That Time Ray Charles Beat Willie Nelson in Chess

That Time Ray Charles Beat Willie Nelson in Chess

– Oh, I probably have as big
an ego as anybody, you know. (cheerful music) – [Voiceover] Well hey
there, look, it’s Willie. – [Voiceover] 30 years ago, a
chess match with Ray Charles taught a very confident
Willie a lesson in humility. – Ray and I were doing a show in Austin, he was staying over at the hotel, and I went over to say
hello, he comes to the door, we walked in, there was a little
light in the hallway there, then we walked into the living
room, there was no light. And he sat down here and I sat down there, he got out the chess board. And his chess pieces were
all, there were no color, they were all the same color,
unpainted wood, you know? But he could feel of ’em
and tell what they were. – [Voiceover] Hey, hey, hey. – So needless to say, he
kicked my ass about three games in a row and I said thank
you, Ray, let’s go sing. ♫ Whoa, I believe they were prayin’ ♫ Prayin’ for the lovers ♫ Yeah they was ♫ – But I didn’t tell him that
the next time we played, I wanted to do it with
the lights on (laughs). (mellow piano music)

15 thoughts on “That Time Ray Charles Beat Willie Nelson in Chess

  1. ima give u guys a idea u guys should do a story on speedball its a growing sport that is getting more and more popular and it is interesting check it out please

  2. This video came out on a great time! I have a presentation about chess next week, and I will show the class this video 🙂

  3. لطالما لم أكن أرغب بتعلم الشطرنج.. لسبب بسيط لم يفهمه أصدقائي سابقاً و فهموه الآن.. و هو أني لا أريد أن أقتل جندياً و كل جيشي و كل من على أرض الشطرنج.. كي يحيا الملك.

  4. He lost at chest to a blind guy? Wow, weed really is bad for your brain. …. Ray would probably have kicked my ass at it too.

  5. think you Willie for this story and thanks to the person that made this video I gave it a like Ray Charles was my favorite musician of all time I always love hearing story's about him. 🙂

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