The Sims Logic (Ep.14): Sims 4 Island Living (ft. SimgmProductions)

The Sims Logic (Ep.14): Sims 4 Island Living (ft. SimgmProductions)

OMG there’s a mermaid. Maybe if I call her to come here, I can finally
see her swimming gracefully. Hey you there! Can you come over here? Oh alright just a sec ond. Oh yeah. Technology exists. Wait, this small toddler can eat this husked
coconut? You’re joking right? What the hell?! What are that kid’s teeth made out of? Aww man it’s raining already. And my boat is still over there. I need to get back to it. Let me just use my umbrella while I’m swimming
in the sea to keep me dry. Oh no! You’re taking a bath and I caught you doing
it! Now I felt SO embarrassed. What the-, you always see me in this form
in the swimming pool anyway, so why do you feel embarrassed when I’m in the bathtub?! Oh cool, I can set a dolphin as head. Ooh nice. And here it is, the majestic Bottlenose Dolphin,
crawling out of the ocean with its newfound capability. It has gained this ability due to their adaptation
in the face of both global warming and harsh pollution. Because of the degradation of their original
home, the dolphins are forced to seek out new homes and to find a new way of life. And of course, they also need to start the
mating procedure with other land mammals in order to increase their already low population
and begin their evolution journey. Oh how I love the beach. Whoa look at that! There’s someone’s jetski. Can I use it without their permission and
commit a grand theft auto? Of course, I can! Wheeeee. Hey Khloe, look at my awesome swimming skill. Shut up Kim that swimming is weak as hell. If you want to swim properly, learn from the
professional like me here. Oh my god that’s not even swimming. You’re literally pushing water back with
your hands. That’s the definition of swimming you stupid
bi**h. You guys are all suck at swimming. Oh yea, well instead of talking crap to us,
why not show us how you swim. I can do even better. Yeah right. What just happened? Are you feeling jealous because others can
swim better than you? Well there’s an easy fix! By using this punching bag until your fitness
skill reach level 6, you can now swim faster and more efficiently even if you rarely swim. Hey, can I ask you something. This might sound ridiculous but, are you,
by any chance, a mermaid. Me? A mermaid? What gave you that idea?! Uhh I don’t know. Maybe due the fact that your lower body is
a literal fish tail right now? I’m climbing up the ladder la da da da. Oh no, someone is going down. Hey there, I wanna climb up, can I just pass
through your body instead? Oh, sure that’s fine. Ok thanks. Anyway, nice intestines you got there. Finally, stilted foundations are in the game! Look at how amazing my beach house is! Now, let’s take a look from the bottom angle. Oh, umm. Let’s just go back on seeing it from this
angle. Hey, you’re not using the shower, right? Nope. Perfect! Hey there, Emily. Would you mind diving into the ocean from
this ledge? I assure you that it’s not gonna be that
high! And the water you’re gonna be landing on
will be deep enough so it’s perfectly safe! So whaddya say? I’ll take that as a yes. Yes, yes. Dive into your doom. What the heck you’re not supposed to live
after jumping into a shallow water that high. Dammit Emily! Wow this festival is so much fun! Too bad it’s gonna end soon. Now let’s leave the area simultaneously
in a conga line! I’m a mother fricking lifeguard man. I’m gonna keep everyone safe in this beach
by patrolling around for danger. Hmm, seems that everything is safe! Uhh mister, what are you doing? I’m making sure you’re all safe kid! Look! I even got a moodlet to show that I’m actually
guarding this beach. Uhh, you sure? Pretty sure the beach you’re supposed to
guard is over there. Kourtney what are you doing? Trying to start a fire here. What the heck Kourtney. Who in their right mind would set up a campfire
underwater? I would. You have any marshmallow? Okay Iggy, I’m gonna put you down here. Mommy’s gonna have a sunbath first. Just stay here and, I don’t know play in
the sand or something. Ahh, I can finally get a tan. OMG, did that toddler just built an extremely
detailed sand sculpture? At such a young age?! Oh wow. – Impressive
– Oh whoa – OMG
– Damn. – He should be in my top 10 video.
– This is awesome! – I’m impressed!
– Amazing! Okay Iggy, I’m already done. Now let’s go- what?! – Excuse me sir, can you look at the camera?
– Are you planning to sell this art of yours? – I’m from CBC TV here to interview you.
– Sir please look at me sir! – CAN YOU SIGN MY BUTTOCKS?!
– You should be on the cover of a magazine! Nice, you’re working as a conservationist
now! Let’s start your career by researching about
it on the computer. So, lurking around the forum and stalking
on people’s profile is researching about conservation now? Ahh hard at work I see. Oh, so you’re currently in a city where
there are no natural landmarks at all? Not even a high ground or something? Yeah, that doesn’t matter. You can just add this volcanic activity lot
trait and you’ll still experience volcanic earthquake and eruptions even though there
are no volcano around. In this game, even a simple sunbather can
defy the laws of physics. Alright, so mermaids cannot climb ladders
straight from the ocean because they have a quote unquote “tail” issue. Yeah of course, let’s forget the fact that
they can climb pool ladders with no problem at all. Whoa I’m new to this tropical life! But I’m gonna need some beach supplies. Oh, maybe by talking to this atm like machine,
I can finally buy some, like this big jetski and this huge canoe that I will put in my
pocket! If you try to relax on this lounge chair and
stay there for hours under the scorching sun, nothing will happen to your skin. But you have to select this “sunbathe”
interaction first which is no different than before and then you’ll get sunburnt after
a while. Hey did you just leave your toddler alone
near the vast ocean at night even though there are sharks, killer mermaids and vampires playing
around the beach. Yes, yes, I did. Thank you so much guys for watching episode
14 of The Sims Logic! And also, a big thank you to SimgmProductions
for voicing some of the voices in this video. If you haven’t, you should check their channel
out. They produce hilarious and high-quality machinimas
and spoofs in The Sims. Anyway, I hope that you clicked the like button
below, and if you do like this kind of videos and want more, be sure to subscribe to my
channel as well. See you later!

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  1. a sim of my household has a bike as a friend. I saw it in the relationships.

    Another has drunk honey from time to time.

  2. I love these Sims logic videos 😍❤️❤️👍also can you plzzz make more Sims logic videos with SimgmProduction in the future Maybe 🙏🙏🙏🙏😊😊

  3. Sims logic: (TS3) Brings home twins* gets stuck in corner* “WHY WONT YOU MOVE SIM???” Well I guess I have to wait for CPS to show up and take the baby.

  4. Hey so I saw the movie trailer for "Ready or Not" and a character shot someone they weren't supposed, and another character shouted "Danmit Emily!" Haha made me think of you.

    This reminds me of your videos, onlyabidoang. esp in 1:41 of the video linked. 😛

  6. Him: "did you just leave your toddler alone near the vast ocean at night even though there are sharks, killing mermaids and vampires"

    Me: well vampires can't bite toddlers for some reason… I guess they are scared of kids :p

  7. TS3: once when I made a sim I moved him into a house without anti-thief alarm and on the fort day of this save file a thief stole my toilet

  8. Me torturing myself by watching The Sims 4 videos when I can’t even log into Origin day 575.

    Man, I miss my sims…

  9. I have a funny story :3

    You deserve 1M subs. Idk how you havent reached I yet. Bye :3

    Also, I tried removing the pool ladder while my sim was swimming but they knew how to climb out. I almost cried with tears of joy

  10. Wow the sims4 version of the simdashians look way nicer than the sims2 version I hope they reconsider a model change

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