Tamil Movies 2019 Full Movie | Mosamain Kadal – Beimaan Love

Tamil Movies 2019 Full Movie | Mosamain Kadal – Beimaan Love

“Crazy..” “All the boys are crazy after me.” “They all lost their hearts to me.” “All the boys are crazy after me.” “Crazy..” “Let’s go.” “All the boys are crazy after me.” “They all lost their hearts to me.” “All the boys are crazy after me.” “Crazy.. Crazy..” “Some of them are
crazy about my fashion.” “Some of them are
crazy about my swag.” “Some of them awe at my beauty.” “They wait for me..follow
me wherever I go.” “I am crazy only about you.” “But I am scared to say.” “Sweetheart..tell me what to do?” “Turn around and get lost.” “Crazy..” “All the boys are crazy after me.” “They all lost their hearts to me.” “All the boys are crazy after me.” “Crazy.. Crazy..” “All the boys are crazy after me.” “They all lost their hearts to me.” “All the boys are crazy after me.” “Crazy.. Crazy..” “Hey honey-bunny..beautiful Sunny.” “Look at me..I have no dearth.” “Lots of love..lots of money.” “One look at you..and the
earth slipped from under me.” “All the boys are going crazy.” “They fight for you daily.” “I don’t understand, baby.” “You are still alone.” “Give me your phone..” “..’cause I want to
exchange numbers with you.” “Baby, I want to
change your last name.” “Crazy..” “All the boys are crazy after me.” “They all lost their hearts to me.” “All the boys are crazy after me.” “Crazy.. Crazy..” “All the boys know where my heart is.” “But I cannot give
my heart to all of you.” “But they all want to dwell in it.” “Not everyone can
handle its attitude.” “Let me taste that attitude of yours.” “You know I can handle it.” “Listen to me, give me your heart.” “Turn around and get lost.” “Crazy..” “All the boys are crazy after me.” “They all lost their hearts to me.” “All the boys are crazy after me.” “Crazy..” “All the boys are crazy after me.” “They all lost their hearts to me.” “All the boys are crazy after me.” “Crazy.. Crazy..” “All the boys are crazy after you?” “Crazy.. Crazy..” “All the boys are crazy after you?” “Crazy.. Crazy..” “All the boys are crazy after you?” “Crazy.. Crazy..” “All the boys are crazy after you?” “Crazy.. Crazy..” Ladies and Gentlemen. Today’s party,
this celebration and honor.. ..is for a young
woman entrepreneur.. ..who has a carved a niche
for herself in record time. She completely redefines
the term ‘Woman Power’. So without wasting any more time. Let’s give a huge round
of applause for Janki Exports.. ..and it’s dynamic, ravishing
and beautiful Managing Director. Sunaina Janki Verma. Yeah, Sunaina. Bravo. You deserve it. Cheers. It’s my utmost privilege and honor.. ..to invite on stage, the
Managing Director of Janki Exports. Sunaina Janki Verma. All yours. A big hand. What is all this? What is happening in this party? Thank you, and I am honored
seeing you all here tonight. And friends,
it’s the time to celebrate. This is the moment of
your success and my victory. And it’s definitely
the biggest party for me. And I know it is for you. Janki Exports’ achievement
..as well as mine.. ..is my biggest success. When life closes one door. And you feel tired..defeated.. It’s just your courage and
strength that opens many doors. And that’s what makes
you discover the real you. The fighter in you. You must have heard.. ..behind every successful man,
there’s a woman. But I would like to say.. ..behind every successful woman,
is a successful man. So please let me call
the honorable Vice-President.. ..of the International
Gems and Jewelry Association. Mr. Daniele Peterson, without whom.. ..nothing would’ve
been possible for me. Daniele. Thank you, Sunaina. Thank you very much everybody.
Thank you. I don’t deserve all these praises. I appreciate the honor
being restored upon me. But the truth is it’s Sunaina
who deserves all the credit tonight. I just saw her..and there
was a raw priceless diamond. And look where she is today. So please everybody,
let’s call it for Sunaina.. ..and party with her tonight.
This is her night. – Thank you very much.
– Thank you. And now may I please invite
on stage Mr. Muktesh Singh. Senior Marketing Manager,
Gitanjali Jewels.. ..to present Ms.
Sunaina Janki Verma.. ..with a much deserving
Gitanjali Diamond’s memento.. ..as a token of honor. – Congratulations.
– Thank you. Thank you. Come. Congratulations, ma’am. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Congratulations, Sunaina.
You’re the pride of India. – Thank you.
– Thank you so much. Congratulations. Let’s go. Excuse me. Mr. KK, you’re leaving already. Oh, hello Mr. Daniele. Won’t you stay and
say hello to Sunaina.. ..the star of the evening. Sunaina, won’t you say hello to Mr.
KK Malhotra of KK Exports? Mr. KK Malhotra,
what a lovely surprise. Daniele, who doesn’t know him. Everything I am today..it’s
all because of him. What happened? I think you’re not
too happy with my success. Right? Monish. Why are you sweating? Relax, calm down. Why don’t you get yourself a drink? No, thank you.
We’ve to be somewhere else. Come, dad. Okay, see you. One second, dad. Quite a leap, Ms. Verma. – Congratulations.
– Thank you. You know Sunaina,
this is a game of snakes-n-ladders. You found an easy ladder..and
got to the top really quick. – But you never know..
– Raj. I am not scared of
any snakes..or ladders. I am way above your
snakes-n-ladders game. Nothing bothers me now. You have changed. Yes, I have. And I had to..that’s
why today I am where I am. And you.. Raj.. Excuse me, Mr.
Daniele. I’ve to attend another party. We’ll meet some other time. Okay? Come, Raj. How dare she look
into my eyes and talk? Who does she think she is? She was looking in
my eyes and talking to me. Has she grown so big? And dad..did you notice
that foreigner Daniele? How he was following her around? I admit that he got us some
big contracts in the beginning. There are many rumors in the market. Sunaina..has snatched our
business in Europe, Australia.. ..where we had the highest sales. This was bound to happen. This would’ve never happened if
you two had concentrated on business. You two are useless. Get lost. But dad, what’s my fault? I said get out. Please dad, stop worrying. Everything will be fine. This is a result of your naivety,
and I have to pay for it. That Sunaina..has shaken the
very foundation of our business. She has ruined everything. – I am still here, dad.
– Shut up. And get out! I said leave me alone. First time dad’s
insulted me like this. I just realized I am
only a live-in son-in-law. And I always thought I am his son. Monish, no need to lose your temper. You know the condition of our family. Try to understand Kishen’s problems. Who will understand my problems? I never treated this
business as just another job. I worked hard day and
night for this business. See..here he comes. – Raj.
