TALK LIKE THE ANIMALS | Riddle Transfer 1

TALK LIKE THE ANIMALS | Riddle Transfer 1

Top of the morning to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to Riddle Transfer! There were some more games in between, I think. But there was a lot of confusion over the last episode because I did Riddle School 4 and 5 in the last episode. I put them all into one ’cause Riddle School 4 wasn’t enough to just do a video on all on its own. So, I was going to move on to the next one, which people said was this. But somebody else said there was a Riddle School Transfer 6. But it’s not made by JohnBro, or at least it’s not a- a main series game. That it’s got to do with something else, so… I don’t know. Maybe this is the actual continuation of the next story. So I’m going to play this one, and then we’ll play Riddle Transfer 2 I actually thought it was Riddle School Transfer, little school transfer not just really
transfer may read the times for two then not just Riddle Transfer. We’ll play riddle Transfer 2, then, after this, which I think is the last one after this which i think is the last one
and round out the series so hopefully and we’ll round out the series. So… Hopefully that’s all goin’ good. that’s all we’re going good also i’m
recording setting up this time because Also I’m recording standing up this time because it’s SUPER hot (SUPER HOT!!!!) it’s so hot these last few days- these assets super hard and I don’t want
to sit in a chair because my ass gets SUPER HOT! (I called it XD) – and I don’t want to sit in a chair because my ass gets all sweaty. (chuckles) all sweaty ok we’re where we kicking off season the
last one was good Okay! Where are- where are we kickin’ off this one? The last one was good… the last was really good and I really
liked it I liked her tight all the story The last one was really good. And I really liked it- I like how it tied all the story together, together and it made something bigger
out of the whole thing and it made somethin’… BIGGER out of the whole thing. Okay! It is kickin’ off right where the last one left off. ok it is kicking off right for the last
one that’s up to us all happy is the Look at us all happy! “Diz, the stereotypical alien.” stereotypical alien well now that you’re well they say even
a sadistic leader he is gone from the (Reading lines in Papyrus voice) universe what do you all plan to accomplish when
you return to your life on air Zach human fireplace it’s really how we
went from the cold is doing on the earth “Zack, human fireplace.” The coldest dude on Earth to… the warmest. to the warmest welcome Well, kind of. personally I plan to find a cure for
this fever a developed drinking a couple (Reading lines as Zack) thousand gallons of ice water might help
a little as I am a damn Irish smiley all-girl
eager scholar Dunno why I made him Irish… Smiley, ol’ girl! “Eager Scholar.” I have continued my search for knowledge
and use what I know to help others (Reading lines as Smiley) reading the exciting pedia might be fun
it’s not Fred hoping that I haven’t It’s not. “Phred, Helping Hand.” (Reading lines as Phred) really thought about what I do when I
get back I guess what i do when i get back to think of what I do when I get
back Hehe, good one Phred. good on Fred fill our store war leader Phil, our stalwart leader! as for me (Reading Phil’s lines) oh well she’s kicking off let’s do this
what’s going on Oh! Oh, shit’s kickin’ off! Let’s do this! (Reading lines onscreen) why are we stopped why all the things Why all the things? something is controlling the ship school
bells (Reading lines onscreen) That sounds like school bells. (talking about the music playing) it’s taking us off course it’s on earth (Reading Lines onscreen) It’s on EARTH? we’re going bro I mean I landed in
Ireland are you gonna drink beer with Where we goin’, bro? Are we gonna land in Ireland? Are we gonna drink beer with the gypsies? the gypsies yes please hopefully I don’t know oh god
why is everything all laggy stop that Yes! Please! Hopefully… I dunno. Oh, god. Why is everything all laggy? Stop that! (guffaws) zone 5.1 just like area 51 “Zone 5.1.” … Is this like Area 51? what we’re going with why don’t we going
to do so much you can do it boring a HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT! (As Smiley) “What are we going to do?” (a thumping noise.) There’s nothing you can do, they’re… boring a circle into the fucking door. circle into the fucking door there’s a well-drawn circle the kick in
the door That is a WELL-drawn circle! (laughter) They kicked in the door, ha ha ha! where did you go through the door if
