In the year 1639, the British came to India to trade, they wished to set up a trading post in the South of India, they chose a corner of bay of Bengal, bought a piece of land, which eventually became Chennai. They built forts, homes, and offices for them to live and work. to serve them they settled the indigenous a small group of people in a part of Chennai, which they called “Black Town”. It comprises of areas like Tiruvottiyur, Vannarapettai, Tondiarpettai, Kasimedu, Vyasarpadi, becoming North Madras today. MUSIC PLAYING **sea gulls squarking** **people talking** MUSIC PLAYING North Chennai means Kasimedu, Vannaraipettai, Royapuram, Kalmandapam, I don’t know North or South,
I know Chennai. Burma Nagar Kasimedu, Royapuram. Vysarpadi. Is North Chennai, here or there? I have never been to North Chennai Is North Chennai near Ayanavaram? Kasimedu I really don’t know. Kalmandapam, Nagaraj thottam, Tollgate, Ennore North Chennai means first harbour, famous for everything,
if you need anything you need to come to North Chennai. legal, illegal, goods
coming and going. Oh! Three things about North Chennai. brawls, murders, cock fights. underground drainage their slang, harbour, gana songs, murders. other than that burma food. rowdyism, and fresh fish, famous areas are Kasimedu Thuraimugam, there are trouble some guys fishing pattinathar resides there (Pattinathar Temple) annual temple festival Mannadi food stalls, period building’s, the architecture the unique slang words used there if you say “Sowcarpet” it means it is North Chennai the people down there are always happy . **Children singing a Gaana Song** North Chennai provides a means to live a dirty area people who live there have humanity area isn’t a proper area people will help you, even to strangers, they are friendly and start a conversation. other than North Chennai, no one will come to see you when i used to live in North Chennai, if you are talking a walk at midnight and if you need help and call out, they will rush to help you. maximum of the people will have criminal case against them. the police caught someone near to the graveyard talk and know whether they are good or bad this is a heavenly land very crowded, roads are dirty and uncomfortable crowded and middle class people area. Muslims, Christians, Hindus live here, and they all buy our catch. they have a good heart the people who live here are extremely poor people should realise they should be civil with people around them. no one can experience a good life like this, not even if you are rich. they people are very simple folk, even if they get angry at others, they show their anger, they cannot hide it and cheat others. it’s a very safe place to live. when people move here, you might think when you take a look at us, that there might be a lot of problems with the people they settle here, lot of people think that. when outsiders come here, they look after them like their own. I can’t ever live in North Chennai I don’t have any plans to live there. very difficult (shifting to North Chennai) there’s nothing wrong in there, its Chennai, what’s the difference, North or South, why differentiating? I would like to live there, with pride. North Chennai? No I can’t live there Its not a very decent livable place. MUSIC PLAYING people generally say North Chennai has a lot of rowdyism and sure it does happen. no, I don’t think there are safety issue in living there. it’s equally a safe and unsafe place, some people will help you safely to your destination, while some people are rogues they go behind girls. yes it does happen in our locality (incidents) yes, i think so too, i wished to leave and live in areas like Anna Nagar, but i was in fact born in North Chennai. I don’t know if they lived here or had a bad experience, as far as i am concerned this is my place, my home. you can’t say that, bad things happen everywhere. here it’s more projected and looks like that people who have no idea about North Chennai say it’s a bad place to live there, or say “it’s a bad place”, but it is the safest place to live. now, everyone living here, are Tamil people. nice place to live for us. when I started working in Anna Nagar, I realised how safe North Chennai is, because if you need any kind of help, all you need to do, scream every one will come to your aid, but in anna nagar, no one will help you, even if you are getting beaten. no one can enter into a home here (North Chennai). even if they don’t know you, people here will help you. no one is born bad or rowdy it is extremely safe place to live. there are also people like us. it is not bravado, everyone should prosper. MUSIC PLAYING when enterprises and industries started setting up workers started settling in North Chennai, generally South Chennai is where the officials live and North Chennai, is where labourers and workers live. one of the leading brands like Gold Winner, came from North Chennai, A2B,
Arun Ice Cream, Udayam parupppu, Popular appalam, Sunland. North Chennai has whole sale clothing stores, pulse and cereals stores, because of shopping malls, small traders are vanishing. there is everything here, including cinema theatres here. In north Chennai, you have Tondiarpet, there is cholera hospital. Apollo is in South Chennai. there is less development in north Chennai when compared to south Chennai. There are Cricket players, Silambattam exponents living here, but they don’t prosper, they just continued it as a hobby. you can’t call North Chennai a part of the city, it is a rural town. there is a lot of pollution. my grandfather died here recently he was 80 years old, he didn’t die because of pollution. there is good ground water here, fit for drinking and the harbour area is also on the higher elevation so even if the rest of Chennai is flooded, North Chennai doesn’t flood. Chennai city developed because of the harbour, harbour means trading. MUSIC PLAYING sometimes boat might develop a leak and water might get in, so people might not come to our aid. houses might collapse, flooding might happen, then other people might give some food, that’s it If we send a boat it will cost 6-7 lakhs rupees, the cost of diesel has gone up, if the prices come down it will be helpful to us. we earn approximately Rs.7000, which is hard we are still able to survive on that living in hut house, but we still can’t leave this place, this is where we will live. My farmland is in Tiruchi, if you build me a house here, Can I travel everyday to Tiruchi farm and come back Chennai for farming If I have to catch fish, I have to live near(to the sea), they can’t ask me to move from here, then how can I earn my livelihood, if I have a office job, then I can live far from my place of work. If they build houses for us in
North Chennai then it is good we cant live far from North Chennai. Will you get a job if they build houses there, No, I won’t get a job there, I can only find work here. keeping them away from the rest of the society is wrong If they come here, they can earn a livelihood, but we go there, they chase us away, there is nothing as comfortable as this place (North Chennai). they call us names and we are identified in a negative way, but we aren’t like that. You can find Muslims, Jains, Telugus, Tamils, living and all kinds of cultures and their associated foods. We celebrate all festivals in a grand way. **Children singing a Gaana song**

