The inexplicable game

The inexplicable game

Imagine you work in an office
environment such as this one. You are here and you’d very much like to get
chatting to the middle-aged receptionist here. She’s no spring chicken but she has
pointy tits like in those 1950s movies, and you’ve often fantasized about what
you would do with her if you could take her home with you.
However, standing in your way, or should I say sitting, is your boss
here. He is a complete cock knocker and complicating the problem is that your
cubicle is next to a co-worker who seems to have appointed himself as some kind
of unofficial deputy. So what strategy should you employ to make your move
effectively? You’re thinking I’m MGTOW- why should I care? But one solution is
this you make sure that dick breath overhears a phone conversation you’re
having. Yeah.. he looks over to find a mannequin in your chair and a golf
course on Google Maps. Immediately, Batman is notified about the great escape, much
to his dissatisfaction, and the pair leave the building in order to
administer some rough justice. In your cubicle, a mannequin comes to life, and
because nobody would ever guess that you would disguise yourself as yourself. In the excellent book ‘Defensive dating
for Men’ by Yar Narrutor, the author examines the elaborate male/female
interactions of the dating game and all its possible consequences. The early
moments of potential relationships are a challenge even if neither of you
intended to be that way. ‘On a previous date the waiter brought me my salad and
in the middle they put a baby octopus I could have died’ Very often a man can
find himself not only being unaware of the rules of a game but not even knowing
that he was in a game in the first place, and still unaware that the dice were
loaded in her favor. Guys like myself have played by the rules in order to get
that ace-card in your hand, only to find that your wife is playing a different
kind of game altogether. How many men have discovered that the one they loved
was thinking several steps ahead in order to get you out of the home you
shared together and have it for herself- the winner takes it all. Open the pod bay
doors, Sal. Dave, this marriage can serve no purpose anymore: goodbye. A woman’s tactics can frequently be part
of a larger game plan or scheme and speaking of games, I sometimes wonder if
the video games we played his kids had any kind of message for us.. certainly
they had the potential to warn us unenlightened to teenagers as we
hammered away at that hard thing on our laps offering us a simplified version of
what we might face as adults. If I was to make a game I would ensure it had some
kind of MGTOW content. In a world of too many blue pills and
not enough red, it’s essential to know that in a game that can only be one
winner and the other person is known as an opponent or rival for a reason. For
men marriage is like a game of snakes and ladders but with no ladders. We are
kicking the ball uphill and the Sun is in our eyes. So it makes sense to play
like a pro and to maximize your use of the pieces you’ve been given, knowing
it’s best to go it alone. Yaaaaah!!!

100 thoughts on “The inexplicable game

  1. Super MGTOW World hahaha!!!
    Yes the world become Super MGTOW World once you get rid of all the drama.
    Also the SNES was my favorite console ever.

    Great video Yorkshire MGTOW!!!

  2. This freaking amazing, great content and comedy as always. As for a mgtow game I've the concept of an action platformer that would be called " Black Knight".
    A knight whose trying to save the other half of his brother's/close friend's heart/soul from a nameless Witch Queen . In order to get said Witch the black knight have to fight an army white knights (the grunts essentially), who are men who souls were completely stolen by the Witch Queen and are empty husks who only exist to do her bidding. The 6 Gyn Order which would be the higher order comprising female only knights, they essentially would be bosses who'd be waiting after you had plow through the lesser white knights.
    After all that the knight would fight Witch Queen but before the knight could finally finish her off the knight's brother/close friend comes to challenge you to a fight to the death. In a bittersweet moment knight would finish him off and ask why he'd fight for the one that put him in his pitiful state, the bro/close friend would respond saying something like " It was the only way I was taught to live, even in the end the end I could never see past the blue skies ". In a rage the knight would go try to finish of the Witch Queen once more, only to find that she's been whisked away by a creature called Duluth. Even though the town and citizens would be saved from the Witch Queens influence and the revere him as hero, he still is sad as in the end he really couldn't accomplish what he set out to do. So he packs it up and leaves to become a wander to finally finish what he had started…

  3. Workplace romance use to be common and how many married couples met back decades ago. But now one complaint to Human Resources at your job could get you sacked and cause irreparable damage to your career. No woman is worth that risk.

  4. Great video. I love your dry humor and funny take on men/women relationship.A bit depressing at the end but with women of today MGTOW appears to be the only option. I bet it makes a lot of time to make these.

  5. MGTOW vids with English accents always makes me smile. Top class as usual. More vids from you would be most welcome. Thanks for your content.

  6. I'm on day 90 of no fap. Time flies I'm planning on having sex. Hopefully my porn induced erections dysfunction will be cured. 🙏

  7. LMFAOOO @ the pointy tits😅😅😅😅😅🤣 when they were prowing into the ground i DIED. Your creativity is EVERYTHING

  8. Im so glad i did"nt get married. All i listen to from married men is how the wife does"nt want sex anymore. Imagine that your stuck with a women and if you leave she takes half of everything. Modern day marriage seems real [email protected] to me

  9. Love this content. It's the best in MGTOW. Brings a smile to my face and enlightens me at the same time. Chuckles galore.

  10. This is some good o'le western propaganda lmao. Keep taking the red pill/black pill/brown pill/whatever imaginary pill you guys or gals want to swallow; the odds are against you, they always were. Did you not know that?!?! Bozo(s). Toughen up. Its part of evolution. Keep swimming, think with your head, or else you will end up getting washed up.

  11. "You make sure that Dick-Breath overhears a phone conversation you're having":

    Yoo…..the Speech Bubble actually arching over the Cubicle to that fool so he can listen.

    Lol I just can't deal with Yorkshire with a straight face man!!

  12. mgtow should be a study.. a 1 year education.. its free but you have to sign a contract that you will inform men around you in the future

  13. I love these videos! They always make me laugh and put a smile on my face. Thanks for creating and uploading them. Look out for the men-hating feminists they would love to get this brilliant MGTOW channel banned.

  14. As a backup, you should also upload your videos to just in case the man-hating feminists ban you from YouTube. Search for MGTOW for example channels.

  15. I'm female and I have to say this is so funny I show my 4 sons your vids and they love it 😁 lol nice see someone create humor out of chaos 🤣😂🤗

  16. I've watched this video dozens of times. A Yorkshire classic! But I've finally realized that after Pac-Man eats the red pill, he shud just simply walk off of the board never to be seen again. Pac-Man going MGTOW. 'Best way to win, is not to play'.

  17. Best MGTOW channel. Most MGTOW are fucking losers who can barely put an original thought together. Please make more videos. You are crazy talented and your message is incredible. Cheers, my friend.

  18. I've only just found your channel today and this is the best yet.
    Very sharp, intelligent humour and references intertwined with cold hard truths.
    On all your vids.
    You're a goddam hero.

  19. Keep up the good work bro.. its an eye opening.. i am a new MGTOW and i need my red pill every day to keep me from simping.. seems like all the years of love and care counts for nothing.. i am working om myself to see the world from a rich person's perspective.. every extra buck in my pocket shows me how cheap women are truly are..

  20. Man, your animations are hilarious! They're covered with a light touch of a simple and catchy satire that's amusing.

  21. tbh the West is so spine crushingly boring…i kinda want in a tent on a beach or some shit. Canada is so fukin dull in the urban areas you will keep a rope in your car.

  22. I can't believe I didn't see this video earlier, it's brilliant. You need funding to make more of these and that was a great Welsh accent.

  23. Just starting night shift cheers Yorkshire MGTOW at least I know I am working for me and it's all my money , those videos make me smile.

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