– Monish. What did I do wrong by supporting you? Leave me. And now I’m being
blamed for everything. But the fact is that
it’s all your doing. Mom, stop him..please stop him. And now I am getting
sandwiched from both ends. Leave him. – You’re a bloody loser, Raj.
– Leave him. I said leave him. – You’re a loser, Raj.
– Leave him. How dare you call him a loser? – He is a loser.
– Don’t cross your limits? He’s ruined everything. Let’s go. – Raj.
– I am being abused. Wait, son. He keeps fooling around,
drinking with his friends. Raj listen to me. Monty, who is she? Never seen her before in the club. – Hey Natasha, happy birthday.
– Thanks. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Natasha. Oh come on, Kajal. I know you can calculate
and make a rough estimate for me. I told you..I will be
at Natasha’s birthday party. Look, I need this report tonight. Any problem? No, thank you though. Your first time here? Yeah, it’s my first time. Let me guess, friend’s birthday. Yeah, it’s my friend’s birthday. – Happy birthday.
– Okay, alright.. – So..
– It was nice meeting you. You’re hot. Listen buddy,
I think you’ve had enough to drink. Let’s all have a good time. – Got to go.
– Hey.. – Let’s have some fun.
– Get off. Get off! Hey.. – Leave me.
– Raj. – What do you think of yourself?
– What are you doing? – I won’t spare you.
– Everyone’s watching. Raj, what’s wrong with you? I never saw you so serious. Forget it, Monty. I need to find that girl, buddy. She’s humiliated me..like
I’ve never been humiliated before. I must find her at any cost. I need to find that girl. – See this..
– Come see.. She slapped him only once. – And your video’s showing it four times.
– One..two..three..four.. Jojo my boy, this is my style.. ..which is always larger than life. Now this.. This will hit Raj badly. Bloody fool thinks he’s a rock star. And always showing off. Now watch the fun. I’ve forwarded this video to Facebook,
Twitter, Whatsapp.. ..disco groups,
stud groups..everywhere. And even to that stupid Raj. Soon the entire city will know.. ..that Raj Malhotra
was slapped by a girl. Ba**** How dare you make a video of me? – You call yourself a friend.
– Bloody.. – How dare you hit me?
– Shut up. You’ve shown your true colors. You should be happy. I made you a star overnight. What do you think of yourself? Stop this. Monty, take him away. Leave me. His video’s got 10,000 likes, Jojo. I made you a star overnight,
thankless man. Get lost. Come on, Raj, you’ve had enough. You looked everywhere for her. What can we do if we can’t find her? You need to relax, dude. That girl how dare she? Why are you getting so worked up, Raj? Just forget it. Let her go to hell. I won’t spare her. But how will we find her? We don’t even know her name. Why are we ruining our night for her? Squeeze me. – Do you have a light?
– No, I don’t. – Then what do you have?
– I have nothing. But I can see your light. It’s not for you.
You need to leave. – Hey honey..
– Hot. Dude, I am never coming
back to this club again. We need to go right now. Why are we ruining your night for her? We need to go right now. No..I think you should
light his light. Seriously. Dude..Monty, wait up. Look at what’s happened to them. If you don’t look
after them properly.. ..it spoils the entire garden. Fool. Don’t let me catch you
again being so careless. Concentrate on your work. – Give it to me.
– Stupid fool. Hello, grandma. Sunaina. After so long. You’re looking so beautiful, come on. Come, sit. What brings you here today? How are you? I am good, thanks to your blessings. Dear, my blessings and
best wishes are always with you. So what is it? Actually grandma, sir sent
me here with an important task. Your sir is always praising you. Sir called up from Europe. I need Mr. Raj Malhotra’s
signatures on these papers. Raj isn’t at home right now. – You’ve never met him, dear.
– No. No one knows when he comes or goes. – Here’s some tea.
– Have tea. Thank you. Bhola, go check whether
Raj’s in his room or not. Grandma,
when the entire world wakes up.. ..that’s when Raj sir falls asleep. And disturbing his
peaceful slumber now.. ..would mean getting kicked out. He’s already kicked me twice
before..and sprained my back. I don’t have the courage anymore. – Go on, go do your work.
– Okay. Sunaina, I suggest that
you give me the papers. I will take his signatures. Grandma..this is very
urgent and important. As soon as these papers are signed.. ..I’ll come and collect them. Give them to me. I’ll get it signed and send it over. – See you then.
– Okay Dear, bless you. Keep coming more often. I really like it. Fine, I’ll come again. Thank you. Bye. Bhola..don’t disturb
me in the morning. It’s me, not Bhola. Its afternoon already. You’re just too much. Get up.. Get up, son. Tell me. Here you go, son.
Keep this envelope carefully. It has important documents. And yes.. You need to sign these
papers immediately. And deliver them to the office. Grandma, please. Don’t bore me. – I won’t go.
– Shut up you fool. Your dad has such high hopes with you. So what? Son, you should go to the office. Concentrate on the business. All of this belongs to you. And what’s this? Always fooling around
with your friends every night. Drinking every day. It’s either this girl..or that. I know everything. Kishen doesn’t like this at all. Grandma, I don’t like him either. Business..work..money..attitude. That’s all dad ever thinks about. Did he ever ask me what I want? Or what’s in my heart. If you have so many
complaints with him.. ..then why don’t you
say something to him. When he’s at home, you’re not. He’s a dictator.
He will never understand me. Okay, son. Do as you want. But at least come
down and have breakfast. I’ve made your favorite ‘lasunia’. Grandma..that’s lasagna. But for you I can even eat ‘Lasunia’. – Love you, grandma.
– Love you too, son. – You should call.
– You think so.. Vishal. – Good morning, ladies.
– Good morning, ma’am. Monish sir was asking you. – Okay, any phone calls?
– Yeah. There was a call from
Diamond Trading Corporation. Their representative
is coming on Monday. Okay, you have the schedule.
But book it for the morning. Yes, ma’am. – Oh..take my bag.
– Yes. – Okay.
– See you. Hey, Monish. I heard you were looking for me. What’s up? Yes.. I swear..if it wasn’t for you.. ..work would have been so boring. Don’t start that again. What to do? Whenever I look at you,
I feel something. Monish, what do you want? Okay, anyway.. Our big boss, the company’s Godfather. Mr. Daniele Peterson
is coming down from London. Oh really, he’s coming again. This time he’s going to
give us a huge international deal. Okay? KK sir has said that
you will go to meet him. You have about two hours. Here’s the file. – Okay, I got to go. Bye.
