Tera Kya Hoga Alia – Ep 18 – Full Episode – 19th September, 2019

Tera Kya Hoga Alia – Ep 18 – Full Episode – 19th September, 2019

Hurry up, Alia.
I have to take a shower. Alia! I wanted to say something
to you, Alia. I haven’t seen you in wet hair
since many days. Listen.. Please keep your hair open
when you come out. S-Sorry.. I thought Alia was inside.
I got confused.. No, it’s okay. In fact, I am sorry. I came between your morning
romance, right? No, I was just.. It was quite cute. Didn’t you use that bathroom? I went there but the geyser
wasn’t working over there. Your mother-in-law asked me
to shower in this bathroom. I am not used to showering
in cold water. I need some hot water. Yes, hot water.. So, you guys carry on. Alia, did you iron my shirt? S-Sorry, Ms. Tara.. I thought it was Alia. Why did you iron my shirt? I was ironing my clothes. I saw your shirt,
so I ironed it as well. Thanks a lot. Mr. Alok,
you’re forgetting something. Keys? Watch?
– Your handkerchief. Wow, this ‘Halwa’ is delicious. I feel like kissing
Alia’s hands. Then you have
to kiss Tara’s hands. Tara made the ‘Halwa’. Come on, Alia. Alia will surely win this game. Of course! Yes! The tables have turned! Alia is losing now. People ridicule me because they think
I am in a crisis. Honestly, I think people
are jealous of me. Jealous of you?
I don’t think so. Ms. Shalini.. People will envy the person
who has a precious gem. Gem! That’s the name
of my aunt’s dog. You’re so naive. I am not referring
to a dog. I am talking about a gem
that has stolen my heart. Does such a gem exist?
– Yes. If the Lord grants me a wish I’d wish for you to get
showered with flowers whenever you come. Mr. Rajesh,
it does not rain flowers. It does.
Haven’t you seen? No.
– I’ll show you. But on one condition. Will you have tea with me? That’s nonsense!
It doesn’t rain flowers! I am serious, Ms. Shalini.
Ms. Shalini! Ms. Shalini! Mister..
– What? Now, it has to rain flowers. Sir, here’s the bill.
– How much is it? Rs. 350.
– Rs. 350! I went in a rickshaw. So, you wanted
a comfortable ride. You should have summoned
elephants and a chariot. Why didn’t you go walking? Sir, it’s seven kilometres away.
It’s a long walk. Dhoni runs for 5 kilometres,
everyday and you couldn’t walk
till Sadar Bazaar. Sir, please sign this. We’re facing a financial crunch
in the school and you’re wasting money
in conveyance. Are you crazy?
– Please, sir. In the future,
if you take a flight to Dubai in order to buy stationary do you expect me to approve
of it? Sir, I swear, I will not return
if I go to Dubai. Please sign this.
– Are you serious! You are asking me to sign it. You’re pestering me now!
I will not sign it! Just do it, baldy! Sorry, sir.
I deviate out of anger. Continue, sir.
– Good afternoon, sir. Good afternoon.
Sit. Sir, I wanted to talk
about ‘Ramleela’. – Yeah. So, sir we would have
to give a week’s holiday because the kids mid-term
exams are approaching. So I was thinking, should we
do it a bit earlier? I’m thinking of not doing
‘Ramleela’ this year. Why, sir?
– Alok, you very well know that the school
is short of funds. How will we afford
the expenses for ‘Ramleela’? Sir, devotion is needed,
not money for it. We will hail God’s name
and everything will happen. Please take God’s name
and sign, sir. Yes, Alok but the set, costume,
decoration, tent is costly. Sir, I got an idea
from your idea. Do you remember, last year
during blood donation camp you had shared an idea that we should collect
donation from teachers. Yes.. So let’s do the same this year. Fine. Nandan, go and collect
donation from all the teachers. Okay, sir.