you’re just gonna kick it in Why did you go through the door if you were just gonna kick it in? what did you have ankles because you’re
on fire Why didn’t you have handcuffs? Oh, ’cause you’re on fire. you is indicate I’m a break my rusty
cage and Rome You is in a cage! (singing) Imma break my rusty caaaage! And roam! ok field time to wake up and go to work Okay, Phil! Time to wake up and go to work! well i was hoping for a new beginning I
just didn’t think it would look like (Reading lines as Phil) (Reading lines as Phil) this balloon feeling is fuckin jokes Badum- tss. Phil and his fucking jokes. Heh, “Phil” me in on them jokes! Hehe. (rolling R) Rrrriddle transfer! Let’s do it, let’s do it bro. can I throw a monkey at you well she
says kind of throw a monkey and you sure “Can I throw a monkey at you?” (Reading lines as Phil) as long as it means the monkey doesn’t
throw anything at me Yeah, ’cause the monkeys always throw poop at ya! there goes the book is always throw poop
gotcha so throw a monkey at their event So, throw a monkey at them. (Reading lines as Phil) is nothing in it cluster office usually there’s a roll of
toilet paper or a rubber band or something true a comfortable pillow it’s better
than a plastic bag way would you be True. (Reading lines as Phil) Heh, why would you be sleeping on a plastic bag? sleeping on a plastic bag considered of
the facility ages to give me such a fine (Reading lines as Phil) bedding as this paper-thin bed sheet I don’t think this toilet has been
flushed in a while and let’s flush it Let’s flush it. it’s up for sure toilet lead things i
can’t tell if they’re do hickeys doodads (Reading lines as Phil) “Toilet lid.” “Things.” (Reading lines as Phil) are watching iCarly it’s far from a
ravishing decor so I think we can take out of this graph
eating says black the graffiti matches Anything we can take out of this?- Graffiti! It says ‘bleh.” (Reading lines as Phil) my thoughts at the moment I’m going to
steal this from the can because i can who are going to push for handling we
can use that in a dream to think Ooh I got a flusher handle! ever since the glorious invention of
hand sanitizer I really used sinks just use hand sanitizer all the time said
that good for you the kid reset the ipad with just my
little lambs maybe I have something I can use yes flush your handle no fucking no one two three six nine well what they can see the label above
that door from here therefore i know it exists I don’t know it exists oh you’re your
heads the year filigree ifo landing identified for an object and TV screen 78 to fight will be able to see that the
TV ok 72 572 55 then 8255 I’m up baby time to do some fucking
damage I space is gonna be huge isn’t it is
that I like fun during rainstorms of death except for the tendering and
storms of death parts ok so I like rain but the boxes storage
room nothing is stored at all a blank sticky
note i guess someone wanted to make sure they didn’t forget something and forgot
anyway ok not empty box trick box haha there’s some string cool oh you guys are a stinky click blue blue elevator heat nice one bro hello goatman super secret
santa are hiding in South Pole find out her tapioca is what Wow the people here don’t know what
happy okay is its I don’t know either I actually don’t have your key is I know
what the desert smoke detector cigarette should be called chokes instead of
smokes all good old filled with them jokes you should be called chokes instead of
jokes I think that – must be connected to
another part of the building that or it’s just a substance the cylindrical
object protruding from the ceiling probably that hey good guy good talk bro good talk no way out that looks like a really bad omen I hope
it’s for the gold and not for me fun fact dogs can’t climb ladders buffer I’ll let her go why you so random go
look up a video called ladder go right now and you will laugh your ass off a
lot of you have probably seen it by now because it’s really old-school youtube
video so fucking funny it’s basically a glitch in a game where I got in the game
claims a ladder and it just looks so ridiculous in the dude starts laughing
but his laugh make you laugh I device this thing says crease your
communicator on the site that sounds potentially useful hell yeah
it was like okay hey what’s up but he’s our man at the
end of your name no idea i’m really just a goat I was
having that time of my life eating grass and strange mushrooms you
probably the highest balls then I was taken away mistaken for a mythical
creature so you were kidnapped haha I hate puns but I’m sad glass is my favorite thing to eat in the
whole world but this class grass tastes so bland it isn’t anything like the grass I used
