The Potential for Smash Ultimate’s DLC Just Became Insane

Guys. First off, hi. Second off, I hope you, yes you, you lovely
person watching this, so beautiful and charming, have a wonderful day. And third, WE’RE GETTING MORE. More DLC fighters. The recent Nintendo Direct has come and gone,
we got Banjo, we got a teaser for Terry Bogard, but the biggest surprise is that Sakurai,
this lovely man, has decided (unless Nintendo pulled a knife to his throat and forced him
against his will…) that once the Fighters Pass ends, we’ll still be getting more DLC. Whoever’s the next character after Terry,
isn’t it people. This is insane. We don’t even know how many more are coming
or for how long, but the fact Smash ultimate is still going to get characters is astounding. And the potential surrounding what kinds of
characters and the amount, for now, is crazy. Sakurai won’t do a Famitsu column until
this Thursday so we don’t know exactly what standard or basis was set for this next wave
of DLC. We don’t know if it’ll all be third party
again, we don’t know if they’ll toss first parties in the mix, a mix of both, if there
will be a Spirits pass, an echo fighters pass, an Assist Trophy pass among other things. Sakurai commented on the aspect of Smash Ultimate
likely being the only time they’ll ever introduce this many game worlds again, but
we don’t know if this equates to future DLC post pass being all third party again. This could likely highlight the fact that
Smash Ultimate is without a doubt the grandest crossover in video game history. With Terry in the mix, we have 14 third party
characters in this game. We currently have 80 playable characters in
Smash Ultimate, with Terry being 81. Smash introduces an absurd number of franchises
from a variety of games, between playable characters, stages, assist trophies, items,
music, costumes, spirits, etc. I’m sure we’ll get 3rd party characters
still, but I’m 99% sure that comment during the Banjo showcase wasn’t that indicative
of what kinds of DLC characters we could be getting, if at all. Given Sakurai and his staff have been getting
good at gauging fan requests and Nintendo executives themselves requested a pass of
characters they selected themselves which is almost done, I’m willing to bet the selection
process will be similar to the base roster of newcomers. I believe future DLC post pass will be based
on popular characters again and we’ll get a mix of first and third parties again. I feel like we’ll know for sure Thursday
when Sakurai touches on it further. If not then, then maybe later in the future. But until when that time comes, I think the
floodgates reopened as it sounds like damn near anything’s fair game. But then that begs another question: how many
DLC characters will we get? I’ve seen people speculate at minimum 3
to be on the safe side while others think 5 or higher. I’m in the 5 camp, I feel we’ll get another
5 characters like the Fighters Pass. However, there is a theory of how many characters
we maybe getting. I forget when specifically, this happened,
either around Piranha Plant’s release or around patch 3.0, but there was a data mine
of 16 extra fighter slots found in World of Light, with Piranha Plant taking up a slot,
which would equal 15 left over. Assuming this Fighters Pass’ fighters took
up 5 more, there’s a possibility of there being 10 left, which would mean the roster
could equal 92 if this is remotely true. And then there’s the idea of Smash Ultimate
being the Switch’s best cash cow. The Switch is still a very young system with
many years ahead of its life and Smash Ultimate is obviously the Switch’s most marketable
game. With Smash Wii U, the DLC ended on the Wii
U’s final year because the Wii U was dying, whereas the Switch has been and is still extremely
successful. Nintendo could ask Sakurai to ride out the
DLC train until near the end of the Switch’s life for all we know to keep it buzzing. Or out of the fact that we keep getting closer
to 100 characters and Sakurai loves emphasizing how much work he goes through ever since Brawl
only to keep making characters and Smash games, maybe we’ll eventually actually hit 100
characters if we’re lucky. We don’t know. I’m still going to expect 5 just to be safe,
but the amount of characters at the moment is ultimately, no pun intended, unprecedented. Even if we have those 10 extra slots from
World of Light, even if Sakurai or Nintendo choose to add even more beyond that, we have
to wait and see. So, then that leaves the what. What kind of characters are possible for this
future DLC? Any specific first or third parties? Spirits? Assist Trophies? What can we expect? Are there any rules at play? At the moment, nothing. First and third parties have been the norm
for Smash newcomers since 5 years ago and many expectations have been subverted & gone
against. “He’s too big, he’s too irrelevant,
he’s not a Nintendo brand anymore,” even Sans became a Mii costume because of his overwhelming
popularity, despite “he’s just a meme.” They outright made a Sans model for the costume,
which practically borderline equates to the character feeling like he’s here because
Sakurai acknowledged there was a swath of fans who genuinely wanted him in. But the impossible crew, which people define
Ridley, King K. Rool & Banjo & Kazooie, have enforced whatever rules, reasons or statements
made, whether by Sakurai or by fans, can become moot if the demand is popular and loud enough. Not childish or grating levels of loud, but
