The rise of ISIS, explained in 6 minutes

The rise of ISIS, explained in 6 minutes

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is a phenomenon
so terrible and shocking it seems impossible. It controls an area the size of the United
Kingdom, commits mass atrocities, and launches terror attacks abroad. To understand ISIS, it helps to tell the story
of its rise. That story begins far away and many years
before ISIS existed. In 1979 the Soviet Union invades Afghanistan
to defend a puppet dictator against rebels. Young men from the MidEast flock to join the
rebels. Many see it as a religious struggle, and some
develop extremist views. Among them is a well-educated young Saudi
named Osama bin Laden. Also in Afghanistan is a semi-literate former
street thug from Jordan named Abu Musab Zarqawi. They do not get along, and never will, but
will create the groups we today know as al-Qaeda and as ISIS. The Soviets withdraw in 1989 and the Arab
fighters return home. Bin Laden grows al-Qaeda into a global network,
to continue the struggle against Islam’s enemies. Zarqawi forms his own group, but it fizzles.
Both men later return to Afghanistan, now ruled by the Taliban. On September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda attacks America
from its base there. The US invades Afghanistan and bin Laden flees
to Pakistan. Zarqawi, still obscure, flees to a remote and lawless corner of Iraq. Two years later, the US does something that
will transform the Middle East and set the stage for ISIS: it invades Iraq. The Americans topple Saddam Hussein’s secular,
Sunni dictatorship and disbands the Iraqi army. Thousands of Sunni Iraqi soldiers, angry and
unemployed, join the insurgency. Jihadist groups, also Sunni, see this as a
repeat of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and again flood in to fight. Zarqawi is among
them. Zarqawi’s group becomes Iraq’s most ruthless.
He especially attacks Shia, Iraq’s majority, deliberately sparking a Sunni-Shia civil war. By 2004, Zarqawi is a jihadist superstar. Al-Qaeda, isolated and weakened, attempts
to bolster its image by forming an alliance with Zarqawi’s group, which becomes known
as al-Qaeda in Iraq. But in 2006, Iraq’s Sunnis rise up against
Zarqawi, and the US kills him in an air strike. Over the next few years al-Qaeda in Iraq is
largely defeated. The Americans withdraw in 2011 from an Iraq
that finally looks stable. In 2011, the Arab Spring spreads across the
Middle East. In Syria, Bashar al-Assad cracks down violently on protesters. They eventually fire back, leading to civil
war. Assad fears the world will intervene against him. So he releases jihadists en masse from Syrian
prisons, tinging the rebels with extremism and making it harder for foreigners to back
them. Back in Iraq, what little remains of Zarqawi’s
group is still allied with al-Qaeda but now known as the Islamic State in Iraq. It’s led by a bookish religious scholar who
calls himself Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In early 2012, Baghdadi sends a top deputy
to Syria to start a new al-Qaeda branch to fight alongside the rebels: Jabhat al-Nusra. Baghdadi also attacks a series of prisons
in Iraq. They free former jihadists and recruit new ones, growing stronger. In April 2013, Baghdadi announces he is taking
control of all al-Qaeda-allied forces in Syria and Iraq. His group expands into Syria, becoming the
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. Al-Qaeda rejects Baghdadi’s power grab and,
in 2014, formally exiles him. The two jihadist groups, long at odds, are
now at war. ISIS grows powerful in Syria, in part because
Assad tolerates its rise, which he does because it divides his enemies within Syria, and foreign
powers are too focused on ISIS now to worry about Assad. By June 2014, ISIS has built an army in Syria,
and it launches a military-style invasion into Iraq. The Iraqi army, weakened by corruption, folds
with little fight. Many Sunnis are tired of their Shia-dominated
and increasingly authoritarian government, and welcome or at least tolerate ISIS’s arrival. Within days, ISIS controls a third of Iraq
and a big part of Syria. ISIS’s goal is more audacious than anything
imagined by al-Qaeda: to revive the ancient Caliphate and expand it to encompass all Muslims. It earnestly believes its holy war will then
bring about the apocalypse as foretold in scripture. Thousands of Muslims, mostly from the Middle
East and from Europe, flock to join the group. Some join for religious reasons, but many
are just disillusioned or angry, and feel that ISIS offers them answers and a purpose. ISIS quickly overreaches. That August, it
invades Kurdish territory in Iraq and Syria, sparking counter-attacks from better-organized
Kurdish forces. It launches a genocide against Iraqi Yazidis
and murders the American journalist James Foley on camera, outraging the world and provoking
an American-led air campaign against it. ISIS is unable to withstand the onslaught,
and loses more than a fifth of its territory. In response, it begins launching increasingly
spectacular terror attacks abroad: Kuwait City, Sinai, Beirut, Sousse and then Paris. So-called lone wolves inspired by ISIS propaganda
also launch attacks, though they’re often amateurish and less effective. Eventually, ISIS will lose its state. It is
simply too weak, has no allies or outside funders, and is surrounded by enemies. But ISIS will respond by reverting to what
it was before, as AQI: an insurgency and a terror group still capable of horrifying violence. In that form, it could be around for years.

