THE SECRET SNAKE SHAKE | GORN #2 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

THE SECRET SNAKE SHAKE | GORN #2 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

*Wapoosh* Top of the morning to ya laddies, my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to *makes screeching noise* Gooooorn! That’s what I’m gonna call it because it’s fucking balls to the wall. It’s metal baby! So are you guys ready to kill more dudes? I know I sure as hell am I got that trophy that was one of the guys I killed yeah, fuuuuuuuuuuuck that guy Peace among worlds Peace among worlds, as of recording this I’m recording this on Sunday This, today is not only game of thrones day, bless up winters here, but it’s also Rick and morty day So that’s not a even more thing, okay Here we go. I am ready to kick some fuckin ass again. I am ready! I am so ready for this this time watch this shit, watch this, ahhhh fuck! How do people do that thing where they do all the cool shit, okay. Fuck yeah, haha. Hit him while he’s down. Oh, god his head came off! Oh, yes! Fuck, I’m missing! Yeah there we go crush his skull. I said crush it!!! Okay, okay. I’m backing up. What’s up fuckers?! What’s up? BITCHES! WHO WANTS TO GO? WHO WANTS A TO TUSSLE WITH JACK? YOU WANT A PIECE OF THIS? You want a piece this fucking awesome? Okay, who wants to go, okay. Hahaha, that’s right kill each other! FIGHT FOR MY AMUSEMENT! What are you gonna do chopsticks? What are you gonna do? You ain’t gonna do nothing, I’m going around, look at this Okay I smacked the wall, that’s fine. OH HIS JAW IS COMING OUT! You ain’t looking so good buddy. You okay? Hello, tap tap tap. Wakey-wakey… How much damage can I do oh my God It’s so gross, but it’s so awesome! Okay, armour breaker. Whoo.Will I actually unlock a hammer? I’m the best fighter there ever was. I want to see what I unlocked, did I actually unlock a thing? I’m so close to getting a spear yes. I got a fucking hammer. Oh yeah, it’s very small though Okay, this is my right hand. This is my favorite. This is the one that kills everything you see! Oh wait… I’m ready! Here we go. Bye! This is like a fucking rubber hammer. I’m expecting to hit you in the head and it just going… SQUEEEAK You know? I think he gets it. Oh shit. I ran into him There we go… FUCK, I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t know where anything is. Hammer Time! Do-do-do-Do-Do-do can’t touch this! Fuck you. What’s up creatine shake? What’s going down? There we go. Knock you down. You know what? You just call me a baby? I will fuck you up bro! I DIED That is not allowed! No one kills Jack!!!! We’re doing this this time. We’re going with the floppers I’m ready! Send me in coach!! Why’s there only one of you. Oh I’m coming. LET ME AT HIM!! Can’t. Fucking. touch me bitch! Okay… Yeah, that’s gonna be you in a second Fuck me, Jesus Christ, What’s happening? Oh, he has an axe. let me “AXE” you a question Did he kill me? He killed me.. Mother fucker!!!!! *heavy breathing* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH OOOH! Sucks to be you! Oh shit, oh shit. Oh shit. What are do you doing? You’re freaking out, sir Stop that! Okay, okay. You’re up first freckles Yeah, you want to end up like your friend? Oh you do, do ya? He has the same weapons was me!! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!! Alright Fuck you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Thanks guys, thanks I appreciate it. Are you guys vomiting those at me? That’s what I’m going to look like when I’m 60, that guy right there. Okay, OOOO I GOTTA SPEAR!!! *mr. krabs laugh* Oh, look at this! Uuuuuuh Okay Wait do I have to hold it with both hands? Okay… Call this my Shaft Ohh it actually just stretches. I don’t think it’s supposed to do that. Are you? I can make it longer, hahaha!! Boing ha ha ha alright. Okay. I’m just going to fight with the spear I want to see what this is like I Think I can do this. I think this is fine. I think spears are the way, FOWARD! Right in his throat, right in his throat! Okay, this sucks! ALOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Okay, this thing is awesome! ALOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL TICKLE TICKLE, HAHAHA, TICKLE TICKLE ALOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO This is awesome! Just keep them at arms length Yeah, bitch! Okay, this is Gonna be hard actually Fuck fuck fuck fuck, boy, took his fucking head off. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!! JESUS DUDE! This thing is OP! (over powered) Mother of Christ! That’s a piece of guy That’s a- that’s a. No!!! I don’t- I don’t want this, go away! This is a- that’s a piece of dude! Dude that’s a piece of you! So can I put you back together? There we go…. Those things are awesome! What do you guys keep losing.? He has no eyeballs Let’s chop his head off Nope, not working. It’s not working. Oh god I’m taking bits of his jaw off… Why. Isn’t. Your. Head. Coming. Off. You. Big. Ugly. BITCH! Alright, what we have? Okay, can I just like? Ah, here we go. We need some sort of like action going on like that. No, you know what? We’re going to do it like this again I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m going to call this one the corkscrew See this is how you do it, you just alololololololololololololol This is called the snake It’s called a lot of things okay. I should go for you first cuz you’re on your own. Oh my God, jesus fucking christ This thing is insane!!! Whats’ up?! lelelel. Oh no! Oh no! Sucks to be you! Oh shit… Come on, tickle tickle. Tickle tickle tickle on a nipple, here we go! *indecipherable mumbo jumbo* Oh Jesus fucking Christ! Alolololol This thing is insane. I think I broke the game. I don’t think I’m supposed to be able to kill dudes this quick. Jesus… Tap tap. Tap tap tap tap. Dudes I am awesome! Hahaha, come on guys. Oh jeez, I didn’t mean to pick up that. come on guys, let’s give him a hand……. haha brofist Anybody, any of you? Dude, hey yeah Brofist! Brofist!!! Quit hitting your self, quit hitting your self, quit hitting yourself! Oh, his eye is coming out. Oh he has no teeth now, this game is insane! NYEEHHHH Oh my God Eren Jaeger is that you? Aw here we go, awwww you didn’t let me dance with him!! I was about to do the Waltzing Matilda! Oke ;-; I don’t even know what the next achievements I’m supposed to do to unlock things are I’m just good at killing dudes. Hey, wassap, yall? Arghhhh, fuck me!!! Did you not see his head go flying? You should be very careful Be careful who you make fun of in high school. You don’t know if they’ll grow up and kick your ass *Ninja noises* Oh god oh God! The game stopped tracking what’s happening? Oh, no. I mean. I’m in endless nothing tap tap come on now Oh I’m back! Oh I’m back, you guys thought you got away from the snake? You thought you got away from ol, sneaky Jack? No! Wonder if I could just run at them like this… Fuck yeah! This works a treat! Fuck everybody! Oh yeah, they call me the combine, the harvester! You’re still alive! You don’t even have any legs!! Stop that! Okay, okay, there we fucking go, there we go. Just run at them, just run at them and kill! That’s all it takes! I’m pretty sure the spear is kind of broken… OH MY GOD!! That was a little close… Hey what’s up Teedo? You see all your dead friends. Yeah, you come to join them? I hope so! One tap! You got fucking one tapped, Teedo! Look at your face! Oh My God, what happened? Was it me? Did I do that? Was I the bad man? Ahhhhh man, ahhhh *baby voice* awww I losst I’m so angry ah Jeffrey he killed me oh no… NAH! NYYYYYEEEHHH! hehehe Okay, let’s, come here come here. Come here… Come here.. Boom ba-ba. Boom ba-ba. Boom ba-ba. Stop freaking out here Harold! Boom ba-ba. Boom ba-ba. Nyyyehhhhh Piece of shit, I WIN! Ooooooo, A Champion Battle… Do they think they can take on the might- Oh fuck. I’m only allowed a sword? Meet achilles