just letting their voices be heard of wanting this character in. Relevancy doesn’t matter. Size doesn’t matter. Whoever owns the IP doesn’t matter. Many of these conceptions boiled down to fans
and their own feelings either against certain characters or in favor of their own. Most of these came down to biased narratives
fans have been wanting to push, minus a few exceptions of Sakurai stating x in the case
of Ridley or misinformation. With DLC, anything goes. Almost anything can happen. I even feel like Spirits being deconfirmed
is among that biased narrative category because it’s in bad faith. That was never mentioned anywhere, that was
never a confirmation. Sakurai’s intention for Spirits was to facilitate
the lack of resources developing models to make trophies, essentially replacing them,
as well as simulate fights using a large variety of characters, instead of making figures,
for a single player experience. Incorporating hundreds of characters into
the game without making them a fighter is the same concept trophies had (minus being
figurines), not to mention there are hundreds of spirits here who were also trophies in
the past, i.e turning Camilla, Alm, Fi or Dixie Kong into a spirit/trophy likely never
had the possibility of them as a fighter be a huge factor. We have items, power ups and objects as trophies
& spirits that likely had zero potential as a combatant anyways. Not to mention going off the fact that spirits
replaced trophies, don’t forget Lucas and Mewtwo had trophies in Smash 4, and then they
ended up becoming DLC regardless and got brand-new trophies to come with them. Logically, spirits never deconfirmed anyone. The basis for the Fighters Pass was chosen
by Nintendo and that was the only thing getting in the way of Spirits being playable. Whether or not the fact the character was
a spirit or not had nothing to do with it. But let’s pretend I’m wrong. Pretend I’m creating mental gymnastics for
a minute here. Let’s assume Sakurai and Nintendo cared
that much about attaining Smash lore as it is with Spirits and going off that logic,
Spirits themselves are different in that they do challenge a character’s probability as
a DLC fighter. Consider this: regardless of the various King
K. Rool spirits not being the specific King K. Rool in Smash, that’s still the same character. All 3 K. Rool spirits are still spirits of
King K. Rool himself. Doesn’t matter if it’s a different iteration
of K. Rool but with a different outfit. Same case for Mario, same for Kirby. Take a popular pick that is a spirit, like
Geno or Dixie Kong for example, and if they were worried about jeopardizing his/her spirit
because they have one, assuming they care about that, you’re saying they can’t just
slap a hypothetical new render of Geno as his fighter Spirit to say “this is the Geno
in Smash?” Final Fantasy has super limited representation
in Smash, but the only spirits it has are the 2 Cloud fighter spirits which are his
in-game renders opposed to his Sm4sh or original Final Fantasy renders. Same for Pokémon Trainer, Wii Fit Trainer
and Robin. You have normal Kirby on multiple spirits
from his own series (Star Rod, Warp Star), it’s not really a contradiction or issue of
adding “x spirit as playable” if they just add a new fighter spirit for them after making
them a character. It’s as simple of a fix as Mewtwo and Lucas. Or they could take the existing Spirit, change
that as the character’s fighter Spirit and then add a new or pre-existing render as the
current normal spirit. They have alternatives for this and even then,
spirits are just PNGs of video game characters. Would a PNG seriously cause Nintendo or Sakurai
to hesitate on pushing a character to be in Smash because a PNG of them is already in
the game, when they can either pull from a pool of multiple pre-existing ones (depending
on the character), or make a new one and call that it’s fighter spirit and potentially change
the name of the pre-existing one? Again, an easy simple fix. This is why I feel like Spirits never deconfirmed
anyone because it was never stated to do so, the basis for the fighters pass likely had
nothing to do with spirits, and they have methods and ways of solving issues or questions
with making a Spirit playable. But then I’ll be the first to ask: what
about assist trophies? With Assists, it feels like the Ridley scenario
all over again. What I mean is, because Sakurai stated Ridley
was too big & he’d be difficult to program as a fighter due to his size and whatnot,
many people believed, reasonably so mind you, that Ridley was never gonna be playable. This was mentioned at the latest during Smash
4’s development. But that’s thing, that was during Smash
4, where he felt it was impossible. Sakurai’s made statements that went against
characters back then that he just contradicts and makes a fighter anyway. He mentioned in Brawl how difficult it’d
be to program PAC-MAN or the Villager as fighters because they don’t fight in their games. One Smash game later, they both become newcomers. Even with statements Sakurai makes, he’s
changed his mind multiple times before mainly because of the popular demand. The Assist trophy statement was made during
Smash 4 so for all we know, especially since DLC is an afterthought and Sakurai’s got
a better hand at which characters are very popular even this far in the game, the idea