– Catch you. All the best. Oh man, she works in our office. Raj..what brings you
to our office today? There was a girl downstairs,
in the parking. Do you know who she is? Not here too. Here, have a cigarette. Right. For your kind information,
Mr. Raj Malhotra. This is the office
of Gems and Jewelry. And beautiful girls often come here. I am not talking about
those who visit the place. I am talking about her. Her. Her? She is Sunaina. Our company’s Business
Development Manager. Why do you have her
photo in your mobile? Sunaina.. KK Exports.. Business Development Manager. For your kind information, Raj.. She’s hot..sexy..but
she’s very-very tough. She’s not an easy catch, bro. You cannot win her over. Don’t you know me? I know you too well. You cannot win her over. Are you trying to challenge me? Want to make a bet? Fine, it’s a bet then. You cannot win her over. 10 days..and she will be in my bed. What? Are you crazy? You will lose this bet. If I lose..then my bank-balance,
my property, my shares.. ..it will all be yours. I will be your slave. But remember..Raj Malhotra.. ..never loses a bet. But what if you lose? What kind of childishness is this? You know I don’t have
anything to give you. Even if you lose.. ..give me one rupee. 10 days.. We’ll see Raj Malhotra,
how you win this bet. And in India this is
how the industry works. Yeah, that’s how it is. Thank you. I know, but I think
it will grow further. Thank you. Why are you looking at me like that? You’re an uncut unique diamond. And it’s priceless.
Only I know what that’s worth. Thanks. Here’s the contract. Oh, let me take a look at this. I trust you blindly. All this would be nothing
if it wasn’t for you. This is all because of you, Sunaina. You’re not going to read that. I would sign my life,
my will, my everything to you. Really? Thank you for everything. I have something for you. I want you to have this. I..I can’t accept that. Please..please.. Daniele.. I hope you like it. – I can’t accept this, this is too much.
– Please, stop. It’s a small token of my appreciation. Please, from me to you. Well..I guess, thank you. You know,
I’ve to get back to the office. But I will see you tomorrow. No, I am off tomorrow. Flying out. Such a short trip. I am here for you,
and I am here for this deal. That’s all. – Let me walk you out.
– Okay. – I am going to miss you.
– So you’re going to miss me. I always miss you. Well. It was nice seeing you. Good morning. You? How did you get here? Well, the door was open, so I came in. Shut up.
How dare you? How dare you? Listen to me, Sunaina.. I don’t want to hear anything. – Get out you bloody stalker.
– What happened? – Try to..
– What happened, Sunaina? Mr. Dixit, this bloody loafer
followed me all the way here! Throw him out immediately. – But Sunaina, listen to me..
– I don’t want to hear anything. Call the security, call the police. Throw this rascal out. Okay, relax. I am leaving.
Okay. Chill. What’s this? You’re mistaken, dear. – That’s Raj. KK sir’s son.
– What? – KK sir’s son.
– Yes. Did you call the police? Let’s go. No..I’m really sorry. I didn’t know, and I got carried away. No, it’s okay. Please don’t be sorry. Chocolate. Actually..I’ve been looking
for you to apologies. And what a pleasant surprise,
that I found you in my office. Please have a seat. No, it’s okay. Okay, as you wish. Let’s talk. You know, Sunaina..my life
completely changed after that day. I am a completely changed man. You see, a man who never
set foot in his office.. ..gets dressed and arrives
in the office at 9. Can you imagine..
It’s all because of you. Whatever happened was unintentional. – I am sincerely sorry, I..
– Sunaina, please. Let’s just cut these apologies
and let’s start all over again. I am Raj Malhotra. I am Sunaina. Look, I’ve some important
work to take care of. – Please excuse me.
– Sure. Okay! So the guy you slapped
turns out to your boss’ son. Wow! What a lovely coincidence. It’s a crazy coincidence. What is your problem? That night he was drunk, right. And you slapped him. Didn’t you? You just hit the jackpot. He’s so rich. He’s so handsome. Natasha, shut it. I don’t understand whether I can
keep working in that office or not. Why? Is he firing you? I don’t know what’s in his heart? Forget him..I’ll tell you one thing. If I was in your place,
then definitely.. Natasha, please. I am under stress.. ..and all you can think of is romance. I am a romantic girl,
so I’m bound to think of romance. But I don’t understand this. Aren’t you bored of living alone? I want to see you happy. Why don’t you call
mom to stay with you? I would keep mom with me always. But her dance institute
is in Pune, and.. ..for some reason,
she doesn’t like Mumbai. Don’t worry,
I am there with you always. Okay. – Take good care of yourself.
– Okay. And give my love to your mom. – Okay.
– Okay. – Bye.
– Bye. It’s from our new contemporary line. I think you guys will love it. – No-no..
– Same old.. – We don’t like it.
– Not good. I don’t like this. – Sunaina, all okay.
– Sir. Please meet our guest from China. Hi. This is Ms.
Tchang Lee, Mr. Dong, Tsetsi.. ..and Mr. Fung Lui from
Chai-Tow Fuk Gems and Jewel. – ‘Ni Hau’ (Hello), everyone.
– Hello. Hello. I am Raj Malhotra. Please have a seat. You can speak Chinese, wow! – Very good.
– Yes, little bit. Thank you. – Sir, they are..
– Sunaina. You know China is a beautiful place,
with beautiful people. And the technology,
the brain that they have. I think no wonder you guys
are ruling the entire world right now. And I must say, last time
I went to Beijing and Shanghai.. ..these are one of the most
beautiful places in the world. Thank you, Mr. Raj. When you visit China, be our guest. Oh, thank you so much. I’ll surely keep that in mind. So tell me one thing,
how can I help you? I mean what sort of
designs are you looking for? Some different designs. Your company has a
great reputation in China. – And we love India.
– Yes, India-China..brothers. Brothers-Brothers.. But not brother-sister. – So, Mr. Dixit.
– Yes. Remember that stuff in my cabin..which
has been lying around for a while. Get them. But son, it’s been lying
unused for over 10 years.. Mr. Dixit. Just do as I say. Go. And now we’re going to
show you the latest collection. It’s called the
‘Dhool-Collection’ (Dust). Raj sir, what you’re asking
for..has been rejected thrice. Sunaina, even kids
can sell the good stuff. Try selling the bad ones.. Now watch what happens. Mr. Dixit, let me. You don’t like it much? Tell him to calm down. And now..presenting
the ‘Dhool-Collection’. – Dust! Dust!
