[rock music] Hello, BookTube. My name is Cait and this is my channel: chaptercviii. Today, I’m going to be doing my March TBR even though March has
already started and I’ve already started reading I don’t care I’m also going to
be introducing my new special way to choose a couple of books a month for my
TBR okay so the first book on my March TBR is Priory of the Orange Tree by
Samantha Shannon this is an epic high fantasy standalone that has dragons do
you really need to know more? it’s also a very feminist high fantasy book which
you don’t see a lot of there’s a lot of really strong female characters there is
a queendom a lot of the women in this book are in power it’s honestly just
really cool it takes place in several different kingdoms during a time that’s
very fragile there is a great and terrible being called the nameless one
who is meant to rise after a thousand years and they actually use a quote from
revelations and the Bible to kind of discuss that to sort of prelude into the
story and there is the belief that this one bloodline of Sabran Berethnet who
is a queen in this book it’s believed that her bloodline as long as it
continues with daughters and they each have you know a daughter to continue the
bloodline that the nameless one cannot rise so of course there’s some
interesting situations that go on there while they’re trying to you know
continue the bloodline and also maintain allies and things like that there are
several people getting you know banished and then there’s there’s several
different point of views one of them is Ead she is a chamberer for the Queen and
she’s got some secrets of her own she’s actually my favorite character in the
book because she’s pretty great she actually probably has the most POV
time in the book there’s also a dragon rider named Tanne and she’s amazing as
well they’re all really amazing and there’s a couple of guys there’s a
doctor named Niclays there is a guy named Sullyard a lot of them are
trying to move pawns on their own with the little power that they have I’m
over halfway through by now though it’s really really good I’m enjoying it a lot
also the cover’s like really gorgeous it’s got dragons so ♪dragons are great♫
and the next one is American Gods by Neil Gaiman I’m actually participating
in a large buddy read in preparation for the next season of American Gods on
Starz I haven’t gotten to watch the first season which sucks because I love
Neil Gaiman but we don’t have Starz and that’s very upsetting to me
so um I started this book in November for like the second time I’m on 158
currently I’m not caught up with the readalong so I’m trying to get caught
up but I’m bad at readalongs this book is about the old gods and the new gods
old beings that have been worshipped for so so long trying not to disappear
because they disappear when people stop believing in them and then the new gods
which are things that we currently worship like technology and social media
things like that there’s this kind of a great battle going on between the two
forces and then the main character’s name is shadow moon he’s got some
mysterious junk going on and he just got out of prison and he got employed by a
man named Mr. Wednesday who’s pretty mysterious himself next I’m reading Six
of Crows by Leigh Bardugo this is one of the two books that Green Ribbon Book
club is supposed to be reading for January and February I am leading the
book club but I’m super behind so I might actually extend the deadline but
what we’re gonna be doing is talking about the PTSD year representation in Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom so I’m gonna attempt to read this one at least this
one this month and then I’m probably going to extend the deadline for the two
books until the end of April yeah I’m probably gonna do that so that way it
kind of we can actually read more of it and then I have Neverwhere by Neil
Gaiman which is a reread for me I absolutely love this book and I’m
supposed to be doing a buddy reading with Maris we were gonna do it February
we both got kind of overwhelmed with other things so we are going to attempt
it again this is the illustrated copy which I hadn’t read yet if this doesn’t
happen this month we’ll probably just move it to the next month we’ll get it
done at some point when we are able never we’re supposed to be like Alice in
Wonderland for grown-ups it’s a normal guy just trying to make it in the world
and then he realizes he hates his life basically and he runs across this girl
named Door who is very mysterious and is being chased by these two terrible
disgusting guys he kind of discovers that there’s this whole magical world beneath
the London he already knows and now for my fun TBR picker you’ve
seen TBR jars you’ve seen wheels and games and all these other things and now
it’s time for my little special TBR thing so let me introduce to you the TBR
machine so I’ve had this old gumball machine for quite a while
my grandmother had it I’m not sure why she’s doing a Dairy Queen so maybe it
came from there I don’t know where it came from hey puppy What are you doing Sølvi? Hello, Sølvi. How are you doing my baby girl oh thank you so I
was given it a while back and I had to clean it out cuz I had a bunch of like
melted gumballs in it I had to like do a really thorough cleaning when I first
got it but it’s been actually housing my bouncy ball collection for a long time
I’m going to show you a couple of clips of me preparing this and here we are the thing is now it
requires a quarter for me to get one out which is a great way for me to save up
to buy another book or two or five I don’t know
and honestly I was super surprised by how many this thing holds there’s
over a hundred little ball things in here but it they all fit and that’s
great that’s really cool since I already have four books on my
TBR and two of them one of them is really thick and then another one is
kind of big since I already have four books only gonna pick out two more books and I’m gonna try and get to them here we go this is so fun I love this how is their
fur on this Sølvi okay so we got a little green one with a little purple piece of
paper so let’s see what’s inside I’m so scared okay we have oh we have [gasp] Space Opera oh my gosh I’ve been wanting to read this and I have been putting it off
and putting it off so this is a great reason to finally get to it for what I
hear Space Opera is basically Eurovision set in space it’s like this big song
competition… in space so and on the back it says “life is beautiful and life is
stupid” I cannot agree more okay it’s a little blue one with a little red piece
of paper ♪I’m nervous I’m so nervous♫ okay Huh interesting
so this one is if you can see it Maxim Maximum Ride
Maximum Ride is a book by James Patterson that like most people read in
like middle school or high school but I’ve never read so I have it on my
shelves actually right behind me ♪dun duh tada♫
and yeah I’m not really entirely sure what it’s about but I feel like these
people are like part angel or something but that is my March TBR I hope you like
my new TBR machine because I love it it’s so much fun and I’m it’s like a
prize every time but please leave a comment on this video with how you
decide your TBR do you have any random way or any special way that you can pick
extra books to read during the month yeah let me know and if you’d like more
of this junk subscribe below BYEEE [awesome music]

