The Snake Xenomorph – Explained

The Snake Xenomorph – Explained

Among the several variant Xenomorphs developed
by Kenner, the Snake Xenomorph, or, simply, Snake Alien, remains one of the more distinct
alien types we’ve seen from that era, presenting a version of the xenomorph that seems to have
had a snake for its host. Unlike some of the other variants seen from
these alternate host concepts, the Snake Xenomorph’s appeareance is most definitely a departure
from the usual: This xenomorph, of course, has no appendanges, though its head is hooded,
with surrounding claws. This variant still carries the signature inner
jaw seen on most xenomorphs, though, similiar to a predalien, the snake xenomorph has mandibles
on its upper jaw. In line with the other designs from the series,
the Snake Alien made its appearance in the Dark Horse-produced Space Marines comics series,
which accompanied each action figure. The issue featuing the snake alien, “Night
Strike” featured the marine squad on colony Terrform-3, a wooded area, and finding themselves
in combat with an alien queen and surrounding Bull Aliens. It was from the woods where the Snake Xenomorph,
described as striking like lighting, began to attack. Whether from instinct carried over from the
host, or through its own nature, the Snake version of the xenomorph seemed to have adapted
remarkbly well to its enviornment, able to hide in tall grass to move in for its attacks,
and wrap itself almost entirely around a tree. The force of its strike was also shown as
being quite significant, effortlessly biting through a branch, in an attempt to take down
Bishop. Though this version of the xenomorph is certainly
different than the norm, it’s an interesting notion nonetheless to consider what an alien
may look like depending on its host, though even with the snake alien, there may be slight
disagreements over the resulting creature. For example, this variant wasn’t limited to
the Space Marines comics alone – the concept was also used for the 1993 video game Alien
Vs Predator. In this case, the Snake Alien retained the
design of having a long tail, with no legs, but included two arms, and no jaw mandibles,
making its upper torso much more recognizable as a xenomorph, and less serpant-like than
the Kenner design. Which design looks better, or makes more sense,
may be a matter of opinion, but it was the appearance in the Kenner toy and comic line
that seemed to make a larger impression. As with previous designs such as the Gorilla
Alien and Mantis Alien, it was recently announced that the Snake Alien has underwent a new and
updated design by Neca toys, and the new figure will be along soon. Also to be released: the scorpion alien, as
previously explored on this channel, and an update to Sgt. Apone, as he appeared in the comics: Biomechanical
arm accesory, NO BUGS shirt and all. Of course, the Kenner designs were created
with selling toys in mind – but they really touched on something. There’s a reason these toys, and the little
comics that came with them, have maintained the interest of fans for over 20 years now…they’re
really cool designs, they’re interesting, and I think these designs offer a larger suggestion
of what the xenomorph parasite is capable of depending on its host. Are you a fan or collector of Neca’s updated
designs from this series? What designs do you think they should update
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  1. The snake alien is my favorite xenomorph. It was the first alien figure I ever got as a kid. 9 years old.

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