pain in my ass The next four is An isolated Sandhu its tracks are well hidden. Yep Shaking the earth its gaze is upon thee there’s your hits Sand dunes hidden gaze I Mean this one isn’t too bad, it’s just Any of the ones that kind of rely on a specific thing to happen Kind of get a little bit annoying or it can get a little bit annoying. Oh, I want to go I Always press X to jump off yeah, I want to go because I don’t think I’m going down in this direction anyway I can well I’m going moron over there. I want to go down to see what this See what this Easter Egg is Because there’s something people have been telling me a lot to do and I don’t know what it is I don’t know where it is. I don’t know what it’s for so I might take me a little bit to get it. Okay. It’s around this little hump. Here is it in the forest I? Was in the forest I didn’t see anything Then again, I’m a blind oh Go egg roll Beep bility divot boot bit a little bit soundtrack to this game by the way one of the best ever Okay, I’m here. I think it’s at that squiggly line area. I would jump off the egg roll I Want to see what’s dealio is Like what what am I looking for exactly? Okay, there’s a shrine here that oh, this is the shrine I got you, but I didn’t pray yet so playing big There’s another little dude Alright, I would have an awesome Sister Justin Oh Eric let’s look at the tree son still for Jack Right did you go little one? Oh, you’re up there? You can hit them with your sword as well, but that’s just a pain in the ass to do especially when they climb shit He went up, but I think he’s only like on this I Hear you Oh Huh now he said Weird I thought he was set up through the thing, but then I heard his footsteps at the right of me And then I turned around and I shot him guys That’s the secrets of events that happen right we got that try now at least One good reason to come back here anyway Okay, I don’t know what I’m doing. Oh is this it oh it is Yeah, I found one of these before I don’t know what they are What does it do oh just a collectible, I really wish it did something that’s not the Easter Egg is it oh? It’s a barrel from The Last Guardian oh I can’t do anything with it. Oh, that’s cool. Ah I was wondering would I get it when I see it? That’s awesome Where’s Treecko when you need Imagine if they just secretly put Treecko into the game And you could right around a Treecko instead of a grow or you could get a Treecko skin for a grow Why didn’t they do that I Mean I know why, but I was a spiderweb up there. That’s a cool Easter. Egg. I like that. I’m glad I found that Neat good job developers Okay, I have a mission sir. Sorry egg roll We took a little bit of a detour, but I got the shrine and I gotta add an Easter egg. That’s That’s worth something at least I crows not coming out of the forest there you were Gave whistling, but she was just walking around Shootin come on as Forrest. What are you doing? Are you kind of broken I think you’re kind of broken You’re not really doing the things I want you to do, but hey you’re back Good to see you egg roll We missed you Am I going that’s not a way, I can go so no I’m not going that way Can you just want to explore around Now that the scenery is just so much nicer there’s little bits and pieces of things everywhere. I can’t I want to see If I’ve missed anything cuz there’s like a little section down here heard there’s like behind her my character is there’s a little bridge there that I can go in I’m going over that way anyway, so We might as well see what it is and explore around I Don’t want to just blast through the game. I want to see what the developers did with it. I wanna see what upgrades they made And it’s divided like any little tiny details Even though I’m I notice the details more on the colossi than I do just on The environment like dia obviously the environment looks a lot better And I can see a lot of different things like the water and the rocks and all the obvious shit but a lot of the like little intricate areas where I haven’t gone too many times I don’t really know I see there’s like a gap over there that I can go through I get to shrine I Didn’t there’s a shrine right here And there’s one just over there, where is this oh close to each other? It also for the theories of the game and the lower and everything it also begs the question What the shrines do in this world or why they’re here who built them that kind of thing? Hey, how’d I get this one with my sword. I took out my bow that’s not my sword Got him Close an easy one rice Some of the reviews of income actually all the reviews for the game have been coming out by now Because the game is closer to release and the embargo has lifted Because originally, I wasn’t able to upload anything past the 8th, Colossus until like the 30th So I wanted to wait But now all the reviews and everything for the game are coming out and people really really liked it, which makes me happy Let’s get some fantastic reviews. Hey little salamander And it kind of has some of their issues like any of the reviews kind of have some of the issues that I was having like Wanderers character model and some people saying that the art. Style was Changed a bit too much for certain areas, but stuff like this. It’s just way nicer looking The kind of hazy light is really cool I Don’t just come out the other side do I Please untie me this is just a shortcut It was a shortcut, it was just a fucking shortcut. I went all the way around to just come back. I did a circle But hey we got to see some pretty lighting, right Just from my own amusement I went and played this on ooh to say go right here with silver tail I Went and played this game on in 4k HDR Just to see if it was any