55 thoughts on “The Secret Behind Numbers 369 Tesla Code Is Finally REVEALED! (without music)

  1. This video will help explain everything! — The Future Energy Supply to the World – 369 Torus Field Power Generator — https://youtu.be/Mg7FI8cAuQs

  2. Not for nothing but these SCIENTIST, always fucked with Math. Can't 1 of them use the alphabet just once lol.

  3. im 13 and this is so confusing🤔🤨 this video just said about 369 but not about what it means to do.

  4. So according to Tesla 9 governs all numbers. In the bible 72 is the number of God. 7+2=9… Guess it’s true then.

  5. Mathematics sun
    God= Tesla( he was half moorish as all Europeans are).
    This is the Aquarius age. That public school indoctrination is outdated.
    This video is living proof.

  6. Dug the vid for sure. The joke was wrong though. 6 was afraid of 7 because 7 was a registered six offender

  7. How exactly did he create the energy? Spinning certain components? Because free energy is the goal. That would be more helpful to me.

  8. Well if you add all of the number possible you don’t always get 3 6 or 9, like 7 and 1 for example. I think you’re just seeing what you want to see.

  9. I was born 6666, I am OBSESSED by numbers especially 3,6 and 9, this video changed my life because I thought I was either the Devil or Crazy, this is on my playlist and other information that may help you, the MUSIC however will touch your heart and soul brothers and sisters … … Enjoy Revolutionary Warfare armed only with these numbers, MUSIC, LOVE AND EMPATHY
    I am Gee666 … … … Nice to make your acquaintance xXx

  10. I wondered what 369hrz would sound like in bass hooked up in parallel and down at 1ohm and at 369db and all on a 10 8 inch subwoofers at 4000 watts and at 24volts of power and using stainless steel for all audio wire and power wire

  11. Someone enlighten me please, 3 years before. Most of the time when about to get rest, sleep paralyzed and hallucinate. I told myself dont want to experience it again. And now… I cant get back to it, which am practicing and trying to astral project and it feels I lost something very Important in me. Is it late? Or can I do something to get back on it.

  12. The digits of a number are not separate terms but rather just a method of representing a value. For that matter it's only one of many ways to represent the same value 15, F, 1111, XV, 47.1/3.14 are all the same value for example.

  13. apitalism is a bit of a snake pit.
    But of course snakes are not immoral or out to profit at any cost,
    so this is an unfair and stigmatizing comparison for reptiles

  14. Tesla adalah orang suci penerima Wahyu Tuhan dlm bentuk ilmu pengetahuan. Setara dgn para Rsi, Nabi, dan orang 2 suci lainnya.

  15. Dal codice universale si genera una legge d'intelligenza artificiale di cui ne opera giustizia infallibile in assoluto

  16. I would like to share something, my grandfather was born at '33 and he die in '99 at the age of 66. On his gravestone written: "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners – of whom i am the worst."

  17. 0:38 This is the first time I hear the word "divisible" pronounced that way.
    1:37 Shouldn't that be without the "to"?
    5:39 Here you ask a question, but I don't hear the tone for it.

  18. Sounds like maths class all over. Okey, I can see it computes. But where does it fit into my daily life? What do I do with this marvelous coincidence?

  19. Isn't the yin and yang pictured as a spiraling black hole and white hole?

    Also..the as above so below (electromagnetisim) as I see it… relates to the models shown of vortex math. Where 9 is always 9..then creation happened and 3 and 6 were created (time and space) but when mirrored (as above so below) 9 is 6 and 3 is 8 or the oroborus. 3,6,9 in vortex math are always outside 1,2,4,5,7,8…

    I can "see" 6,9 and 8 (3mirrored) in the yin yang image…as spirits we enter time (3 which is 8 mirrored in the yin yang) and space which is 6 (the mirror of 9) which is the trinity


  20. Stop calling people by their last names. Call them by their first names.
    Oh, 3, 6, 9, the goose drank wine,
    The monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line.
    The line broke, the monkey got choked,
    & they all went straight to Hell in a littler row boat.

  21. nice presentation gary,never watched any youtube video with this much patience,no music made much clear,like 9

  22. You missed the chance to point out explicitly, when discussing 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, is that 8 paired with 1, 7 paired with 2, 5 paired with 4 (not only 6 paired with 3) equal 9.

  23. This only works if you have a base 10 digit system like we do but that's not the only system in a base 12 system this doesn't occur at all
    We only adopted a 10 based counting system because we have 10 fingers I don't think the "truth of the universe" would be based on the luck that we would evolve to have 10 fingers as opposed to 8, 12 or any other number

  24. “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.”
    -Albert Einstein

  25. I’m not a regilours person. I don’t pray, don’t meditate, I’m neither an atheist, but I’m not ignorant towards knowledge be it phylospohy or science. Everything is connected. Just think about it, we are running in a circle, everything we do will eventually comeback to us. So be good to your suroundings and eat your vegies. A human’s mind is also complicated just like the whole universe 😂

  26. Finally the west understands!!! In hinduism 9 is a very sacred number, we have 9 days of fasting, 9 forms of mother Durga, 9 months to deliver a baby, our calender is 9 months and it goes on and on

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