THE SUMMONING (2018) – Sri Lankan Horror Short Film [4K]

I’m so sorry, Shenic You ok, man? We haven’t seen you since, you know… Anisha, we broke up a month before it happened. I couldn’t bring myself to go to her funeral, man. Do they know who did it? No, suspects yet. There’s not much left of her place. I feel like I should have been there with her longer, you know. If I had just been there-
Dude, don’t do this to yourself. It’s not your fault. You need to let her go. Come on, man. Just delete the contact. I just wanna thank y’all for organizing this movie night. Actually we might have a problem there. The TV’s not working. Again? I just got it fixed yesterday. Now what? Carrom? I like board games. This is your night, man. Anything you want. We need a bigger table. What is this? Wait, isn’t this -?
A seance table. You mean the talk-to-the-dead kinda thing? The dead? So could we summon something like a demon? To do what? Umm..To kill your ex? You hate him right? I don’t need a demon to do that for me. What about Akash’s? If you wanna summon a demon I could just call her. I wanna see how you do a seance. No.
Why not? Coz it’s dumb. Obviously. It’s not dumb, it’s- You know how to do a seance yeah? Ok shut it. This is dangerous, guys. I wanna talk to my dead grandfather. I wanna ask him why he left all his stuff to my sister. You can’t talk to dead people. She told us her family did it once right? Come on, this is dumb as hell! Chill, man. I thought you liked board games. It’s not like it’s real anyways. It is! So show us. So you guys wanna do this? It’s been years since I’ve seen anyone do it. And you two! No matter what happens, I’m not responsible for anything. Get ready. We’re gonna do a seance. Now what? Let the show begin. Keep quiet! [in Latin: Spirits from the other side, unsettled souls. ] [in Latin: We call to you. We invite you into our circle.] [in Latin: Step forth into the light.] [in Latin: We invite you, the dead to communicate and to make your presence known] [in Latin: Step forth into the light O’spirit.] [in Latin: Give us a sign if you have crossed into our dimension.] [in Latin: Make your presence known!] [in Latin: We invite you into our circle] [in Latin: Communicate with us] Spirits in this circle, are we talking to the other side? Are we talking to the other side? Bummer… Told ya. Who did that? So, was that a demon? Are you a spirit? Whose spirit is this? B… O… O… “BOO”? Guys this is not funny anymore, who’s moving it? Dude, it’s not us, man! Hey, how did you die? Was it murder? It said something. What? What did it say? “FATAL”? No way… The hell was that?? How long Shenic? What do you mean? You know what I mean No, I don’t. Stop with the lies! How could you do this to me? I trusted you!! Why do you always have to go through my stuff? Sorry, Boo. You brought this on yourself. Good bye. WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHAT DO YOU WANT? YOU! “HI STEFI”?

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