Teamfight Tactics and Death Recap | Riot Pls – League of Legends

Teamfight Tactics and Death Recap | Riot Pls – League of Legends

Hey everyone. Hard to believe but it’s been almost a
year since the last Riot Pls video and since then, a lot has happened. We tested our first experimental mode,
Nexus Blitz and while it didn’t make the
permanent roster, we learned a ton and we’re still looking for modes that
could be new, long-term additions to League. Ranked Remastered launched,
establishing two new tiers dividing the season into 3 splits
with unique rewards and hopefully improving your
climb from Iron to Grandmaster. We unchained Sylas, revealing more
about the dark side of Demacia’s relationship with magic. We kicked off our partnership with
Marvel comics, introduced you to the crew
of the Morningstar, Neeko and Yuumi hit the Rift, and Kayle and Morgana were
reborn in a dual VGU. We were blown away by your
response to K/DA who went on to become one of our
most popular skin lines of all time with a legitimate hit song under their belt not to mention the most watched
video we’ve ever made. Our esport has continued to see
incredible pro play at the highest levels with record-breaking engagement
at both last year’s World Finals and most recently, MSI, where the gap
closed and EU did prove to be greater than NA. So much has happened. And as always, we’re so appreciative of
you being on this ride with us. Whether it’s running a major esport
event, creating a new skin or delving deeper into the universe,
everyone on the team works incredibly hard with one goal in mind–to create
experiences we hope you’ll love. Ok! Now that we’re all caught up, let’s
talk about the state of the game. We’re well into Season 2019, and all
things considered, we’re very happy with the state of the meta right now. Many of the changes over the last 18
months have led to a game state that is simultaneously more stable and
more diverse rewarding for carries but also great teamplay fun to play in normals and
exciting to watch in pro play. We plan to stay on this path. By reducing the rate of change during
the season, we think there’s less of a burden for you to keep up and more room
for you to bring creativity and innovation to the game. At the same time we’re better
positioned than ever before to respond quickly when champions get out of
balance across all skill levels. We’re also happy with some of the more
systemic changes we’ve made. For example, the changes to mid and late
game vision have succeeded in encouraging more aggressive team play, which you’ve
seen on display at Worlds and MSI. Although it started off rocky, champion
options in bot lane are in a healthy spot. Every now and again we see exciting
non-marksman picks and ADCs remain powerful and highly
present at all levels of play. Lastly, the Preseason changes hit their
mark by (1) strengthening laning phase, (2) making comebacks more achievable, and (3) resolving decided games more quickly. Looking ahead, work on the upcoming
Preseason is progressing well. It’s too early to share details, but we
hope to communicate more soon. Let’s talk about the client. We’ve heard your feedback about the
state of the client, and the truth is you’re right. The state of the client isn’t what it
should be, and it’s taken us way too long to improve things. However, over the last few months, we
have been making important changes that were a prerequisite for us to be able
to identify the root causes of the of the issues many of you
have been experiencing. Now we can finally tackle long-overdue
work on client performance without shooting in the dark–
and that’s what we plan to do. We’re sorry for how long it’s taken us
to make improvements here but you can expect us to make
meaningful progress shortly. In addition, now that we’ve deprecated
support for Windows XP we can finally upgrade the client to a
modern version of Chromium which should come with
generally improved performance. We’ve also significantly improved how
patching works making game updates much faster
and more reliable. While the old patcher took an average
of 8 minutes to update League the new patcher averages less than
40 seconds. A small percentage of you will have
seen a new sign-in flow for League on PBE. We’ll be rolling out changes to the
sign-in flow throughout the year, including: the ability to stay signed-in,
2-factor authentication, and background patching later this year. This next update is something I’m
really excited to talk to you about. I mentioned before that we’re
continuing to look for new modes that could be permanent additions to League. Teamfight Tactics is our next shot at this. TFT is our take on the emerging
auto-battler subgenre with some new aspects we think make for
a uniquely League experience. Like Nexus Blitz, we want to build this
mode with you and so we’re releasing it in beta so we can
quickly iterate based on your feedback. Once we’re sure the initial release is
stable, one of our first planned iterations is to follow up with a TFT
ranked queue. We’re also introducing a new product
called Little Legends for TFT. Little Legends will be your avatar on
the TFT battlefield and your main way of interacting
with other players. They’ll also join you on Howling Abyss,
where they’ll appear as pets that cheer you on from the sidelines. And maybe the most important detail
to share is TFT is letting us deliver on a
long-awaited player promise… Pengu will come to League
as a TFT little legend! We’re very excited to see what you think. If you’d like more detail on TFT, see
the articles linked below. After nearly a decade of taking 500
damage from Flash–yes, it’s true we’re finally updating the Death Recap screen. Our goal was pretty straightforward–
we wanted to make Death Recap accurate, informative, and easy to read so you
can meaningfully adapt to whatever your enemies are throwing at you. The new Death Recap should hit PBE in
the next patch and go live in 9.14 so have a look and let us know what you think. Rest in peace, old Death Recap – your
watch has ended. A word on Clash. As we’ve discussed, Clash’s technical
problems stem from its unique pattern of needing to start many games at once. After the last round of testing, we
realized we needed to make some fundamental changes to the
design of the system if we wanted it to work at the right scale. So that’s what we’ve been doing, and we’ll be
bringing it back for regional testing soon. We want to thank you all for your
patience and continued enthusiasm for Clash. Despite the stops and starts, every
time players get to experience Clash you tell us that you love the format
and want to see it live. We do too, and we’re still working hard
to bring Clash to life. You can read more about our current
plans in our most recent dev blog linked in the video description below. Before I go, there’s a pretty big
moment coming later this year that I do want to mention. All of us on League are incredibly
excited and humbled that, in October League will celebrate its 10th anniversary. We think about League as a game that we
build together with all of you. So celebrating our 10th anniversary is
really a celebration of what we’ve done together over the last decade. We’ve got some fun stuff planned to
mark the occasion and a ton to share about the future of League–so stay tuned for
more details as we get closer to October. From all of us on League,
thank you so much for playing and we’ll see you on the Rift.