– And listen.. And don’t book an auto
for the same. Sir.. Give, I will sign. Now, the matter
has crossed limits, Rabiya. First of all,
she’s sitting in my house and on top of that,
getting too homely. Alok, your handkerchief. Alok, should I iron your shirt? Alok, key.. Alok.. Yesterday she bit me in the game
of snakes and ladders as well. She’s a curse in my life. Control your anger. You will have to pay Rs. 15,
if you break the glass. You are concerned about Rs. 15?
– Yes. Be thankful,
that I have controlled my hands or else I will shrink
her waist size from 36 to 24. She was eating ‘Halwa’
from Alok’s plate and what am I doing?
I’m washing the plate as if I’m a servant. She’s acting as the wife
in the house. That’s it.. Will you keep quiet
for five minutes? Anyway, you are thinking
too much nowadays. Sure.. Only I’m the insane person
here, right? Because I keep blabbering. Rohan, what happened? That’s it. Great work.. What great? I come here to teach
or do this? Please, help me. My love story will
start as well. Mom is also not
getting the right one for me. I will stay single.
– Fine, Baduriya. I will do it for today. Listen carefully.
– Yes. As soon as I say to loosen it..
– Yes. Then loosen it. Repeat. Loosen it.
– Yes. Great. It’s time for Ms. Shalini
to come. – Yes. Loosen it when I tell you to.
Understood? Did she come?
– No.. Not yet. She came.. Should I loosen?
– No, wait.. Ma’am. Shiksha has also become
an enemy of love. Kid! How do we make a paper frog? I told you to make a ship,
not a frog. Go and practice.
– Okay, ma’am. She’s coming. Sit.. Tell me. What happened? Rohan, tell me. What happened? You will scold me. No, I won’t scold you.
– Promise? Yes, I promise.
Now tell me, what happened? Ms. Shalini, listen. Mr. Chaturvedi also
had to come now! Hindi teacher. What?
– Wait.. Rohan! You tore the drawing book? No.. I didn’t tear it. I don’t know how it tore. Rohan. What have you made? What have you drawn? See, what all he draws! Rohan, draw trees, animals,
mountains as well. What do you keep drawing? I don’t know
but somehow, I drew it. Sir. Sir. Don’t talk to me for now.
I’m very busy. Go do your work.. Sir, I’m doing my work
with this box. The Principal has said
to take donation from all the teachers
for the school’s fund. Yeah, take from my pocket. This is a mascara used by women.
Do you apply it? Why did you take this out? Not from this pocket.
From the other one.. What all I have to do.. Sir, there’s Rs. 2,000.
Shall I keep it? Rs. 2,000?
Do I get a lakh as my salary? Keep it inside.. Rohan, but..
– Never mind. What’s wrong if he
has made that drawing? Why are you making
an issue out of his drawing? Kids keep
drawing such things. Come on, Rohan,
go to your class. Otherwise, you’ll be late. Okay?
Come on, get up. Here you go.
Leave. Come on, leave.
Go. Come on, run.
Run to your class. Go. Bye, Rohan. Sir, I found
Rs. 500 in your purse. Shall I put it
in the donation box? Are you my relative? He wants Rs. 500!
Take out only Rs. 50. Take out only Rs. 50. Sir, there is Rs. 100. Shall I put it in
the donation box? Stop getting on my nerves. Sir, I am not here
to trouble you. I am supposed to collect
donations. So, you’ll have to
make a donation. Shall I put it in
the donation box? Go ahead.
Go ahead. Okay. Is this what is
going on here? It’s the principal! God! Hey! Are you also thinking
the same as I am? Flower petals are being
showered from a basket! Is this what is going on here? Sir.. Sorry, sir. By the way,
on whom were you showering these flower petals? Sir, well..
– It was for Mr. Manoj. Sir, his birthday
is round the corner. So we wanted to wish him by showering petals on him.
– Yes, sir. Oh! That’s why you were
telling me since morning that there will
be a shower of petals. So, it was for him, right?