– No-no-no, don’t worry. This is not dust. This is the royal filtered
sand of Jaisalmer. – You know Jaisalmer?
– Yes-yes. The famous tourist place of India. Exactly. So this jewelry has
to be kept in the sand. Look at this. Very good design. See this. These are all unique pieces. In fact, the one you’re
holding..the blue one.. ..it’s also the Feng-Shui
color of prosperity. It’s nice. And this young lady, is only for you. Wow! Beautiful. Thank you so much. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. My order, 10,000 pieces. Yes..my first order. – Mr. Dixit.
– Yes. – How many do we have?
– We do have enough. Okay, so done. Sunaina, complete the paperwork. I think the deal is done. – ‘Saiche’.
– Thank you..’saiche’ (Goodbye), And Mr. Dixit. From my side, 1 kg
of pure filtered sand from Jaisalmer. – India to China, a gift.
– Thank you.. Just remember.. India-China..brothers. But not brother-sister. Cheers. No one thought you would impress
those Chinese the way you did. On a more serious note,
you left everyone speechless. I didn’t leave them speechless. In fact, I left Sunaina speechless. If she’s MBA in marketing.. ..then even I am double MBA in love. That you are. But tell me..what is your game-plan? What’s the point in knowing the plan? Leave the plan to me. Just remember the date. 18th July..see you. Will he win the bet? And yes, I will win the bet. Rascal, he can even read minds. Ma’am, this is the entry
of Singapore’s Michael Jewelers.. ..which we had sent the delivery. Ma’am, I’ve sent the
courier you asked me to. No more parties for me. Yeah. Well, I need to take
care of dad’s business now. Yeah. I am a changed man now. Will you guys let me work or not? Let me work. Bye. “O beloved..you’ve colored
me..in color of love.” “I am treading down the
lane..I always kept away.” “O beloved..you’re quite a charmer.” “O beloved..you’ve
filled me with love.” “You made a place for
yourself in my heart.” “My vagabond beloved.
My crazy lover.” “My vagabond beloved.
My brimming glass of love.” “My vagabond beloved.
My crazy lover.” “My vagabond beloved.
My brimming glass of love.” “O beloved..” – Sir, excuse me.
– Sunaina. – Sorry to disturb you.
– No-no..tell me. Actually, it’s Saturday.. ..and normally that
means half-day in office. So we were planning on leaving. Oh shoot,
I was so busy that I didn’t realize. Look Sunaina, you guys carry on. It’s going to take me a while. Because I am just working
on a strategy for the company. Its-it’s a new growth
plan that I am making. So I am going to take some time. But you guys carry on. If it’s urgent,
then we don’t mind staying. No-no-not at all. Because knowing me,
I can be here all night. All night. Look, I’ve a problem. If I take on a task, then
I can’t rest until I don’t finish it. And call it a problem or my habit. This is how I am. Okay, I guess..have a good weekend. You too. Okay guys, we can all leave. Yeah Monty, I am bored. No.. order a drink for me.
I am coming. I wonder how people
can work for 8-10 hours. Well..I’ll see you. You know, I am finding
something very strange about Raj. Strange? I can understand. It happens in the beginning. Everything seems strange. Shut up, Natasha. What I mean is.. Raj is different. He isn’t just into party and clubbing. In fact..he knows his work. I mean..he’s still
working in the office. Can you believe it? I am feeling really guilty. We’re partying here.. ..and he’s still there. You’re so serious. If he’s working in the office,
then let him. You can’t stay without him. I think you have fallen for him. Listen, I am not the
emotional love type, okay. You’re the best judge, you know. But..I guess there’s
something in his heart. I mean he’s different. He’s not the same guy
I met on the first day. – You know what, you’re hooked.
– What? You’re in love. – You’re in love, Sunaina.
– I am not in love. You’re in love. – Yes, you’re in love.
– I am not in love. Natasha, come back here. Good morning. Happy birthday, dear. Thank you so much, mom. So, how are you? I am absolutely fine. How are you? How is work? I hope you take breakfast on time. – And I hope you don’t skip lunch.
– Mom. If you’re worry so much,
why don’t you come live with me? I want to. Once these kids dance
competition is over.. ..I’ll come over immediately. Mom, do one thing. Buy a big cake on my behalf,
and eat it. And also give it to the kids. I am fasting today. Fasting. What for? Since when did you start fasting? Well, it’s your birthday today.. ..so I thought of fasting, and I did. Mom, you’re the best. You know I miss you so much,
and I love you. I miss you too, dear. And I love you. Who sent these flowers? Ma’am, someone delivered
this in the morning.. ..and said it’s for you. – For me?
– Yes, madam. – Make me a cup of tea, please.
– Yes, ma’am. Sunaina, today is the
most beautiful day of my life. Happy Birthday. – Hello.
– Hope you like carnations. They are from you. Happy birthday Sunaina. Thank you, sir. Sunaina, don’t be formal. I am your boss only in the office. You can call me Raj. What say? – Dinner..you and me.
– Dinner? Yes, dinner. Are you asking me out on
a dinner date, Mr. Raj Malhotra? Maybe. But I am fasting today? Fast.. What? You mean..you’re fasting. Fasting on your birthday. Yes..so? Fine.
We can eat other things. Like fruits, juices..sago and all. But I don’t even drink water. – Oh..okay.
– I am so sorry. Maybe some other time, Raj. But thank you for the flowers. I will break your fast, Sunaina. “Excuse me..wanna love you-love you.” “Excuse me..wanna
touch you-touch you.” “Excuse me..wanna love you-love you.” “Let me take you in my arms.” “Fix you in my heart.” “Stay away..don’t touch me.” “You don’t know..” “The entire..” “The entire country’s after me.” “The entire country’s after me.” “The entire country’s after me.” “The entire country’s after me.” “My lips want to touch yours.” “I want to love you..and
sway in your arms.” “My lips want to touch yours.” “I want to love you..and
sway in your arms.” “Since it met you, it’s restless.” “My desires are out of control.” “Stay away..don’t touch me.” “You don’t know..” “The entire..” “The entire country’s after me.” “The entire country’s after me.” “The entire country’s after me.” “The entire country’s after me.” “Your capricious body
makes my heart restless.” “There’s no peace without you.” “Your capricious body
makes my heart restless.” “There’s no peace without you.” “You’re my love..you’re my choice.” “My heart is all yours.” “Stay away..don’t touch me.” “You don’t know..” “The entire..” “The entire country’s after me.” “The entire country’s after me.” “The entire country’s after me.” “Excuse me..wanna love you-love you.” “Excuse me..wanna
touch you-touch you.” “Excuse me..wanna love you-love you.” “Let me take you in my arms.” “Fix you in my heart.” “Stay away..don’t give me s*** now.” “You don’t know..” “The entire..” “The entire world’s after you.” “The entire world’s after you.” “Excuse me..wanna love you-love you.” “Excuse me..wanna
touch you-touch you.” “Excuse me..” – I am not going to blink now.