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  1. Riot:
    1 Will it be possible in the new client to change the interface language separately from the voice acting?
    2 do you add all the champions / skins
    in training mode to test them in game?
    3 Do you add to the client a full description of the champion stats from lvl 1 to 18 so that we can see how many stats the champion has at what level
    abilities (accurate description of all the ability even if there is a 0.1 second slow)

  2. U have many problems in League Of Legends, dont need to create another game. Solve the problems first.

  3. This "resolving decided games more quickly" feels like cancer to me, not only is matchmaking busted right now but it feels like that decision takes place at 5 minutes, that's way too early. It feels like that is what leads to games being absurd snowbally one-sided fist fights. Please give us longer queue times so there is less skill disparity in each match. It is so bad right now every game feels one-sided, its "stomp or get stomped". What happened to the majority of the matches being close and strategical? Now literally every match I play is a freaking fiesta. I have heard a lot of others feel the same way and even streamers talk about why this is the reason they aren't playing League Of Legends. Sure matches are shorter now and I get that was the goal of the Dev's was to decrease average match time but it comes at the expense of fewer restrictions to skill difference in most matches. This leads to what appears to be more people inting. Matches were people go absurdly negative are so common nowadays compared to previous seasons where this was rarer. Due to this skill difference, someone or even multiple people are going to get absolutely destroyed. This result feeds into the "resolving decided games more quickly" equation and we end up with 15-20 minute games where one team might as well be bots against their opponent. As a result, we see people more likely to afk, sell all their items to get 6 of the same item, int harder for fun since the game is already over, or hold others hostage by declining FF vote pre 20. It has happened to me and streamers big and small A LOT. I even saw the look of the anger of C9 Sneaky's face when his team was 12-26 in 18 minutes and the surrender vote failed with a 4/1 in favor of FF. A pre 20 FF vote should not have to be unanimous in these cases where it is abundantly clear the game is decided. Being held hostage as well as afk's and it's inters as a result of the current match making set up makes the game unbearable and I can see why people from Iron to Challenger are putting the game down to play something else. Please fix match making.