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  1. Quran (3:151) – "Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority". This speaks directly of polytheists, yet it also includes Christians, since they believe in the Trinity (ie. what Muhammad incorrectly believed to be 'joining companions to Allah'). (See also: Response to Apologists)

  2. The western should know these facts:
    1- ISIS not Islam
    2- Saudi government and people against ISIS ( I am a saudi and I know this from inside)
    3- ISIS had been attacks saudi from inside last attacks 3 weeks ago.
    4- No sunnies or shiea it political interests covered by religion tags.
    5- Assad is dictator who killed his own people.
    6- kurdish should have their own independent country.
    7- Iran is the major threat to the international peace.
    8- Iran like Hitler when he act and the whole world do nothing till ww2 happened.

  3. More over usa funded the "jihaddist" wity money and wepons

    Its politics dude

    Its all politics and intelligence

    They divide and conquer

  4. i remember wondering if USA intentionally diverted their attention to Iraq to chase down Hussain instead of finishing the job in Afghanistan. Surely their strategists could not have been so out of touch that they didnt see the massive insurgancy with all the disgruntled iraqi poilice and military forces (i seem to recall there was over a MILLION!) which would have meant that toppling the kingdom actually made the situation much worse. But then they return to Afghanistan only to find the Taliban have regrouped and dug in and stronger than ever….. Surely that could not have been by accident?

  5. Such a bunch of bull! 1. We destroyed Afghanistan, supported and trained the Taliban to take control of areas bring Afghanistan back to the dark ages, we also sponsored the Mujaheddin; 2. Assad is not a dictator, 3. there was no civil war that,t hat's US rhetoric to justify its "intervention:; we created and sponsored ISIS as well, and sponsored Al Qaeda, collaborate w. them too, and Israel has just admitted to collaborate with ISIS to fight Hezbollah … I mean, I don't even know where to end … so much misinformation here!

  6. I am a Muslim & Islam never supports killing innocent people…. &&&. These ISIS people are not Muslims …. They are totally wrong & blackship of this beautiful Religion Islam…. These idiots have nothing to do with Islam….. Coz Islam says if you kill an innocent it's like you have killed the entire mankind. & If you save an innocent it's like you have saved the entire mankind…… This is Islam. Where Peace is the Ultimate thing

  7. Sorry, you've missed a whole era of religious manipulation in the Middle East (the making of Hassan Elbanna – the Brotherhood) and Iran (Khumaini) to turn Islam to the beast it is today. Then you forgot to mention U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson and CIA operative Gust Avrakotos whose efforts led to Operation Cyclone which is a program launched to organize and support the Afghan mujahideen during the Soviet-Afghan War. You then dropped some details to do with Obama's declaration that he was training ISIL and some other volunteers from Sunni tribes in Iraq, then the meeting of the senate Cane with Abu Bakr Elbagdadi in Iraq to appoint him as the leader of the new militia and give him his blessings. The issue is, you have no excuse dropping this information because it was all recorded in the mainstream media! SO, ARE YOU TRYING TO REWRITE HISTORY?

  8. can anyone investigate if number 6 is related to Islam ?
    cause the David star in Israel has 6 angles and number 6 is widely used in US and other countries…

  9. ISIS is a joke. Now, OUR OWN government.. THAT, we can fear. Oh wait. Did the US supply them in the first place? This trick is getting old.. blah, blah, bored.. we lost trust in you a long time ago, media.

