The Art of Planning in Chess

The Art of Planning in Chess

The chapter is called the art of
planning. Sometimes you may be wondering how top grandmasters can analyze
positions so far ahead. You may be seeing their analysis for 10-15 moves ahead and
you don’t know why they select these moves and not something else and how can
they calculated for such a long time period also if you see how I lost
command on the game’s at times you can see there in valuations like the
Grandmaster sounds and that this is probably a drop but you look at the
board land deal feces and you have no idea how he came up with to that
conclusion because European this is very far from the draw and you see that there
are plenty of possibilities for both sides and you’re told unsure of how to
develop this position at all while the group run last term states that there’s
probably a draw I actually had the same confusion for quite a long time period
but then there was one eye open or moment for me I wasn’t national master
at that moment and I took some training with the Grandmaster of and that was the
point where I realized what is the difference between the International
Master and Grandmaster and how can one last year was analyzed position so
deeply so now i’m happy to share this knowledge whether let’s have a look at these example of
this is my games plain white first let me ask you the question how do you think
what is the evaluation of this position does anyone have the advantage or is it
approximately equal one thing I was playing the game I thought that this is
probably approximately equal ok black can capture the budget for the night
which is generally good for black but after that bind will take with a rogue
and maybe double rocks on the Add File Alliance will have some actively on the
inside and they see that the material is equal
and it doesn’t look like any side has any decisive advantage so I thought that
it should be more or less equal and then come to analyze this position well with
my coach Grandmaster market though she was looking at this position and he told
me okay let’s imagine what may happen afterwards in this game so black
probably would try to play along the e-file or white house awake squares
maybe to attack the white suite palms which are slightly advanced DVR favor
polls but of course first of all like these to activate his forces so let’s
think what may happen and what’s a first he’ll take the bus now I’m glad that
should be fun just to drive the white pieces back by Dwight place guthrie to
cover that you three square and then OK Blackwell just need to find the right
side up for his species so he said that ok maybe the bishop may go to the salon
for example blacken transferred for age 62 juice on the Queen may go to be six
or a five to take the whites week polls in the central lagoon side and then like
made other routes on the eve file and after that he will start taking the
whites witnesses along he filed the whites palms like 35 bowl beat up on the
eve of off so that is the blacks plan and that he asked me what is the white
line here is that ok maybe the key inside and just try to do something
there but even if you play Rock Cafe on its not like to play rugby star protect
the ball and that’s pretty much it so I thought for some more time and I
couldn’t really find any land which can actually be realized practice and then he told me so we see
it wise position is varied interests close to losing black will improve his
position gradually realized his plan but it’s hard to think of what can we do here for
like will gradually become better and better and why doesn’t it serious danger
of loss you see the great difference between the evaluation of them my old
between my old violation of this position and elation off an experienced
drug master so I was evaluating the current situation that materials igual
was nothing specific for both sides and I thought it’s equal the ground mustard
took a different approach it set off thinking just before given position he
thought about the plans of both sides at once he realized that there is a good
plan for black and there is no good plan for white he could be four see the
situation for some time a hat and he could see that in the
future like would be proven his position likely but Weibull not therefore black
will hold plea white and black has the great chances to win the game this is the big difference that I wanted
that you learn if you can’t comprehend the plans of all sides you can foresee
the situation for a long period a hat and you can make the ultimate conclusion
of what may be the outcome of the game there’s one more position how do you
think what’s the violation of this position looks like why did slightly
better because he has some space advantage at the same time we can see
that it’s just at the end of the opening so you may expect that there was a long
game after that now both players will start realizing their game plans and
it’s going to be tough battle right so that that’s what you might think about
this position in the book my great predecessors Garrigus power of states
here that after a queen 2d three black is on the brink of loss there’s a
violation is very different from what you may expect it also you may be
totally confused of how these complex position which rather close to the beginning of
the game maybe if the lady as almost waiting for a white told that that’s
really confusing but let’s recollect the art of planning and look at us look at