  4. You know I'm still not seeing and kind of counter play like idk Pink wards revealing and form of stealth like it used to

  5. We're handling a lot of players right now. We have temporarily introduced a queue delay of 35 minutes for Teamfight Tactics to preserve server stability.

  6. REALLY FUN GAME RIOT!! 1 hour queue for 10-15 mins of play time… what a blast…. Multi-Million dollar company… cant afford servers for people to play their game… woohoo… so fun.,.. yaayyy…

  7. tft a great example for the lack of skills and creativity at riot games XD … well i guess it wont take long until we will never again hear anything from riot. tft is so "new" and "exciting" like wearing the same underwear twice

  8. Riot pls
    Remove Qiyana
    Remove Yumi
    Remove Zoe
    Remove Reworked Akali
    Remove Reworked Mord
    and don't release new champions

  9. Literally no one:
    Riot Games: Lets make Xth new client cause we dont have anything to do.
    Also it looks like Gmail signing up screen :C.
    Its hard to believe we release new gamemode and then servers got shutdown almost immediately. We know we are great 🙂

  10. bunch of hypocrites being filmed, they lie about everything. not a single one of them is a good person.

    i hope people would wake up soon and notice how this company actually operate, i can say anything more than that.

  11. i feel like this like internally at riot is an evil boss, and is the personification of everything that is wrong with league. you positional match making disaster literally destroyed match making and ranked games are nowhere near even. where's that discussion or apology?

  12. 6:06
    And what about the champion facts? Like the checks and counters in the facts section since legacy client?
    Don't see them in this client or Death Recap.

  13. NOO GOD NOO. pls make the death recap like on HotS, it should definitely show a "last few seconds" graph with what spells/atks u got hit with and their dmg% as a whole from ur hp

  14. its not perssonal but i think we need to get a fast client and more ms for play this game i play for more then 4 years and i stay stuck on silver but its still a good game

  15. Yeah how about you make tft not a gamemode but a standalone game, would be way better so i dont have to look at my awefull bronze stuff. Thanks for that Ranked rework by the way! I was happily Gold 5 and now Bronze 1, i've never been that low in rank, ever! thank you so much!

  16. They hyped us so bad for finnaly updating Death Recap and now it doesnt work properly, 9.14. must be one of the worst updates yet.

  17. Ahahahahah its funny watching this stupid dude talking about improving the game when they legit broke it with 9.14.. Way to go lead producer, and riot!

  18. Thanks for keeping the players updated, we really appreciate it. I think this should come with every patch, so we can see where y’all are tying to take the game

  19. Im excited about what theyll announce on October 😄 Hytale will probably have a beta by then i hope so 🙂

  20. This game is a big failure, it is a complete loss for children and idiots who think they are good because they are falling down the champions and the items I need is clear that you should be rewarded for the most rng in the world. Patch 9.14 add gold ….. How is it possible that someone has 6 items and someone only 1 at the beginning. Instead of giving 2 items after killing the camp. There should also be a better chance for the champions you buy or reduce the differences between the levels. how is it possible that someone has 4x lvl 3 and someone 0x lvl3? I wasted over 100 gold and I still don't get anything. I really start to think that the restless team is drinking alcohol and taking drugs for 14 days in a row and then going for a repair, or you're at most 8 years old. I thought you'd be a professional after 10 years, but I don't think so. I suggest you buy your brain. And I have a better name: Lucky team fight for kids. it's just a lottery

  21. Oh wait….you are actually going to fix your game? I only see skins and animated videos for the past 1 and a half years

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