100 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

  1. I love this sequence in the clip from 3'08. Taylor imposes the wearing of pantyhose on her male dancers and they succeed perfectly in their choreography.

  2. Who else will be randomly watching in November 2019? how about December 2019?
    Who else will be posting comments with no content about dates in time for the rest of time?

  3. Yo Taylor Swift Comment Section, Imma Let You Finish, but first I gotta say:
    But Even "Johnny Johnny Yes Papa"'s Comment Section has more interesting comments than here.

  4. I can't stand you. Your marketing staff is excellent though, I keep getting routed back into your hateful clusterfuck of a channel.

  5. Who remembers This music video getting like 43 million views in just it's first hour and 285 Million views in less than two weeks? Queen!

  6. 'I got a list of names and yours is in red underlined
    'Got a long list of ex (starbucks)lovers'

    'I'm sorry, the old taylor cant come to the phone right now'
    'I know that I was physco on the phone'

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