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so hey guys this is KD from Sciencekriti and welcome to our channel so this video is about SNAKES and for this video we would like to thank The Indian Snakes Organization for supporting this video if you love snakes do check out there website, link in the description so snakes, of India could ammm… no wait they could be the most misunderstood creatures of the world and to add to the effect of this image of snakes bollywood has contributed in a great way we ll talk about this later first lets talk about snakes so here in India, we have snakes that are fast on land snakes that are excellent climbers snakes that are great swimmers and snakes that can actually glide and now the their scariest quality not that one snakes are poisonous what? snakes are poisonous , right? ok so snakes are venomous so the difference between venom and poison is that so poison needs to enter to body via skin or oral route while venom directly needs to enter via bloodstream like a snake bite but some snakes are poisonous too, like this one the Japanese Tiger Keelback whose neck region has the Nuchal Glands which secrets a poison so here in India we have around 300 snake species out of which only 10% are harmful to humans and even of those 10% many live inside the sea like sea krait or some stay in deep forests, like many pit vipers who never comes in contact to humans and some of snakes for eg King Cobra come in human contact but are found in limited areas now the snakes that you should stay away are the Big 4 these big 4 are the snakes that are found in the good number across the nation this guy here is a Saw Scaled Viper dont misinterpret it by its small size they can have the fastest tracking speed the next one is Cobra they can be easily identified and no there is no such thing as Naag Mani on their head the next one on the list is the Russell’s Viper you can easily identify it from its chain pattern their fangs are the largest in India and finally The Common Krait the number of their bites recorded are less because they are mostly nocturnal and calm wait they are only 4 species that means out of 300 there is hardly any snake that can harm us so why are we so much afraid of them? the answer is Evolution so prehistorically our ancestors were prey species for snakes and because of venom they began to be more alert from snakes and this behaviour now passed to next generations making them even more scared about snakes and over the years, the fear of snakes gave rise to n number of superstitions alot of people die because of snake bite but alot more than that snakes are killed by people either they are victim of roadkills or facing habitat loss and during these hard times, to help snakes, some people come forward and they are called as SARPMITRA and job of snakes rescuers can be very difficult they have to rescue snakes in very tough conditions sometimes that could be potentially dangerous and some of the snake rescuers dont even charge for their work but this noble job is being used by some people to get the “likes” on facebook and for the likes they started doing snake stunts but the true rescuers consider such stunts as very wrong thing to do so snake rescuers need to follow a proper snake rescue protocol like- wear proper footwear use proper equipment release the snake as soon as possible within the 2km radius, etc and because of not following the protocol many rescuers have themselves bitten by snake snake bite! what can you do in a case of snake bite? 1. calm down your heart rate can increase due to panic which can result in faster spreading of venom in body do not try to kill the snake and take a video it could waste time and could be risky too 2. remove the ornaments or jewellery worn on the bitten area there is high possibility of heavy swelling in the area 3. keep the bitten part at the lower altitude if possible , lightly band aid it remember LIGHTLY because you dont need to stop complete blood flow to that part, you just need to immobilize it. and as soon as possible with the help of your friends and family, reach the nearest government hospital stay away from traditional techniques and snake charmer snake venom is made up of very complex proteins which could be very difficult to treat so it is necessary to treat it in a proper government hospital and finally why are snakes important? so snakes are something called mesopredators that means they lie somewhere between in a foodchain that means they are predators as well as prey species if we remove them from foodchain it can cause imbalance in the whole foodchain Friends Of Farmers being carnivorous snakes are very important to control rat population it is said that a rat snake can eat near about 10,000 of rats in its life span and it directly benefits the farmers and us snake venom and medicine so snake venom has alot of uses for eg venom of brazilian pit viper is used in kidney diseases, stroke, diabetes and alot more studies are in being done to use venom of black mamba for the treatment of diseases like alzheimers and parkinson’s and rattle snake’s venom for the treatment of cancer so snakes are more important than you think so it is necessary that we respect them if you like this video, please do like share and subscribe to our channel and also connect with us on facebook for science memes (link in the description) and on instagram where we have an interaction with the audience

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