“That’s a bit of a dumb name, isn’t it?” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user checkempate

“That’s a bit of a dumb name, isn’t it?” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user checkempate

checkempate from Spain. Empate? Does that mean draw? It’s check draw. It’s bit
of a dumb name, isn’t it? Or is it just a very smart name? I don’t know. Suppose when he goes
for this, this shouldn’t be too bad. I don’t know though. This doesn’t look convincing
at all to me from his side. Am I not just developing
quite comfortably here? Unless he intends to take on c6. Yeah the only issue is whether he could’ve gone
bishop e3 immediately there. Rook e1 is sort of too soft I think.
Now I get to set up with queen d7, b6 and it feels like I just
have a positional advantage and very, very nice and
easy play in the centre. So rook c8, I go in order to
possibly put the other rook and d8 but also because I… I might… the rook might be very well placed in
case the c file opens after knight d4, bishop takes e4 but now I think
he has serious problems with… with the squared of three. So knight e4 is the try to…
to kind of rectify that but I have several options now.
One is to go f5. I don’t know why but on general
grounds, feels a bit too weakening. Question is whether it works
tactically but the other one is c4 which I like a lot better. He cannot
take that because of bishop e4, followed by knight f3,
winning the queen. Otherwise, I’m getting cd3 probably which just gives me a nice
positional advantage. Yeah this doesn’t help at all. Think
just knight c2, winning a pawn and retaining all of the
advantages of my position. Yeah I’m going to try a little
trick which is not a trick at all. I was going to play knight e2 after rook
takes c8 which doesn’t work at all. I simply have to take
back with bishop c8 but that still gives me a winning
position of course with the extra pawn. And to be honest, the threat of knight
g2 is still kind of unpleasant. Bishop a6 should be okay. e6 nice and easy. Yeah feels like it’s time to
cash in but no time to cash in. Knight f3, I thought rook a1,
knight b5 then bishop c6. So I go back, a shameful
retreat, if I ever saw one. Yeah my technique is less than stellar.
The reason I went bishop b5 though is just to
protect the d8 square. Take that I suppose,
looks like a free pawn. Check. Rook c2. Take on f2, rook a2.
Yeah. But yeah once again, my technique
is really less than stellar so I think I’m going to… I’m getting a bit tired so I’m going
to play two more games after this and that’s it.

44 thoughts on ““That’s a bit of a dumb name, isn’t it?” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user checkempate

  1. Please win the St Louis Rapid and Blitz, Magnus! Yeah you performed quite badly. Just don't lose hope on the last 9 round of blitz. Wish you the best mate.

  2. I get all psyched up watching him play chess… then I carry that motivation into my chess game and promptly lose. It's very frustrating. I was hoping to get better osmotically. I'm dumb. Sigh.

  3. At 4:20 does he not make a big mistake? Surely bishop c6 would not even be necessary for white as the black bishop is hanging so rook takes bishop. No?

  4. 1:49 "Serious problems with uh…. with um, the square root of 3." Obviously that's not what he said but it sure sounded like it.

  5. Magnus : i like it because he cannot take because of bishop e 4 followed by knight f3 and he loses the queen ……

    Me: what the f**k just happened ?!……

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