to eat it’s enough grass to last a lifetime sure but what what’s the point if it doesn’t taste
like grass the grass flight times anyway I really can relate your problem but
like to help you out if it’s not too personal where is where do you do your
business I don’t do my business here in the grass
no grasses are that there’s a great little drain and the ground and pushes
itself automatically show you I show it to you but it’s off-screen I’d
rather not seem to be a list but was a random place looking thing in the
ceiling I don’t know but occasionally soda cans
and cereal boxes fall out of it that’s really random and the cans and
boxes empty every time always disappointing poor goat the smoke detector is there so
I can be spared the grass starts burning I really cared more about the grass and
they care about myself so that’s probably not a good sign but whatever do you have a brother named Billy sky at
night billy goats I hate puns communicate with
you later I didn’t get anything out of that
exchange sep tember today is own . and so on 5.1
Garrett agents annual day off that was lucky we just going to score it
into the place by a bunch of guards all maybe we came here on a different day I’m okay where are we does it tell me f – okay so let’s go up to f3 then work
our way down nothing happened looky there we go s3 what’s behind door number elevator the flying pig a pig oh yeah the creature do think a pink oh hello what’s shakin bacon race now i’m free as a bird in a bird
cage pig I think you and I would probably make
really good friends can you really fly i’m not an expert but
I can fly just to get your into things a lot it’s
really ruffles my feathers yes I guess the hog wireless as reckless as the
towns that reduce lift the cloud in the sky that never moves as a cloud in the
sky that really lose love looks like move with a pronounced the same move blue love mom it was a joke in their
shop just stop the inactive cloud is the
majestic kingdom of poor top home to all of the world’s flying pigs oh so that’s where you live actually no
i live in a house next door with the pepper I love those jokes was like where did
you guys go and take you guys know that big flaming burning explosion that
happened yesterday yeah yeah i’m not there i was actually
downtown I’ve been here for about two hours I’d
like to make sure I didn’t leave the stove on very rare sorry I have big Tourette’s
every now and then I just can’t control it how are you captured I was fast asleep
sitting just outside this building some guy carried me inside then he
locked me up here and made me eat like a peek it’s a pretty pathetic way to be
captured exactly do you eat like a pig I knew my educated but the guy didn’t
offer me somewhere or even a napkin let’s use my feet sure it was fun but
not exactly clean ok she’s gonna use a new traders you’re
so cute I’ve tried and I’m too fat Oh screams through the pressure too fat
at all we’re not fit through that don’t said
don’t know anyone tell you otherwise some say pork is the best meat hogwash ok i’m not able to communicate with any
of these fuckers whoa this review the plate comes the
cereal boxes in the drink cases cookies ok this refrigerator has a rubber chicken
and six squeaky toy mice inside of me chuckle logs they float in the bowl it’s always someone get their hands
stuck in a toaster once then I start n fire engines in the police care book
from the creators of the spherical stone dartboard ranked number one party item
of the year ended a pin the tail on the dodecahedron haha there’s a note here one of the best things about not having
here since I’m never gonna get a bold color it’s pretty good Zach Zach Kelvin was
your exact Kelvin all this time but you’re a freezie do because Ben usually
describes like really high heat and really high temperatures hi Zack yeah how are you today tied up at the moment that the whole
life I can do you have to burn the rope I tried that the things on my head just
don’t reach the rope keep trying you’re on fire toy where you strapped to a shower curtain
pole the guys who put me in here decided i was literally too hot for them to hand basically I’ve been rendered helpless
for safety reasons I know how you feel that too hot to handle it’s a complaint I get every day from
class people and people like cool it’s too warm you’re too fat not true things must be really starting
to heat up would you like an eternity burns please
take mine that sounds great but i’m not hungry what are some fine fun facts about you
that I don’t already know just in question my favorite color is red I never tie my
shoes here playing dodgeball patients freaked me out I’m allergic two days just how allergic