the legendary fighter with no known weaknesses Whatsoever um His leg is showing. I think his name gives it away Okay, here we fucking go! All we have to do is get that right there, right there, that foot Oh by the way, yeah fuck you! Ummm… Okay, okay, okay careful Did i get him, did i win? Did I get em? Did I win? nice, oh Niceeeeeee! FUCKING NICE what’s going on achilles? Ohh, that’s my money. That’s my money, bitch. Nyeeeeeh! Oh, I wonder if I could just pull your head off… That’s my money. That’s my money, bitch. Yeah. Oh, I wonder if I could just pull your head off. Oh OOOOHHHH NOOOOOO!!! I can’t believe the game actually lets you do that, oh no!!! Oh God, that was was awesome! Oh yes! Oh I felt like fucking Kratos in God of war 3 when he pulls Helios head off. Oh my God that was so gross, but so amazing. I love this game this game is fucking awesome! Okay let me back in with the spear, let me back with the spear… Ain’t nobody gettin away from the spear! Oh, wait, I- I need to kill people with a sword and a flail to get some achievements… all right. Rule 17, of battle, let the enemy come to you because they’re a bunch of BIG BITCHES! Look at fucking record-breaking Jack! WOOOOALOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO Hahaha, the axe went out of his hand and hit him, hahaha! AHHH WHAT’S UP Jesus! I can just slice chunks off you. Let me see, let me see Here we go Niiiiice! Can I just slice your head? Oh I can, hahaha! What up fellas? How is- how are we today? Are we doing good? Probably not, your heads not there anymore… Oh wait Your wife called, she said come home with your face this time! Oh you didn’t get the message okay… I think- I think the spear might be a small bit broken ha ha ha! I got a bow yessss! I want the bow- the bow is gonna be fucking cool. Oh yes Oh crap can I not fire at him. Oh, do I only have a certain amount of arrows uh oh… Uh oh! Nice! Nyehh! Oh shit, this isn’t Gonna end well. OHHHH HAHAHAHA That’s what I want! That’s what jack likes to see! Fine, fuck this Fuck you What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on? I’m running away, I’m running away. Yeah, watch me go. *indecipherable mumbo jumbo* I’m running away *more indecipherable mumbo jumbo* Too busy running! Okay Nice! Can I have my arrows back. Thanks, Fellas! Okay, get him… Nice. I need an arrow. I need an arrow fast. Aww that guy died in a very nice style. Okay… Fuuuck Can I- OOOH! Arrow arrow. Okay, just like my dad taught me. Niiiice! Do you see everybody! Do you see. You don’t fucking see first of all… You see! Ohhhhh Ghosts are we? I see how it is you big Bulbous eyed bitches? Just grinding your teeth are we? Fuckers! I will not stand for this!!! My brothers! These fuckers are all dead in the ground and what do you guys have to say for yourself? *mocking them* More more! Here’s some money. Well yeah, thanks. I’m going with the bow again I’m going with the bow again because I really like it. I like how the gameplay is with this. Okay, okay, we’ll just wait Just wait! Wait for you to die!! Oh, yes. Oh, good shot me! Okay, we need to get some more arrows back after this so Go, oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Where did that come out of? Okay, you’re dangerous, shit shit. Oh shit. Oh, God. I’m smacking into shit. Where am I? Fuck you! NYEH! Niiiiice! Fucking speedy Archer Gonzalez. Come here. I want the arrow not your head. Hi buddy. How’s it going? How’s it going? Oh? Oh, you Wanna go? Oh oh? Hard to hit a moving target isn’t it? NOPE! Ah Shit, oh shit. Oh I want to play with the bow. That’s gonna be awesome. Fuck fuck fuck fuck, fuck Oh I’m so dead. I’m so dead Ahhh, Come here! Ahhh I need that face, I need that face. Ohhhhh, I’m scared. I’m running away I’m getting my fucking calories burned though Ahh, fuck me fuck me. Okay. I need another weapon, I need another weapon Axe, I see an axe… Shit, no it cant stop tracking! Why? Oh God I’m going to