The Great Wizarding War – Chapter 2 – The Chess Master

The Great Wizarding War – Chapter 2 – The Chess Master

Woman: Lumos. Who are you? Woman: An interested party. Are you with the Ministry? Woman: At the moment, that remains to be seen. Woman: But, this is a ministry building, And I mean you no harm. I just want to make sense of what happened. Nothing you say will leave this room. Right. Woman: I’d like to ask you a couple of questions regarding the events of last month. Please, start at the beginning. Our records show that you and three others arrived as St Mungos in the middle of the night? Yes. Remus, one of our friends… was badly hurt. So I disarmed the locks on the windows, and tracked down a healer who took everyone in. Woman: And how did you disarm the spells? I was training to be a healer, so I already knew the passcode and counter spells. Woman: What was your friend suffering from? Some sort of… dark magic curse. Woman: You don’t know what it is? No. Woman: The healers reports were baffled, as well. What happened after Remus was admitted? Sirius stayed at the hospital… My friend and I got into a fight, and we went our own ways for a while. Woman: Did you know where James went? No. We didn’t talk to each other for a while after that. Woman: At this point, had you seen anyone using magical artifacts? No. Woman: No one in St. Mungos using artifacts? They were practically out of potions! I doubt they would have any artifacts just floating around the grounds. Woman: Any summonings at all? Anything you would recognize from Hogwarts? No. Not that I saw. Not then. Woman: Do you know where the sword of Gryffindor is? Why? Justin: Broad Strokes Productions presents… The Great Wizarding War Written by Justin Zagri and Garrett Schweighauser, Directed by Justin Zagri, Produced by Mick Ignis Chapter Two: The Chess Master (Ministry officials walk through the ministry of magic halls. Floo powder flames are heard.) LUTHOR: Knight to D-5. (chess piece moves) ARTHUR: Hmm. LUTHOR: See where I’m going? ARTHUR: Not quite…but I have a feeling. ARTHUR: Bishop to E-4. LUTHOR: Keeping me at bay won’t work forever. ARTHUR: It’ll do for now until I figure out what you’re up to. LUTHOR: I read about that raid the other day. In surrey? ARTHUR: Yeah. Mess, that was. Death Eaters hexed an entire car repair shop. LUTHOR: Lucky you and your crew got to it when you did. Pawn to F-5. ARTHUR: Lucky. ARTHUR: Pawn to F-3. LUTHOR: I heard there was a bit of a perk to that one. ARTHUR: What do you mean? LUTHOR: The A.M.C. Javelin? ARTHUR: Oh, right! Brilliant find. Some daft chap tried to hex the transmission! They had no clue what they were doing. Got a good look at it. Brand new. LUTHOR: I heard it was bright- ARTHUR: Red! Beautiful coat. Don’t know how the Muggles do it. LUTHOR: Well I suppose they have a few advantages in the transport department. ARTHUR: If only a broom could, uh….what do they call it? LUTHOR: Rev? ARTHUR: Vroom! That was I was gonna say. LUTHOR: (chuckles) you ever think about taking one on for yourself? ARTHUR: Blimey! Molly would never let me. Bet the kids would love it, though. LUTHOR: How are they, by the way? Let’s see, you’ve got Bill, Charlie, Percy And a set of twins, now, I hear. ARTHUR: Oh. Yeah. Quite the load. LUTHOR: Think they’ll be Gryffindors? ARTHUR: I’d be quite proud if they were. LUTHOR: I’m sure you will. ARTHUR: I reckon you’ll keep an eye on them when they get sorted? LUTHOR: Knight takes pawn. (knight moves, unsheathes sword, destroys pawn) LUTHOR: I would love to, Arthur. but my contract for defense against the dark arts was a one time deal. afraid the school board and ministry takes up too much of my time. ARTHUR: I’m sure they do. Lots of talking, and conversing, and discussing… LUTHOR: I do envy how often you go into the field. but, I’m best with people. speaking of which, board meeting in five. Think