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  1. நம்ம ஊருங்க வட சென்னை உயிர கூடுத்து பழகுவாங்க

  2. 2:34 அந்த கிழட்டு மு*ன்டைய அடுச்சு துறத்துங்கடா அங்குட்டு..

  3. வாழ்க்கையில ஒரு டைமாது வட சென்னை போய் பாக்கனும். அதான் ஆசை

  4. கிறிஸ்டியன் இல்ல; ஹிபுரு(hebrew) காரங்க. இஸ்லாமிக் இல்ல; அரபிக்(arabic) காரங்க.
    தமிழர்கள் வேற லவல்(level). தமிழர்களுக்கு எண்ணிக்குமே தமிழ் கலாச்சாரம்தான்(Culture) = தமிழ் அடையாளம். தமிழுக்கு மதம் எண்ணிக்குமே இல்ல. மதங்களை அழிக்கிறவங்கதா தமிழர்கள்.

  5. Chennai na ve getthu dha…. I'm from andhra but i like tamilnadu n i loved it 😍😍😍💖 chennai ku whistle podu….

  6. [ Vadachennai ] – characterized as rogues, rapists, illegal relationships,
    Son of whores, filthy bitches, untouchables, streetwalkers, drug users, pickpockets, Prostitutes, beggars,
    "red caps" [porters], to steal the luggage of unknowing travelers, drug producers, drug dealers, and bike thieves.

  7. North Madras very nice area semma,maja, malcham, Naanum North Indian 😁😁😁😁😁😁💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💔

  8. Did u guys watch VADA CHENNAI?I guess u people missed out these details….watch this video to find out

  9. என் சொந்த ஊரு மதுரை, ஆனால் என் தாய் எனக்கு சென்னை

  10. I am so sorry to ask this
    Since am from Bangalore I've seen vada Chennai beautiful film
    But why are the people living in Chennai saying that there's a lot of pollution ,rowdism etc ?
    Especially those old uncles and a guy with specs

  11. வடசென்னை பார்க்க மட்டும் தான் கொஞ்சம் கருப்பா இருக்கும் !
    ஆனா அங்க உள்ள உள்ளங்கள் எல்லாமே வெள்ளந்திங்கிப்பா ! அவங்க-தாம்பா மெட்றாஸின் மூத்த குடிகள்,
    தயவு செய்து அவர்களின் உரிமைகளையும் உணர்வுகளையும் புரிந்து கொள்ளுங்கள்….

  12. நான் தேனிகாரன் ஒரு நாளாவது வடசென்னைகாரனா வாழனனும் ஆசை வருது…

  13. மூத்தகுடி…வாழ்வியல் தத்துவம் அறிந்து இயற்கையோடு இணைந்து வாழும் சாயம் பூசாத மக்கள்…..#வடசென்னை…..மனுஷன் மனுஷனா வாழுறான்…

  14. வடசென்னை பறையர் கோட்டை 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

  15. Dea north chennai,,oru vedu 1.50 crore da ,perumbur,,kolathur,, madhavaram,, vysarpadi,,purusawalkam,, tiruvatruer,,, North .Madras kachada areanu solravangalla.,,anga irukra apartmentsla ,,1bhk vangi katungada

  16. வட சென்னை தான் கெத்து அதுவும் வியசார்படி தான் ஜித்து

  17. Vada Chennai le vaazhaadhavanga adha pathi negative va pesa thagidhiye ille….sarithiram therinji pesanum..Vada Chennai is the Real Chennai..💪✊

  18. சென்னைக்கு முதல வந்ததே வடசென்னை திருவெற்றியூர்

  19. What's shown in this video is only 1 area of vada Chennai kassimedu n royapuram.but other area life style is totally different all are well settled ..

  20. I'm not from chennai,but I know little about north chennai, அவர்கள் உழைப்பாளிகள் எதற்கும் துணிந்தவர்கள், மற்றவர்கள் காசுக்கு ஆசைப்படாதவர்கள், பொறாமை எண்ணம் கொண்டவர்கள் யாருமில்லை, யாருக்கும் துரோகம் நினைக்காதவர்கள், மிகவும் நல்ல மனிதர்கள்,

  21. Vaikaila ore asai tha sagurathukulla oru thadavayachum vada chennai Pasangaloda palakkam vachukkanum I love vada Chennai guys speech style 😘😘😘

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