– No. – You’re going to blink.
– You’re going to blink. – You’re going to blink now.
– You’re going to blink first. Hey Raj. You lost. Where have you been? You hardly come to the pubs either. Just been busy. – First meet Sunaina.Sunaina, Harry.
– Hi. Hi. Raj, that’s the same girl
who slapped you in the pub. – This is nice..
– Dude, just come here. – Harry..
– Where are you taking me? She is my serious girlfriend. Fine, so she is your
serious girlfriend. But together we’ve gone
around with many girls. What’s the big deal? Plus you know she’s smoking hot. Harry, don’t talk nonsense. Please. Let me take her tonight. Come on..come on..
come on..hook me up. I said don’t talk nonsense. Raj, you bloody ba**** Raj. Raj. Next time behave yourself. – Okay.
– Let’s go. Raj, mind you..you
have changed a lot. Look what you’ve done. Such a temper..such madness. Didn’t you hear what he was saying? My goodness, you’re so angry. I didn’t know this about you. I think it’s too late. “O beloved..” – Yes.
– I’ll leave now. “You’re such a charmer.” “O beloved..” “You’ve filled me with love.” I brought KK Exports to this
level..with years of hard work. And now I am watching
it gradually crumble. Why are our quotations failing? Why is this happening with us, sir? That’s not the case, Dixit. Everyone knows about us in the market. And when a company’s
reputation falls.. ..then even the lowest
quotations seem high. No one trusts us anymore. Everything is almost over. Nothing’s left anymore. Nothing at all. – Hello.
– Congratulations. I called to inform you, that.. ..KK Exports has sent a quotation
to the clients from Canada. I am..mailing those
quotations to you. Thank you, Monish. You’re always welcome, Sunaina. I am sorry, Sunaina madam. This time my share..will
be a little extra. Don’t worry,
you’ll get your commission. Mr. Malhotra, your given quotation
is a bit on the higher side. No problem,
we can always make some changes. I am extremely sorry,
but we finalized another company. What? But-but, sir. May I know the name
of company you’ve finalized? I will tell you. Janki Exports! Gentlemen. I knew it. I just knew it. What are your intentions? What do you want? Business. Good and fair..business.. ..which I learnt from you. Mr. Malhotra, your coffee is coming. Thank you, I’ll like to leave. – Well, I have your contract.
– Yes. Sign here. Pen, please. Why am I counting? I am sure it’s all here. I trust you. By the way,
there is one thing Sunaina. I am sorry. Sunaina ma’am. I must address you as ma’am now. You have really ruined
my father-in-law.. ..I mean KK Exports, for good. The bank yesterday sealed
our office in New Mumbai. And..our storehouse
was sealed long ago. I don’t see Daniele. That’s none of your business. Monish, I think you
have everything you need. Shall we? Okay. Okay. There was another thing. KK sir got what he deserved. But I can’t see Raj’s condition. Earlier..he was a Casanova. And now, he’s always
drunk..like typical ‘Devdas’.. ..and keeps wandering on the streets. What’s going on, KK? What’s wrong with you? You’ve been taking
lot of stress these days. Nothing. Usual business. There’s nothing to worry about now. No work-no business. Doctor, what’s wrong with dad? Very high BP. If you don’t take care of him,
then it can lead to a serious problem. So you my boy,
better take good care of your dad. And let him rest, okay?
Take care. Raj, this is all because of that bet. I won’t spare that Sunaina. You wait and watch. – Stop.
– Sunaina! Sunaina! Get lost. Leave me. What’s wrong, Raj? You look furious today. Did you forget who you are? You’ve become that Daniele
Peterson’s mistress just to ruin us. You.. You can say that. Go on, Raj. I won’t feel offended
by anything you say. Please, continue. Last warning, Sunaina. Do not cross your limits. My dad’s in grave state
of shock because of you. What? Because of me? What happened? What happened to KK sir? Oh really..are you that concerned? Yes, I am concerned for him. I have always cared for you,
and your family. In spite of everything
that’s happened between us. I know nothing will happen to him. He will be just fine. Such sympathy. I know you hate us all. That’s not true. Please, try and understand. I have everything today.. ..but yet, I have nothing. No. Why did it happen? And was it entirely my fault? I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you every moment. I want things to go
back to the way they were. They can’t, Sunaina. I love you. And I know..you cannot forget me. – No, it’s too late now.
– No-no..it’s not too late. – We can start a new life together.
– No Sunaina, no. – Please don’t leave me.
– Leave me. Please don’t go. I love you. Don’t leave me. Mr. Dixit. Yes, dear. What is it? Where has Mr. Raj disappeared to? He hasn’t been coming
to the office either. And his phone’s switched off too. It’s hard to predict these rich brats. He started coming
to the office on his own.. ..and now he’s stopped coming. Is there a problem? Should I call him? – No. No problem.
– Okay. “My heart’s restless..” “I am waiting for you.” “Ward off the jinx from you..” “..and chuck it away.” “My heart’s stuck on you.” “There’s no peace.” “The dreams in my
eyes..keep shattering.” “O beloved..you’ve hurt my heart.” “O beloved..your
intentions were wrong.” “Your name make my lips shiver.” “My vagabond beloved.
My crazy lover.” “O beloved.” “O beloved..” Raj, where the hell are you? How irresponsible can you be? Do you know the state I am in? How can you do this to me? I am so worried, Raj. You just disappeared. No phones. No messages. I called you number of times,
but no information. Couldn’t you even call? In the last three days
I looked everywhere for you. Where are you? Raj, I want to meet you. I want to meet you now. You missed me a lot, didn’t you? I..I can understand. You must be feeling horrible. I am sorry. I am-I am really sorry. There’s a lot I want to say to you. But I can’t say
everything on the phone. Why don’t you..come over
to my bungalow in Madh! Yeah.. ..come soon. – Can’t wait to see you.