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  1. That is so cool. I keep trying to pick up some of the oldest books I have bought years ago and move them up on my TBR. Constantly buying new books in front of those is something I am trying to stop. Constantly having New Old books is creeping me out.😂

  2. I loved that gum ball machine, great way to pick your next tar. Look forward to the review of space opera.

  3. I love your Tbr gum ball machine. That is awesome. I just have a Tbr bag. And sometimes, I have my kids or my husband pick. I actually just put up my March Tbr if you want to check it out. Anyways, I love watching your videos

  4. At the end of the year I watch everyone's top books of the year and put those books into a jar and pull 2 out each month so I'm reading everyone's favourite books

  5. Awesome! You’ve upped the game!
    Damn now I need to get to work on my TBR Lego, Kinex, marble maze Rube Goldberg Machine!

  6. I absolutely LOVE the gumball machine for your TBR! It’s so original and creative and I can’t wait to see it come in handy for you in reading your TBR books!!

  7. I have a feeling you’ve just started a BookTube trend. Forget TBR carts/trolleys. We’re going to see an uptick in TBR machines.

  8. I've the tbr gumball system! I'm also reading the priory of the orange tree and loving it so far. Hope you have a great reading month! 🙂

  9. I'm boring, so I just have a regular TBR jar that I've started using. And why are you not proud of kissing the puppy??? THEY LOOK SO SWEET ONLY A MONSTER WOULDN'T LOVE THEM!

  10. “Space competition in space” NICE

    I loved the montage of you making the machine!! Ugh I’ve owned maximum ride for yeaars

  11. In love! I really want to read Priory!
    You basically have talked me into Neverwhere – I should really get on that.

    I stood at my bookshelf and wrote on all of my papers too for my game! Lol. For a minute I was like.. " is that me?" Lolol. How long did it take you. You have so many more books than I do!?


  12. This was soo much fun!! I wish I had a machine like that 😍 I never do TBRs because I'm such a mood reader, usually I get the urge to read a certain book and that's what I pick up 😂 I hope you get to enjoy all of the books 💕

  13. I am so stoked to read Priory, but I'm also a little Afraid ™ of reading Priory because if I drop that chonky boy on my face it might kill me.
    The TBR machine is PERFECT I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3 Did you organize the colors of the paper to be certain genres or is it more of like a fun free for all? OMG Maximum Ride! What a throw back… The series gets worse after book 3 but it's so much fun at first, like a pulpy sci-fi/noir-ish but for MG/YA readers. I hope you like all these books!

  14. Totally loving the TBR machine idea!! Also, Maximum Ride was pretty good but I never finished the series lol

  15. Your tbr machine is so cool!! I love that idea! 💗 Maximum Ride was one of my favorite books in middle school!! I hope you enjoy it😊

  16. This is such a cool idea! I have an idea that I'm going to start doing in April which I had a ton of fun making but this is on a whole other level. Looking forward to seeing more videos using it 🙂

  17. I totally need to read Neverwhere and Nevermoore … I am SOOO excited to hear your thoughts on Space Opera! This can go either really amazing or really crappy 😀
    I LOVE the machine! Its amazing!
    Every month for me is sort of a readathon this year – I have my repeating challenges for each month just to make sure I work on my TBR and have a good mix of books. I think I talked about it in my 2019 goals video. So far I really like it because I still make the conscious decision what to read (including adding up the numbers of pages to at least have a somewhat realistic goal) but I still force myself to read more diversely than I did before.

  18. Love the gumball machine! Not sure if this works for your machine but when I was a kid our antique gumball machine was built for quarters but we always used pennies, and they worked!

  19. Cool idea , me I use random number generator to pick my TBR when I want to read my Netgalley ARCs

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