to shake up throw up / cups will break up pull up explode up I just sneeze oh god I moved
the whole fucking thing is just sneeze but that probably seems an automatic but
there is a really pretty bad note before I got to the scene I sneeze once in my whole body burst
into flames spontaneous combustion from sneezing a
nap possibility for that are endless yeah don’t go to your cell door is the
code has five digits the digits are one two three four and five but not
necessarily in that order ok the first Egypt with the second digit
is equal to the third digit the set condition is two times the first digit
the second digit is half the fourth digit and the fifth digit is the sum of
the first and fourth digits I’m not enjoying this game Zach ok I
come back – I come back – I’ll I little it out and then i’ll be back here f1 f1 4 fuck you one hi who are you fuzzy little fell out big
toe good day sir me up fuck yeah keep
forgetting about this good day so I’m so you takin young
gentleman of what subjects how we speak on this fine day Oh God are you fond of carpets class
crumpets are but a faint memory for this old , need there were treasures to be home when
paired with the T of the tea leaves of what once was my forest it was the day the blackguard men
captured me that I sipped my very last spot of tea so sad he can’t stay away from someone is
punishable by death I’m just judgment can be a depressant
like no other ok how do you do my apologies but
perhaps you could specify the nature of your inquiry particular mood at the
moment what are your emotions in the grand scheme of things I’m afraid I cannot specify i feel
lonely as I generally do which is a logical emotion because i’m alone most
of the time i should say that I’m less lonely with you here but you’re literally blend in with the
scenery thanks fucker get bent monkey dude you ain’t got no
power over me punk i do what i want to do is my body I’ll do what I want yes I really there the slang that a person without accent
would be saying someone of your internet surely has a wondrous hobby I’m fascinated by fancy hats it is my
dream – I had that boldly proclaims i am a fancy hat well fancy pants proclaim run fast run
fancy that sounds intriguing to what had so much prefer a fancy hat okay so get a hat for you well then good
for the pig and no and the ghosts don’t just once grass might I ask what the purpose of your
smoke detector is surely you jest the walls are complete are almost
completely coated with wood and vegetation oh I was only wonder if it had any other
purposes I do use it as a dinner plate sometimes Tallyho chip chap I so wish for your
safety good fellow like him he was nice to talk to the ship this is the only one who can play the
ship i have to free him along with all of my friends love that I wouldn’t free
him anyway but he does have that remote that controls the ship as well as the
ability to not crash these things kind of making important I
agree sunshine smiling yeah what did you get here hey Finn ah it’s
my knee height I’m guessing you want to ask about my
hair well yeah seeing as you didn’t have it on here yesterday so when you have hair it’s not like
there’s much to do when you’re stuck in a little prison cell so i use the can of
hairspray that’s over there to pass the time
hairspray doesn’t give your hair stiff so flammable just makes hair that’s clever joke I let me have a
little bit nervous about what people think of me now that i have hair like a
fashion expert police it looks nice and thanks you’re welcome but more importantly we still need to
get you out of this prison cell place if you need anything for me I guess I’ll be here can I have the
hairspray a clan with the abilities for a liquid that magically make your hair
grow quickly I can’t comprehend comprehend how people
are able to invent and distribute whimsical goes like this hey smiley hey when you’re very end I
got porn ok I know how are usually I’m thankful to be back on earth so it doesn’t bother you did you just
got to drop the by another space each contractor corporation well yeah but i prefer to have an
optimistic mindset I like smiley smiley is good always have
an optima too optimistic mindset whatever shit comes your way power throw I’m more of a distant Optimus myself I
think the light at the end of the cave is guarded by snakes that really doesn’t
sound even remotely positive huh isn’t it looks a lot nicer than mine how so well it’s brave for one thing and
mine didn’t have a fancy mirrors bathroom stop sounds pretty typical and girls
restrooms wait really never miss note our cause he never got
any of the girls ones and all the other games that’s cool but do you know what to go
