The ‘Smart Guy’ When T.J. Met A Pedophile On The Internet

The ‘Smart Guy’ When T.J. Met A Pedophile On The Internet

(gentle music) – [Narrator] TJ wants $55 for a computer game
called Starship Doctor. His dad say, “No dice.” Meanwhile, Marcus and Moe went splitsies on a piece of shit car that
set them back a cool six hundo. Karen tells TJ about a kid, named Marky412 she’s been talking to in a chat room, who’s selling bootleg
copies of Starship Doctor for 20 bucks. TJ has some concerns that this illegal and, therefor, something that
could get him in trouble. Which, he quickly overlooks the second Karen calls him a wuss. TJ messages Marky412 and
finds out that, not only, is Starship Doctor still available, he has also has some more illegal games. Eager to purchase all
these bootleg titles, TJ says they’ll meet him this afternoon then hatches a quick plan
to fleece those two bozos with car troubles outside. He offers to repair the car for $65 then, somehow, fixes the
engine with a paperclip then takes off with those suckers’ money. TJ and Karen show up,
in dorky, matching hats, looking for the kid they were
talking to in the chat room. Only, a kid doesn’t show up. It turns out, Marky412
is a fully-grown dude. And, when TJ and Karen are
like, “Hey, man, what the shit? “We thought you were 12.” Marky412 says he was only in the kids chat
room because he likes games and the only other people, on Earth, who like games are kids. And, that airtight logic is
all these two idiots need to sit down with this pedophile. They do the deal in a very
inconspicuous fashion, seasoned pros. Marky says, “Enjoy, but
definitly do not tell your dad.” because, hey, dumb-dumb,
illegal stuff makes dads pissed. TJ, instantly, shows his dad all the cool, new games he bought. And, when his dad is like,
“Hey, man, what the shit? “I thought you only robbed
your brother for $65?” TJ covers by saying he
only bought one game and the rest are Karen’s. Very smooth. Marky412 Ims to ask, “How
they like the games?” TJ says, “They’re super sweet.” and Marky412 says he has two new games, including Clowns of War,
and they’re even sweeter. Only, Marky can’t leave the house because he’s too busy
working on a new game. So, if they want Clowns of War they better book it over to his house. TJ scams some more car money then rides off into the
sunset of his innocence. Marky412 welcomes his young guests to a very unsettling basement
featuring two computers and a surfboard on a blue screen that’s the new game he’s been working on. Marky412 starts explaining
his Surf City game and TJ is enthralled. Marky says that he uses that
super, nifty basement cam, over there, to put your
image right in the game and they can be the very first to try it. TJ and Karen take turns on
this, absolutely, terrible game where you stand on a
surfboard and do nothing as stock footage of waves
crashing plays behind you. It might be the worst game of all-time if you can even call it a game, at all. They say the game rocks
because they’re dumb. But, Mikey412 says “Something’s wrong. “See, they’re surfing in warm
clothes and it looks weird, “they should be wearing bathing suits.” TJ quips that bathing suits
might be winter wear in Hawaii but not in D.C., which
stands for Darn Cold, which is music to a pedophiles ears since only little kids say darn. Marky says, “Underwear is, basically, “the same as a bathing
suit and, yeah, ya know, “maybe they should just, like, “get in their underwear
and hop on that surfboard.” TJ and Karen say, “No thanks.” and Marky breaks out a book
of his other basement friends and flips to a girl, named Melissa, who used to be nervous but after a while started surfing with her shirt off. TJ seems to have no objection to the fact that he’s
looking at child porn and, instead, is like,
“Hey, man, what the shit? “I thought you said we were the first ones to play this game.” Marky covered, saying they’re the first to play this version. And, this smart guy finally realizes, “Holy fuck, we’re in a
pedophiles basement!” The worst kind of basement to be in. TJ drags Karen out of there because she’s about to wind up
on a page stuck to Melissa’s. And, Marky412 reminds them,
do not tell their parents. So, TJ immediately tells
his dad, who calls the cops, who then say this guy’s on
parole for a similar crime and he’s going back to jail thanks to TJ’s heroic,
illegal computer games. TJ talks with his dad and says
he’s done with the internet and he’s gonna throw his modem away. His dad is like, “Hey, man, what the shit? “There’s some pretty cool stuff on there “and, also, I look at boobs
when you’re at school.” TJ asks, “How you can know who’s
good and who’s not online?” and his dad says, “You can’t.” Even though you definitly
can when it’s a grown man who lures you to his
basement with video games. So, what did we learn today? If an adult man, who calls himself Marky and hangs out in kids chat rooms, can trick you into riding
your bike to his basement with the worst video game ever made, you might not be such
a smart guy, after all. And, if you need $55 to buy a new game you can make that money, and then some, by fixing your brother’s
broken car with a paperclip. But, don’t get greedy and use that money to buy three bootleg
games and then try to buy two more bootleg games,
in the same afternoon, before you’ve even played
those first three games because you might end up in
Marky412’s book of memories. And, if you meet a pedophile
in a chatroom tell the cops so they can send him to prison where his ass will get
filled with street justice. And, don’t let this experience turn you off to the internet, as a whole, because there’s some
pretty cool stuff online and your dad looks at boobs
while you’re at school. See you next time, on A Very Special Episode. (booming)