we’ll have to finish this another time. ARTHUR: Right…suppose we won’t finish this game for a while. LUTHOR: I suppose not. but, I look forward to resuming. Please, give Molly my best. ARTHUR: Luthor? When this game is finished, I’d like to show you that Javelin. LUTHOR: When this game is over, I’ll take you up on that. PAPERBOY: Muggles and Wizards alike continue to disappear! Ministry two steps behind Death Eaters! Paper for you, Mr. Frumentar? LUTHOR: No. Thank you. LUTHOR’S ASSISTANT: Ah. Good morning, Mr. Frumentar. Here is your mail, your board meeting is in five. LUTHOR: Anything of note? LUTHOR’S ASSISTANT: Uh, yes, actually. A parchment with the mark on it, you mentioned was priority if you see it, it’s on your desk. LUTHOR: Where’s the Floo Powder? LUTHOR’S ASSISTANT: Here you are, sir. LUTHOR: Tell the boys at the meeting I’ll be late. WILTSHIRE! LUTHOR: Lucius Malfoy! I see more dawdling and less preparing from you and your group. We have a raid to discuss, do we not? SNAPE: Professor? LUTHOR: Ah, Severus. Not your professor anymore. But I dare say you were my top student. Won’t be surprised if you get the position yourself one day. Assuming things go our way. SNAPE: Thank you, sir. LUTHOR: Welcome to the Death Eaters. MRS. PETTIGREW: And then what happened? PETER: And then… I don’t know. I didn’t see much. MRS. PETTIGREW: Peter! You don’t know if they lived or died?! PETER: He was gonna kill me, mum! I didn’t know what else to do! MRS. PETTIGREW: Oh dear…well have you heard from them since? PETER: It’s only been half a day, mum. No, I haven’t. MRS. PETTIGREW: Oh well I do hope they’re alright. But I’m relieved you’re okay, sweetness. Oh, this war. This war, this war, this war. I thought it’d be up by now. You would think the Ministry would have the resources to deal with such rubbish. If the Ministry can’t protect us, then we might have to do something for ourselves! Well, I suppose you’re famished. Shall I get you some sweets? Turkish delight? Peter: No, no thanks, mum. MRS. PETTIGREW: But you’re shivvering. And you must be so hungry. PETER: I’m not hungry, mum. MRS. PETTIGREW: Nonsense! You stay right there, and I’ll fetch you something. PETER: I’m quite fine, mum. MRS. PETTIGREW: Not another word, sweetness! Would you get that, sweetness? PETER: James?! MRS. PETTIGREW: Who is it, sweetness? PETER: James! Prongs! JAMES: On your feet. PETER: James, I’m so sorry. You must- JAMES: You ran off. Like a coward. PETER: He was gonna kill me! JAMES: You could have fought him. PETER: I couldn’t! JAMES: He almost killed me! Sirius was tortured, Remus is still bleeding out! PETER: James! JAMES: YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN BRAVE! PETER: YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE STARTED IT! JAMES: What?! PETER: You were warned. Remus warned you, I warned you Even Padfoot warned you! JAMES: You don’t know what you’re saying. PETER: I was right there, James! It was a bad idea all around, even if we did beat him. JAMES: I was trying to keep Lily safe. PETER: He must wanted to talk to her. JAMES: How would you know that? PETER: I saw it. JAMES: You saw him nearly kill me, and how can you stand there and defend him?! You know where he’s going. Where he’s probably gone by now. PETER: I know! But… by all accounts, you know he would never hurt her. if, you would just let him- JAMES: I would NEVER let his slimy claws anywhere near her. He’s on the wrong side of this war. It’s my place to protect her. And I admit I didn’t see it coming. That Snape…was so strong. I should have. PETER: James… I’m sorry. JAMES: You’re not. You betrayed us. Think about that. MRS. PETTIGREW: Goodness! Where did you run off to?! RODOLPHUS: Heard things are going well, Goyle. Plans executed? GOYLE: Yup. Had our first raid. Was stopped last week by that Weasley pratt, but we got what we needed. ALECTO: Heard you tried to