to your doors diabetes quite 1 333 nice but you know that the
agent who locked me in here remember the code out loud to himself as
he died in well i’ll see what i can do it all oh fuck I can’t put it in because I need
something for the thing okay place mainly were special plates
and be one then I’m making any fucking progress cared reader looks like the room next to this card
reader is currently locked but the negotiable snowman you’re not abominable are you his name’s
yeti hey there for keep forgetting about this stupid thing by their that hello we’ll get a creature you my friends call
me Eddie also I have no friends will you be my friend I think friends
come naturally I don’t just want to make friends with
anyone who asks you’re my friend we’re going to do that to everyone in
the street from no one don’t be dumb hello stranger it’s nice
to meet you how is your day going hey my friend sort
of work i swear what ok then i’m using my partner with
the furious five hundred million suns do you want to talk about it actually no
I’m perfectly content and complain your polar and bipolar that’s a dangerous combination looks
like you don’t have a whole lot of hair is very sensitive about my parents who well there’s nothing to be ashamed of
what I don’t have any here myself that’s a nice thing to say but I don’t need
comfort what are you doing his hair sorry I just
don’t have any fun memories of when my hair was shaved off I pay you a died that I found in a board
game box if you get me my hair back interesting trade which board game it’s
called learning to shave terrible game with papa was a smoke detector for it
sort of hotheads won’t come in and melt all the ice I hate hot hides that’s some first-class
hypocrisy right there god I feel like I’m absolutely blowing
my mic out of it by doing that sorry am I I don’t know with her you’ve
got an ice place here was that a pond yes haha who is awesome I bet it is like a
fucking me oh I love it nice that’s gonna be the
fucking screenshot for the thumbs up haha if I can remember oh god I forget to
read it’s great to see you got out of
wherever you were I haven’t had the same luck with finding a way out of this dump don’t piss right you really got the
shaft at this room I really think the people who put us in
here took a bathroom and add an extra wall anyways I’d really love to get out of
here but I can’t do that by myself so you don’t even have a keypad I get you out we could make it a team
effort yet since there’s a lot I can do behind a wall of extremely dense glass this is fucking guy ok so if we more
like what children’s a vision considers at team effort it’s like we all did it together except i did more than the rest of you
little shits sounds like a party to me ok ok let’s keep going down it’s good to talk to afraid of it more
good God the muck mess monster and your name is
messy but you’ll need a messy you’re a great football player dude are
spelled differently i see the day for all right you can’t forget the day what do you
want so you go by messy that’s what everyone
in the super landfill calls me it’s frustrating because I can’t tell if
you’re saying my name I’m going to miss the animal yeah I guess it could go either way with
you sheesh you’re just as bad as there are you saying I feel I pretty much feel
like eating my whole body starting with my head that sounds bad I mean you’re angry or
you’re hungry I’m homesick I’m Sam and I’m sick of my
home this place is a freaking toilet hole for
crying out loud wait is it actually that’s not even a
metaphor I sometimes get taken out of this so the
agents going to flush the water how can you blame them it’s messy water
bottle had a nuisance kid okay how old are you I turned sixty six
billion 145,000 932 today wow that’s a lot of other things oh but
my birthday’s bite nobody ever celebrates them I’m my grass a nine years ago I was
stolen and forced to live in this pathetic excuse for a lake I don’t know why I’m gave him this voice
it’s quite annoying but happy birth thanks i’ll be looking forward to
spending the rest of my life in this dumpy bathtub but she’s not before you
put in here I used to live somewhere that I could
live moc mat sleek it was a large link i find
food on my own and observed the city course of nature around me every day was
interesting because of the countless two are suspecting the area not to mention um I had a lot of friends
and Mark mess both in the lake bed and out of the
water and I’m to go back but it’s a lost hope and there’s no lost and found here
huh well unless you can’t this button to
keep everything I find before it gets flushed away who knows I may be able to help you
