The TBR Machine chooses my July TBR | Reading Challenge

The TBR Machine chooses my July TBR | Reading Challenge

hi 🙂 It’s Penny here and as usual I’m here
to talk about some bookish things specifically today we’re gonna do my
July – July? Right? next month July? We’re gonna do my July TBR. I’m gonna use the
TBR machine again like I did last month I’ll include a link to all the details about
the TBR Machine but basically it’s a website that I made that gives you
random reading prompts and I use it to build my TBR. So our goal is to pick out
3,000 pages of books but first I’m gonna take out the library books because
library books come with an expiry date so we need to get them read. So let’s
talk about the library books that I need to read next month. The first one that I
have here is Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Now I do also have the audio CDs for this.
Basically this is the group book for the book junkie trials because I also want
to pick books that go with the challenges for the book junkie trial but
still I do have this one um I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to read the
physical book, although now that I see it it’s very short so I think I will, but I
thought I would try to get it on audiobook.
There were like several different versions of the audio book on Libby and
all of them had hold lists but the audio CD – no hold, got it straight away.
This is my trick, if you ever want an audio book but there’s too many people
on the queue often if there’s an audio CD nobody wants to listen to it. So I
haven’t decided. I think I might actually try reading and listening to it at the
same time because a few people suggested that and I have seen people suggest that
as a good way of reading books before and I’ve never done it so it seems like
a good opportunity. I don’t actually know much about what Stardust is about. I
imagine being Neil Gaiman that it’s really weird and it’s got some kind of
like fairies or something. “Go and catch a falling star” it sats. I just want to read
what everyone else was reading and of course I I want to win the readathon. I always want to win. So this one is only 267 pages. So we’ll take that off
the 3,000. So talking about readathons I do also have
Pages & Co: Tilly and the Book Wanderers by Anna James. So this is a
middle grade book about this girl who discovers she can let go into the worlds
of different books. I am excited about reading it. Also this is the group book
for Nichi and Linda are putting on a read-a-thon called the… what is it called?
Step right up read-a-thon. Step-right-up-athon.
Like a carnival based read-a-thon. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do
that as well as everything else I want to do next month but I am at least going
to read the group book so that I can talk to those wonderful ladies about
this. So this one is 386 pages which is quite long for a middle-grade although
it is kind of short. So short and long. So then the next book I have is Hunter’s
Oath by Michelle West. I actually picked this up for the Asian read-a-thon because
Michelle West – also sometimes known as Michelle Sagara – is a Japanese-Canadian I
believe. So I’ve renewed this a couple of times because I still haven’t gotten
to it but I do want to get to it this month. I don’t really know much about it
except that I really do want to get into reading some more of Michelle West’s
fantasy. I know she builds really epic worlds and this is about these two guys
who have to like work together to overcome some kind of great evil. You can
tell I don’t really know what it’s about but it’s fantasy. I like fantasy. Oh and I
do have one more library book, which I don’t have yet but I just got a message
that it’s on its way to my library. I’m filming this a little bit early so
hopefully by the time you watching this video I already have it and that is
Middlegame by Seanan McGuire. I’m super excited about reading this. I know I’m
not gonna get to it in June so it’s definitely gonna be in July. It is quite a
long one. It’s like 528 pages so it will take a decent chunk out of my 3,000
pages but it just sounds so awesome. I’ve seen so many people raving about it. There’s
mathematical magic, which is just cool, and like alchemy and like these two
twins who are trying to become a god or something?
Again, I don’t really know the details but I want to read it. I do
quite like a lot of Seanan McGuire’s stuff but I often think because her
books are quite short, she doesn’t fully develop the potential of the different
concepts she has so I’m hoping since this is the longer one that this will
actually deliver on its potential. So those four library books actually
come to 1608 pages which seems like quite a lot.
I keep questioning my maths because one of them is really short but one’s long.
The others are about 400. Blergh my maths was right. Have more confidence on your maths
Penny! Okay so I’m gonna start using the TBR Machine to pick the rest of the
books. About 1,500 pages worth of books I need to pick. I do have a pile here of
books from my shelf that I know match some of the book junkie trial challenges
that I still need to cover. I am gonna do a separate TBR video for that once I
sort it out but I needed to sort this out first. Hopefully I can put some of
these books into the prompts that come up on the TBR machine just to make
things a little bit more challenging. I don’t know why I needed to make things
more challenging for myself? Oh! Honestly I did tell myself that I wasn’t gonna
sign up to any more readathons because it’s just oh a bit of a challenge
to try and do my own challenges as well as read-a-thon challenges but then
read-a-thons are so much fun so I couldn’t resist. Okay so let’s see what
our first prompt is going to be. Read a science fiction book. I will say also –
