Team Krishna | Janmashtami Video For Kids | Group Activities For Kids | Jalebi Street | Full Episode

Team Krishna | Janmashtami Video For Kids | Group Activities For Kids | Jalebi Street | Full Episode

Jalebi Street, Jalebi Street Come play with us on Jalebi Street Team Krishna One morning on Jalebi Street Apple! Apple! I want apple Hey! Max. Could you please pluck one for my little brother? Huh! No way Pluck it yourself Mean Max Bubble, I want apple Okay, Krrish. Let me try Naaz, do you have your slingshot? Can you aim at that apple? I can try but it looks quite high Looks like no one gets the apple today Apple Bubble tried Mean Max Krrish is telling daddy Kapoor about the apple tree He is still upset I want apple Don’t worry, Krrish. There are plenty of apples at home You can eat one there No! No! No! I want apple from tree Not home Daddy, daddy! What are those people doing? Celebrating Janmashtami What is Janmashtami? It’s a festival for Lord Krishna We do exactly what little Krishna did in Vrindavan When he wanted to eat butter What did Lord Krishna do in Vrindavan, daddy? Lord Krishna loved butter and ghee a lot He would gobble up with whatever his mummy made Mummy Yashoda would tie the butter in a pot and hang it high on the ceiling So he couldn’t reach it Wow! Lord Krishna was a very naughty God. Right, daddy? Yes, he was. And he never gave up He and his friend made a pyramid just like this one and reach the butter and the ghee Then they gobbled up all of it Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! Sounds like fun Yes, Bubble Little Krishna knew that with teamwork, anything is achievable Teamwork? Sometimes it’s tough to do something alone But with friends, anything is possible As a team, together Look Looks like Janmashtami has given Bubble, an idea Hi guys. I have an idea but it needs team work Sure, what’s the idea? The idea is Team Krishna Ah! Team Krishna? Bunny, you’re strong enough to lift any of us, right? Yes! Yes! You and Maddy will lift me, Naaz and Deef on your shoulders For what? So that you get closer to the apple, take better aim and bring it down Just like Lord Krishna and his friends Great idea Let’s do this Krrish will catch the falling apples here Okay Let’s go team Krishna Yey! Apple, apple, apple (Weee!) Wow! Yey! Yey! Best sister in the world Wow! That was good team work, guys Can I please have an apple too? Here you go. We always share our loot just like Krishna did Team Krishna Do you want to see more of Jalebi Street? Just click the subscribe button, now

13 thoughts on “Team Krishna | Janmashtami Video For Kids | Group Activities For Kids | Jalebi Street | Full Episode

  1. reminding our children of how precious compassion and empathy are for a more peaceful loving world is so important … I love all of your lovely cartoon creations xxoo

  2. A very big applaud to the entire team for making this series. It's educative and kids learn lot of things in a simple way.thanks

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