what’s down there here’s some carrot thing that a nation drop one time while
feeding me this is power room on it so i would
assume it opens a room with access to power but if it’s mislabeled and you get
question to a pie into a powder run over by a more too white to me hey man sonic mr. meeseeks ah cherry right I keep that in mind I guess
you may have your hatch fancy hat no my head is the only comfort i have
not to mention it covers my balls but rumors have been floating around the
church’s the log you know that photograph of me that’s
been blown out of proportion the black and white one it really is
just a picture of a log cool beaded bowling ball brain why do I want this I don’t even know ok good looking out homie again our door
sorry to intrude sorry you’re an intruder if only i was
connected to an alarm system I can send you right now I don’t mean to
spread trouble I’m actually trying to get out of it do
you mind keeping your mouth opens I can into your room you’re getting that my
tapes could turn you into course not before you can get through me I’m not the only one who would like to
come in though I plan to bring all of my friends here to your three human friends
the ones that are trapped I’d like to see them even see them even
get here but it would be worth a laugh actually I’d get majorly ticked off if
that happened don’t get any bright ideas today the
paper ok so to bring all my friends to that
door alright so i think be one had a card reader yes but inc nice Jared power door he’s off now awesome what’s this plane shifter mrs.
chamber to trash chute ok so if the lane of all the pipes to
get over there right ok so as to go in the middle and because
it’s all right oh I hate these puzzles and terrible at
them I’m yeah yeah shit i’m not making any progress you need to go over there you need to be
here I don’t know i am confused a shit this
may take a while god I hate puzzles almost but you need
to stretch these guys around oh god is probably way to do that as
well the people who knocked these do these puzzles probably know exactly what
it’s supposed to happen right now what I do and I don’t know what’s
supposed to happen right now and I’m just taking things and hoping
that something is going to work out in the end shit you need to be up there and then
it’s complete what are you this site oh I did it yeah put some wipes interact I was just messing around with stuff
until it worked per the pipeline system will not function unless the center pipe
is this one ok and then flush and even flusher hi flusche what’s happening oh god no I say what I want to know
what’s happening oh geez man we’re gonna hold off into
the Hat he went home oh so that makes me happy financing lines just are the worst I
just can’t sit still for watching a bouncing light would play that if there
was a game controller in this room however sadly there’s not it’s not all I
doing here ok so Miss he’s got that means you get
the Hat which one was missing I forget yeah top that so we’re now we got to go back to dude
and give him that about this is hat fit your tastes this is a nice match but only that i
find it not to be a fancy enough who had to wear why the Hat needs to be friends here to
tickle your fancy got it I’m and what we do yeah ok ok and f2 no not you know i got the elevator key
in there f3 let’s go up I wonder where should I start the hose there seems like a good spot where
should do this Michael here yeah chlorophyll because it’s for a
class that’s clever yay happy know and we get daisies he said they were allergic to Daisy’s
Zach we’re on f 2 wait where are we f 33 is
going to have to Zach said he was allergic to Daisy Swedes got a daisy hey go die I’m not traditions green
grass or yes I’m gonna leave you alone right now maybe Daisy Daisy might be useful i
should go over there and pick it but one foot on this green grass and you
feel the rot little thousand rounds ok nevermind I’m the ladder this one yeah it’s your flower i can stop and
smell without stepping on the precious grass sweet let’s find Zach why is he here no that smiley this is fred g f1 well i was just here f3 f3 is Rocky’s yeah except I don’t
know the coaches think what did you say your code was one two three four fight
but not in that order the first did you put the second way what if it isn’t that
order first did you put the second digit is equal to the third digits 0 1 plus
two equals three the second digit is two times the first
division so to try to is 2 times 1 the same condition is half the fourth
digit so it would be two and four and the fifth digit is the sum of the first
and fourth members it’s just one two three four fight you
son of a bitch if the call is just a simple raising set
