The Truth About Trump’s Twitter

The Truth About Trump’s Twitter

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. So, it is a popular belief among
leftists, and indeed probably a lot of centrists, and some
conservatives, that Trump’s notorious tweets are random, careless,
and unhinged. Well, I’m here to tell you Trump’s every
tweet is, actually, meticulously strategic, more so
than I think even the faithful among us realise. He is the master of four-dimensional chess,
perhaps even five or six dimensional, who knows? When he first became president, Trump seemed
to primarily use Twitter to have a go at various media outlets
whenever they lied about him or insulted him. Like, for instance, these quite outrageous
but hysterically funny tweets about breakfast TV hosts Morning Joe
Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, who had been spewing bile about
him on their show for several months prior And
that was when he only had 140 characters to work with. This pattern of making fun of journalists
whenever they tried to spin a story against him saw Trump coin the “fake
news media” and the “enemy of the people” labels for media
outlets. This caused many to
flap their hands and claim this tactic was straight out the fascist’s
handbook and made Trump akin to a certain German WW2 leader. But really, the reason journalists were so
shocked and wounded that Trump was insulting them via Twitter was because
nobody had ever done it before. No president ever had hit back at them for
spinning a false narrative, or called out their bias,
and they had no idea how to take it. And considering they are all still embarrassed
and sickened by the fact they got 2016 so very, very wrong, it
only serves to rub salt in the wound. But look, it’s about time they were given
as good as they dish out. And tens of millions of his supporters agree. Then, of course, there are the flames he hurls
at Hollywood actors and various pop stars when they shriek about
him. It’s no secret
Hollywood is afflicted by a severe and very concerning epidemic of
Trump Derangement Syndrome. Trump, however, believes in tough
love, and happily throws shade at obnoxious actors, if they throw it
at him first Bear in mind; it’s not simply to sate his
own ego that he spars with these self-righteous Democrat Hollywood types. He’s also batting for
his supporters. Those leftie journalists and celebrities who
call Trump all the things they call him also routinely
insult Trump supporters and conservatives generally. So, Trump is also indirectly, and sometimes
directly, defending his supporters from the same unjustified, unreasonable
attacks. Very
sensible, I think. So whatever media backlash he gets, he does
not care about, because he has made himself immune to it;
his supporters just don’t care. This is because, and I hate to bring out this
old cliché, but Trump simply tweets what so many of us are
thinking, like this astute observation, tweeted during the
first 2019 Democratic debate However, over the past year, Trump’s tweet
game has become a little more sophisticated, shall we say. Nowadays, in addition to
quips at celebrities and journalists, he’s refined his tweet strategy to
the point where, unbeknownst to the media, and the Democrats, he
defines the public narrative, not them. Whether that’s pitting Democrats against
each other, or once again proving the hypocrisy and stupidity of the
mainstream media, Trump is playing them all like a country fiddle. So! What is Trump’s strategy exactly? Well, from what I have
observed, his tweet game involves five simple steps. Step 1: Find an issue that’s not only important,
but can be used for political leverage. This can be anything really, it just has to
have high stakes attached to it; a tangible, preferably
moral issue, totally black and white, and most pointedly, the kind that
forces people to take sides. Step 2: Tweet something completely outrageous
about it, something you know will push all your enemies’ buttons,
but at the same time amuse and impress your supporters. Step 3: Take a brief pause in Twitter activity
to let the effect of your words sink in. This is when the cries of insert derogatory
label here come flowing in, along with all the demands
you apologise, or take the tweet down. Plus, this tactical pause allows time for
the hashtags to start trending
Step 4: Double down on your point with another one or two tweets,
right in the middle of the twitter and media storm. Also,
surreptitiously tweet totally unrelated but entirely positive things
while this is going on; list your achievements, name candidates you
endorse, etc, so all those who have been drawn to your Twitter
account because of the social media glitterbomb are also exposed to
all the good things you’ve done for the country. And before you can
say… Step 5: Watch with a satisfied smirk as once
again, your enemies take the bait. Whether you’ve called their bluff, revealed
their hypocrisy, or forced them to defend the indefensible,
you’ve won. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Trump’s
Five Point Plan for Winning Twitter. Let me give you a few examples of Donald Trump’s
master tweet plan in action. First; foreign policy. Who could forget the Trump v
Kim Jong Un Twitter smackdown? North Korea is no stranger to
threatening the world with nuclear war. This, understandably, causes world leaders
to tippy toe around the rogue nation, and thus make no progress towards
de-nuclearizing it. Which is why people were so freaked out when
Donald Trump launched a series of Twitter grenades at Kim
Jong Un Foreign policy analysts were flapping their hands,
predicting almost certain nuclear war. But Trump was way ahead of them. Rather than
launch his missiles, Kim Jong Un folded. Trump had called his bluff,
