– The looser has to get– – Eyebrow Threading – Here we go! In three, two, one! (upbeat music) Oh my gosh! I cannot find anybody! Welcome home everybody. You’re here on the Carl
and Jinger family channel. Me and Kyle are hanging out. Kyle what are you doing
in the kitchen bro? – I am making some biscuits! – [Jinger] Biscuits! – Ja! – We’ve recently got home
from a family vacation to Hawaii which the boys
actually got for Christmas, and it was just purely a vacation. We actually didn’t film
while we were there which was really hard
because we always love to film when we’re on vacation, but this time it was just for fun. So we just kinda chilled, took it easy. Now we’re just getting back
into the flow of things, and we realized– – That Fathers Day is on Sunday, and we haven’t even got him any presents. – [Jinger] Sjoe, and
how does that feel Kyle? You need to actually get
your Dad some presents. What is Leela doing? Leela! Since we have stuff to
do outside of the house, we are gonna just go and run
a whole bunch of errands, take you guys along and play some games, maybe along the way to
keep things interesting, because we like to make
boring things fun around here. Oh yeah, you guys, and you
guys saw on our last video, where we made that cute
puppy maze for Leela? Well she’s learning some
really cute tricks too. Let me show ya. Okay, here we go. – Ready? Sit! – [Jinger] Oh! She already knew! – Ready? Go get it! (laughing) There she goes and then
watch, if I come up here, she’ll come right between my legs! Here she comes! Ting! – [Jinger] Oh my gosh! – How do you like that? – [Jinger] She’s like loving it! Leela is a Shiba Inu. Lotta people ask what breed she is. She looks kinda like a cute little fox. – [Carl] So you guys
smash that like button for Leela coming and saying hi! That was nice! – Carl is gonna to stay here with Leela because she’s still a puppy
and she really missed us while we were gone to Hawaii, and we’re Fathers Day shopping so he’s obviously not invited. – Okay guys, we’re headed to the mall to do some Fathers Day
shopping and I’m excited. I don’t know what I’m
going to get my dad yet. Do you know Gauge or Kyle? – I’m thinking that I’m going
to get him like a really, like a mug and some socks. I think that’s going to be really fun. – Ooh! That would be cool. He’s a really big socks and sandals’s fan, which I like ’cause socks are really cool. – [Jinger] We just got to the mall, and I think we’ve found out what we wanted to get dad right? – Aaaarg! – [Jinger] He would freak out, right Kyle? – Maybe next time. – [Jinger] Hey, a guys
gotta have dreams Kyle. – Maybe next time. – [Jinger] Okay, Kyle
found somethin for dad. What’d you find Kyle – I found some short pants, I don’t know if they’re
short pants or not, They’re too high! – [Jinger] Let’s see. Okay. Something pink, Kyle’s
digging pink stuff lately. ‘Kay hold it up, it’s a shirt. Nah, it’s too hot, it’s summer, right. – Yeah! Hey guys, I got the gift bag! – [Jinger] A unicorn backpack! (laughing) Are you going to put a bow on it? – Yes! – [Jinger] Or just let it
sparkle its way to the top? – Yes! – [Jinger] So we gonna buy
a few presents to put in the backpack and just let him
think, whatever he’s going to– I think he’ll be surprised. Gauge is the only one that
hasn’t got his present. Gauge are you getting nervous? – Do you guys wanna get that? – [Jinger] Yeah, do you wanna– Do you wanna show em? – Yeah, here, my dad loves sunglasses, so I got him these Maui
Jim’s. Look at these! – [Jinger] Wow! Those are dope man! He’s gonna love those. – I’m so excited. – [Jinger] Well, even if he
doesn’t he can return ’em, because those are nice sunglasses. – Or he can just keep them. Luke can. – You don’t keep a gift
you give someone, right? Gauge is like, “Well if you don’t want
it, I’ll have it dad.” (laughing) Well, can I have it? – I want it, I’ll have the sunglasses. – That’s just a mutual agreement. – I know, I’ll arm wrestle you for it. Okay you guys, we don’t
have to arm wrestle for it, but I’ll tell you what. If dad doesn’t like his sunglasses, then the winner of this game, that we’re about to play, gets them. Are you ready? – Yes!
– Ooh! – If you loose, you have
to get your eyelashes– – Your eyebrows micro
bladed, or not. No! No! No! (beep) – What’s it called? – Get your wax off your eyebrows. (beep) – And the looser has
to get their eyebrows– – Blazed! – Blazed, or whatever you call it. – Cleaned up! – Basically they use a
string to like, pluck it out! – Yeah, I don’t know. – ‘Kay you guys ready to play this game? – Uh huh.
– Old school. – Okay, I’m “it”. Okay,so that means, you guys hide and whoever can stay hidden
for the most amount of minutes, wins the game. – Okay. – Are you ready?