of consecutive numbers out of curiosity how could you have known with the cold
was it was written on this side of the door you fucking fire headed asshole
okay here Bob look at ya flame on I have mixed feelings about
that is created you’re welcome hey would you mind
following me for oil well I would mind but you’re smart so
i’m sure there’s a significant purpose to having me follow you great glad you agree but I’m afraid you
can’t enter any rooms and smoke detectors over contained as long as i
get to burn something who needed burning judging from the general emptiness of
this room I’d say these monkey dogs ate everything huh oh the board burnt yeah okay
everything’s starting to fall into place now whoa excuse me yep feathers oh now we have a fancy hat fancy that imagine that I keep
forgetting where all the characters are ya you are you we need the hairspray for
that day I get the hairspray eventually no this is messy Scott damn it so f1 sorry I here we go fancy hat fancy that oh but we’re gonna
keep hot now i can get out I’m afraid Frederick
sounds wait was this so there was a bunch of dick puts ok coming Fred oh that’s the guard or be
one we want to be two bananas in pyjamas and I don’t know what is cody’s yep uh snows pretty sure the password is nas
but it can’t be snobs it’s only numbers really i guess this paper i found was
useless I’m not joking tho here maybe means
something to you 204 5 or 5 and 0 2 45 170 to play 1702 it wasn’t an end your stupid he was 17
sec is waiting for us on the bottom floor of this building awesome so how do we get there describe
the door to be an elevator in plain sight don’t I go then i’ll tell you if i cant
find it very well because you can still be on the same for ok make an excellent
progress i need to get hair spray for you what one was smiley on this one has
money hey play up your hair spray are you
planting and growing hair oh no I like being bald I just think the
hairspray will help us escape you can hand it to me through the slot
in the cell door that would be great interesting ok here you go thanks girl time to go now we go down are we on f1 yet be one you go Pippa poop ah no he’s an abominable snowman and I
gotta die what’s the dye helpful for right there
boy are you having air you enjoying having
here there is the single greatest thing that’s ever happened to the universe I take that as a yes and so I who I know
what to do I know what to do I know what to do it
goes in the slot 5 1 333 haha i did thanks what’s next I think would be a good idea to get
everyone together at the lowest point of this building gotcha I’d be right down let’s go to the
guard or down we go hello everyone that’s no everyone is not
here to drop our office is not open just great that is everyone what am I supposed to do next ok oh maybe he has to be turned on I’m was a p1 that the control room is in yeah let’s turn them on and go back
because he said he liked to laugh at us know ah there we go my friends seem to all
have accidentally stumbled odds are heavily scared secured environment says
it wasn’t me I swear I’m a good boy we were hoping to have a picnic in the
room behind you care to listen wait all of you escaped seriously that
is something I cannot comprehend I wish you all a happy new year 0 0 0 1
0 1 1 0 1 910 there’s a psychotic frenzied exz this is right Oh play I don’t think I possess utility in a
certain necessary an accessory to die through those shopping teeth then let’s
go turn it off Zack you don’t need to follow me anymore
I don’t need you there we go gaudy and down we go dude making great progress now
everyone’s about to escape game saved ok up in the top like wait is there more
code is it saved is ideas what’s going on having a party on a long
shot but i think this machine might be reading this is mind music is awesome it looks like it’s receiving data
regarding busy on kind of a drastic methods to get information about a dead
project busy on with their scheme concocted by the psychotic alien
dictator fees he started this project to essentially
destroy the whole universe and any froze planet earth would be destroyed and I
not find a way to stop the maniac he’s got a taste of his own poison and
put and the project busy on died with him those me I did it I debate I wonder if
the researches of zone 5.1 realizes we not maybe not no matter I came here to
freeze I’m dance up a storm here’s its cool and
then this journey through injustice will all be a pleasant memory in justice ok so we put the communicator in here Oh
puzzles I’m 7-0 equals seven we just put out the
numbers yeah eight minus two equals six so six yeah and six minus 6 equals 0 doing baby we do is their pussy oh I like this I can do this one easy