try! Ahhh WHAT? All right let’s go dudes, haha, let’s fucking go dudes. I’m not losing this time! Oh, there’s no way I’m going to lose to a bunch of Namby-Pamby bitches! We fuckin ready for it. Oh the snake is winding up up the snake is hungry my dudes. The snake! Is hungry! It wants! Your asses, and your firstborn! You don’t have a firstborn, your teeth will do! WAAAA!!! Nice! Okay, bring it on, bring it on! I’m going- I’m going for your legs See that shit? Oh turning you around am I. Yeah, you ain’t got no leg now. Ohhh, ohhhhh! Oh, dance for me boy! Dance for me boy! Here we go. Oh, you’re not dead. Hahahaha Oh! He’s tenacious anyway, I’ll give him that. All right, here we fucking go. Here we go dudes. Here we go! FUUUUUUUCK YOOOOU!!! *car noises* One down! Oh Jesus oh God, my spear’s broken. Oh, God. I can’t control the snake anymore! This is bad! I’m in a corner! *indecipherable mumbo jumbo* We loose? What da- we’re na- Did you see what happen’d? I got ganged up on. Cheats. Hacks. It’s not happening guys, It’s not. I’m coming back I’m the champion of this arena. Okay. I’m coming back, and I’m gonna win. One at a time They call me the one tap, the one tap Jack. That’s my name, don’t fucking- Oh, what’s up? I said what’s up! When I say, what’s up you better fuckin answer S’like, just imagine is my penis You know I just tapping you on the top of the head. I saw you first so I’m coming for blood There we go here. There we go here. . No you fucking don’t, not today! Oh, God it’s breakin again. Oh yes! Fuck you! What’s up? What’s up? Are you not entertained?! Motherfuckers! I’m done coming for all y’all’s asses. That’s it. Yeah, yeah Yeah, this is me saluting. This is my salute. It’s called, go fuck yourselves! Aight! Well that does it for this episode of Gorn. Mother of God that game is fun. It’s just, it’s the same thing over and over again. Just getting in and battling. But God the weapons are so much fun to swing around, and when you hit someone, you just fuck their shit up and you want them to go flying. Because there’s a nice sense of like oof to everything in the game It’s hard to get that across when you’re actually watching it because you’re just seeing me go like… this all the time, and that doesn’t really sell anything. But when you’re actually in the game you have the controllers in your hand, and you’re feeling them vibrating you’re swinging shit all over the place so much fun. And I love it’s so goofy, but I love the fact that you like hit a button pull, hit a button pull, and that’s how you run in the game. That’s such a genius idea Because actually makes you feel like you’re running and then you saw me all goofy like run it away from everybody. That’s awesome! I want to do some more stuff with the bow and arrow in the game, but the levels are kind of hard now… I wanted like Target practice. I just loved archery in VR, pretty fun, but anyway, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING THIS EPISODE, IF YOU LIKED IT, PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE! LIKE A BOSS! and… high fives all around…. WAPOOSH WAPOOSH BUT THANK YOU GUYS AND I’LL SEE ALL YOU DUDES…. IN THE NEXT VIDEEEOOOO!!!!! *Outro music* Oh, yeah, you got it, fucking 360 outro…

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  2. I love how awesome he looks in the game and then when you look at him in real life he looks like a total idiot. Imagine looking through your window and you see someone swinging their arms like they on ecstacy

  3. Look at this snakes tail, and how it shakes when threatened. That’s why it’s called a shakey snake. Let’s try it ourselves.

  4. Jack: you think u can run from ol' sneaky jack

    2 seconds later starts scresming and insulting the gladiators

    Me: very sneaky

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  6. So is Gorn supposed to be a combination of the words 'Gore' and 'Porn'?
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