I’ll screenshot this – I closed all my tabs just so that you guys would think
that I have my life together. Anyway, a science fiction book… any of these
science fiction. I feel like these are all fantasy. Okay so none of the books on
this pile that I have here a science fiction in my opinion. One of them may be
a stretch but I don’t want to stretch things so instead I’m gonna look for a
short book. Oh and worse, recently, you’ll notice my beautiful rainbow. It’s lovely
but I mixed in all my read and unread books which just makes this even more
challenging mmm good work! Okay so the one that I am going
to go with is this one which is called Pixel Juices by Jeff Noon. My sister gave
me this a long time (ago). I believe it is a bunch of short stories that are all kind
of science fiction based. It is listed as science fiction on Goodreads – I checked. I
think they’re just weird science fiction short stories and since I’m adding
this to all the readathon ones like maybe I can just read a short story
every night. I know I did that with a thousand beginnings and endings during
the Asian read-a-thon and it worked quite well. I do like weird science
fiction stories so I am excited to read this. So that one will be on there. It isn’t
that short but ooh the page numbers are all weird and on the side. So
it’s 350 pages. So 350 pages gets us to 1958. Let’s
do another prompt. Do do do. Read a book written by multiple authors and again
none of the books on my pile meet that requirement. And that is gonna be a hard
one to search for too but let’s see what we can do. Ah I know, I know what I want.
Okay I know what I want. I’m gonna read the
Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. It’s a middle grade so it’s gotta
be a quick read right? So this is a story about this world where being a
magician is not necessarily a good thing like it says on the back
‘never trust a magician’ and then this guy ends up getting into magician school and
he has to learn to be a magician. So that one is 295 pages which puts us up to
2253 pages We’ve got about 800 more to go. I
haven’t managed to pick any the ones on my pile yet but that is fine. Let’s do
another prompt. Read a book written for children. Do I even have anything? I must
be able to find something easy for this surely but do I have something? Okay so I
think kind of I’m gonna pick three books for this. Primarily I want to pick
Catundra, which is this story about this cat
whose kind of fat and everyone teases her and then she makes friends with this
mouse and gets her life together. I’m not sure about the message about it but it’s
just a cute little children’s book. um possibly not very fat friendly but I
would like to read it again. And since I’m reading that and I might as well
also read The Little Mouse on the Prairie and Leo the Lop. I saved these from my mum’s
house a little while ago. They were clearing things out and they said do you
want these and I was like yes please! Also one of the challenges for the book
junkie Trials is to reread a favourite. These are definitely favourites from
when I was a kid so that will make that challenge a little bit easy because
these should be very quickly reads. I don’t know how many pages I should count
them as. Surely not very many pages and like each page only has like a tiny bit
of text on them. Honestly, look at this cute little dragon in the front. But it
doesn’t say how many pages. I’m just gonna count this is something ridiculous.
You know what I’m going to count it as 47 pages so that now we’re up to 2,300
pages going into the next prompt which is read the book in a series that you
have started but not finished. Now this is a challenge in the book junkie trials
but I picked an audiobook for that and here in this in this video we need to
pick physical books. Hmmm which might mean my book junkie trial things all gonna
have to change but let’s find a series… oh god I know which one I should pick
and I don’t want to pick it. Waah. So the two books that I have on my shelves that
are part of series that I should continue is the Skies of Pern by Anne
McCaffrey which is the next book in the Dragons of Pern series that I need to
read. These books are not particularly well written but I just want to continue
the series especially like a few books away from this Anne McCaffrey’s son takes
over the series that I’m really interested to see if the quality of
writing improves with his introduction. But I’m really not excited about this
one and it’s four hundred and something pages However
this one wow great flipping around. Is Prince of Dogs
by Kate Elliott. So this is the second book in the Crown of Stars series I started
a couple of months ago. I do really love this series however it’s five hundred
and seventy something pages long and the and it’s like quite a tall book so the
pages are quite long. I do think that I will get through this one quicker and
I’m more excited about reading this and given that this is going to be a massive
TBR I should focus on ones I’m excited for so I’m gonna go with Prince of
Dogs by Kate Elliott. Okay so we’re up to 2874 pages.
Probably only gonna put one more book into my July TBR.
I really hope it can be one of the ones from the pile that I said at the
beginning I wanted to pick from and I still haven’t picked any books from it.
Let’s see what out next prompt is. Do do do. Read a book that intimidates you. Also
a challenge for the book junkie trials but that oh hmm I’ve planned something for that
one. You have to watch my book junkie TBR to find out my plans for that one but
I do… I really don’t think I can argue that any of these intimidate me. Why do I
do this to myself? Why? Okay an intimidating book. Like honestly wouldn’t
you have hoped that my last like 100 and whatever twenty pages would be like
something nice and easy? I’ve already got plenty to read but no let’s pick