this position unjust from the current perspective but from the perspective of
the plans both players it’s let’s say what black is going to do what maybe
he’s active planning this position he needs to break through somewhere if you
want to do anything active and there are only two possible plans that babe black
may have either one of them is the standard expand drama queen sized he may
try to play a six and be violent if I please quindi free it’s very hard to
imagine how can black prepare the advancement of the pole and you see that
black pieces are just placed awkwardly and it makes fact that even if Blackwell
a ver preparedness a 65 advancement it will take so long time that in practice
it’s simply possible to do that the second eventual plan for black is to
push in the center in places like Esox but here the problem for black once
again is that like ever tries to play he seeks none since White House the good
control over the defiled by will be able to capture the pole and probably just
win the blacks week D 6 pol one player ok to do you want to capture that in
reality we can see that although black have to potential plans forces very hard
almost impossible to realize any of that now think about the whites plan well first of all we can see that white
house in space advantage and therefore he can place these pieces on the square
and natural his plan will probably lead to a breakthrough with a fight and the
centrist on point after the proper preparation breakthrough will continue
taking their after we evaluated the plans both sides we can really see why
the blacks position is so desperate he has nothing to do well White House the
clear plan to increase his advantage into continued
the attack that’s why is part of the group planning skills and the lady in
this position has almost winning four for white now let’s make a little
summary of what’s the difference in the think it off amateur players and the top grandmasters
so the average player while claiming game think so which building is to play yes we know
that we also need to compile some plans but anyway basically just think which
movie you need to play it at a given position and sometimes if you’re unsure
what to do when you try to come up with some logical plan and that blame those
which we all realize anyway most of the cases you just think about which move
should hear the grandmasters perspective attitude for the game is different the
first of all things to all the plans and only then there’s nothing in particular
movie need to play in the given possession the second great difference
is that even when the average player tries to think about the plan he usually
thinks about his own plan he tries to figure out what he needs to do the
grandmasters think much deeper the valley to plans not only themselves but
also of the Arab Orleans because when you know the plans of both players you
can easily project what’s going to happen in this game afterwards and based
on these projections you can have a lead what might happen in five nodes in town
moves from now and you may have a leads the projected outcome of this position
the projected result so these are the two great differences between the
planning of amateur players top grand masters and if you do this you can just
imagine how greatly will be the improvement of your position
understanding and strategic place apart from great planning skills to GM’s
disaster one more extra skill that allows them analyze position so deeply
let’s take a look at this example here we may have heard that a grand master
assassin black is white takes our mercy for that it’s probably a draw and then
he provides some long durations proven that this is indeed a draw this you may
be totally confused because you see that in a position there are so many possible
moves that white and black can play and you just not sure how it is possible to
analyze all of them to come to any final conclusion so let’s go through the game
together and I’ll show you how the GM’s do that

20 thoughts on “The Art of Planning in Chess

  1. Hey Igor, please I have important question for you. I watched your courses Your winning plan and Grandmaster's positional understanding and there's something I cannot understand. You said everything is about activity. Well, import somewhere this FEN and see the position.
    r1bq1rk1/pp3pbp/2np1pp1/8/4P3/2B2N2/PPP2PPP/R2QKB1R w KQ – 0 11
    Using your thinking system, we would think like this:"We need to castle, connect rooks, develop and so on, this are all logical consequences of principle of activity. Therefore, we need to move bishop out of the way, using the principle of the maximum activity, the bishop should go to the c4 square." However, Bd3 is the best move according to engines because black can play f5. Your thinking system must be innacurate somehow, so I am really confused, please help. :/

  2. You can take any position and say why it is good or bad for one side or the other. You are not explaining how plans are formed to begin with.

  3. Hello Igor!
    in your course positional understanding you're talking about the thinking system a lot. But you never talked about plans. So, shoukd we pretty much forget about plannings?

  4. These One Video Change My Entire Chess Games..

    I watched few months ago…

    I doing this analysis very often so that everything become really easy to play.

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