– Yes. Sir, I have collected donations
from all the teachers. Very good. How much money
have you collected? Sir, Rs. 1,650. What!
Only that much! Yes, sir. In this amount, Mr. Alok
has contributed Rs. 1,000. Sir, it is from Alia and me,
both of us. I have donated Rs. 350. And the remaining
Rs. 300 by.. I hadn’t asked donations to
buy a recharge for my phone. I had asked you to
contribute money to organise ‘Ramleela’
in our school. All of you put together
have donated only Rs. 300! Is this what is
going on here? Yes, sir.
Tell you what, sir! With that much money,
we won’t be able to buy even a part
of Ravan’s costume! Organising an entire play
is impossible, sir. Anyway we won’t be able to
organise this play, sir. We won’t?
– Yes, sir. Even if all of
us donate generously how much money can be
collected? At the most around Rs. 12,000. Maximum around Rs. 15,000. We can’t organise a play in
our school with that much money. Sir, I have an idea. Yes, tell me. Deduct half a month’s
salary of all the teachers. Hey! Then what other.. Sir, there is no
need to do all that. Sir, if we want to organise
this play in our school we need sponsorship. Sponsorship! Yes. Who will give us? Sir, Mr. Alok has made
the students of our school win the badminton tournament
held in Mumbai this year. We can get a sponsorship
in his name. Just think about it. There are so many
big malls in Agra. We will get the names
of those malls printed on the sports t-shirts
of our students. Very good idea, sir. They will give
money to our school if they get publicity. Yes. Ms. Tara, in that case,
I’ll get their name printed on all my shirts. How much money
will they pay for it? As if you are a celebrity
sports person! He is talking utter nonsense! Which tournament
have you won? Ms. Tara,
it is a brilliant idea. We will organise
a play in our school with the money we get
from sponsorship now. We will have to
find out who can give
us sponsorship. How did Rohan get to know
this is going to happen? That’s amazing.
Whatever Rohan drew in this drawing book
turned into reality in the corridor after some time. Hey, look at this! The drawing of boiling milk.
This did happen. – Is it? The milk container
fell on the ground. Mother-in-law even scolded me. Anklet. The missing anklet.
Even this occurred. ‘Rohan, you always leave
something incomplete.’ ‘Anklets come in pairs, right?
Here you go.’ Let’s see some more. Hey! That’s Alok and Tara.
That’s Alok’s bike, right? Even this took place. You remember, I wanted
to go to Shankar Market. But Alok took Tara. Hindi teacher getting stuck. Alok’s victory.
Even this one? So, whatever Rohan draws turns
into reality. So, whatever Rohan draws
actually turns into reality? She never does any work.
She doesn’t even keep the laundry clothes
separately. I have to do all this
leaving my television shows. What’s in Alok’s pocket? He has written down a number. Is this how something important
is managed? What if this got washed away? I wonder how all the work
will be done in this house in my absence? Rohan can see the future? Your Rohan turned out
to be a superhero. That’s such an amazing power. You noticed this only today
in so many years? How would I know?
He keeps scribbling all day. He’s a genius.
Your son is a genius. No, Rabiya.
I still can’t believe it. How’s that possible?
– Alia there are a lot of children
in the world who God has gifted
with the special powers. Well, its God gifted.
Right. There are some children
who clear higher levels of examinations at a young age. There are some children who
can see their previous birth. Your Rohan also
has one such gift. His drawing.
Whatever he draws will turn into reality. What has he drawn here? Hey, it looks like
the ‘Ramleela’ stage of our school.
Look, in the background you have ‘Gyan Sarovar’ written.
– Right. But who’s Ram and Sita?
– Ram. That looks like Alok. What!
– Yes. And how about Sita?
– Sita.. That’s Tara! Alok and Tara playing
Ram and Sita. No.. Rohan has drawn this.
It will surely turn true. Alok and Tara will be playing
Ram and Sita in our school’s ‘Ramleela’,
this year? No..
I won’t let it happen. I won’t let it happen.

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