  10. Two negative point is there ..
    1.documentary video said ISIS goal is capture the world under Islamic ..if it is true why still could recover their own country iraq/syria from Basar & russia it is possible .. even they could not recover the near country .. ISIS through all over world..
    2.still why they are not attacking America & russia&isreal ..
    Even one isreali not yet died by IsIs #history??
    — any knowledge person answer please —

  11. There is proof also ..
    Recently ISIS attacked in srilanga
    There is even one no Arab peoples or out of srilangans .. all brainwashed by IsIs .. but IsIs where get approved ?? Who give ? Suddenly appeared albakthathi.. He still alive same media said he was died 4years before .. now they are covering .. publishing video also who released ? Who permitted ?? Which is true ??? Before died & still live which people will be live & eat will say in future next ?? Noted 1.Modi election -won by IsIs attack kashmir
    2.rejabache election-will win by IsIs attack
    3.trump election 2021 – no doubt I could see all Chirsten. Scare IsIs &try to hating also by IsIs to muslims
    #ISIS #Still_confustion #world_politics

  12. Isis is definitely will attack next in chaina
    Because islam is raising very quickly in chaina now not by IsIs or any muslim leaders..
    By islam quran Mohammed saw salam only .. all religion there is no specific terrorism name .. we could see all religion together not only against IsIs .. against islam .. target islam destroy innocents Islamians example ban Islamic name ban abaya ban matharsa ban ban … etc but they are blaming & violently controlled by name of IsIs using name of allah against islam peoples not IsIs

  13. This ignorant video glosses over the fact that the Islamic texts themselves teach to create a caliphate to eventually rule over the whole world, under their god's Islamic Sharia Law. THAT is the motivation behind ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc.

  14. The word Jihadist is very often being misused. The word Jihad means to strive and struggle. It doesn't mean to kill innocents. And it doesn't mean holy war. The Arabic word for holy war is "Harbu-muqadasa" and this word is nowhere present in the Glorious Quran. So a terrorist cannot be a Jihadist no matter how much he calls him action as Jihad

  15. The world needs the strategy of our great leader Mahatma Gandhi of non violence.
    We need better world of equal distribution of resources rather than destructive weapons and war struck society… Gandhiji …reappear somehow

  16. Where is pangton the best army is dead islamic back wait rome we are coming we fight to god and youre fight to oil and gold

  17. surprisingly on the edge of their life, country with the largest Muslim population get their attention.
    no joke

  18. Most of the american dont know the creator of isis is america
    They are the one running this deadly virus which has taken over the worlf


  20. There is no ISIS without AMERICA – who armed and funded (operation timber sycamore). Syria who fought the group a target of secret US regime change.

  21. They had western weapons, nades, CIA tunnels and weapons made by Brussels (Nato), sounds like a western plot, not doubt.

  22. Forgot that the USA funded them back in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?

  23. I'm sorry. But, I did the purpose of ISIS' general outline? Besides, they're infiltrated by the US Government or no?

  24. I love how the name changes but the motivations dont. These "groups" are all controlled and were created by the USA and Israel as controlled opposition to emanate influence on the middle east and gain further control over the region/resources. It was always to combat the Soviet Union through proxy wars. The cold war has not stopped. Nuclear power no longer matters, it is economic power that does. Anyone who disagrees watches too many news channels in their respective countries. Free yourself from these media channels owned by the elites.

  25. The US created modern terrorism. Bin Laden was a CIA operative that was sent by the US during the Soviet-Afghan War to train the Mujahideen. He was radicalized then and there. 9/11 was karma for the US, for funding wars they shouldn't be involved in. Ofcourse VOX wouldn't talk about this part of the war, because it goes against their pro-US narrative.

  26. وبعد ثلاث سنوات من الغزو الأمريكي للعراق أعلن رامزفلت الاستقالة والانهزام ، وأعلن المجاهدون قيام دولة الاسلام
    خرجت أمريكا2010 وأقسم المجاهدون لأن خرجتم لتعودن وماهي الا بضع سنوات حتى عادت بخيلها ورجلها وعتادها
    لقد وقعت في مستنقع الهلاك التي لن تخرج منه حتى نعزوهم ولا يغزوننا .

  27. Who launched ISIS as plan B in order to raise suspension ?
    When U.S faced opposition of Russia to attack Syria?
    Why was Abu bakkar al Baghdadi was released when he was captured in Iraq ?
    He was projectized to work for CIA & mossad to make greater israel and also let US to occupy more of natural assets…

  28. DON'T capture any ISIS fighters ,wifes or ANY members ,execute them on d SPOT whenever they are caught until every last one of them are EXTERMINATED ,that is how u deal with vermin ,simple

  29. Very good documentary, as zarqawi divided the world into Believers and non-believers I tell you this this war is a war between Believers and non-believers whether they be Christian Muslim or Jewish scripture will be fulfilled and it's mostly Christian prophecy that will be fulfilled here, for that is the true Doctrine in this spiritual war.

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