easy peasy this is some great fucking puzzle music
I’m really feeling it that’s not right that’s not right oh
that’s what it’s not right you’re supposed to . there we go ah i
was being a super Stu it’s weird because you see the thing
here and you’re like I know exactly what that is but then when you actually tried
to map it out sometimes it doesn’t work for you ok you
guys are blank you were another . emu your blank and
you make a narrow dude I know I fucked you up sorry there we go and like that who the best yeah sort of all blacks and whites oh ok keep up haha that was easy okay well god oh god no this one’s going to be a pain
in my anus she man I don’t even know the patterning to this I don’t even know what’s happening
what’s going on and an awful ok yeah i just went around clicking stuff
until something worked that’s how you do life keep clicking on
to something works except ok ok are you free now come on down and is it’s time to get out
of this thing man that’s your loss as well journey we just
had right Oh days I love you Wow start kissing it looks
like everyone is here and accounted for and everything at that I still have the
remote to the ship how you guys like the end of like a
really cheesy movie everyone jumps in the air and freeze frames now marvelous hero lead the way our freedom
awaits us don’t mind if I do destrun dizzy dizzy
dizzy dizzy quite so frizzy one of the other four where was the spaceship not in here f1 yeah spaceship oh shit all let’s go dudes there’s wait up I’m sorry but there’s no
time you have to find another exit days you
alien mother fucker this way wow we go ok yeah there’s a sewer oh god this looks bad this is the exact with us on honeymoon
in a Taser oh there’s more or knowledge up ok though is a special thanks to goat
man mr. shark footballs are that’s why it’s called goat man that makes sense
now that was so good now we can see why
there’s a riddle transfer to and they continued on for that but i did find out
that we were telling me to play riddles transfer to a lot because apparently
there’s an easter egg it probably pertaining to me of some
kind of the ways i don’t really see why people would be saying it so much maybe something I said in another one
but i think somebody said there was a youtuber easter a in itself I have to see about that God it sounded
so arrogant to say probably off me of course it’s off me i’m so great no it
says I i think that that’s what somebody said I’m but apparently riddle school to
middle transfer to was cancelled for ages like two years ago and then he
brought it back and it only released like two weeks ago so I’m really looking
forward to being that it’s it’s brand new they I think what people are saying i’m
just going by what the comments are talking about all the time as I do go
down through them but people are saying that he he was going to make the game
and then he gave up on it and then because youtuber started playing the
games again I wasn’t for Stephanie not the first but
because you two were started playing the game again and everyone was playing them
on again then reinvigorated him to make the ending of riddle transfer to so
that’s probably why he put some you to be straight into it so I’m really
looking forward to playing it yeah can’t wait anyway that is it for
real transfer one what a journey there’s actually some
harder poses in that one that needed some thinking out but I did it we did it
all together all india together he stopped singing just trying
to be thank you guys so much for watching this
video if you liked it so much that like button in the face blowing up my eyes
and my face in Rome wish to thank you guys do that this one listen one pm-10 fever turn left on my own Wiggy Wiggy Wiggy Wiggy Wiggy quick
they’re buried it but the music my head now it’s cool don’t listen to music

100 thoughts on “TALK LIKE THE ANIMALS | Riddle Transfer 1

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  4. 2 things you may not have noticed jack

    1. The pig was seen at the end of one of the riddle transfer games
    2. The pig said that he was as free as a bird in a bird cage. Phill also said this in one of the riddle transfer games. This is why Phill says, "I think we would be good friends"

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    Goes to the ground floor

    Jack: That's Phred's room

    Goes to Smiley's room

    Jack: I've just been here (it's wether he meant it's Phil's room or Smiley's room)

  9. Since I’m in a playlist, I’m just playing this video and then last video intro, it looks like jack is high five-ing himself 😆

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