– I am coming. I miss you. Can’t wait to see you. “My parched life..wants
to get drenched in your love.” “I’ve the entire world..” “..yet you’re the one I miss.” “I am incomplete..” “I am incomplete..” “I am incomplete..without you.” “You’re making these moments..fiery.” “I have been..craving for you.” “My arms are waiting for you.” “I have become your relief.” “I can feel you..more than myself.” “More than myself.” “I am incomplete..” “I am incomplete..” “I am incomplete..without you.” “I am incomplete..” “I am incomplete..” “I am incomplete..without you.” “I want to pick the
dew drops..from your lips.” “And stay close to your body.” “My body’s so fiery..that
fuels you desire.” “I’m completely lost..in your refuge.” “It’s lost. “I am incomplete..” “I am incomplete..” “I am incomplete..without you.” “I am incomplete..” “I am incomplete..” “I am incomplete..without you.” Who could it be at this hour? Wait here, I’ll go check. Must be Monish. He’s so restless.
Monish.. – Hi
– Hi. How did you like the surprise? 18th July, right? Good evening, son. D-D-D-Dad, you. When did you return
from your Europe trip? I didn’t go there forever. As soon as I landed,
he brought me here straightaway. First time my son’s arranged
for a huge celebration on my birthday. – Wow!
– Wow. What a romantic ambiance! But romantic ambiance on birthday? Dad.. – Happy birthday, dad.
– Great. Thank you, son. Thank you very much, son. – Now he even goes to the office.
– I see. Yes, dad. – But son, why are you so scared?
– No, dad. Be relaxed. And I even heard that you really
impressed those Chinese delegates. – Wow! Very good.
– Yes. Sunaina. You here? And that vermillion on your forehead? Dad, Sunaina and I got married. Stop it, Raj. How much more are you going to drink? Stop it now. Stop it? You want me to stop. Why did you have to bring dad here? You know I don’t get along with dad. I had to lie to him
that I married Sunaina. I am in a mess. Who says you’re in a mess. It’s like you said, in 10
days Sunaina will be in your bed. And now not just for 10 days.. ..Sunaina is all yours for 10 months,
10 years..10 generations. Just shut up, okay. You played it dirty,
and you know that. Raj, I am sorry. But you know we had a bet. And you won that bet. You’re a winner, bro. You said.. ..that if I lose this bet,
then I must pay you one rupee. Here’s the money. There’s no time to think. I will support Raj. If you want his happiness as well,
then just say yes. Fine, then..make the preparations. Bless you.
Bless you. Now that’s like my son. See you then.
I’ve things to do. Invite our relatives.
Make the preparations. Sunaina, you’re crying. That’s enough, dear. First wipe your tears. Now you’re the daughter-in-law
of Malhotra family. I’ll see to it that
you have a grand wedding. But.. I am telling you. Even your KK sir has agreed. My grandson has chosen you. I will get you two married. ‘Punjabi folk songs.’ Monty. Congrats, Raj. – Hi, congratulations.
– Thank you. Thank you. Yes. You’re right,
they both look so good together. Gather around,
the engagement ceremony’s beginning. Yes. Thank you. Hello, congratulations. Hi. – Sir, this is Mr. Daljeet Singh.
– Hello. Yes.. Very good. Mr. Daljeet,
I am really pleased to meet you. – Right.
– KK..this isn’t right. Why are you angry? Honestly speaking,
everything happened so soon.. Otherwise how can we not invite him? I found out from Hansraj. I mean your son’s wedding,
and I don’t know. I am so sorry,
everything happened so quickly. And..this is just the engagement. You must attend the wedding. Look KK, big or small. I am going to attend the engagement,
the musical night.. ..and the.. What is it called?
The henna ceremony, all of them. Of course. Hello. Hi, come on. Harry is here. Hello. Congrats, Raj. Listen buddy..let’s forget
what happened between us. – Hi.
– Congratulations. Thank you. – Hello.
– Hello. – Hi, Sunaina.
– Hi. Congratulations. Thank you. I didn’t know you’re
actually getting married. Come on. – That’s like it.
– It’s okay. – Let’s take a picture.
– Come. Sister-in-law, congratulations. – How nice.
– Thank you. Let me introduce you.
This is Janki, Sunaina’s mother. – Hello.
– Hello. – Congratulations..
– You too. Come, Janki. Let me introduce
you to all the relatives. Let me introduce you, this is Shobha. She runs an NGO.. – ..for the betterment of women.
– Hello. And this is Deepa. Raj’s aunty. And this is Janki, Sunaina’s mother. Nice to meet you. Honestly speaking, you look
more like Sunaina’s elder sister. Do you do Yoga? – Actually I teach dancing to kids.
– I see. It helps me pass time
and exercise as well. What a plan? From Julie you became Janki.. ..and trying to get your
hands on a bigger share now. Wow! How dare you try to have any kind
of relations with such rich people? How dare you? The daughter of a bar-dancer,
a sex-worker like you.. ..is looking to be my
friend’s daughter-in-law. I heard everything! It’s a good thing I found
out everything on time. Please don’t say that. – At least let me clarify..
– Be quiet! I don’t want to hear anything. You and your daughter leave right now. Please..please don’t do this. I kept my daughter
away from all this.. ..and gave her a good upbringing. Rajan, take her away. – Come on..your game’s up.
– Leave me. Leave me! I won’t go.
I will give up my life here. I won’t allow this injustice. I won’t let you break
this relationship. Did you two hear? I won’t allow it. You won’t listen like this. Now I will show you. – Come with me. Come on!
– Please don’t do this. – I will show you who you are?
– Please listen to me. Don’t do this. Please. Let me show everyone your real face. – Show them your ugly face.
– My daughter’s life will be ruined. Now say what you want to say. Mom, what happened? KK sir, what the hell is happening? Shut up..and keep your voice down. Did you tell Raj about
your mother’s background? Raj, do you know about this. About what, dad? Then listen up everyone. I will show everyone..her real face! She was a bar dancer! A sex-worker! What is he saying? Raj, try and understand. This is a very old thing. All this has nothing
to do with this relationship. My mom started a new life. Shouldn’t we encourage
a person like this? Listen, Raj. Don’t humiliate us like
this in front of everyone. A bar dancer..sex-worker. And you want us to forget your past.. ..and let you make a fool of us. That won’t happen. If someone wants to
make her life better.. Just shut up. No one wants to listen to you. And anyway, dad. I made a bet with Monish. Otherwise..she is no match for us. This is was just a charade. And after that,
I am not interested in her. You’re such a lowlife! “My past won’t let you live.” “I can’t see you in pain, dear.” “So I am willingly..going
far away from you.” I can’t see you like this, Sunaina. You won’t understand, Daniele. Can’t you just forget all this?