something hard! Why not? I figured it out ! One that I am intimidated by – it is long – and
yet, I am excited about it. I thought for a moment I was gonna have to
pick something that I was really not excited about but what I’ve got is the
Painted Man by Peter V. Brett. I picked this up a couple of months ago from a
thrift shop. I don’t really know what it’s about other than there’s like
demons and stuff. Actually I haven’t told you what half these books are about.
Basically I haven’t read any of these so I don’t really know what they’re about but I am
excited to read this one because I know a lot of people say it’s really good.
It’s quite highly rated. It is long but well, I knew that was gonna happen.
So this is 544 pages long. I do also think that I’m gonna have to add another
996 pages in order to complete the book junkie trials like I want to but as I
said I will put up another TBR in a couple of days to talk about all the
books that I’m planning to read for that readathon which will include some of
the audiobooks that I have. So what I normally do at the end of these videos –
normally? I’ve done *one* before. But I do want to just mention some of the
audiobooks that I think I will be reading in the month of July. Man I
forgot how to talk. Firstly we’ve got Storm and Fury by Jennifer L Armentrout.
I’ve never read anything by her before but I have heard of her and Linda was
recently talking about Storm and Fury. Apparently it’s got gargoyles in it. I love
gargoyles so I’m gonna pick it up for that. I’ve also got Eldest by Christopher
Paolini because I’ve just finished Eragon and so I wanna read the next book
in this series. It’s all about dragons – it’s quite classical fantasy. I’m keen for
that. I’ve also got And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie which I haven’t
managed to fit into any of the book junkie trial challenges and I’m a little
bit frustrated about that but I’m excited to continue trying my theory
where you read classics on audiobook and it makes things easier. And I also
have Ship of Magic by Robin hobb which is the next – I don’t know? It’s like a
separate um trilogy from the Farseer trilogy but I think it’s like somehow
related to that but I don’t really know. I’m not a Robin hobb expert – yet! But I
aim to be once I finish reading all her books. Then I also have The Girl Who
Kicked the Hornets Nest by Stieg Larsson. So this is one that I have on
my physical TBR shelf but no way am i reading it in physical form so once I’ve
listened to the audiobook I can check that off. Also I should have coming
through Bloodwitch by Susan Dennard. Now if you were watching at the start of the
year, you’ll know I got that in physical form from the
library and after about a hundred pages I thought what am i doing and then I
discovered the audiobook was there and I thought yes if I’m gonna continue this
series then I’m gonna continue in an audio book. Just because I find the
writing style a bit clumsy. I was hoping over time Susan Dennard
would improve but I still find it quite clumsy. I really like a lot of what’s
happening but oh it’s just a lot of work to get through so I’ve got the audio
book. And also The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell. Again I don’t know much about
this. Some world where there are magicians with different abilities and
there’s this girl who can like travel in time and she has to go back and steal
something from the magician’s in the past in order to make the magicians in
the future safe? Something like that. I’ve hand it on my radar for a while so I
decided, you know what? How about I just get the audiobook of it? Then I also have the
audiobook for Pride and Prejudice. So this is a book was actually on my June
TBR out of my June TBR machine challenge. But I just realized um I don’t want to
read it and then I realized there’s an audiobook and like why not just read it
that way? So spoilers for my wrap-up. I’m not going to complete all the books from
my TBR machine challenge. But that is all the audiobooks that I should have coming
through it’s possible once I go away and take this TBR into account and work out
my book junkie trial that I am going to need to add some more audiobooks but we
will see how it works out. So let me put this TBR together so that I can show
you the whole awfulness of it. Oh okay so I have to hand stand back so that you
can see all of these books. It’s quite a lot. I don’t know why I did this to me.
I’m gonna get some good exercise lifting this up. So 4,400 something pages. I
think I worked out as about 140 pages a day so I am going to need to sort out my
life so that I can fit that amount of reading in but we will
try. Oh my camera is about to die of course you are. Okay so those are all the
library books, the TBR machine picks, and the few others that I think I’m going to
need for the book junkie trials. A lot of pages so I’ve got a lot of work cut out
for me in July. I’m gonna need to sort out my life so I can fit all this
reading in. I will be posting wrap ups at the end of the month.
One this month to let you know how I went with last month’s TBR machine
challenge and also at the end of the month if you want to know how I did with
reading all these. You can check in with me then. Subscribe and all that stuff so
that you can laugh at me for being too ambitious. Also I will post my book
junkie trial TBR in a couple of days once I’ve had a chance to work out how
this is all going to work and whether I can make things easier for myself. We’ll
see. Do let me know if you’ve read any of those books. Do you think I’m gonna
like them? Also if you are participating in the book junkie trials let me know so
we can go on a journey together 🙂 Otherwise I hope you’re having a
wonderful day. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time 🙂