he knew that Kim knew that the USA would flatten North Korea if
there was any real hint of a conflict. Also, Trump is a business mogul, he’s used
to powerful, egocentric men plumping themselves up in front of him
with very little weight behind them, and he knew how to deal with
Kim from the get go Next minute, Trump and Kimmy are practically
besties, meeting at summits, trying to forge a new relationship,
and while it will be time consuming, diplomatic relations between the
two countries are never better. Second; imploding the opposition. I’m sure you all remember when
Trump tweeted that the far-left Democrat contingent known as The
Squad, comprised of Ayanna Presseley, Ilhad Omar, Rashida Tlaib,
and Alexandria Ocasio “Red” Cortez, should go back to the countries
they originally came from, fix the corrupt governments there, then
come back to America before relentlessly criticising how the US
government is run. That was the actual message of the tweets;
but of course, all his enemies screamed RACISM, even
though the tweets had nothing to do with race. But Trump knew that would be the reaction,
that’s why he did. He
also very cleverly included Nancy Pelosi in that tweet storm, saying she would be happy to organise free travel
for the four Congresswomen. Why this seemingly random mention? Well, up
until that point, Nancy had been feuding with the Squad and trying
to distance the overall Democratic message from them. This is because, despite their popularity
on social media, they actually poll extremely low, in some cases
single digits low, among swing voters, and with the American population
generally. If you
want the full details of those polls, I have put the links in the video
description, I encourage you to have a look. Trump, of course, knew about the Squad’s
unpopularity. He also
knew Nancy and others behind the scenes were trying to not allow
the four of them to become the face of the party. But, with a few
little tweets, he gave Nancy no choice but to defend the Squad and
align herself with them, and made the whole Democratic Party rally
around them. As such, Trump made the highly unpopular Squad
the face of the Democrats, right at the time Nancy Pelosi
and the rest of the moderates were trying to subtly push them
into the background. And
just in time for 2020. Third; make your opponents defend the indefensible. On July 27th,
Trump dropped another twitter glitterbomb with a response to
Congressman Elijah Cummings remarks about the conditions at the
border. Again, this tweet is very very provocative,
and, as usual, incited a chorus of people screaming RACIST! Now, you’d have to make an
enormous leap to call this tweet racist. And leap some people did. I
saw some saying the reference to the city being infested with rats
was referring to the fact it is a majority African American city. Well, if your first thought when you see the
words rat infested is of black people, then you really need to check
your own internalised racism, before accusing Trump of the same. Then there were people
spouting derivatives of this take I mean…like…really? But the wording of Trump’s tweet didn’t
come out of nowhere. He
tweeted it about half an hour after a segment on Fox News with
strategist Kimberley Klacik, who had recently been to Baltimore to do
a bit of investigating She also took some rather damning footage As you can see, it is not uncommon knowledge
that Baltimore, which is part of Elijah Cummings district, actually
does have a rat infestation. In 2018, it was rated America’s 9th most
rat-infested city according to pest control company Orkin. There was even a
documentary made for PBS called “Rat City” specifically about its rat
problem. It also, according to the 2018 FBI data, has
the highest homicide rate of all fifty major US cities, and the second
highest rate of violent crime. It’s not a good place to live. So, was Trump’s tweet racist for
mentioning rats and saying it’s dangerous? No, because it’s true. By tweeting this, Trump achieved three things. One; make the media
look stupid by calling him racist for highlighting a well-known fact
that Baltimore is in a mess. Two, he forced the Democrats to defend
and downplay the horrible conditions in Baltimore, even though the
residents of West Baltimore in particular have been crying out to
politicians for years to do something, anything, to help. Third, by their defending Cummings and his
comments about the border, Trump forced the Democrats to place
more importance on the conditions affecting illegal immigrants,
than on the conditions in West Baltimore, which are actually worse,
and affect US citizens. And
with 2020 around the corner, the last thing the Democrats should
want is for people in a blue district to think they care more about
foreigners than they do their own constituents. In short; Trump revealed through his tweet
game that for all their talk of helping the black community, the Democrats
have been entirely inefficient in their handling of
a majority black city, which is why their reaction has been so defensive and
hysterical. And again,
with just a couple of tweets, Trump scores. Trump has suavely sashayed himself into a
position where can force the Democrats to defend any issue that is
objectively indefensible. He can pit them against each other, and also
force them to unite when they don’t want to. He has taken advantage of the fact that they hate him so much, that there is no way
any of them can publicly side with him for fear of losing the support
of the party and voters. Trump could say he wants to cure cancer, and
they’d say doing that would take jobs away from people working in
cancer research. And
all it’s taken is a little blue app, and a little creativity. Behold, one and
all, the King of Twitter.