– Uh huh. Here we go, in three, two, one! – I don’t know where to hide. – Okay guys, I have no
idea where I’m gonna hide. I’m gonna have to keep the camera down, so workers don’t see us. – I’m gonna find my place, this is an awesome place
to hide, down there. – What if I hid in here? That would be good. I’m gonna do the classic
in-store hiding spot, and I’m trying not to get caught ’cause I don’t know if I’m going
to get kicked out or not. – There’s a place over
here, I’m gonna hide. Here we go. – [Store Employee] How are you doing? – Hi, I’m playing hide
and seek with my brothers, can I hide here? – [Store Employee] Um, sure. – Thank you. – [Store Employee] Just
don’t break anything! – Yeah, I’ll be careful. Yes! Okay, I kept my head. Hopefully she doesn’t find me. – Okay guys, I was able to get
in here but I just realized, I really hope she doesn’t see my feet ’cause I can’t pick them up. I’m kind of in an awkward situation. – Kyle was really concerned
about having to get his eyebrows tweezed. I can’t remember what it’s
called, with the thread. They have a booth here in the mall, and we were laughing at the
people when we were walking by, ’cause it looked like it really hurt. It’s gonna be really funny
to see who has to do that. (funky music) – [Jinger] I will find you. – I’m just chillin right now. – I think there’s someone
shopping right here. Uh oh, gonna put these on
and hopefully they’ll help disguise me if she looks into the top. – This is an awesome game. I love this. This is so awesome. – [Jinger] Okay, quick
distraction though, cute luggage! – My moms in this area, oh my gosh! She’s right there! (upbeat music) – I do not want to get
my eyebrows plucked. I’m pretty sure that out
of my three brothers, that I have the most prominent eyebrows. – Oh my gosh! I cannot find anybody. I’ve been looking around for a long time and I have not seen anyone yet. I might have got myself in trouble, because I know that they’re good hiders. Gauge! – How’d you know? – [Jinger] Were you tryin
to camouflage your head? That’s not even camouflage. – They’re just sittin on the rack over, and I knocked em down,
might as well use em. – [Jinger] Are you like seven, hiding in the clothes racks Gauge? Come on! You gotta fix all that. Look at what you done! – I feel eighty something, in my pants. – [Jinger] Gauge, that means that you get your eyebrows done! – But, my eyebrows are like
the most lush eyebrows. – [Jinger] Bushy, bushy, bushy. Gauge just kinda has a uni-brow going on, but we’ll get that fixed today. Lucky you, he’s never
had his eyebrows tweezed. (upbeat music) – This is very uncomfortable. – I think we’re good for now. I’m trying to be really quiet though. Okay I got one down, two to go. Oh yeah! Getting some confidence
though, since I caught him. – I’m not going to make
you more confident. – You’re not? – No, I’ll make you feel worse. – Why? – ‘Cause you’re doing
terrible, that’s why. – That was so mean! – You’re never gonna find them. – Okay, I’m going to get up. I’m going to just try to
do the walking technique. – I see Kyle, I see Kyle! Gotcha ya! (laughing) (upbeat music) – You are caught! – I wanted to give myself up! – [Jinger] What? – I’ll show you my spot that I hid in. You past me right by. – [Jinger] I did? – Here. – [Jinger] What? – Yeah. – [Jinger] I past right by you. – You were right there,
you walked just like this. – [Jinger] How funny! Oh my gosh! Hey, now we just have to find Luke. (upbeat music) (squawking) – Gauge! He’s trying to distract me. (laughing) (squawking) (laughing) I think that he’s giving Luke some tips. Luke! Lukeroni! Where are you? Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! You’re caught! Clearance! 65% Off. – The worker caught me. – [Jinger] Really? What happened? – So she caught me, then I asked her, “Hey, I’m playing hide
and seek with my brothers can I hide there?”, and
she like looked around for any managers. She’s like, sure just
don’t break anything. (laughing) – That’s so cool! Okay let’s go. Well even though Luke’s
brothers really tried to let him go a lot longer, he still won and you guys
are good team players. Good job! – But Gauge–
– I won! – Congratulations Luke!
You’re the winner of hide and seek, Gauge is the looser, and you got second place. – Yay! That means we only have
one thing left to do– – The eyebrows! – Eyebrow time for Gauge! He’s obviously thrilled about it. I’ve always wanted to do it, so I told him he could tag me in and I would get it done. We’ll see what happens. Okay Gauge, here we go. Getting his eyebrows threaded. – Oh! – [Jinger] Does that hurt? (laughing) Oh my gosh. – [Lady] Relax your face. Look at this, she’s got
it partly in her mouth, and using her hands. That’s real talent I’d say. That’s so cool. How does it feel Gauge? Is it therapeutic, does it feel
like you’re being massaged? – Get out of this chair. – [Jinger] – A lot going on Gauge. Oh, are your eyes watering? – Ay, yes and I’m crying
just a little bit. (laughing) – Oh gosh, oh this burns a lot. – Don’t you get a little
satisfaction out of it? – No. – Just a little, You don’t? – I will when you do it. (laughing) – [Jinger] You’re half-way done. – [Lady] Just try to relax your face. – This feels like eternity. – [Jinger] Gauge do you
regret making the deal? – Ah, a little bit. (laughing) – [Jinger] Does that feel good? – That feels– – [Jinger] Gettin some aloe on there. Good job Gauge. – I feel like I’m in the spa. – [Jinger] Good job. – My eyebrows are more
luscious than before. – [Jinger] Your eyebrows
are 100% better, at least. Your eyes look like– You look like you’ve been crying. – They feel like they’re twitching. They feel very strange. – [Jinger] Are you a
fan of the experience? – They have their own heartbeat. It’s so weird, they’re like– – Okay. – [Lady] Ready? – Yeah. I’m nervous. – [Gauge] You have
incurred the torture chair. – Here we go. – Owee. Ow. Gauge I’m sorry, ow my gosh. Okay, its to hard. – [Luke] Hold my hand. – [Gauge] The pain woman
go through for beauty. – Wow, just breath.
– I’m good, I’m good. – Well, I got way more done than Gauge. Gauge, your’s looks al– just like, barely shaped,
which I think is perfect. You can’t really tell. – I can really tell. – But I can tell mine
and I had so much fun playing that game today guys. Poor Gauge was the looser of the game. He got a little penalty but
it was hilarious anyway. Gauge thanks for sacrificing for comedy. – No problem. – You guys, that’s it for today’s video. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure you like and subscribe and we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – Bye!
– Bye!


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