12 thoughts on “The TBR Machine chooses my July TBR | Reading Challenge

  1. Whoa, that’s a lot of reading! I wish you the best of luck with your TBR. I’ve never counted my monthly pages read-that’s a cool idea. What is the most amount of pages you’ve read in a month?
    I read Stardust last year and liked it but I liked the movie better because it had more detail,which is odd because it’s usually the other way around.

  2. I really enjoyed The Painted Man when I read it earlier in the year, cannot wait to continue the series.

  3. I always have lots of tabs open too! I like your rainbow shelves :). I liked The Iron Trial a lot, but I was disappointed with the second book in the series. I haven't continued with the series yet, but I do plan to do so some day. I haven't read The Skies of Pern, I have read the first.. so many books in the series, but I didn't get as far as The Skies of Pern. I stopped reading the series years ago but I do want to get back to it some day maybe.. I really liked The Painted Man when I read it, I hope you like it too! I've read the first 4 books in the series but I haven't read the 5th book yet. I'll get to it some day haha. I liked Eragon and read it twice, but I haven't continued the series yet. I hope you enjoy Ship of Magic, my sister really liked some of the Robin Hobb books (I've yet to get to one!). It's a large TBR! Happy reading in July!! I hope you enjoy all of these books :). Have a wonderful day too!

  4. I love that you calculate based on page numbers. That is very smart.
    There are so many great Readathons this summer. I want to participate in all of them but it just isn’t possible. 😢
    I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on all these choices.

  5. I enjoy reading and listening at the same time – weirdly, I only do it when I'm really enjoying a book though. 😛 Hahaha, my tabs are a mess 😛 Wowww July is going to be a huge reading month for you – good luck!

  6. And then there were none would total work for gritty or gory. It is about 10 people who start to die in different ways and some of the ways are gross. I love that book. I hope you like it.

  7. Iam participating in the book junkie readathon as well! I am going to read middlegame for the month of July as well I'd love to talk to you about this!

  8. I recently read Storm and Fury and really enjoyed it. I gave it 4.5 stars. I also liked The Last Magician which I gave either a 3.5 or 4 stars. Fun TBR video. Also, love your hair color by the way!

  9. I love using the random number generator to pick my next book to read .It's a fun way of pick my books because I don't know what is coming.

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