Ten Illegal Things To Do In London

TOM: Hi, I’m Tom. MATT: And I’m Matt. And today we’re trying to break as many laws as possible. TOM: Now there are two rules. Number one, the laws have to actually be in force. None of this ridiculous “shooting a Welshman with a crossbow in the bounds of York” nonsense. MATT: And rule two: they have to be silly. ♪ I see you drivin’ round town with the girl I love ♪ and I’m like, f– ♪ [WIND NOISE] [VAGUE SCREAM] Ayyyyy! [GIGGLING] ♪ We flew a kite in a public place ♪ We flew a kite in a pu- ♪ MATT: 192, 193, 194… Tom, this is a pretty reasonable law. I don’t want my house blown up by a cannon(!) [KNOCKING] TOM: Legal. Legal. Le– Illegal! Illegal. Illegal. For this to count, the salmon needs to be used in the commission of a crime. Ow! What the… what was that? MATT: Assault and battery(!) What do we do now? TOM: Handle it. That’s… that’s not nice. ♪ We flew a kite in a public place… ♪ [Translating this video? Add your name here if you’d like credit!]

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