Start a new life? Haven’t you had enough? There’s so much more
in life than this. We can start something new together. Think about it, Sunaina. I can’t forget. You’ve been so sweet to me. You’re the only one supporting me. But I am just not ready to commit. There’s still something
that..I need to do. I am sorry. Okay. Here you go, buddy. KK..finally I caught you. – Cheers.
– Cheers. Cheers. – Hey, dad.
– Hey, come-come-come. Hey..this is my pretty looking
darling daughter Sanjana. Recognize him? KK uncle. He used to cuddle you in
his arms when you were a kid. – Hello, uncle.
– Hello, dear. Where are you going? I am sorry, dad. Actually I’ve to go for Liza’s party. So could you excuse me? – Could you please excuse me?
– When are you going to come back? – I’ll see you tomorrow.
– Tomorrow? What can I say? You’re my darling, papa. You’re the world’s best papa. – Bye.
– Have fun, enjoy. – Kids grow up so soon.
– Yeah. How are things with you? What do I say? Nothing’s hidden anymore. You know it too. Business is in doldrums. Everything’s in deficit. How much? 200 million? 250 million? 1 billion? Your friend’s still alive. Speak up. No..this isn’t right. I have an idea. My daughter Sanjana.. She’s my responsibility
and my tension. And your son Raj. Why don’t we get these two married? Your tension will be my tension,
and my tension will be yours. What say? Isn’t this drink just great? It turned our friendship
into a relation, KK. Congratulations.
Congratulations. Hi. Meet Raj. Yes, my fiancé. Hey, you lucky man. Come on, let’s go to the bar. Come on. Hey.. – Some coke?
– No. – Or something harder.
– I’ll have a scotch. – Scotch.
– Yup. – Andre.
– Yes. Scotch. – Enjoy, buddy.
– You too. Take you drink. Hey, where’s Sanjana?
My fiancé. “O beloved..” Yes. Raj sir’s here, madam. Wait, I am coming. Sunaina. Sunaina. Call, Sunaina. – Sir..
– Raj. Raj. Raj, come inside. Carefully. Come on. – Raj please..
– Just a minute. – Carefully.
– Just a minute. Come on.
Carefully. Raj. Careful.
Come on. Here.
Make him sit here. Sunaina. – Open the guest room.
– Yes, ma’am. – And look after him.
– Yes, ma’am. Hello. Sunaina ma’am.. ..I want to tell you
about a deal of KK Exports. I don’t want any more information. Do not call me again. What’s wrong with Sunaina now? “Spend these
moments..with me tonight.” “Tease your sleep away..and
stay awake with me.” “Let me touch your lips with mine.” “Give me love.” “Give me love.” “Let me come closer.” “Give me love.” “Give me love.” “Let me bring you closer to me.” “I want to burn gradually..” “..in your heat.” “All the inhibitions in my heart..” “..let me give it all to you.” “Let me touch your lips with mine.” “Give me love.” “Give me love.” “Let me come closer.” “Give me love.” “Give me love.” “Let me bring you closer to me.” “Walk with me for miles..” “..with your breath
entwined with mine.” “Let’s complete journey first,
and then you can stop.” “At my threshold.” “Let me touch your lips with mine.” “Give me love.” “Give me love.” “Let me come closer.” “Give me love.” “Give me love.” “Let me bring you closer to me.” Hello. Who is this? Where is Raj? He isn’t here. But who are you? I am Sanjana, his fiancée.
But who are you? Sunaina. Who Sunaina? His first love. What? Shut up, you.. Dad! Dad! What happened, dear? What? Leave me, dad. That Raj, who does he think he is. What did he do? How dare he? He’s ignoring my calls. My calls, how dare he. So he ignored your calls,
that’s all right. – Isn’t it?
– Yes. – After our engagement, I threw a party.
– Yes. He’s been missing since
then with some girl. How do you know he’s with a girl?
Which girl? – Some Sunaina, dad.
– Sunaina, who? She answered Raj’s phone. Fine, calm..calm down.. Dad, I don’t want
to get married anymore. You please keep him away from me. I just can’t stand
this guy anymore, dad. – Look, dear.
– Nobody loves me. – Even you don’t love me.
– No.. no.. – Nobody loves me.
– I love you, dear. – I love you, dear.
– Nobody loves me. I love you the most. – Here you go.
– Keep it here. – Anything else?
– You can go. Okay-okay. Don’t worry, Kapoor. Don’t worry.
I’ll deal with this personally. I’ll talk to Raj.. ..you can’t break relationships
over such trivial things. Okay-okay. What’s wrong? What did Kapoor say? It’s just as I feared. Raj’s completely humiliated us. He’s back with that Sunaina again. Don’t worry, I will talk to Raj. No. You won’t say anything to him. Now I will speak with him personally. I will deal with him. At least finish your tea. KK sir. Why are you standing? Please, sit. Oh just shut up. I didn’t come here to sit. What do you want? You’ve ruined everything. Leave my son alone. Sir, I was really sad..to
hear about your health. If you don’t mind me asking,
honestly without offending you.. ..if there’s anything
I can do for you.. I don’t want anything! Call Raj. Yes. Yes, dad. You’re so high..that
you’ve been going around.. ..with the same person that ruined us. It’s all because of her.. It’s all because of her.. ..that the Kapoor family
severed all ties with us. Dad. We shouldn’t
have rejected Sunaina. She’s been through so much hatred. But now.. Now I am with her. Forever and ever. Go away, dad. You never understood me.. ..and you will never
understand Sunaina either. You shouldn’t have
spoken to him like that. It’s not right. Nothing is right. – It’s not right.
– Sunaina. It’s not right. Its okay, Sunaina. It will all be fine. Okay guys, we all raise our glasses
for our very own Raj Malhotra.. ..who has at last found his soul-mate,
his lady love. Well..love is beyond my understanding. Why don’t you tell us
about this real-sublime love? So come on, guys. Put your hand together
for Raj Malhotra. All to you man. Thank you, guys. Where do I begin? Now I finally understood
what true love is. And.. What started as a bet,
as a deceit, a game.. ..soon turned into love
without me even realizing it. And today she is with me. I just feel on top of the world. – So cheers to that.
– Cheers to that! – Cheers.
– Cheers Raj, I’ve already reached here. We were supposed
to have dinner together. What happened? Oh, God. Sunaina, I completely forgot. I am on my way. Sorry guys, got to go. But this party will
continue tomorrow, okay. See you, buddy. See you. I mean he just left. He’s already a henpecked
husband even before the wedding. Raj was never like this. – Anyway, cheers to that.
– Yes. Hey, brother-in-law. – You really took Sunaina for a spin.
