The Brief History of the In-Game Calendar – WCmini Facts

The Brief History of the In-Game Calendar – WCmini Facts

Did you know, the ingame calendar wasn’t added to Wow until the start of Wrath of the Lich King? Before then, if you want to schedule raids and events with friends or guildies, it was done by just doing it the old-fashioned way With verbal agreements, or on a guild website, or by using an addon like group calendar Group calendar functions a lot like the calendar we have in-game by default. You can click on it in the top right hand corner Create events and then invite other players who also have the add-on installed to groups and raid events Blizzard has a history for putting add-ons in game that they like and they thought it was probably time for them to have a default In-game calendar so guilds could have an easier time organizing events So then in Wrath of the Lich King with the pre patch, we got the calendar we have today pretty much Blizzard is known for not making too many changes to features once they’re added You can create events and then add people to it by typing in their names with the correct permissions, you can mass invite people of certain ranks in your guild as well, to make scheduling a raid easier Over time they added stuff that would be shown to the calendar by default like special events Holidays, battleground weekends, raid lockouts, weekly events, brawls and micro holidays If an event is cancelled or deleted, everyone who was invited will get a message in the mail deleting events that have already happened will also send messages, funny enough And it used to be possible to accept or moderate events through the calendar with the WoW armory But once they revamped the armory to what we have today, they got rid of a lot of that functionality especially with the removal of the armory app Which allowed you to check your in-game calendar from your phone For some reason Blizzard has kind of removed all of that useful support and we don’t really know why but with the removal of the old armory and the armory app the only way to check your calendar and interact with it is to log into the game And that is the very brief history of the ingame calendar It was a feature that should have been in the game since the beginning, but wasn’t actually added until Wrath of the Lich King

32 thoughts on “The Brief History of the In-Game Calendar – WCmini Facts

  1. Now that would be a nice topic for an entire video: Addons Blizzard has integrated into the game over the years.

  2. I remember when it was released summer 08 I believe. I was happy I'd get to see when the darkmoon faire and holiday events started

  3. I'd honestly be interested in looking at the history of the Armory and the ways we've accessed our stuff from outside the game over the course of time

  4. my wield guess of why they removed the calender app and calender on the website is probably security and performance related.
    and whit security am talking about hacking other accounts/getting info, reading some ones else guilds calendar even thought you shouldent be able to, you can have calender events that only your are part of and I can see player putting privet stuff in them, like dental surgery 12.30 Thursday something you really shouldn't let other people especially random get access to.

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