different and my god if you think the game looks good now Playing it in 4k because the cinematic mode comes into you stain And you do have to play it at 30 fps boy It just looks Unbelievable everything is so crisp and clear and sharp It’s badass looking. I really really like it still a shame that I can’t play in 60fps, but Where you going to do? That’s that’s the trade-off, but it looks phenomenal in 4k? I? Wish I could kind of show that off in the individuals here so you could see it, but What you gonna? Do it’s YouTube I could upload a 4k But I can’t display it at 4k because I’m not playing at a 4k display for my beezy you feel me Hope you feel well suppose I hope you feel me, but that also sounds kind of weird, I don’t want you to feel Feel me emotional feel me metaphorically There’s a big tree over there, and I think it’s gonna have some fruits some Fruit Like going in here That’s a salamanders all across the ground That’s cute Probably you have to go down here instead of going through that true dad I’m down. I grow you’ll get your grass in a minute so going forward ah Here we go this is where he is the shiny it’s like the people in Game of Thrones the Sun sneaks All right, there’s a salamander bastard. Where are you Oh? A find you don’t you worry about that here we are Did I get him or did I scare him I Think I got Okay, a little little whistle because I first triangle by accident dad Wouldn’t even press circle there wasn’t important that I needed Wait let’s see It’s so fun. He just falls in a heap in the ground No that won’t work normal fuck you in your normality yeah We actually need you for this one There you go egg roll in the original game of this if you had a save file for Eco on your system, then prequel to this game. You could get a crowd to have like a little special symbol on their head Cuz I go symbol on their head now is like a diamond Where in the original the ps2 version if you had a save file you could get an AI the eco symbol The fun fact for you But I learned from doing the digital gaming episode that I did for Did you know gaming? Here we are We’ve ground the purpose we have grown below as we’ve grown within us because we’re sturdy bastards all right Smokes So this guy is basically the shorter sand version of the water person Because it’s the same basic design. It’s a different bit of a face his face is terrifying by the way Cuz he’s got like mandibles that go out like that and when he goes again, she was like ah it’s a predator This musics awesome I like when some of the COS They have their own music because a lot of the other ones kind of the songs going to blend into each other And you’re gonna show your face at all at all total Fucking goddamn yo ding never even better than they taught it once Are you gonna crashes in the wall yo, thanks see it was too good. That’s my problem here. We go watch this dude Okay only need a half one cuz that’s that one done. I think I have to get off anyway. Yeah Some of them you can go to cheat the system some of them you can Kill them way quicker that’s also my favorite aggro that he does pyro Because I kind of you can hear the emotion in his voice to be like hey. We’re in it. Can we step to it? Are the rocks moving out of the way is cool and the way the sand moves oh? You’re badass now You were one of my least favorites when I was playing the game before cuz it was just you were kind of boring oh Yeah, big mandibles Look at my leg look at that, sexy leg Okay, oh God fast right row class threes close Tight Fuck yeah, Oh call me Robin Hood cuz I’m gonna steal your soul That’s a Robin Hood jaws, right baby pivot oh Fuck you buy it Yep, I did a fucking back flip on tour Guys I may just be the greatest Shadow of the Colossus Just the greatest like game name. Oh Okay go again. I thought you were winding you up. That’s why I was making jokes oh My god That’s someone order some fast food because that was quick Jeez as we did that fast Chalk that up to our world record No Peyton to sand Peyton is that half height underneath em they’ll never get us under here I’m hidden ah Yeah, messed me up Well another one bites the dust by which I mean me cuz now my face is in sand No voices no nothin no anything Okay, they go on through their 2001 a Space Odyssey portal am I gonna turn into a baby at the end actually Matter they think about it Getrekt sandy boy You know guys if only there was a way I could figure out who my next foe was phony there was some ethereal voice in the sky who could Tell me what to do next my conscience. Oh hey the next four is an altar overlooks the lake yeah, this is him I Guardians set loose it keeps the flames alive So if you’ve never played this game before I’ve never seen it before All the things are not only hints as to where they are You can find them at your sword anyway pretty easily But it’s kind of a hint to like look out for the location when you get there, but also in in talking to or in the Dialogue that they speak they give you a hint on how to defeat them so the other one was like it’s gazes upon you which means the eyes are important remember that this one said, it’s scared as the flames or something like that so this one is the little bull, dude, which I thought was Baran, but I think it’s there’s a celosia and there’s a shinobi ax And it’s one or the other and they’re both very very similar, so I don’t know which one This is I don’t know I can’t remember which one comes first look good we’re gonna have to wait for that in the next episode cuz right now me and I grow gonna have dance party a Girl’s not into it anyway. Thank you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face boys No

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