– Monish, you here? You changed the entire scene. I must admit..what a move. – Hats off to you, brother. Hats off.
– What nonsense. Whether anyone
understands this or not.. ..but I understand
your move really well. You see..this love and other things,
it was just an excuse. Actually..you wanted
to get your hands.. ..on Sunaina’s wealth
and her entire business. Give me a hug! Give me a hug! Bro, I think you’ve had enough. – But..
– And you keep guessing. We’re going to party tonight. Keep guessing. Keep guessing. Keep guessing. Great. He’s such a smart operator. “My arms are waiting for you.” “I have become your relief.” “I can feel you..more than myself.” “More than myself.” “I am incomplete..” “I am incomplete..” “I am incomplete..without you.” – Hello.
– I am on my way. I’ll see you soon. “I am incomplete..without you.” Wow. Sunaina,
what a pleasant surprise. And you’re looking gorgeous as ever. The same dress.. ..the candles. How could I forget this day? But you remembered. 18th July, how can I forget? How can I forget? Yes, Sunaina. 18th July. It was the beginning of our love. Do you have more surprises for me? Just wait and watch. Oh Sunaina,
I am so lucky to have you in my life. I mean..I am alive only
because of you, Sunaina. I love you, Sunaina. I truly love you. What’s the matter, Raj? You’re a bit too loving today. Sunaina.. ..I am so happy today
I just can’t describe myself. You know..for the
first time in my life.. ..I’ve realized what true love is. And I didn’t realize
when I fell in love with you. I just.. I just can’t believe it, Sunaina. I just can’t believe it. You have to believe it. I did too. Remember? Or did you forget? You got so romantic, and remember
what you said with enthusiasm? Remember? When I completely trusted you. I didn’t know..it was
just a big charade for you. ‘And anyway, dad.
I made a bet with Monish.’ ‘Otherwise..she is no match for us.’ A planned unscrupulous game of deceit. Just to win a bet, to take me to bed. Raj.. ..today you’re the loser. But Sunaina, try to understand. No, Raj. It’s my day. Sunaina, forget about the past. Things are better now. Everything has changed now. No, Raj. The change will come now. After today. Sunaina, what are you saying? What’s wrong with you? Everything is perfect between us. I love you. And you love me too, Sunaina. Forget all this. Hello, Raj. Surely you need a drink. Come on. Bring me your glass, Mr. Raj Malhotra. Sunaina, what is he doing here? What the hell is he doing in my house? Your house? Raj.. ..you always drink so much. First mistake. You forgot,
as a gift for your first love. You gave me this house. I am sorry Raj,
what kind of love was this.. ..which drove my mother
to commit suicide? And I had nowhere to go to. I lost everything. And the Sunaina that truly loved you. You killed that Sunaina,
along with my mother. And now you came back to
me looking for that Sunaina again. Raj, your love was
always a lie and deceitful. This innocent face..sweet talks.. The pretence of love.. It was all to take revenge, right? Right? Security! Security! I won’t leave you. Security! Security! I won’t leave you, Sunaina. I will kill you. I will kill you. I won’t leave you, Sunaina. If you’re not mine,
then you can’t be anyone else’. They think I am crazy. They say that you don’t love me. You won’t leave me, Sunaina. Sunaina, you know I love you. I can’t live without you. And I know you will come back to me. No, it’s nothing. She is just angry. But I will convince her. Yes. Sunaina..why do you keep leaving me? You left me again, Sunaina. Why did you leave me again, Sunaina? I will love you all my life, Sunaina.
Please come back. Please. Sunaina is coming. I do come sometimes for a walk.. – Mister..look..
– What happened? – Sunaina is coming.
– Sunaina. She loves me a lot. – Sunaina.
– Where is she? Sunaina is coming. – Where is Sunaina?
– I love her. I think he’s crazy. Come, Sunaina. Come, sit. That innocent face..your sweet talks.. I miss all of it so much. ‘And anyway, dad.
I made a bet with Monish.’ ‘And after that,
I am not interested in her.’ ‘A sex-worker.’ ‘Sex-worker.’ “I am incomplete..” “I am incomplete..” Let’s go. “Come hug me..take me in your arms.” “Don’t deceive my heart from afar.” “Come hug me..take me in your arms.” “Don’t deceive my heart from afar.” “My heartbeat’s got no drive,
beloved.” “Hold my heart tight, beloved.” “Every inch of my body
craves for your love.” “Come hug me..take me in your arms.” “Don’t deceive my heart from afar.” “Come hug me..take me in your arms.” “Don’t deceive my heart from afar.” “Your earrings shine.” “Your waist sways like lightening.” “You shine so brightly..” “..even the stars blink at you.” “Your earrings shine.” “Your waist sways like lightening.” “You shine so brightly..” “..even the stars blink at you.” “I want to spend
a love-filled night..” “..only with you.” “I swear..I’ll do as you say.” “I am crazy about
your deceitful love.” “You’re the only
guy I am interested in.” “Everyone’s watching..can’t you see.” “Come on baby, go crazy.” “Leave all inhibitions, be free” “Take me in your arms, and be mine.” “Come hug me..take me in your arms.” “Don’t deceive my heart from afar.” “Come hug me..take me in your arms.” “Don’t deceive my heart from afar.” “Your earrings shine.” “Your waist sways like lightening.” “You shine so brightly..” “..even the stars blink at you.” “Drink few drops of
my intoxicating love.” “And let your intentions sway.” “Love me..don’t leave any dearth.” “Let your heart be one..with mine.” “Forget the world..” “Come baby, me and you.” “Play it cool, watch the show.” “Let the world talk if they want to.” “Come hug me..take me in your arms.” “Don’t deceive my heart from afar.” “Come hug me..take me in your arms.” “Don’t deceive my heart from afar.” “Your earrings shine.” “Your waist sways like lightening.” “Come hug me..take me in your arms.” “Don’t deceive my heart from afar.” “I want to burn gradually..” “..in your heat.” “All the inhibitions in my heart..” “..let me give it all to you.” “Let me touch your lips with mine.” “Give me love.” “Give me love.” “Let me come closer.” “Give me love.” “Give me love.” “Let me bring you closer to me.” “Walk with me for miles..”

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  4. I have a pleasure to watching this movie,so super Sonny beauty I luv u so much,i want to kiss u chellam😘

  5. her dialogue seems to be funny and real @ 9.53 "i am not scared of snakes or ladders" seems to be very real b'coz she have seen and handled many …………………lol. and now she is out of it . its also real

  6. After seeing this movie I'm getting evenmore crazy about sunny leone

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