THE SECRET SNAKE SHAKE | GORN #2 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

THE SECRET SNAKE SHAKE | GORN #2 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

100 thoughts on “THE SECRET SNAKE SHAKE | GORN #2 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

  1. I have to save 1008$ to buy a acer nitro 5 699$ vr headset and controllers 299$ a gaming mouse 10$ add that up and you get 1008$

  2. I love how awesome he looks in the game and then when you look at him in real life he looks like a total idiot. Imagine looking through your window and you see someone swinging their arms like they on ecstacy

  3. Look at this snakes tail, and how it shakes when threatened. That’s why it’s called a shakey snake. Let’s try it ourselves.

  4. Jack: you think u can run from ol' sneaky jack

    2 seconds later starts scresming and insulting the gladiators

    Me: very sneaky

  5. You mention in this video from two years ago that today is game of thrones day and today is the first episode of the final season of game of thrones

  6. So is Gorn supposed to be a combination of the words 'Gore' and 'Porn'?
    Because it's doing a fantastic job at that.

  7. By God the shit Jack does in the aftermath of his victorious rounds would be so disturbing in real life that it would make the Joker laugh.

  8. When the guy head came off and jack'o boy was shocked in my mind i was like nothing like you have never seen

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