of Assists remaining assists may change because of DLC existing and the ridiculous fan demand. What’s more is look at Chrom. In Ultimate, he’s a part of Robin’s Final
Smash yet he’s also a playable character. You can have a non-selectable Chrom beat up
a selectable Chrom as the selectable Chrom claps with the non-selectable on the victory
screen, you get my point. And it doesn’t matter if it was due to laziness
or resource preservation, that’s still 2 separate, different Chroms with different
roles present. The logic of an assist being playable is very
comparable to that. But again, once again, let’s assume I’m
making even more mental gymnastics. I’m making some bs up just to because of
my desperate want for Shadow the Hedgehog & assume they didn’t want to repeat this
circumstance with assist trophies. Let’s take Isaac for instance. Sakurai wants to add him in, but he’s an
assist trophy and he doesn’t want both the playable Isaac and the assist Isaac side by
side. They have the power to program certain Assist
trophies appearing under certain circumstances. The Moon from Majora’s Mask doesn’t appear
in battle if you’re fighting on Great Bay. They can do something similar by programming
the Assist Trophy Isaac to not appear if someone picked the playable Isaac. I doubt it’d be that difficult of a process
to undergo, similar to the Spirits deconfirmation debate. The reason I bring up assists is because other
than non-game characters being excluded, the Assist Trophy rule’s the only prominent
rule I see people still using, despite plenty claimed they’d open up to the idea if they
announced a second pass, which they have. Personally, I say keep the idea in check. Assists have a lower shot than other characters
based off precedent for sure, you have plenty reason to still think Assist trophies still
are exempt, even with the power of DLC, I’m not trying to say you’re wrong or stupid
in thinking so, I’m just saying A. don’t completely count them as it’s not a guarantee
and B. don’t be a dick to people who want any assist trophies in. It’s a video game. Please, don’t pretend you’re saving your
family tree’s honor or some dumb crap by making fun of people who want Bomberman or
someone else in, because they’re just as valid as you and anyone else. Personally, I feel the bar for this DLC is
the non-game character rule, in that the character has to originate from a video game. No manga characters, movie, comic, etc. characters
that started as that. Could this change this DLC? It could. It could change in the future for all we know. The only thing, which is ultimately subjective
at the end of it, is not only did Sakurai explain why non-game characters like Goku
or Spongebob were exempt from being considered, it goes against what Smash is supposed to
be. This amalgamation of gaming’s greatest icons
and characters in all these video game franchises. Pokémon and Castlevania have animated series,
but they’ve originated as video games. They’re games first and foremost. Adding Shrek or Bugs Bunny would ultimately
clash with Sakurai’s and Smash’s character philosophy. That’s my take though, I feel non-video
game characters are the bar as for who can make the cut. Otherwise, it seems anything else is fair
game. Lots of first and third parties, spirits,
and even Assist Trophies, or at least and handful of them, to a certain length, have
a second chance now. Rex & Pyra have another chance at being playable
since they were considered too late into Ultimate’s development span. Geno has been a popular request, maybe his
time to shine is much more imminent than we think. Crash Bandicoot is another one and he’d
likely have his debut come soon too. Banjo Kazooie was a lot easier of an addition
than everyone thought, maybe the same could happen with Sora from Kingdom Hearts. They can pull a Cloud and only represent the
Kingdom Hearts specific characters & stage and keep any Disney characters & Easter eggs
out of the picture due to another licensing nightmare, not just the non-game character
thing. Paper Mario, with his partners as special
moves, Impa from Zelda as a nimble assassin or sword wielder, Doom guy if we’re lucky,
Rayman, the Raving Rabbids, Bandana Waddle Dee, Spyro the Dragon, Dixie Kong, maybe my
bias will be blessed and we’ll get Viridi. Hell, for all we know, they could cave in
and add an assist trophy as playable and Waluigi fans may get a bone thrown to them. Or Shadow, but that’s also my bias showing. But that’s the beauty of this announcement,
the speculation is back. It’s almost like Ultimate was first announced
all over again, there’s so many possibilities for DLC to come. I didn’t even bring up the possibility of
us getting more old and new stages and music and such with either these third party or
first party newcomers. Sakurai said Home Run Contest was “pretty
much the final new mode” but even that might not be a guarantee. So many ideas and possibilities are on the
table now that Ultimate’s getting more DLC, which is exciting. Do you think there are any rules or limits
set with this DLC or no? Any points you feel I made fell flat or am
I valid with the reasons I made? What characters do you want to see in the
game? Any tangible or “impossible” characters
you’d want to see? Tell me why. I’d like to hear your thoughts. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for
my DLC newcomer predictions video and other Smash-related content. Stay super.

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