100 thoughts on “The Truth About Trump’s Twitter

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    So, I'm going to have to rate a 0/1 or dislike.

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  10. See and that's what some people here on YouTube (most notably Tim Pool i might add) don't seem to get about Trump, namely that with him there always a plan within a plan. They only see what's on the surface., and that's that his attitude is boorish and "unpresidential." And even if they figure out what's going on, his "attitude" still stops them from supporting Trump. They're simply unable or unwilling to see him in a different light. I fully admit that at the beginning i also fell into that trap, but the more i see what's happening and the more certain people (big thank you to you Daisy) explain this to me the more i see President Trump for the genius that he truly is. I may not be able to vote for him (me being from Belgium and all that ) but at least i will support him. GO TRUMP 2020 !

  11. Daisy Daisy. You broke this down, wrote it out & delivered it beautifully.
    Been talking about this with my bf & I find it hilarious when people say his tweets are basically incoherent ramblings of a racist madman

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    PLEASE TELL Mr Andrew Bolt this Miss Daisy because YES I'm just a average Day to Day person who walks along the same street's everyday with everyone else I DON'T LIVE in a BUBBLE IM VERY PATRIOTIC 🇦🇺 BUT IM WORRIED and SCARED for the FUTURE of this ONCE GREAT COUNTRY WHICH has CHANGED so Much since the END of the 1970s

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  26. Trump was telling the truth about Baltimore. It really could do with a great deal of improvement.

  27. Giving credit to a simpleton who uses low level and crude manipulation techniques to get his way and re-framing it as somehow genius like Machivalianism so you don't feel bad supporting him is really quite juvenile. Here's an idea: let's make America SMART again. Have a nice day!

  28. Trump's tweets are portrayed as the work of a delusional man, best bait anywhere, the idiot left fall for it every time. Many Canadians are pre programmed to hate Trump while failing to realise that we have the dumbest government on earth. Four more years!

  29. Thank you Daisy I am well but the current political climate is frightening in how it is radicalising. Hope you are well. Trump is not 4d chess, but a savvy showman/bullshitter. He is great at making heads turn where he wants to.

    Latest example: Take attention away from the Border, makes them look towards Baltimore instead, passes a change in Asylum policy, while everyone else is still mad about Baltimore.

    It is not genius, but it plays to base human desires and the outrage mob.

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