100 thoughts on “The ‘Smart Guy’ When T.J. Met A Pedophile On The Internet

  1. I don't know why you even upload these videos is all you do is talk and no one can hear the video anyway

  2. Used to watch this show all the time. One of my favorite classics. Seeing this episode again as an adult I'm like oh fuuuuuck, that IS a pedophile 😲

  3. in real life they wouldn’t have made it out that Basement if they didn’t have a plan . he would have hit them or something, but you know tv don’t want to show everything 🙄 .

  4. When I saw this episode as a kid, I had no idea what was goin on, kinda funny seeing this put it into perspective now as an adult

  5. I remember this episode lol. Still not as cringey as the different strokes "very special episode". 😂😂😂

  6. When I was a kid , there was a grown man who called himself "Marky". He would go on TV shows (even on the Nikelodeon channel) and tell people to "feel the vibrations".) He sold tons of videos and cds ….and got away with it.

  7. Low key it was kinda funny when the narrator make tj say “hey what the shit” lol. But Fr I like how old shows would make serious subjects like these actually educational and show the real dangers of the subject. I don’t even think shows now know how to really connect with an audience on serious subject and I ain’t even an old head my ass is gen z

  8. I guess the commentary is supposed to be funny but honestly Smart guy was brave to tackle this subject. Obviously they cared

  9. This stuff is freaky as hell. I came home one time to find a party that my room mate had and an underage girl, probably like 12, was there and when I asked her to leave I got a cussing out. Then I gave a few minutes and asked again with the same response. Finally I sat down next to her and yelled "get out!" She stood up, looked right at me and slammed my head into a glass table almost knocking me unconscious. Then the cops showed up and it gets even better.

  10. I mean pirating games is wrong but this was the late 90's and new PS1 and N64 games were expensive as shit so I would pirate them as well

  11. “They say the game rocks because they’re dumb” lmao I will never forget this episode. Really good lesson that can be learned from it, however he would’ve never made it out of that basement alive in real life.

  12. This episode always creeped me out. I mean why would TJ disrespectfully decline that mans hospitality. Not so smart after all.

  13. Just look at all the old Disney stars now or any hellywood actor/actress. Remember the Nickelodeon "scandals" with pedophiles? Just search duckduckgo for "Hollywood pedophiles" and you will find so many hits. A good video to watch on this is Strangerthanfictions "what they haven't told you Mel Gibson & Shia LaBeouf the meltdown". Beware if anyone tries to scout your children!

  14. Something I just thought of, I know there are some pedophiles that will rape both boys and girls, but does anybody else think it's more likely Marky412 took orders to supply material to other pedophiles?

  15. it sure is lucky they ended up in the basement of the one pedophile on earth who gets a kid into their basement and then lets them leave.

  16. "His ass will get filled with street justice".
    OMG I'm trying to do my respiratory treatment while watching these, and it's making me laugh and I have to start over.

  17. Jail logic we will punish rapist with rape from other rapist who will be seen as doing a good deed but are probably in jail for rape because they have no qualms with raping a dude in prison 😂

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