hex that muggle car. Blew up in your face, did it? GOYLE: No! Just some soapy stuff came out from under the window. ALECTO: Made you nice and squeaky clean, though. (crowd laughs) LUTHOR: And how are plans shaping up for the next one, Rodolphus? RODOLPHUS: Quite well. We got the Ministry thinking we’re gonna hit Hogsmeade next. They’ve increased security. Should have minimal fuss from Moody and company. LUTHOR: Good…and who will be leading it? LUCIUS: That would be me. LUTHOR: You, Lucius? LUCIUS: Hm. I volunteered. RODOLPHUS: Figured the boy needs to get his feet wet. He’ll be coming along with the Mrs, Alecto, myself and Amycus. AMYCUS: Happy to be of service by the way, Mr. Luthor. It’s a real honor. ALECTO: No need for brown nosing, Amycus. AMYCUS: I’ll brown it up all I like, good sister. LUTHOR: I wonder if you might take along Severus as well. SNAPE: Me? LUCIUS: Him? He just got here, don’t you think that he should- LUTHOR: He held his own against four trained wizards. I would know, I trained them. BELLATRIX: You shouldn’t have trained any of them. RODOLPHUS: That’ll do, Bella. LUTHOR: It’s alright, Rodolphus. And why not, Bellatrix? LUTHOR: If you had stuck to the Slytherins or kept your business out of that miserable school, we wouldn’t have as much opposition. You just added more skilled wands to their side. LUTHOR: As I did ours. And you and I both know it was the Dark Lor’d plan to keep tabs on where those students would be headed. Had I been biased, appearances would have been difficult to keep up. RODOLPHUS: You got a problem with the way the Dark Lord runs things? BELLATRIX: No… RODOLPHUS: Good. Well Luthor, if you think he’s ready, he’s welcome to join. Severus? SNAPE: Of course. It would be an honor. LUTHOR: Good. I know you will do well. SNAPE: Would you mind letting me in on the details? RODOLPHUS: I’ll fill you in on the way. But you’re gonna need something if you want to come along. SNAPE: What’s that? RODOLPHUS: One of these. AMYCUS: Ah, yes. Certified mask. Makes it official. LUTHOR: The brand makes it official. but it’s a good start. ALECTO: By the way, Severus, I heard you did a good one on young Remus in that fight. LUTHOR: What do you mean, Alecto? ALECTO: I mean with his pretty face! Cut it up good! He’s got a nice criss cross, now. Might be good to play knots and crosses on! (crowd laughs) LUTHOR: Where did you hear that from? ALECTO: Our man inside St. Mungos. He’s still bleeding out, too. Can’t stop it. You’ll have to teach me that one, Sevvy. Whatever you did. (murmuring in agreement) SIRIUS: Where’s the bloody healer? You. With the creepy cloak. You the dark magic specialist? Hey…what’s with the wand? YOU. SNAPE: Get out of the way. SIRIUS: I’ll kill you. SNAPE: Hand off your wand. And if you don’t keep your mouth shut, I’ll kill you. SIRIUS: I don’t care. What you did to Remus- SNAPE: Is power you can’t begin to contemplate. SIRIUS: What could you possibly do to him now, Snivvelus? SNAPE: Move away. Slowly. You aren’t going down without a fight, are you? SIRIUS: No. SNAPE: Fine. SNAPE: Petrificus Totalus! SNAPE: That must have hurt. But I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as last night. Sleep well. SNAPE: You were a fool. You’ve always been like me. Different. Misunderstood. You had your chance to tell them off. You knew the kind of pain they put me through. We even could have been friends. But you were just as dense as the rest of them. You side with the popular ones, think you’re safe with them. Well… Now you know. None of them deserve any mercy. Vulnera Sanentur…Vulnera Sanentur… REMUS: Severus?

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  1. Arthur Weasley plays chess with a new character. Peter Pettigrew laments on the night before with his mother. Severus Snape has his first meeting with the Death Eaters.

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