The trap or the blunder?! Wesley So won in the chess opening!

The trap or the blunder?! Wesley So won in the chess opening!

Tata Steel Chess Tournament’s ended in Twenty-ninth
January 2017 The strongest
grandmasters in the world took part in it. American chess player Wesley So has won the tournament. In the final
game of the thirteenth round he had a huge superiority in the opening against Jan
Nepomnyastchy. let’s this game
d4, Nf6 Bg5 This bishop’s move
characterizes Trompovsky attack
in Queen’s Pawn Game d5.
The main line here Ne4 and after
Bf4, d5 Black played d5. In the game followed Nd2 c5 and d:c e6 e4 There is more stronger move Nd3 defending pawn c5 In the game White
played e4 and after h6, Bh4 d:e Qe2 White attacks the e4-pawn Qa5 tying knight and attacking the c5 pawn White, of course, can
win a pawn e4 by taking a knight and then take the pawn e4 by queen, but then
lose pawn c5 The main
continuation of this variant considered move c3 and after g5 Bg3 Q:c5 There is a confusing situationon on the board, which leading to the difficult playing. At the game after the move of black Qa5 white played long castling giving a pawn a2 Black took this
pawn and after Qb5 + played Nbd7 Instead Qb5 +, which
is a mistake, it was still not too late
play B:f6 and then after Qa1 +, Nb1 g:f Q:e4, Nc6 the game would be equal. At the our game after the move Q:a2 followed Qb5 + mistake of white and after Nbd7 c6 Maybe Ian
Nepomniachtchi wrongly held
calculations at the board and thought that this
attack will lead him to the advantage However, it turned
quite the contrary, after b:c, Q:c6 black sacrificed
bishop to b7 White took this
bishop and came under the strong attack – Qa1 + Nb1 and Rb8 White is forced to take
the boat, and to give his queen Variant Qc6 is the same. White also lose
a queen after Q:b2 +, Kd2 Bb4 + Ke2 castling Nd2, Rfc8 and the queen cann’t move can still follow
Rb1, Qa3 The queen is forced to take the rook on c8 R:c8, and white remain without a queen Thus, the move in the game
Q:b8 + is stronger but it does not protect
white from defeat. Black have a great
advantage. N:b8 Bb5 + Nfd7 Ne2, Be7 B:e7, K:e7 Black taking
reasonable simplification Nd4 Nc5, h4, Rd8 Rh3 Nd3 + blocking protection
d4-knight B:d3 Here it is weaker to take a pawn c:d and after R:d4 taking e4-pawn would be a mistake because after R:d1 + K:d1 white has a material
losses. Q:b1+ In the game was played B:d3 R:d4 Be2 R:d1 + B:d1 and Qa5 still followed Nd2 f5 Rg3 Qe5, defending the pawn g7 Ra3 Nc6 g3, Qd4 White has played Re3 and after Nb4 resigned, because threatens Nd5 with attack on rook and also Na2+ It could even follow Rb3 Na2 + Kb1, Q:d2 K:a2 and Q:d1 Black has a large
material advantage and
can easily to implement it That’s the way, that
American GM Wesley So already has won in the opening. Put like this
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7 thoughts on “The trap or the blunder?! Wesley So won in the chess opening!

  1. deepest to calculate moves by Wesly So,he invited his opponent to attack his unsafe position,but it is only a trap,he sacrifice his bishop to make a beautiful brilliant counter attack..

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