The Shortest Checkmate in Chess: The Fool’s Mate

The Shortest Checkmate in Chess: The Fool’s Mate

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. The shortest checkmate
in chess is where black wins after two moves. It’s very unlikely and in order for it to
work white needs to move their g-pawn to g4 on their first or second move. Let’s just
say it’s played on the first move, and black need only open a diagonal for the queen with
e6 or e5. And from here after f3 or f4, let’s just say f4: queen h4 is checkmate. Surprisingly
enough there is no way to capture the queen, run away safely by the king, or block. And
so this is checkmate, 2-move checkmate, also known as “The Fool’s Mate”.

93 thoughts on “The Shortest Checkmate in Chess: The Fool’s Mate

  1. You'll just have satisfy with him having been scholar's mated some time ago.

    I think it was a Warzone game played against antonanton. Right, Jerry? πŸ™‚

  2. He actually has already done it. Sometimes other players want to help Jerry be first and instead of resigning, they force the Fool's Mate. πŸ™‚

  3. He actually already pulled off the Fool's Mate on a guy before during a warzone. I don't remember which video it was.

  4. Lol Jerry it seems as if you had an urge to upload a video, but had no real material to work with… πŸ˜‰ Just j/king, always appreciate new videos from you! πŸ™‚

  5. Back in my days of yahoo blitz chess I used to use this to check to see if I was playing against a program. (games under 15 seconds did not count against rating).

  6. Why is the CC captions 100% about the words you are saying in this video… That thing usually thinks of incredible rhymes but incorrect words, yet in this video they are all correct.

  7. A program mates instantly – without 15 seconds passing the game would go unrated. A human would either miss the mate or see it and wait 15 seconds so the game rated.

  8. One of my classmates at school who I don't know other than being in the same class as him was bragging abou. His chess skills and I challenged him to a game. He has played mabye 10 games in his life and had no idea what he was doing and he lost to this type of checkmate on move 3 or 4 it was satisfying. He was kinda know for being a bully too XD

  9. Is there any possible setup in Fisher random where a faster mate is possible(either mate in 1 for black or white winning on second move)?

  10. If anyone is hunting for it, It's his 90th one, so just youtube search "chessnetwork [90]" and you should get it.

  11. In – Cube Fanatics Warzone Chess Tournament [90] – it is Jerry who gets mated this way. Also, in that video he asks that we not tell anyone about that awful game of his, and I think we should respect that request of his.

  12. If you watch either his latest tournament or the one before on YT, someone gave him a fool's mate. Because it was a bullet game, it took four moves for Jerry to realize the opponent was giving it to him, but it did happen very recently.

  13. That was classic! I rofl so bad, but he recovered heroically if I'm right, finished in 1st or 2nd, I just don't remember what # it was…

  14. I expecially like the picture for this video πŸ˜€

    and btw, i really like this kind of opening/trap video! (granted this one might indeed be unlikely to occur haha)

    I have defeated countless of players with variations of "H2!" ™ and the Legal trap from one of ur vids. If you would like to share some more of those tricks one day, I'd love to watch πŸ˜€

  15. Haha, I really don't have anything against this trap, but I don't think that it would ever happen in a real game (at my level).

  16. That's the one. And the reaction was just pure gold. Amazing how he almost got first place playing at such tilt πŸ™‚

  17. When I first started learning to play Chess years ago, I had a friend who did this to me for several consecutive games, this and the scholar's mate…..I bet it happened to me ten times in a row before I started paying attention to the game and realized my mistakes

  18. After this I went straight to lichess and lost 10 games in a row "accidently" to this fools mate just to see people's reactions.

  19. lol nice bullshit offer man…Why don't you just say 50$ and make it slightly believable…Of course it's all relative and your 50k could be my 50 bucks but anyway…

  20. There has to be a way out of it, quantum tunnelling, were the king sneaks behind the queen and the board is thought to be set up wrong. Black loses his queen and the game.

  21. Fastest I've won is in 3 moves. Pretty much the same as this, but white instead moved h3 and f3, and then blocked my attack on Qg4 with g3. I only needed to take the pawn on g3 to win.

    I'm not even that good at chess. Kinds bad, actually.

  22. Chess But Every Time The Game Gets Shorter The Video Demonstrating The Game Gets Shorter
    no but rly great job very conscise i love it

  23. There is another way to make this checkmate but not in 2 moves but similar to this, check out chess4success to see the variation.

  24. When did black go first?

    I'm not being racist I'm just asking why the black goes first, because the white is always suppost to go first.

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